Bontrager has partnered with e-Soles to offer in-store, kiosk-based custom shoe fitting to “create the most advanced cycling footwear solution in the world”.

Utilizing a self-guided 3D TruCapture kiosk scanning system, a pillow inflates around your foot to capture a 3D and 2D image, which is then analyzed in front of your very eyes (if you like looking at a kiosk) to determine which eFit components (metatarsal pad, arch length and arch height) are needed to build the right footbed within your new Bontrager shoe.  The whole process takes only 5 minutes.  You can also opt to upgrade to a fully customized ePro footbed, which would be shipped directly to you.

Scanning stations will be available in authorized Trek reseller bike shops, which should dramatically increase the availability of e-Sole’s scanning system. Currently (according to their website), there are only scanning locations in about 12 states.  (NOTE: There are no pics to be found of these shoes…We’ve contacted Trek and we’ll post as soon as we can get one.)

This begs the question…could you just get the optimized footbed suggestions, then place those eFit / e-Sole products into, oh say, a Specialized or Sidi shoe?


What do you think?