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Review: Rockshox’s Bluto RL Fat Bike Suspension Fork & What It Means for Riders


The Rockshox Bluto changed the game for fat bikes. Just like the 29ers that heralded before, it took the release of a major brand’s suspension fork to start to give the idea traction (pun intended) in the minds of consumers. Many of the early adopters of the fat bike movement were polarized on the need for suspension when you already have a 4″ tire at 8psi being able to take the majority of shock before it is transmitted to the rider.

Interestingly, the same brand that brought us the Reba, propelling 29ers into mainstream, also has brought us the Bluto, doing the same for fat bikes. SRAM remains one of the most flexible companies in the business, most likely to be the early adopter of new technology. Simply because of this business strategy of working closer together with their OEM customers to be on the front of new trends, they often lead and let the others follow. These risks may not always pay off, but when they do, customers take notice.

Now that the Rockshox Bluto has been on the market for a season, and is entering the first bit of snow use, we discuss our thoughts on the use and application of a product that has changed where the tracks of fat tires go.


Holiday Gift Ideas: Cory’s Wish List


The holidays are here so it’s time for me to dust off my wish list as well, one so my wife will see it, but also so it may give you some ideas. Just to give you an idea where I am coming from, I’m a rider of any kind of bike that involves getting the tires dirty. That means that even on a road bike with 23s I end up hitting the dirt roads, and prefer to keep the bike rides in the forests. I’m based in Prague, so my list has a more European tinge to it.

I’m in the middle of masters cyclocross racing, so while predominantly a mountain biker, now is the time of wet, muddy, snowy, and slippery rides on skinnier tires. I am spending a lot of time trail riding on cross tubulars, a little bit of dirt and gravel road training, and a lot of rides where I come home cold and wet. But I am dreaming a bit of cross country rides in crisp snow, of hitting some steep root and rock strewn technical descents, and getting in some all day exploring rides when warm weather returns. Most of my picks then are to get me through the dark days of winter, with the hope of warm, dry rides to come.


24 hours of mountain bike racing without lights above the arctic circle in Finnish Lapland. How can that not sound like an amazing idea? On the weekend of the summer solstice each year, the Levi ski resort 170km north of the arctic circle runs the Levi24, a unique 24hr race with sunlight through the night. I’ve done plenty of 24hr races over the last 15 years and always loved the sunrise lap, but have experienced nothing like this. Its next running is 12-13 June 2015, and could be a great chance to throw the family into a camper and go explore some fjords and gravel roads. 


Apidura Bikepacking Bags – First Impressions


Back at Eurobike this summer we ran into UK-based Apidura who makes a series of roomy handlebar, frame, and saddle bags intended to support riders on bikepacking (read: backpacking on the bike, get it?) adventures. Their concept is to build lightweight, durable, water-resistant packs to carry your gear on the bike with out the need for the additional weight of or requirement for front or rear racks. At the show we got to talking about the possibilities for some interesting short trips over the next six months or so on and off road, and maybe even a little fat touring, so decided to give them a try and report back.

Come on in past the fold for some more details and to see what our first thoughts are on the packs…


Chris King Lefty LD and SuperMax Hubs Now Shipping

After getting up close and personal with the new Chris King Lefty hubs at Eurobike, the single sided gems are now on their way to bike shops world wide. Available in either the LD or the SuperMax version, the hubs combine to cover the spread of all Cannondale Lefty forks. Built with typical Chris King precision in Portland, Oregon, the hubs are completely rebuildable and come in all standard CK colors including the current Sour Apple Limited edition.

Details next…


Storck Celebrates 20th Anniversary w/ Special Edition Road, Mountain Bikes

Storck Aerfast 20th anniversary limited edition road bike

Markus Storck has been turning heads with his lightweight and uniquely designed frames and components since 1995. Things like brakes integrated into the frame and fork on a standard road bike came about here way before the aero road bike craze. We interviewed him a while back for a two part video series that’s worth a watch (here and here) to see some other interesting tech and concepts he’s developed over the years.

