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Must Watch: First Triple Backflip(s) on Mountain Bike

Given the recent progression of mountain bike tricks and the insane level of talent out there, it was just a matter of time before triple flips became a thing. Sure, the first triple back flips on mountain bikes landed to dirt (as we know) required a massive purpose built jump with a mulch landing, but that’s how many tricks are first learned.

As the first episode in Travis Pastrana’s Action Figures, Gavin Godfrey and Ethen Roberts kick off the Nitro Circus series by both landing triple back flips. New episodes of Action Figures will air every other Friday. Check out the series preview with Travis himself after the break…


Afternoon Amusement: Tour de Basement vid from GNC

Don’t let rainy weekend weather get you down.

Jump on the trainer, find a couple of burly friends,  some race coverage, and go.

How long until one of you post the enduro or cyclocross take on the Tour de Basement?

Shredits: Claudio Sends Windham, Zink Preps for 100ft Flip, Nicholi Rogatkin Kills it, and more!


The RedBull course previews with Claudio Caluori just keep getting better and better. This week Claudio is in New York preparing for the Windham World Cup. The Gstaad Scott team manager proves he definitely still has it as he sends the massive jumps near the end of the track. The live broadcast starts this evening on August 8th and you can watch it here.

Check out how the preparation for Cam Zink’s record back flip attempt is progressing, plus a whole lot more after the jump…


Must Watch – RockShox: Prove [Can't] Wrong

If you’ve been mountain biking for any length of time, you’ve run into it. The word “can’t” – whether it’s your mind telling you there’s something you can’t do, or others saying you can’t go here, or do that. To show that you can prove “can’t” wrong, RockShox put together a short video to celebrate all the individuals along the way who have blazed a trail for modern mountain biking. Watch the video, be inspired, and go out and #ProveCantWrong.


Shimano Race TV Provides a Quick Bike Check with Gee Atherton

Catching up with Gee Atherton in the pits, Shimano Race TV talks Shimano Saint and PRO components with Gee Atherton. His GT Fury World Cup is outfitted with a full Shimano Saint group along with Gee’s pro model Atherton handlebar, stem, and seatpost. The components didn’t keep him from crashing at Mont Sainte Anne for a third year in a row, but Gee was able to come back from the crash, qualify, and finish 10th even with torn tendons in his wrist. Nice work.

Video: Dylan Sherrard Ridiculous Spring Trail Party

Like anything ever with Danny Mackaskill or Chris Akrigg, if it was produced by Silvia Films – I have to post it. This crew of film makers gets me more stoked on riding than just about anything else that crosses my inbox.

Between the music, trail, and Dylan Sherrard’s unreal one handed unturndown, I’d be headed out the door and onto some dirt if it wasn’t already past midnight.

Must Watch: An interview with Yeti Cycles’ new Switch Infinity linkage

We don’t know how he did it, but Reeves Macdonald managed to get Yeti’s new Switch Infinity linkage to open up for an interview.

Thanks to Corbin for the tip!

Pop Quiz: Name That Roadie

In celebration of their recently released Global Cycling Network Kit, GCN is giving away a set to a lucky winner who guesses at least five of the ten riders being impersonated in this video and subscribes to their network. To enter the competition go here.

Shredits: Mont Sainte Anne Course Preview w/ Claudio, Troy Brosnan Challenges Fun, Mavic Preps Epic Ride Thru Alps & More!

We are always both amused by Claudio Caluori’s course previews, and amazed that he is able to communicate all of the course’s nuances while pinning it faster than most could hope. The Mont Sainte Anne preview is no different and in spite of crashing in the same exact location as last year, Claudio was clearly having fun on his bike.

Continue on for Fun is a three letter word, a 1000 km ride through the Dolomites, This is Peaty, and more…