Lifeboat Events Adds Urban PressCamp – Focus on Bicycle Commuting at Bike Summit in Washington, DC

Lifeboat Events, the company that puts on DealerCamp and PressCamp has added a third event to focus on the increasing market and importance of bicycle commuting and transportation: Urban PressCamp. It’ll be held just prior to the annual Bike Summit in Washington, DC, in March and connect media (which hopefully includes Bikerumor…hint, hint, Lance) with […]

Bike PressCamp Begins

Bike PressCamp begins tonight with a little social and dinner, where we get to meet up with other journalists and manufacturers. Over the next few days, we’ll get a first look at new products and tech…including the much anticipated 2011 XTR! Above, the schwag awaiting me in my hotel room: new Clif Crunch granola bars; […]

PCW16: Ellsworth finds renewed energy with another new owner

It’s been 25 years since the first Ellsworth mountain bike saw dirt. After a great run as one of the premier brands, Ellsworth started an uphill battle in a struggle to remain current. The ride of their iconic Instant Center Tracking suspension design is very rarely called into question, but the forums echoed concerns about […]

Holiday Gift Ideas: Wil’s Wish List

Christmas. It’s a time of year that’s synonymous with eating way too much food, having awkward family get-togethers, and the annual reawakening of Michael Buble. For those of us lucky enough to be in the Southern Hemisphere though, the Christmas holiday period is also prime time for cycling. Unlike my North American counterparts, our Christmas family […]

EB15: Kali adds new $99 Naka full face helmet, plus EU-only e-bike model

Most of Kali’s new helmets debuted at PressCamp this summer, including the new aero road lid and more. But there were a couple new ones racked in their Eurobike booth – one for all of us and one aimed mainly at the e-bike market in Europe. For the global market, the Naka replaces Savara to […]

PC15: Orbea Ticks Down to New Ordu OMP Tri/TT Bike

At this point the cat’s out of the bag, but Orbea has a new TT/Tri bike up their sleeve. Extending the Ordu’s lineage, the new OMP model comes as the brand is celebrating their 175th anniversary! If you do the math, you’ll realize that’s probably too early for bikes which is true. Orbea surprisingly started manufacturing […]

PC15: Bike Check with a Legend – Hans ‘No Way” Rey’s GT Sensor Carbon

Some of the biggest news from GT at PressCamp was the fact that the Zaskar was nearing its 25th anniversary. One of the longest running production bikes has also proven to be one of the most versatile having won World Cups in DH, XC, Slalom, and Trials. While 25 years is impressive, more impressive is […]

Shredits: Rad Vibes with Emilie and Benard of Pivot’s DH Factory Team, Lenzerheide with Caluori, In the Know with Troy Bronson, Cribs with Ratboy, More

Pivot Factory DH riders Emilie Seigenthaler and Benard Kerr tear it up on Austrian mountains and at the awesome urban Bratislava race (before fights and the police shut it down).

Roundup: Tasty new treats from Kramp Krushers, ProBar, Clean Energy & Clifbar

Kramp Krusher electrolyte chews kicked things off last year with their Salty Limón flavor that’s so close to a margarita you may find yourself using them to chase the worm. On a ride, they’re amazing, and they seem to do the trick fending off cramps thanks to 310mg of sea salt sourced sodium and 95mg […]