Skeese is offering IBD’s and consumers their new cycling greeting cards for the holidays.  At left is one example, with copy that reads:

Have a holly, jolly Christmas
And all through the year,
May your bike rides be righteous
And followed with beer!

They also have Hanukkah cards, New Year’s cards, etc., but I didn’t see any Kwanzaa cards.

They also have an Apology card.  It’s pretty lame, though, so here’s my suggestion:

Dear Group Ride,
I apologize for sending you all crashing in a whirl.
I know nobody else saw it,
But I was braking for a squirrel!

Or, for their Good Luck card:

Good luck in your first race,
Remember to stay calm,
Before you line up,
Hit the porta-jon.

Have your own suggestions? Leave ’em in the comment section…


What do you think?