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IB14: New Aero Road Direct Mount Brakes and Triathlon Hydration System from FSA

FSA Direct Mount Aero Road Brake0

While it seems that every new road bike released now has a disc brake variant, caliper models are on the whole still lighter, and with the introduction of Shimano’s new(ish) direct mount standard – they’re even better than ever.

Aside from the Japanese manufacturer, only a few other companies have released direct mount road calipers, and FSA has a new option that appears to be almost ready for production. They’re still some months out so details are scarce, but drop past the break to see what we know.


First Look at Transition’s New Giddy Up Platform and First Review of the New Smuggler 29er

2015 Transition 27.5 Patrol Test Mule_0

On my return home trip from Whistler, I had the opportunity to stop by Transition HQ and take a quick peek at the new line of bikes they intended to debut at Eurobike. In development for two years, the new models mark a departure from the more free ride oriented fare the company has become associated with.

With the new range, they’ve debuted a new-to-them suspension platform they call Giddy Up, because of the improvement it offers in pedaling performance when compared to the older models. The platform is featured on their four newest models – a 29er, two 650b models, and a yet to be released 26″ variant.

When I arrived, the only production models had already been packed and shipped across the Atlantic, but I was able to get a closer look at the two test mules still at the office, and chat with the crew about the development process.


100Copies Beijing: Last in the Tire Art Print Series


Now that the 100 copies of London, New York, and Paris have sold out, artist Thomas Yang released the last in his limited series of tire prints. This final one titled The Unforbidden Cyclist is a shout out to a recent revival of the bicycle as a cool mode of transport again in urban China. His interpretation of Beijing’s Forbidden City uses 11 unique tire treads to recreate the iconic buildings and mass of people, including the tire of China’s classic Flying Pigeon bicycle, dubbed the single most popular mechanized vehicle on the planet.

I do love these prints, and had to share this since it appears to be the last in the tire print series. Roll past the break for an overall pic, price, and availability…


EB14: Prototype ICE. Emergency Trigger Calls For Help with Single Click

IMG_2933.JPGSometimes your rides don’t always go as planned. That exact reason is why ICE. first took on their ICEdot Crash Sensor design. The quarter sized device detects the g-force of a crash and alerts your emergency contacts if you don’t disable the alarm.

While the crash sensor is designed to work when you are unconscious, their newest product will allow you to call for help even if you haven’t crashed. Called the Emergency Trigger, the new device is about the size of a nickel and will clip to helmet straps, bracelets, etc. Able to be used for keeping your family up to date on your whereabouts or a full on about for help, ICE. continues to make cycling a little safer any way possible…


Updated – EB14: Cervelo Ups the Aero Road Ante Again with a New S5, plus Updated RCA

Cervelo_New_S5_complete_aero_road_bike_new_Cockpit Cervelo_New_RCA_light_road_bike_Bear

After almost universal accolades from the cycling media for the previous generation of the S5 as possibly the fastest road bike on the market, including our own, instead of taking it as a compliment, Cervélo took it as a challenge to make the bike even faster. What resulted is a new bike that chops another 21.3 watts off from the last S5 VWD.

At the same time for the RCA, Cervélo went back to the drawing board to see how they could make their handmade super bike an even better all-arounder, and where they could make measurable weight gains.

Read on for full details on the S5 and the lowdown on the new RCA… READ MORE ->

Bell Officially Launches New Super 2R Convertible Full Face

Bell Super 2r Lifestyle

While an overeager distributor leaked some of the details last month, Bell is officially launching their new Super 2R helmet today. The helmet, which has been raced by Mathew Slaven for several months on the enduro race circuit, features a removable chin bar. Which makes it possible to convert into a half lid when climbing, or a full face for descending.

Find out how after the break.

EB14: New Challenge Cyclocross Tire Sneak Peek (UPDATE)



We were wander the halls of Eurobike this morning as companies were putting finishing touches on their stands and spied our friends at Challenge Tires. Leaned up against the wall was a new cross tubular tread that we didn’t recognize next to a Grifo and Limus. We got a quick pic and when we when back to look again the tire was put away. Apparently it isn’t ready for prime time yet, but looks like an exciting tire for the mud with some fast rolling tread in the center.

We’ll give you more info when it is available, and we’ll try to get a set in to review as soon as the production run lands.

Update. We stopped by today and got another couple shots for the new tire.The low-profile center knobs are said to be exceptional at shedding especially sticky mud.
And yes, it is called the Baby Limus.


EB14: Finish Line Frees Up Your Clips with new Pedal and Cleat Dry Lube

IMG_2871.JPG Finish Line’s latest lubricant is meant for your pedals rather than your chain. Their new Dry Film Pedal and Cleat Lube is specifically formulated to stick to the parts but not the environment. Approved for use use with Speedplay pedals as well as all other metal or composite cleats, the lube is totally dry and will not attract dirt.

Depending on the conditions Finish Line expects applications to last about a month. Once applied the lubricant will help break in new pedals and cleats, prevent older ones from squeaking, and free up available float while providing smooth entry and release. Finish Line mentions you can use the lube on other parts where a dry lube is beneficial but should not be used on chains.

Pedal and Cleat is sold in a 5 oz aerosol can for $8.99 and will be available next month.

Cinelli and Timbuk2 Gear for Global Unsanctioned Fixie Race Series

Cinelli Red Hook Crit Barcelona

The Red Hook Crit started out in 2008 as an unsanctioned circuit race ridden exclusively on fixed gear track bicycles late at night in an empty industrial park in Brooklyn. Six years, and countless bleeding hipsters later, it has evolved into an international series replete with corporate sponsors. Italian bicycle and lifestyle manufacturer Cinelli was quick to jump on the bandwagon, ponying up a custom painted Vigorelli frameset for the winners of all three events, as well as a limited edition run of cycling caps for all participants, both of which they are now releasing to the public. Bag maker Timbuk2 is also releasing a special backpack commemorating the series’ next two stops in Barcelona, Spain and Milan, Italy.

Hop on your fixie and jump the shark after the break…