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All-New Cannondale 27.5″ Trigger & Jekyll Mountain Bikes Unveiled w/ Long Travel Lefty SuperMax (UPDATED)

2015 Cannondale Jekyll Carbon 275" 650B enduro mountain bike

The big “C” has finally jumped into the 650B game with all-new Cannondale Trigger 27.5 and Jekyll 27.5 mountain bikes. To go with them, they’ve introduced longer travel Lefty SuperMax forks to match.

Introduced as a 130mm part on the Trigger 29er, we first spotted a prototype longer travel Lefty SuperMax on team rider Ben Cruz’s bike last fall. They recently announced that their team riders would be racing on a new version of the fork, but details were scant until now.

The bikes themselves get reworked frames, particularly the Trigger, and both completely replace the 26″ models. As in, no more 26″ wheeled Trigger or Jekyll. Both get longer top tubes and front centers and slacker head angles, making them more stable when descending. But, as you’ll see, that’s not at the expense of pedaling proficiency…


The Cycle Cable is the Bike Elevator Every Steep Hill Needs

Built in 1993 and remodeled in 2013, the Cycle Cable is 130 meter long route that allows cyclists to cruise up a gradient of between 10-18 degrees at a speed of 1.5 meters a second. The contraption is best described as a foot rest on a razed sidewalk platform. Once you pull up, you lean your bike over and rest your drive side foot on the platform to cruise pleasantly up hill.

Some purists might decry that getting a lift to the top is cheating, but they probably don’t live in San Francisco….

Brian Lopes Joins Intense Cycles

Earlier this month, Brian Lopes and Ibis Cycles split ways after a successful seven year long partnership. During that time, Brian helped proved the versatility of the company’s product line by winning a XC Eliminator World Cup race and laying down the law several years in a row at the Whistler Air DH race.

Today, it has been revealed officially after much speculation online that Lopes will be joining forces with another American brand – Intense Cycles. While he has never “technically” raced their bikes, those of you who remember his time as a Mongoose sponsored rider will recall he frequently rallied a rebranded Intense M1 to the top spot of the podium early in his career.

This sponsorship is just one in a series of steps Intense has made this year to invigorate their brand – including hiring a new CEO, COO, & CFO, in addition to launching a new hallmark bike.

Chris Akrigg Does Cross, Plus More Video fun for your Friday

Definitely not your typical cross race, as Chris Akrigg takes to the skinny tires on his Mongoose Selous. Of course he shreds it to death using his trials skills and incredible bike handling, but even Chris has problems with the toughest mud at the end. We’re pretty sure there isn’t a bike Chris can’t just hop on and kill it with, but it sure is fun to watch.

If you’re still wondering about Enduro check out the How To video after the break. It’s mostly serious.


Truck Driver Hits Cyclist, Miracle Mattress Cushions his Fall

It’s hard to tell what happens in this grainy video with any certainty, but it appears this truck driver hasn’t learned the all important rule of truck ownership – tie things down securely. As the vehicle is passing a cyclist, a mattress falls out and hits the rider, then miraculously cushions his fall! Skip to the 20 second mark to see it happen.

The Mega Awesome Super Serious Transition Tr500 Press Release Video You Can’t Miss

Every once in a while a new press release video hits our inbox that’s worth it’s hypothetical weight in gold. The Transition TR500 launch video is just this special kind of awesome, although we’re disappointed to report a complete absence of Cock & Balls technology.

Here is the lowdown from Transition:

Hold onto your hat for the all new Transition TR500 DH bike. The TR500 is the true evolution of design and performance coming together to take Transition’s DH program to the next level. The TR500 is lighter, stronger, sleeker and packed full of new features. All new geometry, more size options including a new XL, improved suspension kinematics for better small bump sensitivity, ability to run lower spring rates and a smoother leverage curve for easier tuning of the shock. The new TR500 can be run as a world cup class DH setup with a dual crown or throw it into the lower travel setting with short wheelbase and a 180mm single crown fork to create the ultimate bike park freeride shredding bike.

Via Transition Bikes

Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

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How To: Thread Internal Cables Without the Headache

Apparently a shop vac and a bit of thread is all that’s been missing from my repertoire of shop tricks. Have you tried this in the past or have another preferred method to install internally routed cables? Let us know in the comments!