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NAHBS 2015: Quiring boosts 29+ mountain bikes beyond 148 w/ clever parts use

Quiring 29er-plus titanium mountain bike with 157mm rear axle spacing and offset chainline

With all the hullabaloo surrounding the new Boost 148 rear axle standard, one could be tempted to think that was the only way to accomplish goals like improved wheel stiffness, more clearance and ideal chain lines, all while remaining lightweight.

Well, Scott Quiring thought differently, and he managed the hat trick without it, using off the shelf standards to create a 29+ bike with an insanely short chainstay of just 17″…with 29×3.0 tires!

Here’s how he did it…


NAHBS 2015: NixFrixShun creates super grease for freehubs

Quick: Name a few greases that are safe for free hubs. If anything came to mind at all, it was probably Phil Wood or Shimano’s Special Grease.

According to NixFrixShun developer Joshua Simonds, freehub-safe greases are tough to make because it’s in very tight spaces, so it can’t change properties drastically or it could cause the freehub to fail. And it has to deal with moisture, oxidation and contamination, and it can’t creep out of where you put it. Basically, it needs to be incredibly stable.

Challenge accepted….


NAHBS 2015: No. 22 heads to races with 13.1-pound titanium/carbon road bike, updates others

No22 Reactor titanium and carbon race road bike

No. 22′s Reactor is their all-new race bike, taking over the top of the performance line from the Great Divide as a more race oriented model.

It replaces the seat tube with a carbon tube, which maybe saves about 50g when comparing apples to apples. But, since the tube goes all the way thru, it forms a seatmast that ultimately saves about 100g of system weight compared to using a standard seat post. It also allows them to make the ride a bit more compliant and lets them tune the final ride characteristics rather than leave it up to whatever seatpost the customer ended up with.

Up front, it gets an all-new headtube that’s tapered and uses integrated bearing shelves, something more typically found on carbon frames. That lets them use pressed bearings, which are much cleaner looking, and it saves weight. The new tube, headset spec and other details put total weight savings just in the headtube area is 150g.

Not every part of the bike got lighter, though…


NAHBS 2015: Alchemy debuts Oros MTB, titanium Chiron cyclocross bike & Ethic carbon components!

nahbs 2015 alchemy oros carbon fiber hardtail 29er mountain bike

Alchemy led their booth with the new Oros, their first carbon fiber mountain bike. It uses a trapped rubber molding process to achieve its big, bold shapes without compromising fiber compaction.

Like all of the molds for their other bikes, the Oros’ metal mandrels are made in house. They’re then wrapped in rubber and, after the frame is cured, the thinner metal mandrels can be pulled out, then the rubber becomes loose and can easily be pulled out.

The benefit of this method is that they’re able to get better pressure distribution on much more complex shapes. It also lets them create larger parts of the frame as a single piece. On the Oros, the top, head and downtube is a single piece. The bottom bracket cluster is one piece, the seat tube cluster is one piece, and each side of the rear, from seat stay through the dropouts and up the chainstay is a single piece.

Those pieces are sleeved, so they’re slotting together like tube to tube bikes, but then they’re overwrapped for increased strength.

All of the mandrels and tubes/sections are made in house. Even the rubber parts are cast in house, giving them complete control over the finished product’s shape and ride qualities.


NAHBS 2015: DEAN Titanium Builds a Handmade Enduro Bike Prototype

Dean Titanium enduro bike flex stay (2)

There are a number of themes going on at NAHBS 2015, but at least here – Enduro is in the minority. That hasn’t stopped DEAN Bikes from trying their hand at a new 150mm travel platform. Now under new ownership, DEAN Bikes was purchased from John Siegrist by long time employee and welder Ari Leon. John will still be consulting and helping out on occasion but the main operations will now be in the hands of Ari and his capable crew of former employees.

One of the biggest desires from their enduro bike was to build a long travel full suspension titanium bike that actually took advantage of the materials ride qualities instead of hiding it. To accomplish that, the frame has a unique flex stay that should work out to an interesting ride…


NAHBS 2015: Custom Silca Pumps are the Perfect Match for your Handmade Bike

Silca custom pumps frame builder designs martini (13)

Silca pumps are already known for being timeless works of art, so how could you make them even more exclusive? Handing them off to some of the best custom bike builders on the planet would be a good way to start. It’s one thing to own one of the new Silca Super Pista Ultimate floor pumps, but it’s another thing entirely to own one that perfectly matches the custom bike that’s built for you.

According to Silca’s owner Josh Poertner, the lifetime nature of the Super Pista design means that the pump will live on – sometimes long after a custom bike has gone away for one reason or another. Much of the success of Silca stems from the personal connection customers have had with their surviving pumps, and Josh sees the custom aspect as just one more level of nostalgia layered on in beautiful paint and metal flake.

Along with the builder’s own take on custom pumps, Silca will be offering a limited edition version that you do not want to miss…


NAHBS 2015: Liebo Bicycles road bike transforms geometry for ‘cross & gravel, too


If you’re gonna build from scratch a bike that can “do it all”, you may as well design it so the geometry is right for “all” as well. And that was the concept behind Liebo Bicycle’s Kitchunsync road bike, a project that was four years in the making. Blending capabilities for road, cyclocross and gravel into a single bike is a concept that’s gaining ground, but this one allows you to adjust the head angle and wheelbase depending on what sort of ride you’re after. With clever (and perhaps the first) use of a Cane Creek Angleset headset on a  road bike, builder Dave Lieberman found other clever ways to get what he wanted…


NAHBS 2015: WTB gives new Ci24 carbon mountain bike rims a fat chance

prototype WTB Ci24 carbon fiber mountain bike rims

Spotted on Chris Chance’s new Yo Eddy hardtails are a couple WTB Ci24 carbon fiber mountain bike rims. Word is they chose to show them off with Chance’s bikes to celebrate the fact that both brands have been on the dirt for a long, long time.

But, like the new bikes, these rims aren’t looking too far into the past. Built with a 24mm inside width, they’re coming in 29″ and 27.5″ sizes for sure, and these particular ones have 32 holes. Other than that, specs and details are being held until the Taipei show later this month. But hey, we’ve got pics!


NAHBS 2015: Fat Chance Bicycles is back, first look at new Yo Eddy hardtail!

2015 Fat Chance Yo Eddy steel hardtail mountain bike by Chris Chance

Around Interbike time last year, Chris Chance popped back onto the scene with a comeback announcement. Then, in January, he relaunched the Yo Eddy on Kickstarter, raising more than enough funds to roll back into production. Now, we’ve got your first look at what his most popular model’s renaissance looks like and why he’s back in the game.

“Whatever we did back in the day created a ripple,” Chance said. “Turns out there’s still a ripple. And I found that I still had a passion for building bikes.”

“The first thing we’re offering is the one model people have been asking for the most. That’s the Yo Eddy, and had it never gone away, this is what it would be like today. Modern geometry and features, but it still feels like a Yo Eddy, which is to say it really connects your body to the bike. People called it telepathic handling.”