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Boardman Races the Clock with new carbon TT, Track, Tri, and Aero Road bikes; plus everyman Wind Tunnel news


Chris Boardman’s racing pedigree came from riding into the wind on the track and in the time trial, and his bike company certainly isn’t ignoring those disciplines in development. Last week we brought the highlights of Boardman Bikes’ new #RideTogether rebranding and their new Endurance Road carbon and titanium bikes. But Boardman earned the nickname The Professor for his detailed technical approach to equipment and training, and that shows through more on the aero bikes.

The company’s 2016 Aerodynamic Road line updates the super fast TTE, the more affordable ATT, and the aero road AIR. On the track, an all new carbon TRK takes a big step, replacing its aluminum predecessor. Not to be underestimated, the focus on a methodical approach to racing comes through with news of the development of a Boardman Performance Center that will give the regular cyclist access to physiological and performance analysis, including affordable time in an all-new cycling specific wind tunnel to be built in the UK. Check out the details after the break…


Rapha joins Canyon-SRAM to bring top kit to the Women’s Pro WorldTour


While it has been just a week or so since Rapha said that they will be parting ways with Team Sky after the 2016 race season, today they have already announced a partnership with a new pro team and signal a bit of a change of direction by focusing on the women’s WorldTour for the next three years.

By joining up with Canyon//SRAM Racing, who took over the Velocio-SRAM team that was just shuttered, Rapha will transition to developing and providing women-specific race kit for the racers, as well as their off the bike lines for both riders and staff. Their Souplesse line-up has really grown out of making their men’s Pro Team gear performance available to women, even more so in the last year, so it will be interesting to see how Rapha continues to add to the Souplesse line expanding the top level kit being made for women, but more importantly being offered to consumers.

#RideTogether, a Fresh Look from Boardman’s Elite Endurance Road Range


We were in London last week meeting with Chris Boardman himself, his bike company’s director Andy Smallwood, and the other dozen people that make up the Boardman Bikes team to talk about their brand overhaul for the 2016 Elite bike lineup. They’ve reevaluated all of their top end bikes, and refocused their priorities. Boardman talked a lot about how the whole company wanted a bit of a change of direction. After chasing their tails to try and keep up with demand, he said they were a bit lost, and spent the last year finding their focus, especially for their Elite road bikes.

A lot of that focus is in practical bikes that can be ridden on any type of surface. That isn’t to say that performance is being sacrificed, as the bulk of the bikes are built of premium carbon (and now titanium too) and spec levels are in most cases Ultegra at a minimum. But what it means is that there is an endurance emphasis put on a lot of their new road bikes, with features like disc brakes, hidden mud guard mounts, and generous tire clearances throughout. Join us after the break for a close and detailed look at many of the new road bikes,  like the SLR Endurance Disc Signature edition above and ti, eTap, cross, women’s, and custom painted versions below, including pricing…


Lexi Miller Melds Fashion and Performance in a new Women’s Cycling Brand


Lexi Miller, a new women’s clothing company out of of San Francisco, wants to give female cyclists some better options when it comes to picking out clothing for biking. Instead of kits emblazoned with company logos and designs modified from men’s kit, Lexi Miller hopes to bring a touch of fashion and fit uniquely designed for women. The small, initial line-up offers simple designs and a good set of basics to get any woman outfitted in style and out on the road. Hop past the fold with us to take a closer look…


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • Take an Inside Look into Pro Women’s Cycling – Cycling journalist and commentator, Suze Clemitson puts together stories from women involved in all levels of the sport, including fans, team personnel, riders, photographers, and journalists to get a diverse look at the great, sometimes strange, and often amusing world of women’s cycling. Check out a preview over at of Ride the Revolution from Bloomsbury publishing or pre-order it from Bloomsbury direct to be available just before Christmas.


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


Women’s Cycling

  • StrongHer: A Stage for Women who Ride -Strongher is a movement to connect professional and grassroots cycling worlds and unify all global women’s cycling initiatives under a shared and common goal, to create a stage for women around the world to perform. Presented by Marianne Vos in London last weekend and backed up by support from Shimano, the goal of Strongher is to continue the development of women’s cycling, giving women a stage to perform and just getting more women on bikes. Vos wants Strongher to increase the exposure of female professional athletes and give amateur women the confidence to start racing, or even to just get out more on the bike. Strongher will work both on an individual level, like via the site and a newly developed app to connect women  to events, and at a larger scale to work with organizations to create new races for professional cyclists. Find out more and join the movement at


Review: Classic Slovak Merino Women’s Jerseys From Isadore Apparel


At the end of the summer we reviewed a full-line up of lightweight and three-season merino clothing for men from Isadore apparel. During a good bit of the same time that we were testing the full men’s line-up, and extending a bit more into autumn, we also had a couple of their women’s specific merino jerseys on test as well. While their women’s line doesn’t go quite as deep in the way of quality shorts and lightweight fabrics, their standard merino tops offer a good range of classic looks and subdued colors if you are careful with their fit. Besides being Made-in-Slovakia, Isadore offers clean, simple designs, with plenty of short and long sleeve merino offerings. Join us after the break for a closer look…


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces



Tools & Access

  • Find Public Repair  Stations Around the Globe – Minneapolis based Dero has put together an online mapping tool for cities, parks, universities, and bike advocacy groups to embed in their cycling and services sites to help cyclists find access to publicly available repair stands and tools. Dero has been cataloging coordinates for their Fixit stands, an the Fixit map continues to grow as the popularity of bicycling around the world increases. Currently, Dero Fixits can be found in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States, including Puerto Rico.


IB15: Coeur Women’s Clothing Offers Innovative, Ground Up Solutions To Storage, Chafing, and Staying Stylish


Frustrated by the offerings available to women athletes and the problems common to the women they participated with, Kona Ironman finishers Kebby Holden and Hailey Manning started Coeur (chosen as it is both the French word for ‘heart’ and the base of the word ‘courage’) to create ultra functional and smart products for women athletes. Using feedback from other athletes, Kebby and Hailey sought to eliminate fit, chafing, and storage issues with a Made in the USA product, while keeping their apparel stylish with clever cuts and colorful, fashion-forward prints. If the enthusiasm of the women seeing the product in the booth for the first time was any indication, Coeur is definitely a new brand to watch. Click past the jump for their clever solution to the “women’s bib problem…” READ MORE ->