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BMC SLR03 Gets Affordable, GF02 Goes Carbon & New CX01 Cyclocross Bike Jumps In


In addition to the new Speedfox mountain bikes, BMC has just unveiled three new skinny tired bikes. There’s something for every budget and style, whether it’s cyclocross, adventure riding or just good ol’ fashioned road riding.

For pure pavement, there’s the new entry level (but still carbon) Teammachine SLR03, an affordable way to get the Swiss brand’s racy road bike in a very upgrade worthy package. Three builds will be offered, all on the same 1230g carbon frame (size 54, with hardware). Overall, it’s very similar to the higher end SLR02, but adds an even smaller size 47 to the mix to fit more riders than ever…


New 2015 Lapierre Mountains Bikes, Electronic Suspension Tech, and A La Carte Ordering

Lapierre ei auto shock sensors computer 2

After introducing an intelligent electronic suspension system over the last couple years on their full range of trail and all mountain bikes, Lapierre has completely rethought and revised the system to be simpler and more efficient. They’re so proud of what they’ve accomplished, they claim it “could be the most important innovation on [their] future MTB ranges.”

So what makes this e:i shock special? Drop past the break to learn that and more… READ MORE ->

Schwalbe Releases More Details On Revolutionary Dual Chamber Procore Tire System

Schwalbe new nobby nic all mountain tire (5)Low pressure tires have more traction. This is one of the underlying reasons that mountain bikers have flocked to tubeless tires and wide rims.

Both of these technologies enables riders to let out a few PSI, rip corners, and climb better, but they come at a cost. The one mentioned by tire manufacturer Schwalbe is snake bite, but we’d like to also include the greater risk of developing a flat spot, and burping when cornering aggressively.

In order to reduce the risk of these scenarios, the company has been hard at work developing a dual chamber system they now call Procore. We’ve gone over the basics before, but essentially, the new system utilizes a inner tube (that’s not really an inner tube) to inflate the center channel of the tire. Then a second valve is inflated at a much higher volume, which presses against the tire bead. This helps prevent burping and allows the rider to dial in traction without worrying about flatting.

The entire system is expected to weigh 200g and be compatible with existing tires.  Full press release and more pictures below:


Fabric Weaves a Line of Revolutionary New Saddles, More

fabric charge saddles 3d printed ti (14)

Fabric might be a new, relatively unheard of component company but chances are good you’ve heard of the founders. Also known as the team behind Charge bikes in the UK, Fabric is the next evolution of their saddle technology with the intent of OEM spec. Charge had always wanted to get their saddles equipped on bicycles for the showroom floor, but selling a saddle linked to another brand of bike proved difficult.

Looking to be brand neutral, Fabric will be run alongside of Charge bikes in the UK, but their products will be soon offered as standard equipment on Cannondale bikes in the US. Cannondale seems like an easy choice due to Charge and Cannondale both being owned by Dorel, but Fabric still had to prove that their products were worthy of being sold on Cannondale’s highest end bikes. First pitched to Cannondale Product managers for OE spec in September, thanks to Fabric’s intriguing new technologies they finally got the nod after passing CSG’s rigorous testing – which according to Fabric is much more stringent than standard industry testing.
While most saddles utilize similar construction, Fabric has some truly innovative ways to produce some of the lightest and most comfortable saddles on the market…


ENVE Shrinks Smart System Aero Wheels to 650C for Smaller Riders

ENVE Smart System 650C aero carbon triathlon wheels

ENVE introduced their SES (Smart ENVE System) aero road wheels in 2011 through a collaboration with aerodynamicist Simon Smart. Disc brake specific versions followed last year at Eurobike.

Now, they’ve added 650C Smart 5.6 clincher wheels for smaller riders looking for the same wind cheating edge, just in a smaller package.

Here’s how it came about: ENVE sponsors the Mark Allen Elite Team coaching and camps. At a breakfast at Ironman last year, they were talking with athletes and found that many of the smaller riders wanted a high end 650C aero wheel, explaining that there are very limited options on the market. ENVE’s CEO committed right then and there to do it.

Simon Smart was tapped again to develop the ideal aero profile and was told to start with a clean slate. They could have easily adapted their 6.7 series to the smaller wheel size, but they found that smaller riders may not want the additional rotating mass and didn’t need rims quite that deep.


