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Eurobike Randomness – Veloboy, Xcite, Tested on Human & Other Crazy Stuff

Xcite carbon fiber mountain bike suspension fork

Seems my “miscellaneous” folder from Eurobike knows no bounds. Here, a collection of random bits that (mostly) quality as awesome.

Above, the Xcite carbon fiber fork from German:A with some rather interesting dropouts. This was sitting in CarbonTi’s booth as a showpiece for their chainrings and such, but it’s quite the work itself. Note the centreally placed brake arch over the wheel, then click on through to see more features and other goodies…


Eurobike Randomness – Walk By Photoings of Carrera, Cipollini, Monty, PB Bikes & Silverback

2012 Carerra carbon fiber road bikes

Eurobike is massive, and I was solo, so some brands that are (possibly) big and bad overseas simply got the walk-by-shooting. Here are some 2012 bikes from Carerra, Cipollini, Monty, PG Bikes and Silverback…enjoy!


Eurobike Randomness – Nuke Proof, Pinion & Parts of Passion

Parts of Passion cycling components carbon fiber seatposts and seatmasts and seat collar clamps

Parts of Passion started as a distributor of lightweight parts and, since 2008, has slowly morphed into a product manufacturer.

This year, they brought out a mostly complete line of cockpit components and wheels. Shown above are the ridiculously lightweight seatpost (118g), seatmast (60g) and seat collar clamp (5.5g). For the post and mast, the tube is full carbon with alloy bracket and pins and titanium bolts. The collar is a carbon fiber clamp with aluminum bolt and ti screw. All are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

More from them, plus Nuke Proof’s new body armor and some interesting gear box concepts from Pinion, after the break…


Eurobike Randomness – Biciclista, Firefly, Crema Cycles, Thule & Orange

firefly custom titanium cyclocross bike with ENVE stem from Crema Cycles

You may recall the startup Firefly brand founded by ex-Independent Fabrications folks. Their European importer (or at least a great shop that sells their wares), Crema Cycles, had a custom cyclocross bike with trick ENVE stem displayed in their booth.

Right behind it was their own brand steel disc brake ‘cross racer, and in front were some sweet custom jerseys from Biciclista. All that, and more, right through here…


Crazy Specialized Concept Stuff from Eurobike, Plus a Rumor

Exclusive Sneak Peak: 2012 Cyclepassion To Be Debuted At Eurobike

It’s that time of year, the 2012 Cyclepassion calendar is about to be unveiled at Eurobike. Whether you love it, or hate it, the 2012 edition features even more beautifully shot photographs of the top women of the sport. New to the calendar this year, is the option to view the calendar one of two ways: either the full color traditional Cyclepassion photo, or a black and white action photo of each lady tearing it up on the bike.

The Cyclepassion Calendar is a large 16×27″ format, which will retail for $50 and be available in the US this year through Fair Wheel Bikes.

Check out a few sneak peeks along with the full calendar line up, after the break!


DT Swiss 2012 Eurobike Preview


From the looks of things, DT Swiss has been hard at work in order to unveil a ton of new product at the upcoming Eurobike show. It’s hard to believe, but now both Eurobike and Interbike are only 3 months away! Perhaps the star of Eurobike for DT Swiss will be the new RRC carbon aero wheel line up, which we can’t show you, other than the sneak peek above.

The RRC line up promises to have a high performance carbon braking surface, innovative hub and spoke design, along with outstanding aerodynamics. We will just have to wait and see.

While details are slim on the RRCs, we have plenty of detail on some new goods in both the wheel and suspension department for 2012, including more love for 29rs with both wheels and forks. Plus, if you have been dying to get a hold of

Check out all the fresh goods after the break!


Cannondale’s E-Series “Performance Ergonomic” Bicycles to Debut at Eurobike


This has been on the rumor block for a while now, but we just received this press release and figured we’d pass it along:

PRESS RELEASE: Cannondale, leading brand of Cycling Sports Group (CSG) and part of Dorel Industries (TSX: DII.B, DII.A), will present its brand-new E-series for the first time at the Eurobike 2010. Cannondale has taken an entirely new approach to E-cycling, by setting standards with a number of technical innovations, including a new high-performance drive train that was developed in partnership with Bosch over the past two years to optimize Cannondale’s unique frame technology. The range starts with two Urban models focused on performance, ergonomics and aesthetics.

“Cannondale is relentlessly dedicated to creating the perfect riding experience. By focusing on intuitiveness, ergonomics, performance and aesthetics, the E-series provides consumers with increased mobility and a real car alternative“, said Bob Burbank, General Manager, Cannondale. “By partnering with Bosch to develop a truly visionary drive-train technology and opening up that technology to the industry, we’re paving a new mobility path for consumers and leading the way with a performance focused e-bike.”

2010 Focus Raven Takes GOLD Award At Eurobike


The 2010 Focus Raven was awarded the prestigious GOLD Award at the 2009 Eurobike. Of the 400 entries submitted by the international bicycle industry, 77 entries were honored – with only eight of them receiving a GOLD Award for outstanding achievements in design and innovation.

Jury’s assessment: “The biological styling of the purely presented frame concept in combination with a bold roughness and the advantages of using a material like carbon steel makes the Focus extremely attractive. The move back from 27 to 20 gears is inspired; it reduces the technology to the most essential and leaves more room for unbridled cycling fun.”

Check out some SPECS Here, and stay tuned for more info from Interbike Sept. 21- 25, 2009.