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How To: Thread Internal Cables Without the Headache

Apparently a shop vac and a bit of thread is all that’s been missing from my repertoire of shop tricks. Have you tried this in the past or have another preferred method to install internally routed cables? Let us know in the comments!

Friday Features: Fixed Gear Fun, Fork Tuning Tips, And Why We Want A Volvo

Sometimes riding your bike entails sacrifices, like walking up at 3 AM to fit a 30 mile training ride into your schedule.

Sram Road Hydraulic Recall Update: Previous Model Failure Explained, New Model Improvements Announced

Over the past few months SRAM President Stan Day has personally delivered updates regarding the recall and re-release of the new road hydraulic brakes. In this latest installment, Stan has explained what caused the original brakes to fail, and what improvements have been made to the new model which is set to launch in late April. READ MORE ->

Tattoos and Bike Chains, Fixie Gangsta Rap

Warning: Inappropriate Language.

Jump to 1.43 to learn why Dayton rims aren’t as cool as Aerespoke wheels, and let us know what your favorite lyric is in the comments….

You can download the whole album here.

Cycling Safety Awareness Tip From Top Gear

During last weeks Top Gear UK episode, the dynamic British hosts released some cycling awareness tips for city commuters. While we haven’t been able to find a clip from the show yet, we hope you’ll enjoy this safety short.

Friday Features: Brett Rheeder Flips out, Filip Polc Shreds Valparaiso, Mr. H Returns, and Bear Chases Mountain Biker

The Sony Dream Capture series has resulted in some pretty amazing videos from Matt Hunter’s trip to Afghanistan, to Casey Brown riding brakeless. Now it’s Brett Rheeder’s turn to capture his riding dreams with Airs & Alleys. If you had the skills, and ramps at your disposal what would you do?

For a totally different type of city riding check out the action from the Red Bull City Downhill World Tour in Valparaiso next!


Stand Up Comedy: Getting Pulled Over by a Cop While Biking is Lame

Have you ever been pulled over by a cop while riding your bicycle? Comedian Kyle Kinane has and it cost him $160. Frankly, he got lucky. I just paid off my first bicycle related ticket last year and it cost me $200!

Wallride to Faceplant: This is Why We Wear Helmets

On his first training run in Valparaiso, a course marshal darted out in front of Filip Polc, which caused him to scrub some speed as he entered a wall ride and ended with a massive faceplant. Don’t worry, Filip managed to brush himself off and won the actual race later that weekend.

Video: Specialized’s #itsmytour Series Intro

Want an inside look into two of Specialized’s top pro cycling teams? Their #itsmytour series provides just that, showing off the preparation, gear and training that goes into Astana’s and Omega Pharma-Quick Step preparation for the grand tours. From Specialized:

Last year, we started a campaign leading in to the Tour de France called #itsmytour. Not everyone who loves cycling will get an opportunity to race for glory in a grand tour, however, the #itsmytour campaign asked riders of all types to let us know what make them feel like a hero, what makes them feel like they’re cresting the summit of the queen stage in the Alps after a daring solo attack on their rivals. Certainly for some, it could be winning their local downtown crit… but for others, it could be commuting to work or dropping 10 lbs. Whatever the goal, we wanted to show our support for riders of all types leading in to our biggest goal of the year, the Tour de France.

This year we want to continue the momentum of #itsmytour, and to start it off we want to show the behind-the-curtain world that the pros go through as they prepare for their tour (which just so happens to actually be the TDF…). Over the next few months leading up to the race, we will be showing off new episodes of #itsmytour. Hopefully, as more riders watch, it can encourage them to get out the door and accomplish something great for themselves.