Niner Introduces Full Carbon BSB 9 RDO Cyclocross Bike & Updated JET9 RDO w/ Limited Edition Build

Niner BSB 9 RDO carbon fiber cyclocross bike

It’s been teased, and people have been building AIR9 Carbon hardtails with drop bars for years. And there’s enough Niner employees that race ‘cross that it needed to happen. After all, the RLT9 gravel road bike proved they could translate their mountain bike heritage into something new.

The introduction of the new Niner BSB 9 RDO gave them an opportunity to introduce a new carbon fiber  frame production process, too. Called Carbon Compaction System, it uses a pre-shaped styrofoam mold that the carbon is laid up around. This provides them with the shape they want and a firm platform to build each frame part around. The benefits are multiple: First, it sets the carbon in the exact position it should be in without any shifting from a bladder inflating after layup. Second, it means less excess resin pooling inside the frame, so less weight and waste. Third, it makes for a perfectly smooth inside wall with no wrinkles or fibrous looseness. This means fewer opportunities for weak spots.

Technically, there’s still a bladder around the styrofoam that’s inflated to fully compress the carbon against the outer, metal mold for proper compaction. But starting with the firm styrofoam core gets them very, very close to the final shape – much closer than wrapping around a floppy silicone core. Once heat molded and cured, the styrofoam molds shrink to less than half during the process and are simply pulled out and discarded. The whole design means they have more control over the process which leads to more precise construction.

Of course, they also had to come up with a cool name. The Niner BSB means…


The New Schwalbe Nobby Nic gets Knobbier, Plus Improved Sidewall Protection

Schwalbe new nobby nic all mountain tire (6)

Already a much loved tire on its own, the Schwalbe Nobby Nic has gotten a face lift. Now in its third incarnation, the Nic has been redesigned to be even more of an all ’rounder with a tread pattern suited to diverse conditions. Seeing as how just about everything is tubeless these days, the new an improved Nic also receives an updated sidewall that not only make the tire more resilient to cuts, but is said to improve the tubeless function as well.

Of course Schwalbe continues to tease us with their Dual Chamber system which was first introduced back in February. We’ve been promised that full details will be available at Eurobike, but for now we’ll have to work on the knowledge we’ve been provided – that it is a dual chamber system that uses higher pressure in the center, and lower pressure around the edges.

You’ll have to wait for more on the Dual Chamber system but full details on the new Nobby Nic are after the break…


Rotor Updates Power Meter Firmware, Software to Improve Accuracy & Battery Life

Rotor has just issued an update for its Power Meter cranks to resolve issues related to zero calibration and battery life. The units use a dual power meter to individually measure left and right leg power. They were introduced at Eurobike 2012 but didn’t start shipping until Spring 2013. Check out the tech details in this post.

Their sponsored riders found that batteries were getting drained very quickly. The culprit? Transportation. Having the bikes jostle and vibrate while in the team can or on a rack we’re keeping the system awake and trying to transmit, which killed the battery. (BTW, this problem isn’t limited to Rotor. If your own power meter battery seems to be running low frequently, this could be the cause) Now, an initial 1.5kg load must be applied to the crank to wake up the transmitter.

They also found that calibration set up wasn’t always accurate. This one sounds like mostly user error, like trying to calibrate on the move, so it now requires a zero RPM state to be zero’d out.

Lastly, they’ve made software updates easier with an update to the PC software.

Full PR and links below…


Stop Components, Kool Stop Bring Peg-Finned Brake Pads to North America

kool-stop aero kool peg finned disc brake pads

Remember those crazy pegged/finned brake pads Alligator showed off at Eurobike last year? Now they’re available in North America as a less expensive alternative to Shimano’s Ice Tech pads, with options for a much wider list of models and brands.

A few months back, Ryan from Lbs. Bikes contacted us about a second company he set up to sell the finned brake in Canada (and the US). Called Stop Components, he built it to sell a wide variety of brake pads for virtually every brand out there at a very competitive $CAD price. And just this week, Kool-Stop branded the same ones for US and UK sales, calling them Aero Kool.

Both share the same design, made in the same Asian factory, using the same alloy back plates and organic resin compound. And both are the same red Alligator showed off. The difference? Branding and US pricing, really.

Stop in past the break for the tech details and a little explanation why so many brands are offering them…