Feather Brakes was showing off their new color (pink) for their superlight road brakes.  At only 199g, they give Zero Gravity a run for their money.  The Feathers use an Aluminum body, Ti hardware and steel spring (with a Ti spring in the works).  The 199g weight is with pads and carriers for the set (front and rear).  What separates them from other calipers, besides the weight, is their rocker arm lever (the pink bit along the top arch) and the use of cartridge bearings for both the main pivot and the rocker arm.  The rocker arm modulates the brake squeeze by amplifying the force of the cable pull in a progressive manner.

Read “more” for a little history of how these came about and some more pics…


The pink bits on this model are also available in blue, black, red and gold.  They retail for $400.

Feather Brakes was founded by Bob Barnett, who wanted to create road brakes that grabbed as well as disc mountain brakes.  Bob’s history in creating and machining bits for the aerospace industry and boat and motocross teams helped him make these brakes a reality.

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