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Sea Otter, Truvativ Rebuilding Downhill MTB Course, Adding Spectator Shuttle and Beer

PRESS RELEASE: Sea Otter Classic and Truvativ are pleased to announce a comprehensive makeover for Sea Otter’s current downhill course. Bike park builders Momentum Trail Concepts will author and implement course renovations with the collaborative project slated for the spring of 2011.

Sea Otter serves as cycling’s opening event each year, kicking off the riding season by offering racing in nearly every mountain bike discipline, the festival features downhill (DH) as one of its premier competitions, drawing competitors and journalists from around the world. Located on the Laguna Seca Recreational Area in the Monterey County Parks system, the existing course is exhibiting signs that it’s been well loved with the resulting wear and tear causing impacts to the course’s flow.

“Truvativ’s parent company SRAM has never failed to creatively add to the event – for over a decade their partnership has made Sea Otter a better experience for attendees and competitors alike,” offers Sea Otter president and CEO Frank Yohannan, “Their contribution on the downhill course project and the high bar they’ve established for what success looks like maintains that tradition. Their efforts will make the 2011 course better for athletes in all categories.”


Sea Otter Classic Adds Pro Head-to-Head Dirt Jump Battle, Air Bag for You to Jump Into!

From Sea Otter Classic:

Speed and Style

A new and exciting competition is being added to an already crazy weekend at Sea Otter. Jeff Lenosky, legendary freeriding course designer, calls it “a combination of a head-to-head race and a freestyle jump contest.” Two riders race head-to-head on identical pump tracks. The fastest racer wins the “Speed” points. The riders also battle for a time advantage by trying to “out trick” the other on two jumps. This is the “Style”. The SRAM Speed & Style promises to be a crowd pleaser.

Mountain Bike Ride Zone

The College Cyclery Team is revamping the hugely popular SRAM Ride Zone. The new course will be designed by freerider and premier trail builder Randy Spangler. It will include elements of the dual stunt competition, a cross country loop with challenging sections, switchbacks, and pump tracks. The Ride Zone is set up for riders of all levels. It’s a terrific place to demo bikes and equipment. And even better, it’s free of charge.

Big Air Bag

Straight from the epicenter of the freeriding world of mountain biking comes the Camp of Champions Mountain Bike Camp Big Air Bag. With top pros as your coach, learn to make those jumps like a pro. You’ll go home feeling like a champion and counting the days until you can attend the Mountain Bike Camp in Whistler. Ken Achenbach, founder and camp director of the Camp of Champions, says “The Big Air Bag is the next progression in mountain biking. It takes the learning curve and turns it into an arrow pointed UP. It’s going to be amazing seeing everyone lose their minds at Sea Otter when they get to “Hit the Bag”.


2011 Sea Otter Classic Early Bird Discount Registration Open

Spy Shot! New XC Mountain Bike Helmet from POC, plus Carbon DH Helmet, more from Sea Otter


SPY SHOT! POC Sports, better known for their downhill armor and full face helmets, is apparently working up some XC magic for debut later this year (fall tradeshows, anyone?).

All we found was this top secret photo, no specs or details other than it’s aimed at the cross country mountain bike crowd.  Judging from the extended rear end, it’s likely intended more for the all-mountain and freeride gang than weight weenie XC racers.

SEA OTTER CLASSIC: If you’re into the big drops and crazy gravity-powered riding, check out the carbon fiber shelled Cortex DH helmet, plus new gloves and sunglasses after the break…


Long Day Home from Sea Otter Classic, But Lots of Great Stuff Coming All Week!

It seems more and more companies are using the Sea Otter Classic to launch new products, with big news and debuts from SRAM, Shimano, Crank Brothers, Bontrager, Giant, Specialized, Ritchey, Syncros, Santa Cruz, Cinelli and too many more to mention.

The way home for us East Coasters is always a long day, for me it was three plane flights from 6:45am until 7:24pm.  I edited a lot of the photos on the plane and will be flooding the site with photos, words and sneak peeks all week long!  See you all in the morning!

Last Day to Get Free Schwag (At Sea Otter Anyway)

bikerumor-reload-msgr-soc-twtr-promo-teaseLook for this giant blue Bikerumor messenger bag walking around Sea Otter Sunday.

If you spot me, just come up and say “Bikerumor Rules” and I may have a little something for you it the bag.  I’m filling it up in the AM, then heading around to Giant and Santa Cruz booths around 10am.

See you there…

Sea Otter Schwag Giveaways for Friday

bikerumor-reload-msgr-soc-twtr-promo-teaseI’ll be heading toward the Maxxis tent about 10am.  Look for the giant blue BIKERUMOR! messenger bag and say “Bikerumor Rules!”   First four people to do that get some killer stuff from Ergon and Camelbak.

More tweets will follow later in the day, be sure to follow us on Twitter @bikerumor and start checking for a little schwag tweet about, oh, say, 3pm west coast time…

Find Me At Sea Otter Classic! Bikerumor Schwag Giveaways


Just a friendly reminder (or an explanation if you’re just finding this):  If you’re at Sea Otter Classic this week, find the tall guy wearing the absolutely gargantuan BIKERUMOR messenger bag from R.E.Load and mention the secret word that I’ll be tweeting out periodically.  If you’re the first person to mention the secret word, you’ll win something sweet, like a Podium Chill bottle from Camelbak or other cool stuff.

Be sure you’re following @bikerumor to get the tweets, then keep an eye out for the big blue bag.

Win a Fly-in Mountain Bike Trip to Punta San Carlos at Bike Mag’s Sea Otter Booth


From their Press Release:  Get ready to experience a little of Punta San Carlos at BIKE Magazine’s booth #812 at the Sea Otter. We’ll be replicating the famous lounge from Baja that so many MTB superstars (like Cam McCaul, Matt Hunter, Geoff Gulevich, Chris VanDine, Bender, Randy Spangler, Ian Hylands, Harookz, etc.) have crashed in after a day of hitting the magical trails and surfing the mellow waves of PSC.

Stop in and sign up to win a free $2500 Fly-In vacation at Punta San Carlos. Winners will receive an all-expenses paid trip to the mountain bike camp. All you will have to do is get to San Diego to meet our private plane!

After the Premier of the new Anthill Film “Follow Me” which features a wicked segment from PSC, we’ll be having a second premier in the booth on Sunday.

Swing in to see the latest coverage of Punta San Carlos in BIKE Magazine. Talk to Kevin Trejo the owner of SoloSports Adventure Holidays to plan your trip to mountain biking paradise.

If you can’t make it to the Sea Otter, you can still sign up to win the trip of a lifetime at!