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Lifeboat Events Adds Urban PressCamp – Focus on Bicycle Commuting at Bike Summit in Washington, DC

Lifeboat Events, the company that puts on DealerCamp and PressCamp has added a third event to focus on the increasing market and importance of bicycle commuting and transportation: Urban PressCamp. It’ll be held just prior to the annual Bike Summit in Washington, DC, in March and connect media (which hopefully includes Bikerumor…hint, hint, Lance) with cycling brands that focus on transportation and commuting with their product lines.  Full press release after the break…


Bike PressCamp Begins

Bike PressCamp begins tonight with a little social and dinner, where we get to meet up with other journalists and manufacturers. Over the next few days, we’ll get a first look at new products and tech…including the much anticipated 2011 XTR!

Above, the schwag awaiting me in my hotel room: new Clif Crunch granola bars; EFX holographic balance doodads; Camelbak lightweight hydration pack, bottles and elixir drink tabs; custom Sugoi jersey; Ridley t-shirt, DeFeet socks and arm warmers, Knog light and it was all stuffed inside a totally rad Knog The Dog messenger bag!

And this comes hot on the heels of Cannondale’s press camp…good times. Stay tuned…

EB15: Kali adds new $99 Naka full face helmet, plus EU-only e-bike model


Most of Kali’s new helmets debuted at PressCamp this summer, including the new aero road lid and more. But there were a couple new ones racked in their Eurobike booth – one for all of us and one aimed mainly at the e-bike market in Europe.

For the global market, the Naka replaces Savara to become their price point full face helmet. Retail is just $99, but weight for a medium is a very respectable 967g.

Unlike the high end, DOT-certified Shiva with a carbon fiber shell, the Naka uses standard EPS construction, not imnolded with the outer shell, but it does get a proprietary visor (as opposed to a catalog item found on so many other budget helmets).


PC15: Orbea Ticks Down to New Ordu OMP Tri/TT Bike

Orbea Ordu OMP TT Tri bike Orbea ordu tt tri IMG_7725

At this point the cat’s out of the bag, but Orbea has a new TT/Tri bike up their sleeve. Extending the Ordu’s lineage, the new OMP model comes as the brand is celebrating their 175th anniversary! If you do the math, you’ll realize that’s probably too early for bikes which is true. Orbea surprisingly started manufacturing guns and bullets almost 175 years ago. Eventually the gun business was sold off and Orbea first started turning the pedals in the 1920’s.

Watching the video which celebrates their storied history, you start to get a sense of just how quickly bicycle have evolved in the last 20 years. Bicycles like the new Ordu are now looking for every advantage whether it be carbon construction, aerodynamics, or integration. Translated to ‘moment’ in Basque, Orbea hopes the Ordu will give you the ‘time of your life’…


PC15: Bike Check with a Legend – Hans ‘No Way” Rey’s GT Sensor Carbon

GT Mountian bikes 2016 Hans Rey Bike CheckGT mountain bikesIMG_7923

Some of the biggest news from GT at PressCamp was the fact that the Zaskar was nearing its 25th anniversary. One of the longest running production bikes has also proven to be one of the most versatile having won World Cups in DH, XC, Slalom, and Trials. While 25 years is impressive, more impressive is the fact that GT’s sponsorship of the legendary Hans ‘No Way’ Rey is entering its 30th year. Likely one of the longest running sponsorships in the world of mountain biking, Hans was there for the launch of the very first Zaskar just like he was for the 25th Anniversary LTD.

While still perfectly capable of schooling most riders in trials, these days Hans is more likely to be found on incredible adventures across the globe promoting his Wheels 4 Life charity. When adventure calls, Hans reaches for his tricked out GT Sensor Carbon…


Shredits: Rad Vibes with Emilie and Benard of Pivot’s DH Factory Team, Lenzerheide with Caluori, In the Know with Troy Bronson, Cribs with Ratboy, More

Pivot Factory DH riders Emilie Seigenthaler and Benard Kerr tear it up on Austrian mountains and at the awesome urban Bratislava race (before fights and the police shut it down).


Roundup: Tasty new treats from Kramp Krushers, ProBar, Clean Energy & Clifbar


Kramp Krusher electrolyte chews kicked things off last year with their Salty Limón flavor that’s so close to a margarita you may find yourself using them to chase the worm. On a ride, they’re amazing, and they seem to do the trick fending off cramps thanks to 310mg of sea salt sourced sodium and 95mg potassium citrate. They’ve also added 150mg calcium lactate, which they say helps boost muscle endurance by providing a ready energy source that assists in glucose availability while potentially reducing lactic acid buildup.

They’ve kept me going on a few rides, they’re delicious, and now they’ve got two new flavors en route. Salty Strawberry and Salty Melon will make their formal debut at Sea Otter. Our mouths are already watering.

Plenty more goodies to keep you pedaling strong below…


EB14: All New Cannondale Slice Triathlon Bike Debuts, Plus CAAD10 Track Bike & Budget Road Racer

2015 Cannondale Slice Black Inc triathlon bike

The all new Cannondale Slice triathlon bike will formally debut at Ironman World Championships Kona in October, but we’ve got a first look at the top model, the Slice Black Inc.

Goals were to reduce weight as much as possible, add aero efficiency and make it more comfortable. Compared to the outgoing model, they don’t have final wind tunnel data but they’re saying it’s significantly improved. That was done by making the frontal profile narrower, reshaping the fork legs, and smoothing the fork crown to downtube transition.

Those aero changes were the obvious ones. It’s the other little tweaks that make it unique -and UCI illegal- along with the impressive frame weight…


E-Bike Tech Comparison: Bosch Frame Mounted Motors vs. Bion-X Hub Motors


Have you noticed there’s been a growing mention of electrically motorized bicycles lately? That’s because they’re coming, whether our domestic infrastructure is ready or not. While Europe’s been enjoying the boost at a broader level for a few years, brands with strong stateside distribution are starting to push them into dealers in select markets, establishing themselves for when the tide turns.

Who? Specialized will have a lower cost version of the Turbo, Felt is bringing several models in, as is Lapierre, and BMC has their premium Stromer line. And that’s just the beginning.

Across the board, there are two dominant methods of integrating a motor into a bike: Building the motor into the frame or putting the motor in the rear hub. There are multiple systems, but two of the higher tech, more established ones are from Bosch and Bion-X. Both were at PressCamp this summer, both have their pros and cons, and both gave us an in-depth look at their tech. Read on and see which one makes sense for your next commuter.

We’ll start with Bosch. Bosch builds entire e-bike drivetrain systems that hit the market in 2010, and their latest generation is just now shipping. It’s built around a crank-located motor, which integrates into the drivetrain in a way that develops more torque than a hub motor with the added advantage of keeping unsprung weight lower on full suspension bikes…