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Video: SE Racing’s Fat Ripper – Could This Be the Most Fun Bike of the Year?

Todd on Fat Ripper

We showed you SE Racing’s Fat Ripper during our Interbike Coverage and the first batch of these bad boys bounced out the door faster than they could make them. In the mean time, while the 2nd batch is on its way, SE Racing threw down a RAD edit of SE Racing’s Brand Manager, Todd Lyons going on an urban warpath atop his creation.

Rip past the break and watch Todd show us a thing or two what a seasoned pro can do on what could be one of the funnest bikes of the year….


Canfield Brothers Whip Out their First Carbon All-Mountain 29er with even Screamier Short Chainstays

Canfield Brothers EPO

From the folks that don’t break the mold, but instead make it from scratch, Canfield Brothers have taken their pretty damn playful, all-mountian, hard tail 29er, the Yelli Screamy, and busted out with a carbon version. Does the new Canfield EPO (cause this thing is dope?) take what is already a proven platform to the next level?

Tailwhip past the kicker to see their reason for developing the EPO, to check its specs, as well as a video of Nick Simcik taking it for a little shred…


Bikes vs Cars: A Documentary Inspiring better urban planning, Plus a CO2 Mapping App as proof we need it

Bikes vs Cars 2

Coming to the BIG screen in December, Bikes vs Cars is a documentary by Director Fredrik Gertten that investigates the daily traffic drama around the world.  It centers on how politicians who work for change are facing a multi-billion dollar car, oil and construction industry that use all their means to keep society car dependent. Activists and cities all over the world are moving towards a new system, but will the economic powers allow it?

The movie spotlights moments like in Toronto, when everyone’s favorite crack smoking mayor Rob Ford stripped away the city’s bike lanes in his battle to win the opposing “war on cars,” followed then by members of the Urban Repair Squad attacking the pavement at night, using spray paint and stencils to replace them.

Safely roll past the break to see the movie’s trailer and where it’s premiering…..


Must Watch: Rampage Prep – Nicholi Rogatkin Falls Off a Massive Cliff (And Finishes Run), Tyler McCaul Tests out Huge Drop

Are you ready for Red Bull Rampage? The event kicks off with the live stream at 12:30 EST, so if you haven’t yet made plans – call in sick, call an important meeting with your fellow mountain biking co-workers, or just pop it up on the big screen if you’re lucky enough to work somewhere that’s allowed.

Preparation for Rampage means a lot of things for a lot of people. The location has to be scouted, lines built, and when the time finally comes – they have to be test ridden. On one of Nicholi Rogatkin’s first runs, things didn’t go so well as he tumbled into everyone’s worst fears. Falling off a massive cliff. Somehow, Nicholi managed to get up from the crash, and even finish his run. Incredible. We hope this is the last big crash of the event.

For Tyler McCaul, things went a little smoother as he tested out one of the biggest drops on the course, El Presidente…


Red Bull Rampage Course Preview with Claudio Caluori

Claudio caluori red bull rampage 3

Think Red Bull Rampage looks easy at times? Claudio Caluori (who’s probably better than you) assures us, it’s not. For his course preview, which apparently kept him up at night for three days prior, Claudio takes the easy ways down and still is happy to just be in one piece at the bottom calling it one of the scariest things he’s ever done. Check the full preview next, and as they say – don’t try this at home…


When One Isn’t Enough – Ryan Williams Lands First BMX Triple Front Flip

nitro circus first bmx triple front flip

How big will BMX riders be able to go? That apparently just depends on how big they are able to build the jumps over at Pastranaland. In preparation for the next Nitro Circus Tour and in the never ending quest to go bigger, Ryan Williams and Andrew Ahumada decided it was time for someone to land the first ever BMX triple front flip. The race to landing the trick involved some gnarly crashes but in the end, it was Ryan Williams who finally sticks a near perfect landing…


IB15: Pactimo Unwraps New Custom Changing Kilt, Goes Heavy on RFLX for Winter Visibility

pactimo custom changing skirt kilt (2)

We’ve all been there. You’re standing in the parking lot after a ride wanting to get out of your sweaty chamois, ASAP. You have a few options: you can do the awkward shuffle inside your car, make a towel into a makeshift kilt and hope it doesn’t fall off, or risk an indecent exposure charge and hope no one is looking.

Fortunately, there are better ways – like Pactimo’s new Quick Release Changing Kilt. One of those products that really doesn’t make that much sense until you use it, Pactimo is elevating the concept to new heights with a design of your own…


28 inch Wheels, 188mm Dropouts, and 11-53t Cassette – If you like Standards, You’ll Love This….


The Roost Carbon steps a little A LOT outside the box to give you everything you want…. or don’t want in a bike.  Many think new standards come about too fast, but apparently some don’t think they come fast enough, or that there shouldn’t even be any standards.

Flip out past the break and see what all makes the Roost Carbon…..


IB15: SE Racing Rips a Big One With The Fat Ripper, their New BMX Inspired Fat Bike

Fat Ripper-1

When you think you’ve seen it all… and then something new comes along to blow your mind – that is pretty much what I went through when I saw SE Racing’s “Fat Ripper”. In a sea of fatbikes, this thing stood out like nothing else in the oversize category at Interbike as this is not a BMX bike for riding in the snow….. though you could!

Rip past the break to see this rad beast up close and some shots and videos of former pro BMX’er and long time SE Racing Brand Manager, Todd Lyons showing us how it’s done…