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Watch USA CycloCross National Championships Live Stream By SRAM Now!

Biowheels Gerry Cain Schulze podium

Photo c. Mitch Graham, Biowheels

With tree-gate behind us, the USA Cyclocross nationals are in full swing and only a day late. After some tremendous racing that saw Cincinnati locals like Gerry Schulze with Team Biowheels in 5th for women’s Master cat, and Nicholas Petrov taking the Junior 11-12 win for the Lionhearts Junior Racing Program, you can catch the rest of the racing live, today. Thanks to SRAM and BTB TV, all of the glorious, muddy, and only slightly rerouted racing is on now! Good luck to Nicholas’ brother Spencer duking it out as we speak!

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Friday Features: Chasing the Inca, James Doerfling, Nicholi Rogatkin, Supreme Selfie Videography, and more

Peru 2014

Photo c. John Wellburn/Red Bull

The word epic gets tossed around quite a bit these days, but just what is epic really? It’s pretty safe to say that Darren Berrecloth’s latest adventure with friends in the Peruvian Andes would quality. Setting off with Garett Buehler, Chris Van Dine and photographer John Wellburn, the group rode in search of lost ancient ruins, an Incan road that may or may not actually exist, and completely unknown terrain – especially by bike. In nine days the crew rode or hiked somewhere around 40,000 feet of elevation.

This is one video you don’t want to miss catch the teaser, plus a few bonus clips after the jump…


The Win Tunnel: Will Shaving your Arms Make you Faster?

In this episode of I’ll do anything for a few seconds gained, Specialized takes to the wind tunnel to test another follicle related matter. Yes, this time it’s about arm hair. Surely, we’ve all jumped on a bike and thought if only my arms were shaved I would have won. No? Well, Specialized has tested it anyways. The results? I guess if you’re really concerned about time we’ll see a lot more guys walking around with beards but otherwise hairless….

Sony Goes 4K with New Full Featured X1000V Action Cam, Full HD with New AS200V


After reading about the new Action Cam Mini AZ1 from Sony, you weren’t alone in thinking their smallest camera was now their best. But as things typically go in the electronic world, the latest and greatest does last for long. Don’t get us wrong, the Action Cam Mini is still one of our favorites for its diminutive size and incredible ease of use. It’s just that thanks to Sony’s introductions at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, the mini is no longer top dog in terms of hardware.

That distinction now belongs to the all-new FDR-X1000V. Running a bit larger than Sony’s previous full size action camera, the X1000V is the first Sony Action Cam to film in 4K resolution. Fortunately, the X1000V is more than just better resolution. Instead it brings much of the usability found in the Mini that we loved so much and more. Better sound. Better control. Basically, a better camera in all regards.

Don’t care about filming in 4K? You may still be interested in the replacement for the AS100V – the new AS200V. Yes, it’s a lot of numbers and letters, but it also means full HD capability, better image stabilization, and more control…


Shredits: BangersNMash, Road Bike Cartwheels, Trials, and more!

Remember “26 Ain’t Dead?” The video that poked fun at the current wheel size debate and proved that 26″ wheels are still just as fun as ever? Well, it turns out that Cotic Bikes has had quite a few bangers this year with the help of Steel City Media. To celebrate what was 2014 the two have put together BangersnMash, a mash up of their best films of the year.

Ever worry about hitting something in the road that would cause your fork to break on your road bike? The perfect dismount is caught on camera next…


Break In The New Year By Getting Stoked On Our Reader-Submitted Videos

Sent to us by Leo Ratha from Gothenburg, Sweden, the video was shot during December of 2013, which turned out to be the rainiest month of the year for them. They wanted to show that riding year-round can both build and demand technique, balance, strength and endurance. He said it rained almost nonstop during the filming, making some of the trails very slick and tough to ride.


“The terrain around Gothenburg consists of hundreds of kilometers of natural trails through rolling and rocky forests which makes a durable freeride bike advantageous in many situations. We ride the 2014 Canyon Torque EX Trailflow; a bike we think is made for this type of terrain. The natural topography of Gothenburg can make the trails somewhat muddy and depending on the time of year, it can be a downright mud fest. To look as representative as possible, we chose Mudhugger’s mudguards.”

The entire video was shot with a Canon 5D Mark II and three GoPro Hero3s.

While most of us enjoy a day off today to break in the new year, check out 3 more videos sent in by Bikerumor’s readers, and of course, vetted by us as being awesome.


Must Watch: Commencal Buzzes Into 2015 With A Video Featuring Great Riding, Blooper Reel, And Final Countdown on Kazoo

In the dead of winter, as most of us are off of work and at home, mountain bike trail shredding videos hit the sweet spot. But what makes this one even better, is Commencal chose to throw in some crashes and mishaps, as well as a cover of Europe’s “Final Countdown” by a band called The Toy Dolls.

A great promotional video is one that makes you smile, and want to get out on your bike, and Commencal nails it here. Watch away, and dream of dirt after the winter passes.


Aaron Chase Vs. Bilenky Junkyard Cross: Through My Eyes Ep. 6

You probably wouldn’t expect to see Aaron Chase race cyclocross on his dirt jumper, but then again this wasn’t your average race.  Called the Bilenky Junkyard Cross, the race has become a Philadelphia institution with riders tearing through an active junkyard for the ninth time. If that name sounds familiar, it’s probably due to the fact that when they’re not putting on wild cross races, Bilenky builds some amazing bikes.

As he admits, Aaron Chase can be talked into just about anything so he and George Ryan loaded up the truck with their dirt jumpers and a kicker ramp and made their way to the junkyard. RedBull was there to capture the action which included flips, sidehacks, and plenty of junkyard slime.

Did you miss Episode 5 with Brett Tippie? Check it out next… READ MORE ->

Marin Smooths out Pavement Line for 2015, Offers More Tech, Better Value

Marin 2015 pavement bikes cortina fairfax lombard muirwoods (4)

Thinking of ditching your car for a bike in the New Year? Thanks to ever increasing bicycle infrastructure and the work of advocacy groups like People for Bikes, it’s becoming easier than ever to do so. Even if you don’t plan on completely giving up on your automobile, a dedicated city bike can make errands by bike a pleasure rather than a chore.

You could easily spend a fortune on a new bike, but for many riders looking to bicycles for transportation, value is as important as performance. Based on their Pavement line up for 2015, Marin seems to understand the concept as well as any manufacturer. Nearly everything in the Pavement line is new with fresh frames, improved spec, and better value. On various frames you’ll find internal cable routing, improved disc mounts, and more integrated accessories and accessory mounts than ever making it easier to just jump on and ride.

Commuter ready right out of the box, the Fairfax SC6 DLX is one of the more interesting bikes in the line up. Complete with a Shimano Alfine 11 speed internal gear hub, Gates Center Track belt drive, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes puncture resistant tires, the SC6 DLX adds commuting ease with a Super Nova E3 lighting system that receives power through the front dynamo hub. An integrated fender/rear Ractime Custom Integrated Match-It QL3 rack system makes rides in sloppy conditions a bit more pleasant, and the entire bike with all the accessories comes in under 30 lbs (28.28 lbs). As the top level Fairfax the price reflects that, but at $2399 complete, the bike is still a bargain.

That theme continues with the rest of the models after the break…