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Friday RoundUP – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • Yuba Bicycles make carrying kids fun, safe and easy because they are purpose-built for doing just that. And now, Yuba is coming to your town! Come see “What a Bicycle Can Do” at the Yuba Bicycles Power-up Bike Tour. See their Facebook page page for more information on meet-up locations and a map of the tour’s route.
  • Speaking of bikes to carry your kids around, here is your chance to win a Buddy Bike or other adaptive bicycle for your special needs child. Choose the bike you want to win, submit your entry with a picture of your child with special needs along with a short explanation why your child needs an adaptive bike and get 50 nominations by MARCH 4 to be entered in the drawing to win. Contest begins February 10th so Click Here to Enter or Donate.
  • This is your last reminder that registration for the TD Five Boro Bike Tour (the world’s biggest charitable bike ride) opens on January 20th. Mark your calendars so you don’t miss out! The Tour itself is May 3rd and is an amazing way to see New York. Visit for more information.
  • Showers Pass is very pleased to announce that it has signed on as an annual sponsor of the nonprofit National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Showers Pass president Kyle Ranson saw the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis firsthand as he watched a 20-year-old friend suffer from the disease. Bike MS is for cyclists of all abilities and anyone seeking a personal challenge and a world free of multiple sclerosis.
  • KEEN Unveils New Season of KEEN Effect Program – After its successful inaugural season of the 2014 KEEN Effect, the company is announcing its second year of the KEEN Effect program to support non-profits globally. For 2015, the KEEN Effect II will award 10 grants to non-profits around the world. To learn more about the KEEN Effect II, please check out: or contact
  • If you’re a bicycle brand, component brand or bike shop and want to be included in our LINKS LIST pages, please check to see if you’re there and if not, use the Submit Tips form to send us your brand name, phone and website. For Bike shops, include your city and state.

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Friday Features: Insane Pump Tracks in Thailand, Winter Blues, Foes Mutz, and more…

I think we can all agree that this might be one of the best pump tracks ever built. If not the best, it has to be at least in the top 10 with the others also probably built by Velosolutions. Known for their impressive and super fun designs, Adrien Loron and Claudio Caluori from Velosolutions travel to Aranyaprathet in Thailand to build an epic asphalt pump. Yes please.


Light and Motion Illuminates your GoPro with Sidekick Companion Lights


If you’ve used an action camera in the woods, you probably have experienced the camera struggling with rapid changes in lighting. Often cruising through areas of intense sunlight only to dip back into the dark tunnel of the woods, even as cameras improve a little extra light couldn’t hurt.

Following in the footsteps of Knog’s Qudos camera light, Light & Motion is hoping to power up their new Sidekick GoPro light. To be available in two different models, one of the Sidekicks will also be useful as a bicycle light in addition to videography. Light & Motion’s first light for the GoPro will also be their first attempt at a Kickstarter – details on why after the break…


Must Watch: Aaron Chase Breaks in the new Pivot LES Fat at Highlands

Pivot LES Fat Bike carbon aaron chase single speed 29+ 27+ (5)

Just what would Aaron chase do if given a fat bike? With the launch of the new Pivot LES Fat, we get to see exactly that. Riding down the closed for the winter trails at Highland park, Pivot and Aaron put together an awesome edit of the sloppy fun. The LES Fat definitely won’t make you the next Aaron Chase, but it is guaranteed to leave a smile on your face…


Watch USA CycloCross National Championships Live Stream By SRAM Now!

Biowheels Gerry Cain Schulze podium

Photo c. Mitch Graham, Biowheels

With tree-gate behind us, the USA Cyclocross nationals are in full swing and only a day late. After some tremendous racing that saw Cincinnati locals like Gerry Schulze with Team Biowheels in 5th for women’s Master cat, and Nicholas Petrov taking the Junior 11-12 win for the Lionhearts Junior Racing Program, you can catch the rest of the racing live, today. Thanks to SRAM and BTB TV, all of the glorious, muddy, and only slightly rerouted racing is on now! Good luck to Nicholas’ brother Spencer duking it out as we speak!

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Friday Features: Chasing the Inca, James Doerfling, Nicholi Rogatkin, Supreme Selfie Videography, and more

Peru 2014

Photo c. John Wellburn/Red Bull

The word epic gets tossed around quite a bit these days, but just what is epic really? It’s pretty safe to say that Darren Berrecloth’s latest adventure with friends in the Peruvian Andes would quality. Setting off with Garett Buehler, Chris Van Dine and photographer John Wellburn, the group rode in search of lost ancient ruins, an Incan road that may or may not actually exist, and completely unknown terrain – especially by bike. In nine days the crew rode or hiked somewhere around 40,000 feet of elevation.

This is one video you don’t want to miss catch the teaser, plus a few bonus clips after the jump…


The Win Tunnel: Will Shaving your Arms Make you Faster?

In this episode of I’ll do anything for a few seconds gained, Specialized takes to the wind tunnel to test another follicle related matter. Yes, this time it’s about arm hair. Surely, we’ve all jumped on a bike and thought if only my arms were shaved I would have won. No? Well, Specialized has tested it anyways. The results? I guess if you’re really concerned about time we’ll see a lot more guys walking around with beards but otherwise hairless….

Sony Goes 4K with New Full Featured X1000V Action Cam, Full HD with New AS200V


After reading about the new Action Cam Mini AZ1 from Sony, you weren’t alone in thinking their smallest camera was now their best. But as things typically go in the electronic world, the latest and greatest does last for long. Don’t get us wrong, the Action Cam Mini is still one of our favorites for its diminutive size and incredible ease of use. It’s just that thanks to Sony’s introductions at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, the mini is no longer top dog in terms of hardware.

That distinction now belongs to the all-new FDR-X1000V. Running a bit larger than Sony’s previous full size action camera, the X1000V is the first Sony Action Cam to film in 4K resolution. Fortunately, the X1000V is more than just better resolution. Instead it brings much of the usability found in the Mini that we loved so much and more. Better sound. Better control. Basically, a better camera in all regards.

Don’t care about filming in 4K? You may still be interested in the replacement for the AS100V – the new AS200V. Yes, it’s a lot of numbers and letters, but it also means full HD capability, better image stabilization, and more control…


Shredits: BangersNMash, Road Bike Cartwheels, Trials, and more!

Remember “26 Ain’t Dead?” The video that poked fun at the current wheel size debate and proved that 26″ wheels are still just as fun as ever? Well, it turns out that Cotic Bikes has had quite a few bangers this year with the help of Steel City Media. To celebrate what was 2014 the two have put together BangersnMash, a mash up of their best films of the year.

Ever worry about hitting something in the road that would cause your fork to break on your road bike? The perfect dismount is caught on camera next…