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Must Watch: Teton Gravity Research & Anthill Films Tease World Record Front Flip

Just shortly after the news that Cam Zink will be attempting the world’s biggest back flip at Mammoth Mountain in August, this teaser pops up with what may be a world record front flip. As a sneak peek at their upcoming movie Unreal, Teton Gravity Research and Anthill Films capture Tom van Steenbergen stomping what looks to be a mega front flip. It’s so massive the helmet cam footage seems to be in slow motion. We can’t wait to see the other angles…

Photo Epic: Seek & Diverge – Hunt 4 w/ Deux North

It’s easy to fall into a pattern where riding sometimes feels more like a chore than my favorite past time. It’s easy because my email inbox is full, there are at least three important life deadlines looming, and the sky has been overcast for several days.

Once a week though, I ride out from my house to the top of a nearby mountain a few hours before sunset to meet up with the boys. We drink beers in the tall grass, throw rocks at stacks of cans, talk shit, and then race each other down and back up. It’s in those moments I remember why I love riding bikes.

For brothers James and Dylan Nord, the story is not that different. Growing up, they rode bikes, played pretend, and discovered new haunts, but felt like they lost that spirit of adventure as they grew up. To help rediscover that feeling of childhood excitement they created Deux North. It’s little more than an excuse to gather friends together to chase down future memories, but it provides the rest of us with inspiration and some pretty pics.

As part of the project, the boys go on hunts to explore new roads, meet new people, and adventure. As the number of the hunts increase, so do the stakes. For Hunt Four, nine cyclists from all over the world met in the suburbs of the Silicon Valley at the invitation of James’ long time friend Chris Riekert. A Specialized employee, Chris had asked the group to join him on a 300 mile journey, with 30,000 ft of climbing, to test ride a new adventure bike the company was developing.

Head past the break for images and a few words from Chris about their epic ride along the golden California coast…


WinTunnel: When a Hairdo is a Hair Don’t

To celebrate lady cyclists, this week the #WinTunnel Team tested different hairstyles to determine what’s fastest.  If only Laurent Patrick Fignon had gotten the memo twenty five years ago…

First Look: Salsa Suspension gets Lighter, Stiffer with New Carbon Spearfish and Horsethief

Salsa Spearfish carbon RS-1

Just over a year ago, Salsa Cycles took the wraps off their all new full suspension bikes with the Spearfish and Horsethief. While the Spearfish had been around for some time, both of the bikes took advantage of Dave Weagle’s Split Pivot concentric dropout design to allow efficient pedaling suspension that was still active under braking. Built with 80 and 120mm of travel, the Spearfish and the Horsethief have been in high demand since their introduction.

In 2015 both bikes receive a major update in the form of material. Stepping into the realm of carbon fiber, both bikes now feature a high modulus carbon front triangle and seat stays while sticking with 6066-T6 aluminum chainstays. Even though the Spearfish was already a highly optimized, weight conscious bike the move to carbon fiber nets a 220g loss in frame weight while the burlier Horsethief sees around a 340g weight loss. Other than a larger seat post clamp to constrict the carbon tube, the main standards on each frame remain unchanged from their aluminum siblings.

With decreased weight, improved spec, and the same Salsa feel, the new Spearfish and Horsethief are ready for your next adventure. Details and actual weights after the jump…


Video: Crabapple Hits Strikes Back

On my first pilgrimage to Whistler Bike Park a few years ago, I stopped by Transition bikes to drink a few cold beverages, and get the lowdown on the local trail network.

In addition to being toured around some of the best single track Bellingham had to offer, the guys  all offered me one bit of advice – be careful riding Crabapple hits. Why? Well the massive booters are legendary and have taken more than one eager first time visitor directly to the hospital.

While I’m glad I headed that advice, this unlucky rider took a massive digger on his first cruise down Crabapple Hits.

Yeti Introduces New SB5C Super Bike With Revolutionary Switch Infinity Technology


Among bike manufacturers, Yeti Cycles holds claims to one of the most rabid fan bases. Called the tribe, they’re a loyal group who’s numbers where recently bolstered by the dearly departed SB-66. That bike and it’s larger wheeled counterpart, the SB-95,  introduced the Switch Link suspension system.

What set that technology apart from a myriad of competitors was a counter rotating main pivot. Acting as a dual link, as the suspension was cycled through it’s initial travel, the pivot changed directions. This allowed Yeti to control the leverage rate throughout the travel and eliminate chain growth from affecting the suspension performance.

In it’s initial iterations on the SB-66, 75, and 95 models, the ability to tune the handling to distinctly alter each bikes suspension performance proved it’s versatility. Yet the Colorado based company thought there was still room for improvement…. READ MORE ->

Bos MTB Teases New Idylle FCV 37 Downhill Fork

BOS DH Stanchion Size

BOS MTB is the biggest name in suspension you’ve probably never heard of here in the States. The company has a storied history in both mountain bike, motorcycle, and rally car racing, and their Idylle DH Fork is about to get a major refresh.

Today the sent over a little teaser video about some of the new updates, but we won’t know the true story for at least another week. Head past the break for the rundown of what we know and video… READ MORE ->

RockShox Tech Pills – RS-1 Maxxle Ultimate and Brake Hose Set Up

Planning on picking up a new RS-1 to trick out your bike? Then you should definitely check out the latest Tech Pills from RockShox that are devoted to the new fork. Thanks to the inverted nature of the fork, Maxxle placement and brake hose routing are critical to ensure that neither interfere with the fork lowers or tires on compression. Check out the brake hose routing after the break…


Video: Experience the Madness of a 600 Person Megavalanche Mass Start

Before Enduro became hippest thing since charging exorbitant amounts for artisanal toast, the Megavalanche was the one race on every gravity riders bucket list. Held in the French alps on the Pic Blanc Glacier, the storied race begins with an epic mass start, and careens down an ice and snow encrusted mountain face over challenging terrain for another 18 miles.

Experience the madness of the 600 person mass start with Joost Wichman, a 4x MTB World Champion, by hitting play.