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Shredits: Special Thanksgiving Stuffed Edition

Need something to do after your morning ride followed by way too much food with friends and family? If you have time to sneak in some bike videos, here are a few to get you excited about the weekend. We’ll start things off with the latest from the Dudes of Hazard. Cruising around in an RV and riding bikes is certainly a good way to live, especially when you throw in some Enduro World Series racing. The Dudes of Hazzard are back with their Business as Usual series.

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Must Watch: Jeff Kendall-Weed Rips Tahoe with Kitsbow and Ibis

Jeff Kendall-Weed

Anyone who has ever met Jeff Kendall-Weed knows he absolutely rips on a bike. His insane bike handling and ever positive attitude will leave you smiling and pulling wheelies trail side before you know it. If you need proof of that just check out the latest edit put together by Kitsbow and Ibis of Jeff checking out the trails and not-so-trails in South Lake Tahoe for the first time.

You can totally ride like Jeff on the all new Mojo HD, well, as long as you have the skills…


Collectif Parlee Begins Telling The Story Of Passion & Suffering On The Bike

Released as a teaser, this is from the group Collectif Parlee, a team of cyclists with stories to tell. There has been a continued and reassuring trend lately to tell the real stories of cycling, and this group wants to spread the word about their experiences as travelers and trainers, riding rain or shine. Through videos and photography, they want to share the best moments of their season.

They say there will be four longer length videos coming in the future, reflecting the passion for cycling that has consumed the team of eight. Enjoy it, and we’ll post the rest of the series as it is released.

Shredits: Danny Macaskill Loops Cortana, Tandems do CX, Incredible Indonesian Mountain Top Riding and more

You know Danny MacAskill is getting big when Microsoft wants him to “recreate Cortana’s Signature Halo.” What better way to do that then to create one of the biggest full loops ever ridden on a bike. And then put it on a barge in the middle of the river Thames. Coming in at 5 meters or nearly 16.5′ in diameter, as usual Danny makes it look easy.

It’s no full loop, but racing a tandem during a cyclocross race is also a bit nuts. That and more after the jump….


Bike Check: Jeff Herrera’s La Ruta Winning Borealis Yampa, Courtesy of Dirtwire.TV

Borealis Yampa La Ruta

Photo c. Thom Parsons,

I bet you never expected to see a guy on fat bike wearing a leader’s jersey. That’s exactly what happened when Jeff Herrera tackled the 22nd edition of La Ruta De Los Conquistadores on his 22 lb Borealis Yampa. There was actually an entire fat bike class at La Ruta which Jeff won, but he also finished just outside of top 20 overall in 22nd place.

Our friend Thom Parsons was on hand in Costa Rica this year to ride some bikes in flip flops, take in some sun, and also provide coverage for including more installments in his Wicked Pro Bikes video series (you have to say it with a Boston accent). After Jeff’s bike check, Thom says “This is the fat bike (and fat bike rider) who finally made me want a fat bike. ”

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Must Watch: The Bike Brothers Movie

Godziek Brothers Movie

Part bike video, part big budget Hollywood blockbuster, the Bike Brothers Movie is one you definitely have to watch. Highlighting the talents of Dawid and Szymon Godziek, the Red Bull Media House movie starts out in the Shining and continues on to include a number of different film references – with plenty of back flips and tail whips thrown in for good measure.

The bike video gauntlet has been thrown, check out the awesome cinematography next…


Lizard Skins Wants You to Grab a Bearclaw w/ Darren’s New Signature Grips


Lizard Skins has introduced their thinnest grips ever with the new “Bearclaw” Darren Berreclothe signature edition.

They’re 130mm wide and use a new, softer grip compound they say is equally comfy with or without gloves. That’s good, ’cause there ain’t much there to cushion your palms – diameter is just 29.5mm. Compare that to the 30.5 Peaty grips or meaty 33mm North Shore grips.

Available in black or white, you can choose the color of the inner and outer locking rings and even customize the font style and message for a slight upcharge. Video and promo flyer below…


Éclat’s Shane Weston Signature Blind Free Coaster Hub Finally Street Ready, Goes Every Which Way

Shane Weston Signature 'Blind' hub

The Shane Weston Signature ‘Blind’ hub by Éclat.

BMX rider Shane Weston teamed up with Éclat to create a new coaster hub, and it’s finally ready to roll. What sets the Shane Weston Signature ‘Blind’ hub apart is that not only can it be flipped from right side drive (RSD) to left side drive (LSD), but the freewheelin’ hub can even be converted to run a cassette. It offers the full range of options for the contemporary street rider, whether they prefer pedaling forward or backward. With this level of versatility, Éclat claims you’ll never need another hub. Apparently Shane Weston tested this hub for close to three years and it functioned so well “he swears by them.”

Flip below to see a video of Shane tearing it up on the new hub…


Shredits: Unicycles in Moab, Fat Bike Trials, The World’s Highest Bunny Hop, and more!

We’ll start the weekend off with 19 unicyclists in  Moab, because, why not? Able to ride on one wheel what many would struggle to do on two, the GoPro video put together by John LeSage and 18 of his buddies almost makes us want to pick up a mountain unicycle. Almost.