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2015 Campagnolo Chorus EPS, Super Record Mechanical Tech Overview & Actual Weights


The new Super Record, Record and Chorus mechanical groups were unveiled in late May, followed shortly thereafter by a new Chorus EPS group. The basic details were provided, but pricing, weights and the finer points were missing, so we used our time at PressCamp to fill in the holes.

When Campy unveils a new technology, it’s generally spread around its products fairly quickly. Sometimes it shifts altogether. Case in point: With it’s introduction, Chorus EPS is now the only mid-level electronic group – Athena EPS is no more, but it did get a functional update for the mechanical group.

Chorus keeps the different wire plug design that Athena had, which means it’s not compatible with Record/Super Record EPS. The reason they initially had a different wiring structure was to save costs over the more intricate plug design on the higher end groups. It’s still IP67 waterproof and just as secure as what’s used on SR/R, just a different design that’s simpler and cheaper from a new supplier. There’s no word on whether they’ll adopt that design on Record/SR down the road, but it certainly makes sense that they’d incorporate it on the next iteration.


Pivot Teases All-New Mountain Bike, Debuts Mid June


Yep, a new Pivot mountain bike is coming next week. We’ll be at PressCamp for the debut and report back with all the details. What do we know so far? Nada, other than that tiny rider looks like they’re hauling butt on a mid-travel bike. We asked founder Chris Cocalis if we could tease anything. Here’s how that conversation went…


Review: Kenda Honey Badger Pro Mountain Bike Tires

kenda honey badger pro mountain bike tire review

After riding the Kenda Honey Badger on demo bikes around Park City, Utah, on some amazing singletrack, I requested a set in for a formal review. The trails used by vendors at PressCamp and DealerCamp (in Utah), several of which had bikes equipped with the tires that don’t give a you-know-what, were a combination of ripping tree-covered singletrack and open air, dusty and rocky technical sections that were popping non-tubeless tires left and right. And the tires handled it all perfectly.

So, I wondered how they’d hold up to some east coast, North Carolina dirt, clay and roots. And, given the arrival date, fall leaves. Roll past the break to see if they’re just as good in the humid southeast as they are in the arid IMBA Epic laced mountains of the Rockies…


IB13: Sugoi’s Ted King Lumberjack = Best Cycling Kit Ever. Plus Great New Women’s Apparel & More!

2014 Sugoi Ted King lumberjack road bike cycling kit

We’ve seen some impressive cycling kits over the years, with the Peewee Herman skinsuit and jean short overall bibs being two of the favorites. But the limited edition Sugoi Ted King Lumberjack kit may just log roll them all.

Why? It’s the details, like printed buttons that look so real it’s hard to even notice there’s a zipper there instead. And denim-like printed panels on the shorts. Add in the matching beanie cap and arm warmers with a maple tree print that say “Tap This” and you’re getting close to the best kit ever. But what really pushes it over the top is on the bottom…


Boardman Teases B56/TTE Triathlon Bike for Kona Ironman World Championships

Boardman teased their upcoming Sportive road bike with a similarly dramatic video in August, and now they’re whetting our appetites for speed with a new TTE triathlon bike.

We saw the Elite Air TT 9.8 at PressCamp, and it looked pretty good with all the expected aero features like hidden brakes and a slippery frame. So, it’ll be interesting to see what comes out on October 9th with Chris and pro racer Pete Jacobs at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, HI.

This video was filmed in Germany earlier in the year and features Ironman World Champion Pete Jacobs. He, alongside their other pro athletes, are a bit part of Boardman’s >B56 R&D, design and testing program.

IB13: Camelbak Updates Colors, New Lightweight XV Packs, Improves Jet Valve & (Finally) Offers a Coffee Mug!


The 2014 Camelbak hydration packs get lots of bright colors to match the vibrant clothing collections from most mountain bike gear brands.

They’ve also added new lighter Mule XV and Lobo XV packs that slim down the features slightly to drop weight. XV stands for Cross Ventilation and refers to the new lightweight padding system on the back.

We also got our first look at the excellent new Jet Valve on the revised Podium bottles spotted at PressCamp this summer, and they finally made an insulated mug specifically for hot beverages…


EB13: Prototype Kali Hasta Gloves Spotted, Final Colors for Loka Road Bike Helmets Revealed

Kali Hasta mountain bike gloves

Kali’s done body armor and helmets, but the new Kali Hasta mountain bike glove is their first non-protective soft good. Well, non-armored or shelled anyway, there is a bit of top-of-hand padding in place. Other features are a microfiber palm, silicone grips and flex sections built into the knuckles. And like all their goods, they’re extremely competitive in price at just $25. Look for them to get official soon.

In the meantime, check out another pic and the final retail editions of their impressive Loka road helmet below…


First Impressions: SRAM X01 Mountain Bike Group

SRAM X01 ride review and photo details

Hot on the heels of my long term review of the XX1 group came plenty of opportunities to ride it’s new sibling, X01 and the OEM-only X1 drivetrain, which was just announced this week.

The short of it is this: First, it’s every bit as good as XX1. Second, you’re going to see it spec’d on a LOT of 2014 bikes.

DealerCamp afforded the chance to ride it on all manner of bikes, and we even hopped on Dave Turner’s personal bike with an early shipment of X01 at PressCamp. Most of the stock bikes were using the alloy X1 cranksets and all-alloy derailleur, all coupled with the all-black cassette. And all of them used the trigger shifters. Performance wise, there’s no discernable difference between X01 and XX1.

More thoughts and detail shots below…


O-Synce First to Compute Rotor’s Four-Channel Power Meter Crankset

Rotor Power crankset with O-Synce cycling computer

We showed you an in depth breakdown of Rotor’s power meter crankset tech at PressCamp, featuring a massive data output with four distinct channels of info.

Now, they’ve got the first cycling computer that can handle it all and show you all four channels. The O_Synce (pronounced “Oh Since”) navi2coach will show Power, Power Balance (left to right), Torque Effectiveness and Pedaling Smoothness. Hit the link above for a detailed explanation of TE and PS.

Rotor distributes O_Synce in Spain, hence the tie in at their DealerCamp booth.