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Get Stoked for the Weekend with Danny MacAskill and the Drop and Roll Tour

We hope most of you are getting outside for a ride today instead of sitting in front of your computer, but if you’re stuck at the shop, office, or department store against your will motivation for your next ride is always good. For us, Danny MacAskill’s videos are always inspiring to get out there, have fun, and try new lines. First we have GoPro capturing Danny taking a bike where no bike has been before in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Next, the Drop and Roll Tour takes on the Alpe Adria Trail, a 750km hiking trail through Austria, Slovenia, and Italy… READ MORE ->

Shredits: Special Xmas Edition with Mongoose, Velocity USA, Team Sky & more

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the crew at to all of you! Enjoy the videos and have a great day!


8bar Bike Adventures: Berlin – Prague Without a Map


From the same minds who took to fixed gear touring across the alps, 8bar bikes decided this summer to get back to some adventures close to home. They took two of their updated singlespeed cyclocross bikes and headed out the door to find their way to Prague with just a compass to keep them headed in the general direction and no pre-planned route. Only 280km as the crow flies, but more than 350km by normal roads, they thought they could explore just over 100km of trails, dirt roads, and regular roads a day to do the trip in 3 days.

Checking their actual position only twice a day, by lunchtime on the first day they realized that by avoiding paved roads and getting turned around a few times, they were already slipping behind fast. With a little motivation they stuck to more gravel and paved roads, always heading SSE to get back on track. Come past the break to see a short video 8bar just finished wrapping up the trip, and see how they fared…


Fat Free: Gulevich, Simmons, and Tippie Try out the Rocky Mountain Blizzard Fat Bike

Rocky Mountain Blizzard Fat Free

In what’s starting to become a common story line, within the Rocky Mountain Bicycle office they were a little skeptical about the incoming storm of fat bikes. That skepticism continued as the design for Blizzard fat bike started to appear around the office. Apparently Wade Simmons was on board immediately saying, “everyone thinks they’re so f*cking cool and serious, but it’s really just about having fun on your bike.”

After more of their test riders started to enjoy their testing of the Blizzard more and more, they came up with the concept for Fat Free. Can you freeride a fat bike? After doing some experimenting in British Columbia’s coastal mountains, the answer was clear.

If it was ever even a question, the answer is yes. You can and should freeride a fat bike.”

You’re gonna want to see the results next…


Must Watch: Road Bike Party 3 – San Diego

Since the very first Road Bike Party, Martyn Ashton has been making us question what isn’t possible on a road bike. And while Ashton isn’t able to participate in the riding for the third installment, he is still playing a huge role while acting as a role model for those recovering from spinal injuries. To help out with the riding in Road Bike Party 3, Sam Pilgrim made the trip to San Diego to ride a road bike on the dirt.

Check out more from Global Cycling Network including the building of Sam’s Ridley Noah next…


Shredits: Drew Bezanson and Morgan Wade Defy Gravity, Plus the Making of ‘The Ridge’ with Danny MacAskill and Cut Media

No easing into this week, we’re blasting into the weekend with this insane clip featuring Drew Bezanson and Morgan Wade. The RedBull production was filmed in the Dark Woods, or South Wales specifically. This proves that they are both magicians with a bike…


Must Watch: Lars Sternberg as the Loam Ranger is The Hero We Need

Between the trail, the drifting, and the music, this video with Lars Sternberg perfectly encapsulates the feeling of shredding mountain bikes. Here’s what Lars had to say about the video:

LOAM is a term I try and refrain from abusing. 

It used to be a word used only to refer to those really special conditions, days spent so deeply engulfed within it, that it was hard to see. To simply utter the phrase would result in an acknowledging nod from another member of the club. Like a secret password. A word shared between a few who were lucky enough to experience it. 

Today you can read and hear it in modern MTB culture everywhere. It’s become something used in so many incorrect ways it’s lost its effect. Everybody’s out there to get it, shred it, blow it up… what was once a word only to be busted out when trying to recapture those truly magical moments or trails, is now the primary candidate for many a jabrone attempting to recount their epicness. 


Must Watch: Cyclist Gets Surprise Encounter with a Deer at 30 MPH

As if worrying about the cars on the road wasn’t enough, after watching this video it seems the wildlife is out to get us too. While cruising down the road in Sausalito, CA, this rider was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time when Bambi decided to spring out onto the road. Fortunately, the rider came away fairly unscathed. Hopefully, Santa isn’t missing  any members of his team…


Must Watch: Boris vs NYC, Can You Ride a Citibike up Mount Washington?

If you ride a bike, you have undoubtedly conquered some personal goals. For some, it’s that pursuit of finding your perceived limits and pushing past them that keeps the pedals turning. After riding a Boris bike up Mt. Ventoux (above), it was time for Rob Holden to find a new challenge. That challenge? Riding our Boris bike equivalent, the Citibike up the side of the 6,288ft Mount Washington in New Hampshire.

Not hard enough? Now imagine trying to do the same task, but also fly from London, UK and back, all within 36 hours. Did Rob make it? Follow along with Airspace Media after the jump…