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Hydrapak Reveals new Surge Bitevalve for 2010


Hydrapak has just revealed their new “Surge” Bite valve which will be featured on all 2010 packs and Reversible Reservoir II Accessory systems.

Details include:

• Rock solid shut off when valve is closed but allows the user to leave in open mode for easy fluid access with absolutely no leaking during the ride.

• Perfect angle and size for optimal hydration intake on the bike.

• Allows easy, one-handed open and close operation to control water flow while riding.

We’re supposed to be getting some of their new packs in to review, which will include the new bitevalve, so we’ll report back in a few weeks on ‘em…

Another photo after the break…


Video: Ridiculous Hydrapak Reservoir Testing

Word on the street is Hydrapak is busily working on redesigned bite valves for the reservoirs and some new designs to debut at Interbike.  In the meantime, for your entertainment (and to make you wish you had a job like these guys), here’s some of their, um, QC testing.

I’ve got one of these (not the pack, just the bladder) and the top sealing system is solid, but I am anxious to see an improved bite valve.  The coolest thing about them is you can disconnect the hose and it won’t leak…except that occasionally I’ve brought the bladder with me to the trail and forgotten the hose.

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bag – Shimano’s Rokko 16 and Hotaka 32 Packs Reviewed

Shimano Hydration Bag Hotaka rokko860

When they’re not busy developing the latest drive train or brakes, Shimano has also been busy developing their lifestyle gear. Introducing products like the new Action Camera, clothing, and bags, Shimano continues to expand the other side of their cycling business with a number of products that quite good.

The latest bags to come our way are the Rokko 16 and the absolutely massive Hotaka 32. Depending on your needs and how much you want to carry, the latest packs from Shimano are worth a look…


SOC14: Smart In-Line Electrolyte System for Hydration Bladders From Eligo

Eligo Spile Smart Electryolite Hydration System (5)

The Eligo Spile is an in line hydration unit with a dual fluid mouth piece that eliminates the clean up involved with normal electrolyte tablet or powder systems.

Biting on the first lip on the mouth piece gives you water, while biting down further back allows fluid from the small cartridge and your hydration reservoir to mix.

That’s it. It’s that simple. The replacement hose and mouthpiece work with the majority of hydration reservoirs on the market, which makes this upgrade painless.

Slip past the break to see it in action…


Headquarters Tour: Crank Brothers – Company Profile, Inside Look & Original Prototypes!

Crank Brothers headquarters tour - reception

The lobby of Crank Brothers’ new offices, conveniently located just minutes from the trails around Laguna Beach, CA.

Crank Brothers started in 1997 with the Speed Lever, a card table and a trip to Interbike’s basement.

Well, actually, it started out with the notion of designing products, patenting them and then licensing the designs. It worked once, with a hydration system that was licensed to Bell Sports and became Hydrapak.

The story is their friends constantly got cofounders’ Carl Winefordner and Frank Hermansen names mixed up, so they combined them and just called them “crank”. Hence the first part of the brand name. They met while working for a scuba diving products company. They enjoyed working together and eventually both tired of the corporate culture at a large company. They quit and did freelance snorkel and related product design for a while, but cycling was the passion. Frank is the designer, Carl’s the engineer.

The Speed Lever was inspired by the tools used for car tires, and the idea was born during a night ride when they had to change a tire. Like all of their products, they start out as a solution to a problem they encountered and couldn’t solve with existing products.

At that 1997 Interbike, they handed out 4,000 Speed Levers and a brand was born. It was never envisioned as the high design, global company they are today, and it certainly wasn’t overnight. After the lever, they designed a high/low pressure switch for a mini pump. It was called the Power Pump, and it came out in 1998 along with a couple mini tools.

In 2001, they introduced the Eggbeater pedals, and that’s when things got interesting…


Mission Workshop Introduces ACRE: Made in the US Mountain Bike Hydration Packs and More

Mission Workshop Hydration Pack Hauser

Even though the hydration pack market is already fairly crowded, Mission Workshop has figured out a way to get people interested with an all new pack design. More than that, Mission Workshop has introduced an entirely new division of their San Francisco based operation, called ACRE. Calling it gear built for weather, fit for riding, ACRE offers an extension of the quality you’ve come to expect from MW, in a collection of bags and clothing built to withstand the rigors of mountain biking, and the elements.

Check out what sets the Hauser hydration pack apart, after the break.


IB13: Chrome Adds Knurled Waterproof Bags and Panniers, Forged Rubber Shoes & More Merino

Chrome Knurled Welded waterproof bicycle panniers and backpacks

Chrome’s best known for their bags, so we’ll start (and finish) with those. Above are the new Knurled Welded cycling packs. They’re their first foray into on-bike baggage, and they use a new lightweight single layer welded construction that fuses the TPU liner to the outer fabric. It’s found on a large square duffel-style front rack bag, various size panniers and a backpack or two.

Wanna see the rest? And the very entertaining way they demonstrated the waterproofness? Head past the break…


IB13: Ergon Hones in on Enduro, Plus new CF3 Pro Setback Carbon Seatpost

ergon enduro grips  (1)

As one of, if not the biggest player in endurance mountain biking grips, Ergon hasn’t quite had the same success in the “technical” department. Sure, they have offered their GA1 (now the GA1 Evo), but that grip has failed to find the cult like acceptance of the GP series. The GE1 looks to change that. Working closely with 3 time downhill World Champion and Enduro star Fabian Barel, Ergon has created a new grip that feels like it could be a winner.

The GE1 is another product that is specifically designed for Enduro – what does that mean? Find the answer to that plus new saddles, and road seatposts after the break.


IB13: New Giegerrig Nano Tube Hydration Line is Like an IV Tube for Your Mouth

geigerrig hydration nano tube pack interbike (8)

This is not a bite valve.

Thanks to the pressurized bladder of the Giegerrig system, the new Nano hydration tube is like a constantly running IV – only for your mouth. As one of the weirdest and at the same time most intriguing products of the show, the Giegerrig Nano system could change the way we see hydration systems. You know, if you can get used to water constantly drip, drip, dripping into your mouth…