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NAHBS 2015: Bilenky’s STePS e-cargo bike, new track frame & more

nahbs 2015 bilenky cycle works
Bilenky kept things rather mild this year, and brought only a handful of bikes. We saw the tandem at the Philly Bike Expo, and there’s a new track frame and a coupled travel touring bike. But the headliner was the e-cargo bike for the Shimano STePS competition.
Built around the motorized gear box, the frame shows all the quality Bilenky is known for, but maintains a much cleaner, simpler look than some of the wild creations we’ve seen in the past. That’s not to say it doesn’t have a few delightful surprises…


NAHBS 2015: Cykelmageren Hand Builds the Frame, Brakes, Shifters, and More for Best Artisan Bike

Cykelmageren copenhagen nahbs (15)

Every year at NAHBS there are a number of different types of bikes. There are beautifully crafted traditional bikes. Cutting edge carbon bikes. Every manner of folding, cargo, tandem, and people carrying bikes. But then there are also bikes that stop you in your tracks with equal parts puzzlement, wonder, and awe. I think it would be safe to assume that this creation by Cykelmageren would fall into that latter category.

Based out of Norrebro, Copenhagen, Cykelmageren was founded by Rasmus Gjesing in 1994 and typically produces breathtaking-ly simple city bikes designed to get you from point A to point B. Just because they are simple doesn’t mean they are boring however as the company manages to create stunning works of art that are functional as they are beautiful. Certainly a departure from their usual builds, their prize winning show bike had more going on than just the radical frame design…


NAHBS 2015: CeramicSpeed Prints Out Durability with New Hollow Titanium Pulley Wheels

ceramic speed titanium 3d printed pulleys (2)

To be honest, derailleur pulleys probably won’t be the first place you turn to remove some weight from your bike. In the case of Ceramicspeed, their bearings will probably make more of a difference than lightening the pulley itself, but fortunately, their latest project isn’t just about weight. Often in order to make derailleur pulleys lighter manufacturers look towards lighter material which typically has a shorter life. The pulleys also usually incorporate holes into the design to remove as much weight as possible. As anyone who has ever ridden a bike in muddy conditions can tell you though, getting your pulleys packed up with mud does your drivetrain zero favors.

What if there was a way to make a lighter pulley, but one that was also more durable? A pulley with a solid exterior that prevented mud build up, and allowed the chain to ride more smoothly over the teeth? That was what Ceramic speed hoped to accomplish and like many manufacturers currently, they decided to look into 3D printing to make it happen…


NAHBS 2015: Zen Fabrication’s new road, cyclocross & mountain bikes roll out


Zen Fabrication has been one of only a handful of domestic frame builders available to anyone who just had and idea but needed someone to make it, and they’ve been behind some well known names over the past few years. So much so that they’ve built up a bit of a name for themselves and recently decided to launch their own line of bikes. The full tech specs are in our original story, but when they’re right in front of us, we gotta take pics. So, here’s a little gallery of some frame highlights plus a killer, unobtainable-unless-you-build-and-paint-it-yourself version of the hardtail expedition bike… READ MORE ->

NAHBS 2015: Paul Brodie’s Winning City/Utility Bike

Paul Brodie custom build 4265  (17)

You could say Paul Brodie has a history of building bikes. Calling this city bike #4265, the number refers to the number of frames he has built over the years with Paul telling us that he has kept records on nearly every frame he has ever built. Paul also mentioned that in previous years he was disappointed that he wasn’t allowed to enter the design competitions with amazing creations like the Whippet from 2012, since he was technically at the show to promote his Frame Building class instead of the bikes.

After gaining the blessing of the show judges to enter the competition, Brodie came prepared with this elegant but extremely functional townie and walked away with the Best City/Utility bike award…


NAHBS 2015: Oddity Cycles throws a curve on its steel gravel, road, mountain & fat bikes


Sean Burns worked for Black Sheep Cycles for a while, and now he shares workspace with them in Fort Collins, Colorado. He builds all steel and uses coatings and etching to show the welds and material through the color.

One look at the bikes and you’ll notice there are a lot of bends on the tubes, particularly on the road and mountain bikes…this gravel grinder is one of the tamer designs he brought to the show. Well, stock tube suppliers don’t generally provide tubes in such a wide array of curves, so he bends every chromoly tube in house…


NAHBS 2015: Speedhound Shows Versatility of the Only One with Vintage One Off

Speedhound bikes minneapolis steel modular dropouts  (1)

Based out of Minneapolis, MN, Speedhound bikes are all built around the company’s patent pending dropout system or SDS. Using the design for the past 5 years, the SDS system allows one bike to fit a wide range of drivetrains from simple single speeds to a full range of gears. That versatility is what inspires The Only One. The only frameset Speedhound produces, the dropouts and frame design allow for a shape shifting city bike that can transform from a fixed gear to an e-bike, or a retro themed racer…


NAHBS 2015: Lundbeck Cycles Honors Swedish Heritage with Stunning Cross/Gravel Build

Lundbeck steel cycles cross bike  (14)

I may be a bit biased since Max Lundbeck is from my hometown, but he also builds some incredible bikes. This year, Max focused mainly on creating a cross bike that could double as a gravel bike or commuter rig thanks to small sacrifices in chainstay length. The result is a beautiful lugged frame with disc brakes, full fender eyelets, and depending on the frame either a standard seatpost or an integrated mast.

The real stunner was Max’s personal bike which plays off his family’s Swedish heritage and has an amazingly personalized paint job…


NAHBS 2015: New Builder, Machine Bicycle Company


Kyle Ward builds machines, Machine Bicycles in his case, in Gresham, a suburb of Portland, Oregon. Before learning to build frames, Kyle first gained experience in Product Design in fields such as furniture, eyewear, construction of orthotic footbeds and CNC programming. These experiences, along with his formal education in design, architecture, welding and machining, including stints as a bicycle mechanic and Cat 1 racer, are how Machine Bicycles came to be… READ MORE ->