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Must Watch: Boris vs NYC, Can You Ride a Citibike up Mount Washington?

If you ride a bike, you have undoubtedly conquered some personal goals. For some, it’s that pursuit of finding your perceived limits and pushing past them that keeps the pedals turning. After riding a Boris bike up Mt. Ventoux (above), it was time for Rob Holden to find a new challenge. That challenge? Riding our Boris bike equivalent, the Citibike up the side of the 6,288ft Mount Washington in New Hampshire.

Not hard enough? Now imagine trying to do the same task, but also fly from London, UK and back, all within 36 hours. Did Rob make it? Follow along with Airspace Media after the jump…


The Sufferfest adds two new videos – Nine Hammers & an Angels Reboot

Just in time for your holiday break, something to wile away the cold, dark hours in your torture chamber where, perhaps, you’re dreaming of warmer days, sunnier climes or racing season. Or, after hitting nine VO2 Max and threshold intervals lasting three to four-point-five minutes in an hour-long workout, you may just be dreaming of returning to your cubicle.

Designed by Apex Coaching’s Neal Henderson, The Sufferfest’s Nine Hammers shows exclusive on-bike camera footage from the Tours of Switzerland and Romandie and the usual assortment of UK humor and graphics that make them the best trainer videos on the market.

It’s releasing this Thursday, December 18th, alongside a remix of Angels, for a 24 hour special bundle price. Check out the racing that’ll crush you next, then get ready to suffer…


The Win Tunnel: Which is More Aero? Rim Brakes or Disc Brakes?

Specialized continues putting its in-house wind tunnel to good, entertaining use with the latest test, determining whether rim brakes or disc brakes are more aero. They tested at various wind angles and did find about an 8 second savings over 40km in a mild cross wind, but for which? And would that really matter considering the improved braking one might offer? Watch and see!

Matt Hunter And Andrew Shandro Teach The Path To Adventure Outside Revelstoke

Tired of the pushes and pulls of regular life, Matt Hunter and Andrew Shandro show us how to leave it all behind, and get out for some adventure. This is the perfect dose of prime Revelstoke singletrack to make you dream about riding, since my local trails are closed today from an unseasonally warm thaw has made them too wet to ride.

Watch the video, let your mind wander, and realize that their plan to adventure is quite simple, ditch it all and get out on the bike.

Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

  • Spin Cycle: Cleaning Up With Investors After Bootstrapping A Business by OPEN Forum. Each week, MSNBC’s Your Business features experts to share their secrets for improving your business. This week they featured Wash Cycle Laundry in Philadelphia.
  • Trek Travel is now offering their lightest road bike, the Trek Emonda SLR™ to their fleet. So now when you’re touring with Trek Travel in the rugged Alps of France or Italy’s Dolomite Mountains you’ll have the option to upgrade to the lightest production road bike ever built.
  • Kogel Bearings is offering 20% off store wide on their web site until December 24 . Use code ‘HOLIDAY20S’ at check-out. This offer extends to IBDs as well. Shops can contact Kogel Bearings via to take advantage.
  • Access to sweet singletrack in the Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests may be in jeopardy. Please Comment on Timber Production, Wilderness Designations, and Management Prescriptions in the Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests by January 6th, 2015 by going to this email address: and let them know you that do not support USFS timber production in areas of the forests with heavy recreational use.
  • Increased travel costs and a desire to become healthier are fuelling a revolution on the roads. Lots of people are cycling and as a result professional drivers need to become more and more aware of how to act around this new wave of vulnerable road users. The UK’s leading Cycle Training Organisation…BikeRight! who train over 20,000 individuals each year in cycling safety and maintenance have launch a new series of training courses aimed at shared road use in the urban environment.
  • Beginning in April 2015 Phil Brotherton will spend roughly 3 months travelling across 12 countries to raise money for the Royal British Legion and the German Volksbund. His journey, The Trail of Poppies, will cover 3500 miles whilst leaving a trail of 2015 Poppies as a sign of remembrance to all who died from both sides in the Great War. You can also follow Phil’s preparation and progress on his Facebook page.
  • The awesome features of TICKR X and TICKR RUN are now available on the Wahoo Fitness App for Android! Be sure to download the Wahoo Fitness App in the Google Play Store.
  • Gravel Grinder News has merged with Riding Gravel. After a lot of work on both sites separately, Guitar Ted and Ben Welnak, have brought their collective works together into one source for riders. Follow this link for more details about the merger.

Video: Steed Christmas Rapping 2014

Our friends at Steed Cycles in Vancouver have sent us their newest Rapping video. You may remember them from our Bike Shop Video Challenge in 2012 where they were a runner-up with their 2011 Christmas Rapping video. This years’ video shows how you can get some speed…

Must Watch: Chris Akrigg in Chriscross 2 (Revenge of the Curly Wurly Bars)


It is always so much fun to watch this guy ride. Yet again, Chris Akrigg proves that no bike can keep him from having a good time. The current cyclocross season convinced Chris to get back out on the skinny tires and produces a follow up to Chriscross. As always, Chris manages to make the incredibly difficult look easy, even on a cyclocross bike!

Video next…


Video: Cadence Raw Denim Cycling Jeans Continue to Work on and off the Bike

Need some new pants, but want something that is going to work on the bike? Cadence Denim was one of the first brands to offer cycling specific denim jeans when the brand was started by Dustin Klein in 2003. As a designer, artist, and most importantly an ex-messenger, Klein knew exactly what he wanted from a pair of jeans – namely something that would hold up. Not much has changed when it comes to the iconic jeans, but they did just release this video capturing the story behind the threads.

Made in Los Angeles out of raw denim, the original Cadence Raw Cycling Jeans use a Kabio stitch inseam, include 2% stretch for a bit of give when riding, a reinforced seat, and a tapered cuff so you don’t have to roll up your pant leg if you don’t want to. Other details include reflective accents, custom hardware, and double back pockets for carrying your U Lock all for $110. The Raw Denim jeans have been joined by what is now a large catalog of soft goods, riding kits, and accessories (including a few collaborations with brands like Ritchey).


Shredits: Mountain Biking Raw, 11 year olds who are better than you, Physics Defying Jumps, and more

Who’s ready for the weekend? This refreshing video is the work of Cal Wootton at Loam9 Media and features the riding of Neil Donoghue in Les Arcs, France. I don’t know about you, but this gets me excited to more than most sound tracks…