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Fyxation’s Blackhawk Carbon Fiber Fat Bike Gets The Milwaukee Brand Off Road


Fyxation, born in Milwaukee, WI with the fixie movement. They haven’t just been on that pavement the whole time though. The winters can get pretty snowy and nasty in the great white north, so they moved on to a mountain bike that can be ridden throughout the snow season.

The Blackhawk is a carbon fiber, suspension corrected fat bike with a 197mm rear end, and can run either 26×5″ or 29×3″ tires.

Although the Blackhawk looks and smells like a fat bike, the guys at Fyxation call it a four season trail bike, and they ride it all year long. Take a look after the jump for the details…


Video: Tinkoff Saxo mechanic runs through the team’s Specialized race bikes

Tinkoff Saxo’s team mechanic runs through the spec and frame details being raced this year. Check the team website for images and more photos from their early season exploits. Thanks to Philip for the tip!

Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • Purchase a raffle ticket for a chance to win a set of Industry Nine wheels and the proceeds go to a great cause. Visit the Trips for Kids of Western North Carolina site for more information but do it quickly as there are only 100 tickets available!
  • The 2nd Annual Richmond Endurance Athlete Symposium is this Saturday January 24th at the Westin Richmond. Presenters will give 30-60 minute talks to inspire and educate athletes, coaches and healthcare professionals who are passionate about endurance sports.
  • Bicycle Technologies International (BTI) is now distributing hand crafted leather saddles from Rivet Cycle Works. Ask your local bike shop to carry these beautiful saddles.
  • Were you already planning to go to Louisville in March for NAHBS? Consider volunteering and snag a one-day pass to the show plus a souvenir limited-edition NAHBS Volunteer T-shirt when you sign up as a volunteer. More importantly, you’ll have the chance to meet other great volunteers, form new friendships, and have the satisfaction of knowing that thanks to you, this amazing show can keep happening each and every year!
  • Registration is now open for the 3rd Annual Tour de Pier. On Sunday, May 17, the award-winning stationary cycling event pedals its way back to the South Bay shores benefiting three cancer charities: the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research; the Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach and the Uncle Kory Foundation.
  • Sleet and snow is currently falling in the Smokey Mountains but thankfully, Spring will be here in less than two months. Welcome Spring by riding in the Tour De Smokies March 22nd – 25th in Eastern Tennessee.This year, you’ll share the journey with legendary TV personality and former Professional Cyclist Bob Roll, retired Pro Cyclist George Hincapie and Chef and Vintner Michael Chiarello, ending each day’s ride with extraordinary food, wine and company.
  • Do you live in Indiana? There are 3 bills in the Indiana Legislature that would require motorists to leave 3 feet when passing bicyclists. Let’s hope that this passes.
  • Meanwhile in neighboring Kentucky, a new bill introduced in the Kentucky General Assembly would require kids under the age of 16 to wear a helmet.
  • Fortified Bicycle, Inc. has won $150K from Chase Bank’s Mission Main Streets program. Plus, in the typically slow month of December they hit 179% of their projections. Great news for the manufacturers of high quality bike lights that you can leave on your bike without the fear of having them stolen.
  • Portland, Oregon, is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the country, where you can also find great folks there like Rhona Mahl who is the director of Braking Cycles. Rhona directs an outreach to homeless youth in Portland and they’re opening a bike and coffee shop that will not only bring benefit to the community by providing great coffee and bike tuneups but also provide apprenticeships for Portland youth as well. Check them out.
  • Polar Bottle wants to hear from you. Over the years, they have had various customers inquire about whether or not we are ever going to release a Polar Bottle water bottle with a larger fluid capacity. They now need your help to decide whether they should move forward on designing one. Give them your feedback in this survey.
  • Diamondback will be offering participants of the Wildflower Triathlon pro-deal pricing on its new Tri/TT bike the Serios. Diamondback Bicycles entered the triathlon market at this past Kona Ironman with the introduction of the Serios. Photo below…


RaceFace Goes Micro with New 24t Narrow Wide Ring and Bash Guard

Raceface Micro ring bash guard

Photo from the RaceFacebook

There’s no shame in admitting it – sometimes you just need a lower gear. Technically, the new RaceFace Micro ring could be used for anything with a 64 BCD, but more than likely this will appeal to those with the fattest tires. Depending on the crankset used, and the frame it’s mounted to, using the inner position on a double crank can result in a better chainline. More importantly though, the smaller BCD allows for a tiny 24t ring that mounts with standard chainring bolts. Update: As RaceFace mentioned below, they will be offering the 64 BCD in a 26t ring as well.

