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New Found Speed: SRAM Tests Out Wheels with Jerome Clementz


Photo c. Adrian Marcoux/SRAM

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite race team, it can involve a lot of paperwork. Specifically, pro riders recording feedback from testing out different versions of often similar products. Engineers take that information and use it to improved the design, eventually leading to the parts we know and love. The SRAM BlackBox program is no different, now headed into its 8th season under the management of Jon Cancellier.

New Found Speed focuses on that relationship between the BlackBox team member and Jon, who then relays the information to SRAM’s engineers. SRAM traveled to Finale Ligure, Italy with Jerome Clementz to get the Enduro World Series champion’s take on SRAM’s newest wheels…


Dan Milner Shows How To Pack A Bike For Travel So It Arrives In One Piece

Packing a bike for travel can be a harrowing experience. Putting your ride into the hands of other people can cause all sorts of stress, and if the bike actually gets mishandled along the way, it can make for a pretty bad trip.

The best way to learn to pack your bike is from experience, so if you don’t have a few million frequent flier miles under your belt, take it from pro photographer Dan Milner on how to take your bike with you, he may have done it a few times before.


Red Bull Showcases Backyard Ingenuity With The Fettler Series, Demonstrating 3D Printed Carbon Fiber & More

Red Bull is featuring a bunch of home-made bikes in their Fettler video series. Red Bull explains that a Fettler is “an individual craftsman or group of craftsmen committed to achieving perfection via hands-on moulding, sculpting and working of raw materials. Typically found in sheds.”

Adrian Smith uses 3D printing technology to manufacture make carbon fiber bikes in his shed. He starts by printing the cores for his designs, and then lays carbon fiber over the core to create a solid, structural object.

Design software is becoming easy to use and attainable for most people, and 3D printers can be had for just a few hundred dollars. Smith’s built his own 3D printer up from parts to keep it really cheap. Since starting, he has used his design skills, printer and carbon fiber fabric to build XC and Downhill bikes under the Carbon Wasp brand name in Leeds, UK.

Take a look after the jump for the first in the series about Michael Thompson’s 1000 hour investment into a wooden bike…


Pro Bike: GCN Checks out Peter Sagan’s new Specialized S-Works Venge

Sagan Bike Specialized

GCN, or the Global Cycling Network is quickly becoming one of the go-to sources for cycling related videos, especially since they get access to bikes like Peter Sagan’s new Specialized. After moving from Cannondale to the Tinkoff Saxo team this year, Sagan traded in his Super Six Evo for a Specialized S-Works Venge. Along with the change in frame comes almost a complete changed in components. Check out the full video from GCN after the break…


Friday Features: Best of Trail Ninja, Whitestyle Preview, Tandem racing, BMX, and more…

If you’re not  familiar with photographer Dan Milner and the Trail Ninja series, you should be. Outrageous adventures, hilarious commentary, and fun videos. 24 Months of Insanity captures the best of the Trail Ninja for episode 22. If you enjoyed that, check out all 21 other episodes on Epic TV.


Close Encounters with the Animal Kind – Cyclist Hits Kangaroo?


Not being from Australia, Kangaroos are sort of a mystery. Outside of a zoo, it seems the only time we get to experience the weird creatures with a pouch is when they are boxing each other in the street, or beating up a talk show host. Well, it appears they have it out for cyclists as well. While on a recent ride through Canberra Bronwyn Calver, a former Australian cricketer, was broadsided by a kangaroo just outside of the Capitol Circle.

Hop through for the video…


First Look: Kali Maya Enduro Helmet Expands into Production

Kali Maya Outdoor-2

If you follow Ibis rider Jeff Kendall-Weed on social media, you might have spotted the ripper riding with a shiny new helmet. Almost perfectly matched to his wheels, that EndurBro blue lid just happens to be the new Kali Maya deep coverage helmet. After first leaking the new design out to the press in Utah, Kali’s new Enduro helmet is ready for action.

All Enduro jokes aside, when it comes to that style of riding there actually is a need for a different level of protection than standard mountain biking. Speeds can be higher, jumps bigger, and as Jeff helps to illustrate to the extremes – bigger risks. For Kali, that has always meant that what goes inside the helmet is just as important as the outer shell. In this case you’ll find Kali’s Composite Fusion Plus under the surfaces with cone shaped multi-density EPS foam in key points and a softer, lower density foam throughout.

While the Maya is very close to the prototypes we were shown, a few things have changed. Details next…


Friday RoundUP – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • Yuba Bicycles make carrying kids fun, safe and easy because they are purpose-built for doing just that. And now, Yuba is coming to your town! Come see “What a Bicycle Can Do” at the Yuba Bicycles Power-up Bike Tour. See their Facebook page page for more information on meet-up locations and a map of the tour’s route.
  • Speaking of bikes to carry your kids around, here is your chance to win a Buddy Bike or other adaptive bicycle for your special needs child. Choose the bike you want to win, submit your entry with a picture of your child with special needs along with a short explanation why your child needs an adaptive bike and get 50 nominations by MARCH 4 to be entered in the drawing to win. Contest begins February 10th so Click Here to Enter or Donate.
  • This is your last reminder that registration for the TD Five Boro Bike Tour (the world’s biggest charitable bike ride) opens on January 20th. Mark your calendars so you don’t miss out! The Tour itself is May 3rd and is an amazing way to see New York. Visit for more information.
  • Showers Pass is very pleased to announce that it has signed on as an annual sponsor of the nonprofit National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Showers Pass president Kyle Ranson saw the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis firsthand as he watched a 20-year-old friend suffer from the disease. Bike MS is for cyclists of all abilities and anyone seeking a personal challenge and a world free of multiple sclerosis.
  • KEEN Unveils New Season of KEEN Effect Program – After its successful inaugural season of the 2014 KEEN Effect, the company is announcing its second year of the KEEN Effect program to support non-profits globally. For 2015, the KEEN Effect II will award 10 grants to non-profits around the world. To learn more about the KEEN Effect II, please check out: or contact
  • If you’re a bicycle brand, component brand or bike shop and want to be included in our LINKS LIST pages, please check to see if you’re there and if not, use the Submit Tips form to send us your brand name, phone and website. For Bike shops, include your city and state.

Lots more below…


Friday Features: Insane Pump Tracks in Thailand, Winter Blues, Foes Mutz, and more…

I think we can all agree that this might be one of the best pump tracks ever built. If not the best, it has to be at least in the top 10 with the others also probably built by Velosolutions. Known for their impressive and super fun designs, Adrien Loron and Claudio Caluori from Velosolutions travel to Aranyaprathet in Thailand to build an epic asphalt pump. Yes please.