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NAHBS 2014: Beautiful Bikes from Moots & Cykelmagaren


Moots wasn’t showing off any brand new models, but they did take the time to customize a couple of their existing bikes and roll out the massive Frosthammer 5″ fat bike.

In the background above, at the far corner of their booth, the built up a ‘cross bike with retro styled brown leather bar tape and saddle and added S&S Couplers, making for possibly the ultimate travel bike. In the foreground, their entry into the Campagnolo contest and shows their ability to really dial the details if you’ve got the coin.

Shift past the break for detail photos and a look at Cykelmagaren’s slick hidden shifter and other snazzy customizations to their city bikes…


NAHBS 2014: Crumpton Molds His Own Carbon Tubes for New Type 5 Road Bike

nabs 2014 - Crumpton Type 5 road bike with molded carbon tubes made in house

Since June, Nick Crumpton has been producing his own bladder molded carbon fiber frame tubes in house in Austin, TX.

Why? This gives them self reliance, and it gives them a “net shape” on the outside, meaning the outside diameter and shape is always perfect, all of the butting and tapering can be done on the inside. That’s versus rolled tube construction where layers are wrapped over a metal tube and have a fixed interior size but variable external diameter and thickness.

Crumpton says it also means all of the carbon is functional. In other words, it doesn’t need any superficial cosmetic layers that could add weight…


NAHBS 2014: HED Updates Triple Crown Gravel Road Bike, Introduces 650B Ardennes+ Wheels

NAHBS2014 - HED gravel road bike and Ardennes Plus 650b road bicycle wheels

At Interbike last year, the HED gravel road bike sorta became official, but apparently it wasn’t done. Now it’s done. Or, at least, done enough for sale.

Updates include internally run cables, a reground fork crown for improved aesthetics, and skinnier fork legs to improve comfort. The bike’s called the triple crown – a nod to the fork’s stainless steel crown, but also to the three usage builds.

They also removed a few of the braze on mounts, limiting it to fender mounts and a rear tail light mount. Overall it’s a much sleeker looking bike that’s available to roll any way you want. See for yourself…


NAHBS 2014: Bilenky Goes Ape & Santana Hides the Banana


Bilenky Cycle Works always has some interesting bikes with interesting features, all nestled into an interesting (if somewhat packed) booth.

The completely custom titanium travel tandem touring bike shown above was just one such example. Designed and built over a period of several years (or, at least, that’s how long the customers were waiting), it’s made to break down into multiple sections for easier packing.

See the breaks, and why steel is a perfectly good material for aero time trial bikes and carbon/ti blends make for a smooth ride, below…


NAHBS 2014: Peacock Groove Spreads its Wings, Launches Trick Headset & Spacer Caps


Peacock Groove never fails to surprise and delight. Just check some his past years bikes (here, here and here) for examples.

This year, builder Erik Noren brought his own new bike, a 29+ cargo bike painted and accessorized to resemble a Minneapolis-Moline tractor. Lots of folks have done John Deere imitations, but since PG is based in Minneapolis, this seemed more fitting. While it doesn’t have the brand’s innovative-in-its-time closed cockpit, everything from tow chains to round headlamps make it legit.

Plow past the break, there’s so much more to see…


NAHBS 2014: Demon vs. Ogre – Monster Cycles from Abroad


Last year, Japan’s Ogre brought a massively over done, angular metal “V” bike that was simply stunning in its intricacy. This year, he toned it down a bit, bringing a titanium-over-carbon road bike. But it still showed off his metal working skills.

The frame’s titanium lugs were heat and chemical treated to put a little color on them, and the saddle, stem and handlebar were all handmade from titanium.

Detail photos, plus a boxy steel dirt jump bike from the UK’s Demon, below…


NAHBS 2014: Retrotec’s Monster Cross & Sycip’s Kid’s Bikes and Titanium Kickoff


Retrotec took home “Best Cyclocross Bike” honors at NAHBS 2014 for this beautiful monster crosser.

Built with 40c Panaracers that may as well have been skinny mountain bike tires, the bike was one of those that made me wanna just stow the backpack and camera and ride out without a plan. It used their signature curved design, with the arc of the top tube flowing directly into the seatstays. Even the paint scheme flowed, accentuating the curves. There were plenty of amazing ‘cross bikes at the show, but we see why this build won.

More pics of this, plus his Funduro 650B and 29+ hardtail as well as Jeremy Sycip’s first in-house titanium bikes (hint: they’re for kids) below…


NAHBS 2014: Sarif Cycle Worx’s Commuter Bicycle w/ Handmade Wood Accents

Sarif Cycle Works custom commuter bicycle with handmade wood accents at NAHBS 2014

Sarif Cycle Worx founder and builder David Johnson hails from our own HQ’s hometown of Greensboro, NC. While we’ve seen several mountain bikes from his little workshop, his NAHBS show bike took a turn toward the streets.

He gave us a peek at it before the show, but the finished (and whole) bike was quite impressive for such a new builder. Lots of little details -the kind we look forward to seeing from NAHBS exhibitors but weren’t quite as prevalent this year- adorned the bike. Things like hand carved wood accents and grips, clever cable routing and careful parts selection and painting all came together to make one heck of a commuter bike…


NAHBS 2014: Ritchey Builds His First Fat Bike & First Carbon Breakaway Road Bike! (UPDATED)


It’s not often we want to see someone get fat and go commando, but we’ll give Tom Ritchey a pass.

The new Ritchey Commando fat bike prototype is headed for production, likely coming out this winter. Price is TBD (likely around $1,100), as is some of the final spec. It’s a 170mm rear end for now, but they’re still playing with it and may go to 190mm.

The tubing is their triple butted, heat treated Logic tubing. This one’s a one-off fillet brazed prototype, but production frames will be TIG welded. The 1-1/8″ head tube will stay, and the fork will likely remain QR. Rear also uses a quick release skewer rather than a thru axle. It’ll handle up to a 3.8” tire.

UPDATE 1: Weight corrected for carbon road bike.

UPDATE 2: Price on Carbon Breakaway officially lowered to $2,999.95.

Streak through for more pics and a look at the insanely lightweight Carbon Breakaway road bike…