To go along with that Micro ring, RaceFace is also offering a Micro bash guard. When run with the guard the Micro set brings another benefit to the table – better rock clearance. If you find yourself rock crawling on your fat bike or smashing your chainring far too often on trail obstacles, the smaller ring should give you some much needed clearance. While you will lose out on the high range, the smaller ring should also allow the use of a standard 11-36t cassette for plenty of low gearing without resorting to a cassette adapter.

Whatever your set up, more options are always better. RaceFace is offering this 24t option for $59.99 as a set for the ring and the bash guard. Both are available now.


FOUND: Mcfk Carbon Rims Are Tubeless, XC Light and Enduro Strong


100% handmade in Leipzig, Germany, Mcfk has a new carbon rim design that is light enough for XC, but designed for Enduro, that has no weight limit.

Using an asymmetrical, hook less design, the tubeless rims are just 295g in 27.5″ size. Adding on that, they also mold in the nipple seat instead of drilling it, adding more stiffness since all fibers are continuous, so there is also no limit to the spoke tension.

Available in both 27.5″ and 29″ sizes, the rims have a very interesting sidewall design that is over 5mm thick. Attractive because they should be strong and impact resistant, the thick walls also reduce the inside width of the 35mm wide rims to 24.5mm inside, negating some of benefits of a wide rim.

Click more to see the specs and pricing…


The World Is A Connected Place & Now Boréal’s smrtGRiPS Get Your Handlebar Grips Linked Up


Boréal Bikes is launching a new product called smrtGRiPS. Claimed to be the world’s first connected bike grip. they link up with iOS and Android devices through Bluetooth technology and an app, to bring navigation, vibrating and audio feedback for notifications and bicycle tracking.

The idea is that it can do a lot of things a display can, but safer for the the rider because they won’t have to look at anything. They have protected the some part of the intellectual property of the device (maybe that’s Canadian for “patent pending”) so they are the sole company with this idea at this time.

All of that is pretty cool, but it doesn’t answer the question; do we need our grips to be connected to the world? Take a look at the specs, features and videos inside and decide for yourself if connecting one more part of your life to the world will improve your ride…


Garmin Goes Big into Wearables, New Vivoactive Smartwatch, Fenix GPS Watch, Epix GPS Mapping Watch, more

garmin vivo wearable connect watch (4)

Television and films over the years have had some lofty expectations to what the future of tech would hold. From flying cars, to clothes made out of metal, most of the entertainment industry’s prophecy has failed to materialize. However, when it comes to your wrist – we are entering the realm of Dick Tracy and his two -way wrist radio.

I’m talking about the smart watch, of course. A gadget that couldn’t have existed without the rise of the smart phone. You may still be on the fence about wrist mounted technology, but thanks to Garmin there are a number of new options to consider. Starting with the new vívoactive, Garmin has a new touch screen smart watch that will appeal to a wide group of active individuals. Along with the vívoactive, Garmin has also introduced the new Fēnix 3 multisport GPS watch, epix rugged GPS mapping watch, and the new vívofit 2.

Whatever your activity or your style, Garmin has some very interesting options to wear your heart rate on your wrist, among other things…


Green Argyle Kits Will Cover The Pro Circuit This Season With The New Cannondale Garmin Pro Cycling Team


The new 2015 Cannondale Garmin Pro Cycling Team will be hosting a team launch on Wednesday, January 7th at the IAC building in NYC. So that we can all join in, the entire thing will be covered online starting at 8:35 Eastern Standard Time.

The team is the result of the Slipstream-Garmin and Cannondale pro teams joining forces, and have already announced the roster of the 27 member team. Jonathan Vaughters will be heading up the team as CEO, and will be representing the team at the launch on Wednesday. From the previous Slipstream-Garmin team, Ryder Hesjedal, Tom Danielson, Dan Martin and Andrew Talansky are on board with Cannondale Garmin, and Ted King, Kristjian Koren, Davide Formolo and Moreno Moser are from the previous Cannondale team.

The live-stream of the presentation will allow fans from around the world to watch the introduction of the team into the 2015 season. The live online coverage will have the unveiling of the team’s official 2015 kit, being hyped around the internet as a green argyle design.
Watch the presentation at

Bkool Adds Real-Time Location Based Wind Resistance, Free Guest Mode & The Ability To Use On Any Trainer

Bkool makes an affordable trainer with interactive software, but they also make an app for free download. The newest release of the software allows it to be used with any trainer (with limited function), but means that you can actually get the Bkool experience for free, provided you already have a trainer and compatible digital device.

The compact Bkool Pro trainer retails for $649.99 and the Bkool Indoor software is a free download.  There is a free subscription to the online service, as well as a $15/month premium subscription that unlocks video, 3D World, multiplayer and several other features. For the full details on the trainer, click the link above for Tyler’s review from June. Bkool continues to refine the app and add functions to make the product better, and the basic service being free is a nice start, although if you buy the full trainer, a year of premium is automatically included. Click more to see the new updates…