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Hands On: Air Support Tools From Bontrager, Super Charge Your Tires

Bontrager Super Charger Air Support Pro Tire Lever 224

If you’re going to ride bicycles, you’re going to need some pumps. Sure, you can get by by going to gas stations, borrowing friends’ or your shop’s tools, but that will get old in a hurry. Fortunately, there are a ton of options out there including the latest crop of shiny air pressure adjusters from Bontrager. Offering pumps for portability or permanently stationed in your garage, the Super Charger floor pump and Air support HP Pro hand pump look good on the outside – so how do they work on the inside?

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SRAM Announces Complete Recall of All Road Hydraulic Rim and Disc Brakes – Stop Use Immediately

SRAM Announces Complete Recall of All Road Hydraulic Rim and Disc Brakes - Stop Use Immediately

SRAM Announces Complete Recall of All Road Hydraulic Rim and Disc Brakes - Stop Use Immediately

What initially began as a select recall due to performance issues on SRAM hydraulic road disc and rim brakes, has now evolved into a complete recall of all road hydraulic brakes across the board. Citing failures of the master cylinder seals at this past weekend’s cyclocross races in below freezing conditions, the resultant sudden loss of braking power was reported several times. No injuries have been reported, but the issues are prompting a recall of around 19,000 brakes systems with additional details soon to come.

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Mike Sinyard’s Open Letter to the Industry

Specialized counterfeit bikes

It has been quite the week for Specialized, Specialized Dealers, Cafe Roubaix, now Epix Gear, and more. Hoping to get things back on track, Mike Sinyard has posted another apology letter to the company’s facebook page hoping to explain the situation further, including the recent noise over the Epix Gear letter, and citing a huge influx of counterfeit goods as a contributing factor in Cafe Roubaix’s wheels being targeted by Specialized’ lawyers.

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TRP Spyre / Spyre SLC Recall Notice

Spyre SLC Silver Spyre Black

Tektro USA/TRP Brakes has issued a voluntary recall notice affecting about 4000 Spyre and Spyre SLC mechanical dual piston disc brake calipers sold from April 2013 to December 6, 2013. This includes both black anodized and silver finishes, sold with 140mm or 160mm rotors. The company has also filed a report with the CPSC in accordance with their guidelines.

In a statement released earlier today, TRP stated “We have identified a specific condition that could result in failure or one or both of the brakes when installed on a bicycle. The Spyre caliper uses a dual piston design in which ball bearings move within opposing ramps. We have discovered that in a specific scenario, the balls can be forced from the ramps if the actuator arm is fully activated to its stop with excessively worn or no pads installed.”

The effect is that the one or more of the balls can jump from its position within its respective ramp, resulting in a reduction or loss of braking force. There has been one reported incident of a single caliper brake failure with no injury or property damage.

Customers are asked to immediately stop riding the brakes and return their Spyre or Spyre SLC’s back to the original place of purchase or Tektro USA/TRP for free exchange.

For more information or to arrange a return, contact Tektro USA/TRP Customer Service between 8am – 4pm mountain standard time, Monday through Friday at 877-807-4162 or



Just In: FSA K-Force Hydraulic Disc Brakes

FSA K Force Hydraulic Disc Brake522

First spotted hanging off the Feenstra Felt p/b Kenda team bikes, FSA has steadily been working on the release of their first hydraulic disc brakes, the K-Force (Race) and Afterburner(Trail). Why get into a category that is new for the brand and already pretty crowded? FSA thinks they can do it better, and by first impressions they may be right. The mineral oil based system relies on large 22mm pistons housed in one piece aluminum calipers that are attached to magnesium lever bodies with front and rear specific hoses. Add in carbon levers, some ti hardware bits, and two piece rotors and you’re left with the recipe for what could be a fantastic set of brakes.

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Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Camino Smith Trail – Navacerrada, Spain

2013-11-26 11.14.47

Photo submitted by Roberto Gonzalez, “A photo from this Monday in Spain. It’s from a city called Navacerrada and this is the ‘Camino Smith’ trail. Really low temps but a lot of fun doing snowbike completely alone in the forest.”

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Exclusive: Take Your 11-36 Cassette to the Next Level with OneUp Components’ 42t Sprocket

OneUp-Components-42T-Sprocket-green-Specialized-2013-Stumpjumper-FSR-Comp-EVO 29- cassette- Looking for the wide range performance of XX1 but can’t afford the price tag? At OneUp components they believe in working less and riding more which is why they came up with a solution to that very problem. As their debut product, OneUp is essentially giving your cassette an extra life with their 42t replacement sprocket. Designed to fit on your standard 10 speed mountain bike cassette, the sprocket offers the super low range of the 42t cassette without having to make huge changes to your drivetrain. Intrigued? Shift past for more! READ MORE ->

Just In: All New DJSinglé from SUNringlé – DJ Wheels with Stéézé

DJSinglé SUNringle Sun ringle DJ Single dirt jump park wheels500

26″ wheels aren’t dead yet. Well, at least not when it comes to dirt jump and park bikes. While the wheel size is very much alive, it’s easy to kill individual wheels while trying to hone your skills. You need a wheelset that is burly, something that won’t immediately go out of true on your first 270° when you were going for a three. Something like the all new DJSinglé from SUNringlé.

Out of the box, the DJSinglés are ready to go with a purpose built single speed cassette body, an oversized rear axle designed for horizontal drops, and 15 or 20mm thru axle compatible front. All this, and at a price that won’t break the bank.

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Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Winding Stairs Gap Road

Winding Stairs Road

Photo submitted by Franklin Paine, “A brief pause at the top of FS77 (Winding Stairs Gap Road) in Chattahoochee National Forest, N. GA. The southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail is a few miles away where I finished a 2176+ mile thru-hike from Maine in 2008.”

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