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NAHBS 2015: New Builder, Green Pea Bikes


Paul Daniel is the owner and builder behind Green Pea Bikes of Ashland, Oregon. His company philosophy is simple – combining his passion of cycling with green energy systems, and creating performance electric bicycles. Paul’s NAHBS bike features a unique frame design, along with an innovative front suspension system, and of course an electric motor… READ MORE ->

NAHBS 2015: An interesting spread from Hero Bike, Steve Potts & Scappa


Steve Potts has been building bikes for a long time, helping shape some of the early days of mountain biking. Nowawadays, it’s all about titanium for him, and the bikes vary a bit but mainly fall into road/cyclocross or mountain bike categories.

The one above is in the former, but takes a modern approach with 650 wheels and tires, his Type II fork and disc brakes. A modern-retro parts build gives it a bit of character, but not at the expense of performance in most areas.

Check it out, plus a very cool bamboo-and-carbon commuter bike concept from Alabama’s Hero Bike and some Italian flair from Scappa, below…


NAHBS 2015 Mega Gallery: Best Campagnolo Build Bike Contest Part 1, Carbon Bikes

Campagnolo bike build competition NAHBS 2015 (1)

If you were to enter a competition for the best Campagnolo equipped bike, what would you choose? That question brought together nearly 22 bikes from different builders and different eras with everyone putting their own spin on the competition. In spite of a few casualties that never made the show or only partly made the show due to a heavy blanket of snow snarling traffic and deliveries just before showtime, the quest for Best Campy bragging rights made for an awesome collection of eye candy both at the Campagnolo booth and around the show.

After the jump you’ll find all of the carbon fiber bikes that were entered, both new and old…


NAHBS 2015: Funk Cycles’ 20 lb Titanium Full Suspension La Ruta 29er, Plus Colorful Ti Anodizing


Funk Titanium coombe pedals  (7)

Likely one of the most performance oriented mountain bikes you could find at NAHBS, Funk Cycles’ sharp La Ruta build was also one of the lightest. That is, at least when it comes to full suspension. Certainly one of the very few full suspension bikes at the show anywhere near 20 lbs, the La Ruta also features some incredible detail work including custom anodized graphics. The Funk team might not have gone home with any awards from the show, but they clearly demonstrated their ability to build incredible titanium bikes…


NAHBS 2015: Rolf Gets Colorful with Prima Plus Program, Tries out New Color Coating

Rolf Prima colored rims ceramic coating stickers (5)

Love Rolf wheels but looking to get a pair that stands out from the crowd? Due to a rising interest in custom colored decal requests, Rolf is launching the Prima Plus Program. Starting with the Rolf Ares, TdF, Vigor, or Elan, customers can pick out one of nine standard colors for a custom set of die cut decals that are made to order. If the decals don’t do it for you, Rolf whipped up a one-off color coated set of wheels just for the show. It’s prototype only for now, but if there is enough interest…


NAHBS 2015: Cycle Monkey’s 29+ Black Sheep, Gates Belt Drive, Kish & Cysco Cycles

NAHBS 2015: Cycle Monkey's 29+ Black Sheep, Gates Belt Drive, Kish & Cysco Cycles

Cycle Monkey is the U.S. distributor and service center for Rohloff internally geared hubs, and what better way to show off the system than on a sweet custom project bike.

This one belong’s to CM’s Neil Flock and combines a standard 120mm travel Rockshox RS-1 shock with Maxxis Chronicle 29+ tires… which looks amazing, with side clearance to spare. As for bottom out clearance between the top of the tire and the fork’s crown? Well, I walked one of Rockshox’s PR managers over and he said they absolutely do not recommend this set up. Of course, folks were running 27.5 wheels on 26” forks long before the wheel size became dominant, the safety rule of thumb being to remove all the air from your fork and check clearance at bottom out. And then decide for yourself if you wanna run parts outside of their intended scope.

Check the details, plus bikes and parts from Gates Belt Drive, Kish and Cysco Cycles, below…


NAHBS 2015: DeSalvo Builds 12×142 Ti Gravel Bike with New Paragon Machine Works X-12 Dropouts

desalvo ti chris king enve (4)

NAHBS is always interesting in that you can stop at a booth and talk to the builder and then wander a few feet away and meet the company that produced the tubes or details like the dropouts for that very bike. For most bikes we probably take the availability of certain dropouts, braze ons, and other parts for granted, but for builders at NAHBS that want to keep the bikes U.S. made down to the last detail, someone has to create those little parts.

That point was illustrated beautifully when we stopped to check out the latest DeSalvo Custom Cycle above, then got a look at the new X-12 titanium dropouts from Paragon Machine Works…


NAHBS 2015: Reeb Cycles Teams up with SMAC Innovations for New Bars, Introduces Titanium Seat Post

Reeb Oscar Blues Brewery  (2)

On the bike side of things, REEB has been making noise with their own proprietary tubeset created with the help of True Temper Sports. First shown on the REEB Donkadonk fat bike at Interbike, the tubeset allows for the use of a 31.6mm dropper post as well as making tire clearance for the biggest tires and a stiffer down tube for improved rides all around. Now found on both the Donkadonk and the Reeb Dikyelous, REEB continues to blend their love of bikes, craft beer, and domestic manufacturing in a way that we can all appreciate.

Lesser known than their frames, REEB is adding to their line of components with a US made titanium seatpost, and a new handlebar collaboration with SMAC Innovations…


NAHBS 2015: Steel gravel, mountain bikes from Retrotec & Sycip


Retrotec had a few new designs on hand that maintain the curvy brand aesthetic but usher in the latest part and standards. The gravel bike above may look familiar, it was used to showcase the new Whisky No.9 carbon disc brake fork at Frostbike.

The orange bike in the background is another new one, a fully modern fat bike that he teased but didn’t show in our pre-NAHBS interview, and just after the show, builder Curtis Inglis sent over pics of another build he just finished that shows off a slightly different take on wide tire clearance…