To celebrate, he’s issuing limited edition frames painted with special anniversary graphics across the Aernario, Visioner CSL, Scenero, Rebel Nine and Rebel Seven models, plus the new Aerfast aero road bike introduced at Eurobike. They’ll also sport special component builds and are limited to 200 per model.

All will come with a Storck polo shirt and 20th Anniversary marked handlebar, stem, seatpost and saddle, too, and the higher end framesets will include a Bike.Guard Curv hard case jointly developed with B&W…


Long Term Review: Ibis Ripley Is A Solid Cross Country & Trail 29er


The Ripley might be one of the most anticipated bikes in recent memory, first being leaked at Eurobike in 2010, and finally making it to market after some unfortunate setbacks the company faced. Embracing the extra time they had, they spent it on testing and R&D, also making some changes to the construction, travel, geometry and moving parts of the suspension during this time.

Finally hitting the market in 2013, Ibis was still ahead of the competition, delivering the first suspension bike that used two eccentrics for links, and no linkages at all. This makes the bike look elegantly simple from the outside, even provoking a person met on the trail to ask “why does that single pivot bike have DW-Link stickers on it?”

The DW-Link 2XC dual eccentric design makes the bike complex to manufacture, so the question is whether it and all the delays pay off…


Mondraker Gets Faster w/ New Carbon Summum Downhill Mountain Bike

2015 Mondraker Summum Carbon DH downhill mountain bike

Just a couple months after introducing a 27.5″ version in alloy at Eurobike, Mondraker’s whipped out this new Summum Carbon to help their pro athletes get that last little edge en route to the podium.

Danny Hart, Emmeline Ragot, Markus Pekoll and Innes Graham will race the new bike throughout the 2015 UCI World Cup season. They’ve been testing the carbon model throughout the 2014 season, and now it’s available to all with the same Forward Geometry and Zero suspension introduced on the three alloy versions. But, Mondraker’s saying its stiffer and stronger, but also more comfortable and compliant. And it’s very light, coming in at just 6.25lb (2,837g) without shock, pretty darn good for a DH frame.

To get all that into a single bike, they borrowed from the years of development they’ve put into the Foxy Carbon enduro bike…


Review: Birzman Maha Apogee MTB High Volume Floor Pump

Birzman maha apogee MTB pump review fat bike high volume (2)

Earlier this year we started hearing about fat bike specific pumps. On the surface that sounds ridiculous, until you consider the mechanics. Bicycle tires offer a crazy range of volumes and pressures from 200 psi track tires to 5 psi fat bike tires. Yes, there are pumps that will do both, but if you’re the kind of person who wants the right tool for the job there are better options.

The Birzman Maha Apogee MTB is a mountain bike specific pump. What does that mean? It means the pump is purposely designed to push a lot of air as quickly as possible. Placing the focus on high volume instead of high pressure, the Maha Apogee MTB and pumps like it becoming more and more useful as tires continue to trend larger.

After getting our hands on the Maha at Eurobike and proceeding to inflate fat bike tires on the show floor, and even a flat tire on Cory’s car, we’ve had the pump long enough to give it a thorough review….


Turnagain Components Gets Colorful with Limited Edition Fat Bike Hubs, Hed Rims Optional

Turnagain Components purple green gold hubs fat bike borealis bikes

We got our first look at the new Turnagain hubs at Eurobike, which are essentially an updated version of the original Borealis FH1 hubset. Now as the sister brand to Borealis fat bikes, Turnagain has been introducing a lot of new fat tire related products including their new FR65 and FR80 aluminum rims.

To go along with their standard anodized colors, Turnagain just announced an extremely limited run of fat bike hubs in purple, green, and gold! Like their standard hubs, the limited edition models will fit 190/197 rear and 150mm front spacing with either Shimano/SRAM 8/9/10 speed compatibility, or XD freehubs. The hubs go along with a recent announcement that Borealis and Turnagain have started stocking Hed Big Deal carbon rims meaning you should be able to get these colorful new centerpieces built up into a super light carbon wheelset. If you hurry.