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Diamondback Teases Amazing New Serios Triathlon Bike, Big Unveiling Set For Kona

Taking the gorgeous lines of their Podium road bike to the next level, Diamondback’s new Serios triathlon bike looks downright mean, particularly in matte black with muted logos. All they’re saying about it is an official launch date of October 7th, but a few screen caps after the break reveal a few details…


Absolute Black Adds Spiderless Oval Chainrings for SRAM Cranks; Cannondale & More Coming Soon


Absolute Black’s first ovalized chainring came out this summer and in a 32-tooth, 104BCD version. Now, he’s added a SRAM direct mount spiderless version with the same 32-tooth count.

Coming in at a claimed 59g, it’s only a few grams heavier than the round GXP or BB30 versions, and has the equivalent of a 30t profile in the dead zone and 34t in the power zone. The teeth use their proven narrow/wide profile, which we’ve had pretty good success with when used with a clutch rear derailleur (and even without one on a ‘cross bike). They’re available for preorder now in black, red or blue, and they deliver around October 20th.

Along with the pics, AB’s founder sent over a few pics and video to illustrate the chainrings in action and an explanation of why theirs are among the best out there…


Another Epic Press Release Video From Transition, Now Featuring Ponies and Giddyup Technology

Transition recently announced a brand new suspension platform and a four brand new bikes for the 2015. We’ve covered the tech and first ride review here, and the different models here, but you’ll want to hit play on this video anyways….

Working Dogs: A Long Time Coming Documentary from Sam Smith, Featuring a Bunch of Sled Dogs and a Geoff Kabush


Known for his behind the camera work and production partnership that grew the Behind the Barriers series over the past four years, Sam Smith brought us cyclocross fans deep into the personal stories and lives behind the US pro racing scene with friend and project partner Jeremy Powers. Now that he felt that Behind the Barriers could stand on its own feet Sam has gone back to some projects that have been in the works for years, and is taking the time to develop new ventures. His most recent release is a biographic focus on Canadian mountain biker and sideburns aficionado Geoff Kabush, flashing back to his lead up to the 2010 XC World Championships in Mont-Sainte-Anne, Quebec. While the project was put on hold with Smiths other projects, it manages to remain interesting and relevant, probably due to a unique story line and well put together photography.

Join us after the break for a Working Dogs trailer plus how you can get ahold of the digital download…


Video: Behind the Scenes with Data Acquisition & Suspension Tuning Team Antidote Solutions

While the good old parking lot test is enough for most of us, racing at the highest level requires carefully tuned suspension to help carry as much speed as possible. In this video, Antidote Solutions gives you an inside look at the hardware they use for data acquisition and how they use that information to help riders win races. Skip ahead to the 5:30 mark if you’re just interested in getting the lowdown on the blackbox, but the full video is worth watching.

Video: Josh Bryceland’s Incredible GoPro Race Footage from 2014 Hafjell World Champs

For those that don’t keep up with the downhill scene, Josh Bryceland has been on an absolutely tear this season. Having earned the overall, expectations where high for the Rat coming into World Champs, and his warp speed race run was on pace to be the fastest of the day when mis fortune struck.

Boosting the last man made obstacle on the course, he over cleared to flat and ended up severely fracturing his ankle. Unable to pedal, he was forced to cruise through the gates and settle for second place – 0.4 second back on the day.

See additional footage after the break…

Must Watch: How a Motorcycle Pit Crew Keeps Racers Rolling at the Vuelta

Filmed from the perspective of a race mechanic working for Shimano Neutral Support, this footage demonstrates just how talented the support teams are at the top level of the sport.


Video: How to keep riding in a country with no spare parts

Due to a long standing US embargo, Cuba has been unable to import an assortment of products since the 60s. The result is that a culture of DIY repairs has emerged, so that many items which would have ended up in a land fill years ago here in the states are still in use. The most famous example would be the legendary classic cars and trucks which populate the city streets, but another less widely known is the vast cycling network.

In this short film, Diego Vivanco interviews cyclists in Cuba to learn more about how they keep their bikes running. 

Read what the film maker has to say about the project after the break:  READ MORE ->

Must Watch: Shaun Palmer Coming Home

The Miserable Champion is coming home. Shaun Palmer is now back on Intense Cycles with a goal of building a new World Cup DH race team and getting the DH bikes that started with the legendary M1 back on the podium. Expect big things out the Intense camp in the near future…

*Warning – some language in clip may be NSFW