Road to NAHBS 2016: Craig Calfee of Calfee Design

Craig Calfee was screwing around with carbon in bike frames way before it was cool. Arguably, Craig’s a big reason why carbon came to be regarded as cool. He’s also a big reason why bamboo moved into a space where it could also become a respected frame material. And Craig is always keeping it fresh […]

Road to NAHBS 2016: John Caletti of Caletti Cycles

For John Caletti of Caletti Cycles, the ride of the bike is what it’s all about. Tradeshows and interviews about origin stories (like this one) are frustrating to him for this reason: they speak to the persona of the builder and the look of the bike rather than what the machine accomplishes in motion. This […]

A week in review: Road to NAHBS, Winter gear rampage, Tour Down Under rigs and much more!

   Take an intimate peak of some of the many frame (& tool) builders we’ve interviewed leading up to the North American Handmade Bike Show so far. Plus see how Cory, Trey and especially Zach take on Winter in some VERY different environments with gear from Proviz, Ornot, and Specialized….

Road to NAHBS 2016: Ben Farver of Argonaut Cycles

Ben Farver has an origin story in two parts. He started Argonaut as a steel custom frame outfit, first with TIG welded frames, then brazed frames. Despite early recognition of his work in steel, Ben made a sudden move away from the material to carbon only a few years into forming his brand. From the […]

Road to NAHBS 2016: Dwan Shepard of Co-Motion Cycles

Co-Motion Cycles is synonymous with tandems (though they’ve been killing it in the adventure cycle realm the past few seasons). When many builders and manufacturers shifted away from tandems to mountain bikes in the mid-eighties and 90’s, Co-Motion upped the ante in terms of design and modernization making the brand, and founder Dwan Shepard, the authority […]

Road to NAHBS 2016: Darrel Williams of Thrive Cycles

Darrel Williams and his brand, Thrive Cycles, hail from the small town of Savannah, Missouri, a place with many quiet roads lovely for riding but “about the furthest you can get from being a cycling town.” Being an entirely self-taught builder, Darrel has already gotten attention in forums for his process, routing techniques, and juicy […]

Road to NAHBS 2016: Jason Quade of Abbey Bike Tools

This year for NAHBS coverage, we’re taking the opportunity to interview a select number of brands that produce bicycle adjacent products. Abbey Bike Tools is the first in that series. It sounds cliche to call a product race-tuned and pro-tour tested, but Abbey Bike Tools are literally just that. The first product in the line, […]

Road to NAHBS 2016: Matt Appleman of Appleman Bicycles

Matt Appleman’s story is a little different than many of those featured in the Road to NAHBS series. Rather than approach the trade in the traditional way of studying under an established frame builder or taking a class, a college-aged Matt bought a bunch of tooling and built his first cyclocross frame in his dorm […]

Road to NAHBS 2016: Dawn Thomas with Pineapple Trikes

One of the most exciting aspects of NAHBS is the diversity of cycles in attendance. This year, the show is joined by Pineapple Trikes, an endeavor by artists and “kinetic enthusiast” partners Bob Van de Walle and Dawn Thomas. Having gotten their start in creative pedal power by turning an old couch into a paddleboat, […]