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NAHBS 2015: New Builder, Wiseman Frameworks

Wiseman Frameworks 27-5 plus

Dave Wiseman, of Wiseman Frameworks, originally worked in pharmaceutical sales and architectural design before changing direction to apply his love of design and knowledge of structure to that of a small scale production. Namely, frame building.

Constructing his first mountain bike frame offered a unique experience – the opportunity to manufacture what he conceptualized. Several years and frames have passed since then, bringing Dave to 2015 where he showcased his skills on NAHBS new builder aisle… READ MORE ->

NAHBS 2015: Groovy heads for the beach with Woody-inspired, surfboard carrying Kauai bicycle

Groovy Cycles Kauai 29er cruiser for surfboards

Groovy’s Kauai 6.5.0. is a titanium surfer inspired bike that takes cues from the old Woody SUVs, made to easily transport the owner and his surfboard to and from the beach…and the trail and the store, all without harshing its chill beach vibe.

The foundation is a titanium frame, built up with house-made titanium racks, cranks and a titanium-and-wood truss fork. Drivetrain is a Gates Belt Drive turning a Rohloff gear box hub. Those parts and materials make for a corrosion free ride that’ll hold up to the sandy beaches, salt water and ocean air.

When it’s time to hit the trail, the rack and fenders, which are all integrated into single pieces, have hidden bolts that make them fully removable. Pull them off and you’re left wtih a mountain bike, pure and simple…


NAHBS 2015: Julie Ann Pedalino

Pedalino NAHBS 2015 Julie

One of the big show highlights for me at NAHBS this year was new builder Julie Ann Pedalino. Remaining exuberant throughout the three day event and rocking blazing pink running shoes, Pedalino represented a unique energy within the context of both the new builder row and the already diverse community of builders within the larger show.

It was fitting that her “Campagnolo Best Build” Honorable Mention show bike, named Sushumna, also radiated with unique energy- despite being painted in understated gloss white. With chakra-themed brass adornments she had hand-cut with a jeweler’s saw and silver brazed onto her beautiful fillet brazed frame, Sushumna represented the culmination of her expertise and practice as an artist and craftswoman and an articulation of her appreciation of her bicycle as a spiritual vehicle. Hear Pedalino discuss her vehicle and process in her own words after the jump. READ MORE ->

NAHBS 2015: New Builder, Mars Cycles


Casey Sussman is the man from Mars Cycles of Oakland, California, a small frame building company specializing in custom fillet brazed and lugged steel racing frames. Casey has been building for a couple of years, his bikes proven at events like the Red Hook Criterium in Brooklyn and more, and now he can add a People’s Choice award for NAHBS 2015 to his accolades… READ MORE ->

NAHBS 2015: Boo hollows out bamboo for new, lighter race-ready gravel grinder & more!

Boo Bicycles SLG carbon and bamboo race-ready gravel road bike

Boo Bicycles has been making carbon fiber-and-bamboo bicycles for years now, but they keep refining the process. The latest iteration becomes the new premium SL offering, which not only drops weight from the frames, but makes them stiffer and stronger, too.

Above is the new SLG top-level gravel road bike, and this one’s built for Boo’s Nick Frey to race at this year’s Dirty Kanza and Crusher in the Tushars.

The upgrade is a new way of forming the top and downtubes. On their normal tubes, they hollow out the bamboo. On these, they hollow it out even more, making it lighter, then an S2 fiberglass load dispersion material is placed on the inside of the bamboo tubes and is cured while under compression from the inside. The result is a tube that’s much more impact resistant. Frey told us there tends to be a lot of downtube damage on composite frames in events like the Dirty Kanza, coming from really sharp gravel flying off the front wheel. Frey says they took a normal bamboo tube and smashed it on a table corner and it cracked, but repeated blows with the new S2-enhanced tubes didn’t show any damage.

But those aren’t the only changes growing on this bike…


NAHBS 2015: Calfee’s amazing stealth SuperClean Di2 stem/steerer hides everything, plus other awesomeness!

Calfee Cycles SuperClean di2 and EPS electronic wire integration into stem and steerer tube

Calfee’s always been one to integrate as much as possible, and now they’ve taken electronic wiring mods to the next level.

Called SuperClean, it’s a patent pending design that funnels the wires coming from the shifter directly into the stem through small ports. From there, the Junction A box for either Di2 or EPS is mounted to the bottom of the expansion plug, and all wires then run through the steerer tube and into the frame.

Where it gets really tricky is with the indicator light and internal wiring…


NAHBS 2015: Silent Cycle’s gorgeously raw cyclocross bike & coffee delivering bakfiets

Silent Cycles steel cyclocross bike with raw finish

Silent Cycles, out of Chattanooga, TN, builds only with steel, and they had three very different bikes on hand. Above, a cyclocross bike with a very unfinished looking finish that was absolutely beautiful.

The frame was left looking very raw, with discoloration of the metal used to give it great depth and character. It’s a thru-axle design front and rear that, despite the rough look, was quite polished in the details. Sleek internal cable and hose routing, fender mounts and a bit of ornate detailing at the head tube and fork crown showed what they could do.

Plenty of pics, plus a massive front-loading cargo bike for fellow Tennessean Velo Coffee, below…


NAHBS 2015: Moots Takes to Dirt with Prototype Dirt Road Build, Shows New Finish Option with Pedaler’s Fork Build

Moots pedaler's fork gravel road prototype enve chris king (13)

Perennially a show favorite when it comes to titanium, Moots had their usual welding prowess on display but two bikes in particular were gaining the most attention. Calling it their Dirt Road Prototype, Moots’ newest build is based on their popular Routt gravel bike. Designed to take advantage of the new ENVE GRD thru axle fork for gravel/road use, the Dirt Road offers improved handling on the road but still offers clearance for all but the biggest gravel tires.

Along with the Dirt Road Prototype, Moots also entered the Best Campagnolo bike competition with a special build for Pedaler’s Fork. Of course outfitted with a drool worthy Campagnolo build kit, the real story was the finish of the bike which will be available for new builds very soon…


NAHBS 2015: ENVE Teases New Dual Bolt Seatpost Design, Plus More Details on GRD Fork and Chris King 12mm Prototype Hubs!

Machine cycles campagnolo competition enve seat post (2)

It seems that ENVE had more than one surprise when it comes to new products hidden in plain sight. Following the discovery of their new GRD thru axle disc fork with the clever removable fender, we spotted an all new seatpost design on a beautiful bike from Machine Cycles. It turns out that the post was used on a number of show bikes hinting towards a launch in the near future.

Not much is known about the post other than the fact that it is no longer a single bolt design. Now with opposing bolts and what looks like two separate wedge systems, our guess would be that the twin bolt design may allow for separate fore/aft and angle adjustments. More details next…