neon glow lights for the bicycle

Aaahhh trickle down technology.  First you saw them on low-rider trucks cruising the strip on dubs.  Now you can rock them while slow pedalin’ on dub-sixes.  Rock the Bike helps you get your glow on with the Down Low Glow in both single- and double-tube systems.  In actuality, the lights are designed to provide better side visibility, important since they claim that about 70% of car/bike collisions are side impacts.  In practice, these would be freakin’ sweet for 24 hour races…and probably for safety while commuting, too.  Video, pics and more details after the break…

The Down Low Glow system is powered by a lightweight rechargeable battery, mounts quickly without tools and comes in six colors:  Blue, Green, Red, Amber, Pink and Purple.  The light tubes are shock-proof.  How shock-proof you ask? So did we:

PAUL at Rock the Bike: You can ride down stairs with them, or you can mountain bike with them.

BIKERUMOR: How long do the batteries last?

PAUL: Three to four hours for double tube, five to six hours for single tube.

YOU: How much!?!


  • $109 for single-tube in blue or green
  • + $15 for red, amber, purple or pink
  • + $60 for fast charger (versus standard trickle charger)
  • + $35 for double-tube

Just as we suspected…perfect for 24 hour races!  Here’s what you get in the box, along with some video of them in action:


Above, the benefits of side visibility. Below, fan video.


What do you think?