Nic Sims with Specialized shows off the 2009 Transition S-Works time trial / triathlon bike.  The video pretty much says it all, except mentioning the seatpost.  There are two positions for the seat clamp, allowing quite a bit of fore-aft adjustment so you can position yourself just right to go fast.  Click “more” to see a nice clean photo of the bike from the indoor expo.

Complete bike above.  Below is a closeup of the seatpost, showing the reversible silver insert that allows you to position the seat further forward.


  1. I think this is the fastest bike I’ll ever ride. I put a sub 9 on the back and the standard 404 on the front and managed to produce a 56.51 for a 25, my first attempt and a 22.07 for a 10.

    I love this bike and won’t be changing it for a few years if then.

    Roy (57) London.

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