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Video: Evolution of the Bicycle

Great little one minute video from Visual Artwork showing the evolution of the bicycle from hobby horse to it’s current double triangle design. We’d love to see one of these cycle through all the full suspension platforms! Via BicycleTimes.

Must Watch: Curtis Keene Chased by a Helicopter, plus more from Cedric, Peaty, Smith and Jeep

In a film with cinematography worthy of Hollywood, it’s fitting that Curtis is flying down a mountain in LA aboard his Specialized Enduro 29er. The RedBull film captures him from the helicopter, the ground, and from his bike as he rips just 5 minutes from downtown LA. Want to see the footage from his bike? Sure you do. Find it after the break…


Culture Shock | Russell and Chris | RockShox RS-1

Yes, another video highlighting the RockShox RS-1 and still no details. Hopefully this is all leading up to a release at Sea Otter.

Different dudes. Same agenda. At least sort of, anyway. Bring XC champ Russell Finsterwald and weekend-warrior champ Chris Dewar together to some posh digs in Palm Spring, California, and some stuff is going to happen. Late-morning shuttle or pre-dawn pedal, it doesn’t really matter—although the dawn-patrol, uphill, asphalt commute to the Idyllwild trails deserves a nod—when two like-minded mountain bikers come to check out some exciting new trails, limits are pushed and some dirt is sure to fly.

Exclusive First Photos of The New Santa Cruz Nomad, Plus Weigh In!

Santa Cruz Nomad2 and Nomad 3

When we arrived, the mean green Nomad 2 C was sharing its last few moments on the showroom floor with the new Nomad 3.

After staying up late to glean through a press release and bring you detailed coverage of the new Nomad, I woke up bright and early to visit the Santa Cruz Factory and take some pictures of the bubble gum pageant queen. While at HQ, we had the opportunity to discuss the bike with both Marketing Manager Will Ockleton and Sr. Engineer Nick Anderson.

Drop past the break to check out some pretty pictures and learn even more about the new bike! And in case you missed it, here’s our initial coverage with a Q&A from Engineering and Quality Director Joe Graney.  READ MORE ->

RockShox Revamps the Boxxer with Charger Damper, 27.5″ option, Plus New Domain, and Monarch DebonAir


Chances are, if you’ve ridden a DH bike, you’ve ridden a Boxxer. Around for almost two decades now, the Boxxer has a serious legacy both on the track and off. The newest version of the Boxxer continues that tradition of extremely capable forks with not only new internals, but a new size option as well. The introduction of a Boxxer in 27.5″ speaks a lot to the future of big(ger) wheeled downhill bikes, with the larger chassis available as an option on all models. Is 27.5″ the future of downhill racing? Either way, the new generation of the Boxxer will be ready.

Details on the new Boxxer blow by blow, next…


Timbuk2 Unveils Dehydration Pack – Take the Keg With You!

Timbuk2 partnered with local brewing legend, Anchor Brewing to develop the first ever dehydration pack.

Mountain Bike PSA of the Week: Ride Wet Trails & You Kill a Kitten

New Breezer Supercell 29er Trail Mountain Bike Brings Second MLink Design to the Dirt

2014 Breezer Supercell 29er trail mountain bike with MLink full suspension design

Last fall, mountain bike legend Joe Breeze released his first modern full suspension bike, the Repack. It’s a 650B, 150mm trail bike with a unique suspension design called MLink. That’s short for Mid Link, so named for the pivot placed in the middle of the chain stay. It was co-developed with Sotto Group and works by reducing the amount of rotation required at that pivot point while also keeping the entire rear end stiffer. A full tech breakdown of the design is here.

Now, they’ve added a 29er trail bike to the platform called Supercell. It’s a 120mm travel bike built on the same premise, sharing the D-Fusion tube shaping and a carefully designed geometry to keep it fun and fast…


Must Watch: Fairdale takes R&D to the Extreme with Aero 2×4 Bikes, More

Fairdale gets it. With a catalog of smartly equipped, stylish, reasonably priced bikes, they seem to get that bikes are fun. Any bikes. To ensure this, they have an extremely advanced R&D program to develop the next big thing, and guarantee their bikes are living up to their fun potential. Taj Mihelich and Leif Valin take a spin on some aerodynamic 2×4 bikes, and a Fender Bass bicycle with a few twists. Try to watch this without cracking at least one smile, I think it may be impossible. 

For more bicycle fun and an indication that the kids are all right, watch on…