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Must Watch: The Making of Brandon Semenuk’s “One-Shot” unReal Segment

By this point, you’ve probably seen Brandon Semenuk’s unReal as it blew up over the Internet last week. If you haven’t, go ahead, we’ll wait. Perhaps more impressive than the incredible riding, is the fact that the entire run was shot in just one take. That’s right, no splicing together multiple clips to make it look like the perfect run. Just one continual clip that was filmed by Teton Gravity Research and Anthill Films from a pickup truck with some heavy duty machinery.

If that wasn’t enough, the crew had to build the entire trail along with a road that ran parallel to make the filming possible. Check out the behind the scenes video next to peek behind the video curtain…


Must Watch: Bike Parks on Road Bikes – Vittorio Brumotti is at it Again

Livigno vittorio brumotti

It looks like Peter Sagan may have some competition in the bike handling department after Vittorio Brumotti joined the Tinkoff Saxo training camp in Livigno. We’re not so sure Brumotti could keep up on the road, but he definitely has nearly everyone beat when it comes to trials on a road bike (though Sagan can sure hold his own – remember the car and the MTB video?). The latest video featuring the ridiculous roadie is almost more like an OK GO music video than a bike video…


Must Watch: Chris Akrigg and The Water Cycle

Chris akrigg the water cycle

When it comes to versatility, few riders can match the abilities of Chris Akrigg. Known for his skills on any type of bike, Chris makes the impossible seem real again and again. His latest video, The Water Cycle, blends his incredibly entertaining riding style with fresh music, wild lines, and breathtaking scenery. As usual this is one video you don’t want to miss…


Friday RoundUP – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • Inspired to Ride Still on the Big Screen – Inspired to Ride, the film that documented participants in the inaugural Trans Am Bike Race, has been screened in over 25 theaters the past few months. And events are still coming together. Visit for screening dates.


Weekend Shredits: “Mad Max: Muni Road” Off-Road Unicycle Ridiculousness, Little Mermaid by Blackburn Ranger, An IMBA Plea, Canfield Brothers, and MORE

First up, a maximumly mad attack of the trails by a unicyclist in “Mad Max: Muni Road” by Kris Home Unicycles. Then some sweet bike packing and pack rafting action with Shayne Khajehnoori of the Blackburn Rangers, solid shreds by Canfield Brothers, a plea for support from IMBA, and some trail antics by Northwave riders/testers. Get rad after the jump… READ MORE ->

Must Watch: Quadruple Back Flip – Jed Mildon Lands it First

Nitro Circus Jed Mildon screenshot quad back flip

It seems every time we see the latest video to come out of the Nitro Circus camp, we say to ourselves – They’ve done it. That is the craziest thing we will see on a bike. That lasts anywhere from a few days to a few years, but inevitably, the crew comes back with another even more impressive feat that seems to defy the laws of gravity and/or physics.

Most recently, the quest for the next big trick involved not one, but two riders with Jed Mildon and James Foster going head to head for the glory that comes with being the first. The first to land a quadruple (!) backflip on a BMX bike. Yes, the trick required a custom built ramp but it also required unbelievable commitment and a willingness for some gnarly crashes. Check out the video next…


Minute Physics Video: How exactly does a bicycle stay upright?

Very cool, yet still a bit of a mystery. Check out one of their reference videos, a TEDx talk, below…


Shredits: Guatemala with Hans Rey, Coldwater Mountain with Eric Porter, Fat Bikes, Domestiques, and the Syndicate

In honor of our recent bike check with the legend, we’re kicking off this Friday with the latest adventure from Hans Rey. Heading out with Tom Oehler to the highlands of Guatemala, the duo split their time between riding the remote country side and working with Hans’ charity Wheels 4 Life. Continuing their mission to provide bicycles to people around the world with no other means of transportation, Wheels 4 Life has donated 7110 bikes to date. That’s 7110 lives changed by the simple power of 2 wheels. Pretty rad.

There’s plenty more to see next…


Hero4 Session Is the Smallest, Lightest, Easiest To Use GoPro Yet

Gopro hero 4 session camer pov  (3)

Every time there is a new version of a GoPro or action camera you can usually count on another quantum leap in technology. Compared to the original GoPro, the latest tech makes that first camera look like a toy you would get from a department store. But in spite of the hardware capable of putting out professional level cinematography, most of your average users are asking for something else. Namely, a camera that is smaller and easier to use.

If features like smaller, lighter, and easier to use are more important to you than things like 4K and having the most megapixels, you’ll want to check out the Session next…