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Merckx Releases Mourenx69 Endurance Bike

Merckx Mourenx69 Ultegra Di2

Eddy Merckx cycles just released details on one of their four new top-tier bikes for 2015, the Mourenx69. The new bike (pronounced MORE-awn) is named for The Cannibal’s massive win at the 17th stage of  the 1969 Tour de France, when he attacked at the top of the Tourmelet to execute a solo breakaway for the final 140km to the finish. Built for endurance racing, the bike has been designed to reduce rider fatigue while still promising top level performance. Key specs include long seatstays, a shrunken bottom bracket shell, and a square profile seat tube all designed to maximize shock absorption, along with a shortened top tube and tall head tube to accommodate a more relaxed, upright riding position.  The bike will be available in four builds, each with an optional wheel upgrade, or as a frameset.

The endurance road market is getting a lot of play, as most riders pay for bikes by working jobs that tie them to a desk, inhibiting the flexibility demanded by ultra aggressive race frames. Endurance bikes also embrace the theory that reducing rider fatigue can be of greater benefit than maximizing the efficiency of power transfer. The Mourenx69 responds by providing a more upright riding position and more supple frame design than their “pro” oriented race machines. By comparing the Mourenx69 to Merckx’s 2014′s flagship bike, the EMX-525, we get a better understanding of what makes the new bike an endurance racer.

Complete build details, geometry, prices, and a cool promo video after the break…


CrankWorx Stories: Steps to the Top with Finn Iles, Brandon Semenuk Dominates Slopestyle

There was a lot going on this year at CrankWorx, but one one of the biggest stories had to have been the saga of Finn Iles. The 14 year old Whistler local grew up riding the same trails that the Whip Off World Championships are held, but soon learned that due to his age he wouldn’t be allowed to compete.

Adding another anecdote to the power of social media, a #LetFinnIn hashtag was started and thanks to overwhelming support of the mountain bike community, Finn had his day. Not only was Finn allowed to compete, but he also walked away with the top spot and a big check thanks to his impressive skills on a bike almost as big as he is. Much like Nicholi Rogatkin, Finn Iles is likely a name for the future. Follow along with Finn’s story with SRAM’s Steps to the top.

Slopestyle is always one of the biggest draws at CrankWorx, and this year was no different. Check out Brandon Semenuk’s video game worthy winning run after the break…


Shredits: Borderline Stupid, SRAM Garbanzo DH, Mammoth Flip, a Tribute to Robin Williams, and more

We definitely need more mountain bike videos like this. Hilarity ensues when Gunnar Oliphant and Trigger Vision team up with Kirt Voreis, Carson Storch, and Jamie Goldman while they attempt to enter Canada without Carson’s missing passport… it’s a recumbent!

Much more after the jump…


GoPro Dirt Diaries Winner: “What I Do In Whistler”

As competitors in the GoPro Dirt Diaries competition, Ross Measures teamed up with Matt Dennison of IFHT fame to take a stab at winning the $5000 prize. The pair had seven weeks and access to a team of up to 6 people to create a mountain biking video that would be judged on storyline substance, videography, riding and editing. Opened to athletes this year, Ross joined Wade Simmons, Claire Buchar, Ross Measures, Kirt Voreis, Andrew Taylor, and Yannick Granieri as pro riders teamed up with other film makers to produce a winning video.

Based on Ross and Matt’s “What I Do In Whistler” entry, we’re not surprised they won, but they were closely followed by Kirt Voreis and Gunner Oliphant in sedond, and Claire Buchar and the Summer Of Summit Crew taking thrid.


Must Watch: First Triple Backflip(s) on Mountain Bike

Given the recent progression of mountain bike tricks and the insane level of talent out there, it was just a matter of time before triple flips became a thing. Sure, the first triple back flips on mountain bikes landed to dirt (as we know) required a massive purpose built jump with a mulch landing, but that’s how many tricks are first learned.

As the first episode in Travis Pastrana’s Action Figures, Gavin Godfrey and Ethen Roberts kick off the Nitro Circus series by both landing triple back flips. New episodes of Action Figures will air every other Friday. Check out the series preview with Travis himself after the break…


Afternoon Amusement: Tour de Basement vid from GNC

Don’t let rainy weekend weather get you down.

Jump on the trainer, find a couple of burly friends,  some race coverage, and go.

How long until one of you post the enduro or cyclocross take on the Tour de Basement?

Shredits: Claudio Sends Windham, Zink Preps for 100ft Flip, Nicholi Rogatkin Kills it, and more!


The RedBull course previews with Claudio Caluori just keep getting better and better. This week Claudio is in New York preparing for the Windham World Cup. The Gstaad Scott team manager proves he definitely still has it as he sends the massive jumps near the end of the track. The live broadcast starts this evening on August 8th and you can watch it here.

Check out how the preparation for Cam Zink’s record back flip attempt is progressing, plus a whole lot more after the jump…


Must Watch – RockShox: Prove [Can't] Wrong

If you’ve been mountain biking for any length of time, you’ve run into it. The word “can’t” – whether it’s your mind telling you there’s something you can’t do, or others saying you can’t go here, or do that. To show that you can prove “can’t” wrong, RockShox put together a short video to celebrate all the individuals along the way who have blazed a trail for modern mountain biking. Watch the video, be inspired, and go out and #ProveCantWrong.


Shimano Race TV Provides a Quick Bike Check with Gee Atherton

Catching up with Gee Atherton in the pits, Shimano Race TV talks Shimano Saint and PRO components with Gee Atherton. His GT Fury World Cup is outfitted with a full Shimano Saint group along with Gee’s pro model Atherton handlebar, stem, and seatpost. The components didn’t keep him from crashing at Mont Sainte Anne for a third year in a row, but Gee was able to come back from the crash, qualify, and finish 10th even with torn tendons in his wrist. Nice work.