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NAHBS 2013: Bag Roundup w/ ILE, Brooks, Tanner Goods, Baileyworks & Twin Six

ILE Raceday Bag Main

When you’re running errands or joy riding a custom frame by a worthy builder, snagging a quality bag seems the next logical step.

We saw quite a few bags at NAHBS this year, from backpacks to frame bags ranging in material from lightweight synthetic to rugged quality leather. First up, the ILE Transfer-Race Day bag (pictured) is a lightweight bag that struck our eyes with crit season now upon us. It’s made with an XPAC sailcloth, and is spec’d to hold gear for the race, and for the commute afterwards with 7 compartments for anything from helmets to dirty socks.

Click through the break for ILE Transfer-Race Day closeups, and many many more bags…


NAHBS 2013: Gangl, Stinner Frameworks, Castle Frameworks, Steve Potts, Soulcraft leave the show bikes to others, Display what they make

Gangl Rando Bike

Trends at NAHBS this year included the ever growing fat bike segment, adventure/gravel road bikes, and less show and more go from a lot of the builders. While we here at BikeRumor love to see the flashy one-off show pieces, as an attendee of the show, it’s really great seeing good clean examples of bikes the builder makes day in and day out.

Past the break check out more from Gangl, Stinner Frameworks, Castle Frameworks Steve Potts (Best Tig Welded Frame), and Soulcraft. 


NAHBS 2013: Caletti Debuts Steel Adventure Road Bike, Road Race Special

Caletti disc brake Adventure Road Bike with custom steel frame

Caletti gave us a heads up he’d be bringing his new Adventure Road bike, a blend between road and cyclocross bikes, and now we’ve got the details.

Builder John Caletti, who works out of Santa Cruz, CA, says they ride a lot of stretches where there are significant gravel or rough stretches. This provides the performance of a road bike but is more comfortable for long rides than a ‘cross bike.

It’s built with Columbus Life and OX Platinum steel tubing.  Click through for detail shots of this and his new, lightweight Road Race Special, which may just burn your eyes…


NAHBS 2013: Kirklee Lightens Road Bike by Molding More Tubes In-House

Kirklee updates road bike with new seatstays and chainstays made in house

Kirklee has developed new tooling and molds to create their own seatstays, chainstays and dropouts, giving them more control over the layup for custom builds and more modern look. The side benefit is that it sheds a few grams, too.

They’ve been making their own top and downtubes for three years. The headtube is Dedacciai, but they’re looking to make that soon, too. They started making the bladder molded stays for their 29er in January 2012, which served as proof of concept that gave them the confidence to make their own for the road bike. The result is a bike that’s even more individual than other handbuilt carbon bikes.

Check that out, plus updates to the 29er and their usual display of beautiful custom paint jobs, below…


NAHBS 2013: Lundbeck, Muse & Legacy w/ Racked & Fendered Fleet

Lundbeck Cycles Mixte Frame Main

Cycling’s not always about crushing your competition on Strava. Sometimes it’s about getting out in the sun for a cruise around the city. These three builders came to the show with beautiful around-towners built up to handle anything from a work commute to a picnic.

Based out of Cincinatti, Lundbeck Cycles brought a spectacular build this year. Using 650b wheels with Pacenti rims and Phil Wood hubs, it’s packed with all the perks, like a one piece bar/stem combo with cable routing, a brushed aluminum Campagnolo Veloce groupset, and wooden fenders by Paul Sykes.


NAHBS 2013: Gokiso’s Amazing Suspension Bicycle Hubs

Gokiso Japanese suspension bicycle hubs

We almost overlooked Gokiso’s booth, but as we passed by we overheard some interesting chatter. Something about suspension inside the hubs. Ding! Curiousity piqued…but that’s only half the story of these amazing hubs.

Two different hubs were on display, the externally suspended front hub shown above, and an internally suspended rear hub. Both operate on what’s essentially a lot of little leaf springs, and we’ve embedded a video below to show how it works, plus tons of pics.

The other thing that really blew our mind, which is also illustrated at the beginning of the first video, is the insanely low friction these hubs have. With most rear hubs, if you hold the freehub body and give the shell a spin, you’re lucky to get a few rotations. I did that with the internally suspended rear hub and it spun and spun. It’s hard to convey in words how good it felt. ENVE founder Jason Schiers happened to be standing next to me and said he has several friends in Japan that race them and won’t ride anything else, they’re that good.

Click on through for more…


NAHBS 2013: Merlin Titanium Bicycles Revived by Competitive Cyclist

2013 Merlin Extralite titanium road bike made in USA

After buying Merlin Bikes in 2011, online retailer Competitive Cyclist shelved the brand while they were busy moving their headquarters out west and getting settled in.

Now, they’ve resuscitated the respected brand and introduced the Merlin Extralite road bike. Like before, they’re titanium, and they’re still being 100% made in the USA. And, they’re made of US-sourced titanium, too!

The frame has large diameter round 3/2.5 double butted ti tubes, a 44mm headtube for use with tapered forks and a PFBB30 bottom bracket. It’s available in seven sizes and retails for $3,500 with ENVE 2.0 fork, Chris King Inset 7 headset and Thomson seatpost collar. They’re available exclusively through Competitive Cyclist as a frameset or complete bikes with various builds, and word is they’ll have a mountain bike in April. Click through for another pic from NAHBS and the full press release…


NAHBS 2013: Calfee Tree Branch MTB, The 650B Dragonfly Adventure Disc, & An S & S Coupled Time Trial Tandem

Calfee Tree Branch Bike

Calfee Design, known for using alternative materials, didn’t disappoint at NAHBS this year.  The now standard bamboo and carbon fiber bikes were present, along with a mountain bike made from a tree branch that feel during a storm.  The branch came from a Douglas Fir.  The joints are made from a pounded bark cloth sourced from a Ficus.  A lefty fork and NuVinci 360 hub round out the build.  Craig Calfee built this up for personal use, and has been using it off road with no issues.

Also in the booth was a 650B wheeled Drangonfly Double Disc Adventure bike, a bamboo roadie with a hidden Campy EPS battery, and an S & S coupled time trail tandem rocket ship.  All of these, plus images of the wood bike on the other side.


NAHBS 2013: Winter Bicycles Earns Best Finish for a Townie, Shows New Tool Series Stock Bicycles

Winter Cycles Townie Headtube

Winter Bicycles are built by Mr. Eric Estlund.  Eric always produces highly refined, clean examples of bicycles.  Whether it’s NAHBS or at the Oregon Handmade Bicycle show, he never disappoints with his display pieces.  His NAHBS booth this year housed a sophisticated townie that netted him Best Finish at the show.  He also had the new stock Tool series on hand.  Eric is doing the stock bike thing a bit different from other builders however.

Past the break you get images and details of all the Winter Bicycles goodness. READ MORE ->