Road To NAHBS 2013: Don Walker Cycles

Don Walker is a perennial fixture at NAHBS, and for good reason: He puts on the show. And, each year his booth’s focus is steel road and cyclocross bikes, but they’re punctuated with one or two “extras” to grab eyeballs. Last year it was a vintage Stayer track bike and a prototype disc brake ‘cross […]

Road To NAHBS 2013: Strong Frames

Carl Strong is one of the few builders that routinely builds with all four materials: Steel, aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber. How he got to that point is laid out on his website with a nice little retrospective. Although he’s not doing much with aluminum anymore, he is still making a wide range of bikes, […]

Road To NAHBS 2013: Ellis Cycles

Funny enough, we paired last year’s show coverage of Ellis’ booth with Gaulzetti’s in a roundup, but the brands couldn’t be more different. Ellis’ style is classical, with an eye for subtle flair and small steel tubing, making gravel/rando and road bikes that would have looked perfectly at home fifty years ago. Well, except for […]

Road To NAHBS 2013: YiPsan Bicycles

Renold Yip is always a crowd favorite. Whether it’s the showstopper Sunflower Mixte from Richmond’s show or the Cafe Racer from Austin, he’s always got something worth stopping and staring at. Based in Fort Collins, CO, Yipsan’s bikes generally skew towards commuter and touring, but let’s see what he’s up to for 2013: Bikerumor: What […]

Road To NAHBS 2013: Bilenky Cycle Works

We love Bilenky Cycle Works, based in Philadelphia, PA, for their quirky, creative and wildly artistic bikes. But what would you expect from a brand that hosts an annual cyclocross race in their neighbor’s junkyard? (video here and here) Check out our factory tour here to see the shop, and some past NAHBS bikes, then […]

Road To NAHBS 2013: Caletti Cycles

The second call up for our Road to NAHBS 2013 series is John Caletti, who always pleases with clean designs and simple yet elegant paint schemes on his various iterations of road and cyclocross bikes. Check out 2011 and 2012 show coverage, or just dive right in to see what he’s been doing since… Bikerumor: […]

Road To NAHBS 2013: Gaulzetti Cicli

It’s time again for our annual pre-NAHBS interview series where we learn what some of the builders have been up to since last year’s show and, perhaps, a sneak peek at what they’ll be bringing to Denver in February. First up is the ever popular and always entertaining Gaulzetti Cicli founder Craig Gaulzetti, hailing from Nahant, Massachusetts. […]

Road to NAHBS 2014: Don Walker’s Steel Bicycles

Somewhere between running his team and putting on this little show called NAHBS, Don Walker finds time to build a few bikes. Typically, they’re for the track or the cyclocross course, but every now and then he brings a little something different. Let’s see what’s been going on since last year’s interview and show… BIKERUMOR: […]

NAHBS 2013: Gaulzetti, Generic, Tommasini & Richard Sachs

In our pre-NAHBS interview this year, Gaulzetti promised a new emerald green color, supposedly the hot new Pantone (17-5641) hue for 2013, and, well, he delivered. It’s a bit brighter in person, and surprisingly good looking. And that’s not all they showed that’s new. Click through for pics and info on his stuff, plus bikes […]