Got some SPD pedals laying around?  Not sure what to do with them since they suck?  Watch and learn.

Have another use for them?  Send us video, pics or words and we’ll post it up.

(And, yes, this video is available in HD if you click on the “HD is off” button)


  1. This actually works better with the mountain SPD pedals, but all I had laying around were some old Shimano roadies from my first “real” road bike.

  2. Now I’m thirsty… That is the best damn use of a shotty ass 515 pedal I’ve ever seen! I think I’ll mount one above the trash can here at the shop. Racer 5 anybody?

  3. Well, since the only broken Crank Bros eggbeater pedal I have is somewhere in the woods, I don’t have any laying around (I’m sure I could find something to do with the spindle, though)…they’re still my favorite though, but the new Speedplay mountain pedal looks interesting.

What do you think?