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Clothing Roundup- Summer Stitches from Search and State, Dare 2B and Mission Workshop

Mission workshop faroe hooded sweatshirt, title shot

Summer is here, and with the change of seasons comes new releases from clothing manufacturers eager to render the stuff you bought last year obsolete with fresh designs and technical improvements. In this roundup Search and State gets wildly colorful with a new jersey, Mission Workshop announces a simple but technical sweatshirt and we highlight some key pieces from Dare 2B’s summer cycling collection.

Sure, naked bike rides are a legitimate thing, but most of the time we have to cover up with something so it’s nice to have lots of options that look good while keeping us comfortable. Click below the break for photos and details on these new threads…

Hands On with the New JET Roll Phantom

JET Roll Phantom tool wrap just enough tools (6)

After writing about a few of the newest models of tool wraps from Just Enough Tools, we finally had a chance to try one out for ourselves. It just so happens that when JET offered to send one in for review it coincided with the launch of their newest top tier product – the JET Roll Phantom.

On the inside, the Phantom is like any other JET Roll II. The Three pocket tool wrap is sized to carry the essentials for your ride all in one convenient package. Where the Phantom sets itself apart is in the premium materials it’s wrapped in. Starting with industrial grade synthetic leather, the Phantom’s skin is extremely soft and slightly stretchy which happen to be great qualities in a tool roll. Add in a few extra details like a crystal button closure and custom stitching and the hand-made Phantom stands out from the crowd…


Must Watch: No Chain, No Problem – Aaron Gwin’s Winning Run at Leogang

If bad things happen in 3s, Aaron Gwin’s string of bad luck at the Leogang, Austria DH circuit should finally be over. First it was brake failure at the 2012 World’s competition. Then it was complete rear tire failure in 2014, and now – a snapped chain right out of the gate. Much like the rear tire incident, Gwin wasn’t about to let a broken chain keep him from getting down the mountain. Instead, he coasted the smoothest run Leogang has ever seen and ended up walking away with the overall win without a single pedal. Unbelievable.

Didn’t catch the rear tire issue in 2014? He may not have won after that failure, but the ability to ride down almost the entire circuit on the rear rim alone is definitely worth a watch…


Survey: Voice Your Opinion on Bicycle Innovation

If you’re reading this site it’s probably safe to assume you are into bikes. As the photo above illustrates, bicycles have come a long way in a fairly short period of time. It’s kind of crazy to think where bicycles will be in another 50 years. To be part of that continuing development a major brand in the bicycle industry is conducting a confidential project and has invited our readers to be a part of a small group of cycling enthusiasts whose opinions may help shape the future of bicycle technology.

If you want your voice heard, follow this link to the survey which should take 10 minutes or less to complete.

Interview: Robin Sansom of Blackburn


Blackburn emerged in a landscape where bicycles were beginning to be recognized in the US for their capabilities as dedicated vehicles of transportation rather than solely recreationally or race purposed. Capitalizing on the opportunity to support the emerging need, Jim Blackburn started the ball rolling to create gear that allowed riders to carry what they needed while getting out there on their own.

The resurgence of the Blackburn brand over the past several years can, at least partially, be linked to its brand manager Robin Sansom. Arriving at Blackburn with a healthy industry pedigree and a soft spot in his heart for cargo bikes and touring, Robin has worked to rectify the current brand with the legacy established by brand founder and spirit animal Jim Blackburn, through the Ranger Program and in product such as the Outpost Bag line.

A few weeks ago, I sat down with Robin in Santa Cruz to discuss the history and the context of the emergence of the brand as well as its current direction. READ MORE ->

Praxis wide range 10-speed mountain bike cassette now shipping

praxis wide rane mountain bike cassette

If you’ve been waiting for an all-in-one solution to giving your mountain bike a proper wide range cassette, Praxis’ unit is now shipping.

Unveiled in March, the cassette runs from 11 to 40 teeth in smoothly staggered increments, providing more consistent cadence across gear shifts. By limiting the upper cog to 40 teeth, they say it’ll work with modern mid- and long cage rear derailleurs without much B-Screw adjustment. And, it’ll wotk for both 1x and 2x drivetrains.

Claimed weight is 320g and retail is $129. Check out the full tech specs and hands on photos here.

Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces



Bicycle as Art

  • Keirin: A Show of Photographs by Sam Polcer – Bike Cult Show produces events and exhibitions that intend to present every facet of cycling. This one-day exhibition of photography and paraphernalia explores the world of professional track bike racing in Japan. The show is Thursday, June 18, 2015, 6PM – 10PM at Bicycle Habitat (2nd floor), Chelsea – 226 7th Ave, New York, NY 10011.


SRAM levels out with new Flat Mount hydraulic disc brakes for RED, Force & Rival

SRAM Rival Force and Red flat mount hydraulic disc brake calipers for road bikes

While Shimano introduced the flat mount standard for road bike disc brakes, it’s inevitable that SRAM would have to offer something once frame and fork manufacturers adopted it. And now they have, offering flat-mount options for all three of their hydraulic disc brake road groups.

Available for both 140mm and 160mm rotors thanks to a flip flop adapter, you’ll be able to pick from RED, Force or Rival setups come September. The front brake calipers are shown above, the rears, plus specs, weights and pricing, are below…


YT Industries Goes Bigger, Releases Capra AL1 Enduro Bike in XL Size

YT Industries Capra XL- action shot

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of watching YT Industries’ Kelly McGarry ride in person, you may have noticed he’s a pretty tall guy…it’s not just the hair! If you share a similar stature to McGarry, you’ve probably found out that only certain bike manufacturers cater to such proportions, but today your XL options just increased by one.

The Capra was released last year as YT’s flagship enduro bike, but they’ve just announced an XL size of the aluminum framed AL1 model will be added to the lineup. The XL frame is intended for riders over 6’5”. It is available for purchase now, but won’t be ready for delivery until December. Earlier this year YT began offering consumer direct sales to North America, so for a few extra bucks they’ll send it overseas to your door.

Click below the break for all the details…