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Quintana Roo CD 0.1 Triathlon Bike Wins Eurobike Gold

Quintana Roo has won a Eurobike Gold Award for its top-of-the-line CD 0.1 triathlon bike.  QR, who manufactures triathlon bikes exclusively, designed the CD 0.1 with an 18mm offset downtube toward the driveside.  The effect is that “dirty” air that normally gets tangled up in the drivetrain is rerouted to the smoother “cleaner” non-drive side to improve aerodynamics.

US MSRP for the frameset (frame, fork, headset, seatpost and brakes) is $3,399.  They’ll also offer two fully built models with full Dura-Ace or Ultegra.  They won an iF Design Eurobike Gold award for the design.

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Eurobike Recap – Part 2

More big thanks to Carlton Reid from for sharing his pics from Eurobike 2009.

Above, a prototype stem and handlebar from Shimano Pro for Cavendish in green, of course.  He ran this stem and bar in the Tour de France in a white on black color combo to fit better with Columbia-HTC colors.

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EuroBike Recap – Part 1

A big thanks to Carlton Reid of for sharing his pics from Eurobike with us!

Shown above is Kona’s new Electric Ute bicycle.  It forgoes the front disc brake for what appears to be a regenerative dynamo motor.  Other than that, the frame looks the same as their people-powered Ute.

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SRAM Colored Road Wheels Shown at Eurobike

Green SRAM Wheels at Merida

SRAM showed off some custom color matching with S80 and S60 wheels for Merida in Green and Red.

Media Red

They also had Alberto Contador’s bike for his Tour de France winning ride into Paris.  Check it out after the jump…


EuroBike Award Winners

2008 eurobike awards fixie headshok

It seems some IBD worries that Cannondale would get homogenized and dumbed down when they were purchased by Dorel (which owns Pacific Bikes aka: Walmart bikes) should be put to rest upon viewing this Bad Boy city bike using a modded headshok.  Click through “more” for other sweet bikes and gadgets that took home some awards…


2009 Pinarello, Colnago Road Bikes at EuroBike

We can’t be everywhere yet, so we’ll take you to those that are.  BikeRadar has pics of the new 2009 Colnago and Pinarello road bikes.  The Pinarello Prince, shown above, is unchanged for ’09 other than a broader variety of color schemes including Valverde’s personal paint scheme, shown above.  All photos here are ©Ben Atkins from  Couple more pics in the “more” link, as well as links to other sites with some good EuroBike coverage.


EB14: Velospring’s Gorgeous Shock Absorbing Walnut Bicycle Grips

velospring shock absorbing walnut wood bicycle handlebars

Velospring is a German company that makes these beautiful new Walnut bicycle grips with an ergonomic shape. They’re available in a standard version called “sen pur”, but the “sen comfort” are the really neat ones.

Those build in a rotationally sprung system that inserts into your handlebar that lets the palm pad flex under your weight when you hit a bump. The design mounts a leaf spring to one end of the insert and the other end to the grip, using the springs torsional resistance to provide the shock absorption.

Wanna see how it all comes together?


EB14: Projekt MRSC – Electronically Controlled Full-suspension Road Prototype from Canyon


In an effort to combat rider fatigue from road surface vibration and ensure all of the cyclist’s energy is put to forward motion, Germany’s Canyon bikes have introduced a smart full-suspension road bike prototype at Eurobike. The concept bike dubbed Projekt MRSC Connected ( for Magneto-Rheological Suspension Control) is a move in the direction to highlight a design focus on comfort, as lightness and stiffness have continue to progress almost exclusively at the high-end. Canyon feels strongly that more comfort means higher performance, and has incorporated their own VCLS Technology (Vertical Comfort, Lateral Stiffness) into their frames for several years. The Projekt MRSC is a next iteration in expanding this tech.

Canyon’s engineering team sees constant road vibration as the next biggest cause of rider fatigue beyond pedaling effort. As the back and leg muscles undergo stress to counteract road impacts and stabilize the bike, rider comfort decreases and with it endurance and speed. The vibration also breaks the bike’s contact with the road and its intended path, consuming unnecessary energy.The MRSC system proposed an active bike frameset to enhance comfort and handling, with less energy input.

Join us after the break for a detailed look at the bike, how it works, and how it stays connected…


EB14: Kenda Juggernaut Fat Bike Tire, Honey Badger DH & Kountach Endurance Road Get Official


We’ve seen quite a bit of these “new” tires from Kenda by now, with the mountain bike tires popping up at Taipei Bike show in March and Sea Otter in April. And the Kountach Endurance road tire was shown in great detail at Interbike 2013. But, now, we have full production details for all and weights for most.

Heretofore, the Juggernaut had only really been seen in Sport trim, which, uh, sports a wire bead. Eurobike brought out mention of a Pro version with folding bead, too. While the tread resembles some of their standard mountain bike tires, it’s actually inspired by Kenda’s Millville 2 motocross tire. Tread blocks are tied together to make them a bit sturdier while also providing a bit of a paddle effect for mud and snow. They’ll come in 26×4.0 and 26×4.5 in both versions. The only claimed weight so far is for the Sport 4.0 at 1,360g (+/-50g).

Drop in for more pics and the dirt on the HB DH and more…