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SOC15: Bontrager adds ANT+ Transmitr remote control for lights now, cycling computers & more in future!

Bontrager Transmitr Remote ANT+ remote control for bicycle lights cycling computers and more

Bontrager just released the ultra bright Flare R tail light designed for use on daytime rides to keep you visible even during full sunlight, but the future of that product was already brighter.

Centered around their new ANT+ Transmitr Remote, the combo of the new Flare RT and Ion 700 RT lights create a wirelessly controlled front and rear light setup. Which sounds a little ridiculous, until we found out this is only the beginning…


Super.natural’s Technical Base Layers Blend Fashion and Function

Climbing in supernatural's synthetic blend hoodie and t-shirt

For cooler days, riding in good quality base layers is a must. As a budget conscious rider, my previous cold weather tactic was layering a jersey or two inside a windbreaker. It was tolerable but not an ideal system, and now that my wardrobe includes some synthetic/merino wool technical garments I’m much more comfortable from start to finish on those cold rides.

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to test out super.natural’s synthetic blend Essential Full-Zip 220 hooded sweatshirt and Striped Sport 175 t-shirt. I’ve been quite pleased with both, particularly the hoodie which seems to come out on almost every ride these days…

Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • Allow Mountain Bikes in the Wilderness Study – Voice your opinion – 100,000 Signatures are needed by May 18th so visit to ask President Obama and the Forest Service to leave these remote areas open to mountain bikes. Do it!
  • 30-Year Old Bike Virgin – Safety concerns and access to a working bike are some of the main reasons why adults don’t ride. PeopleForBikes’ recent U.S. Bicycling Participation Study found that 60% of Americans aged 3-9 biked once a year, compared with 36% of adults ages 25-34. PeopleForBikes talked to two adults who each had their own stories to share about how they became bike riders later in life. Check out the blog post here!
  • ‘Wheels for Meals’ Fundraising Event – The Wheels for Meals Bike Challenge features three community bike rides and three sponsorship levels. Both riders and sponsors are needed to make the event a high-speed success. To be held rain or shine on Saturday, May 30th, this year’s event offers something for everyone with three race levels, a Bike Rodeo for kids and sponsorship opportunities for local businesses. For more information or to register for the Bike Challenge please visit


Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

Little Bellas Kids 

  • Empowering the next generation of female mountain bike shredders – While walking the grounds today at the 25th Annual Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, CA, I saw these little girls in matching jerseys  rooting on the pro women’s short track cross country race. The young ladies are a part of The Little Bellas which is a mountain bike organization whose goal is to help young women realize their potential through cycling. After the short track race, the pros had a Q & A session with the Little Bellas at Primal Wear’s exhibit tent. (Primal Wear provides the jerseys to the Little Bellas) The future racers asked questions like “What do you do to get pumped up before a race?” and my favorite, “What’s your most embarrassing moment at a race?” where the answer involved jumping out of a port-a-potty naked. It’s great to see the current generation of pro women mentoring and sharing their passion, knowledge and good times with the future of women’s mountain biking. Visit to find the program nearest to you.

More racing news and Sea Otter highlights after the break! READ MORE ->

Mavic Honors 20 years of Crossmax with Pro LTD WTS, Clothes, and Gear

Mavic Crossmax LTD pro mountain bike enduro wheels _5894_1

Don’t compromise, ride Crossmax. That’s the slogan Mavic has been using for nearly 20 years since the very first Crossmax wheels were introduced in 1996. Originally introduced to offer what Mavic considered the best blend of performance and reliability, mountain biking has changed drastically since they came on the scene. Initially available in just one model, Crossmax wheels have evolved in step with riding to include 4 different models with over 100 pro level race wins in everything from XC to enduro, 4x, even slopestyle.

The latest addition to the Crossmax lineage blends much of what we’ve seen recently from Mavic with a few new touches that offer continuous improvement. Given the Crossmax Pro LTD moniker, some of the new product will be available in limited numbers and only in certain markets…


SOC15: Open Cycles gets closer to the road with Unbeaten Path gravel bike

Open Cycles Unbeaten Path gravel road bike

Open Cycles, the lightweight bike brand co-owned by former Cervelo co-founder Gerard Vroomen, has expanded beyond their ultralight 29er hardtail to the growing gravel bike category.

The new bike is calle the U.P., for Unbeaten Path. It’s made for gravel and adventure road riding wherever you feel like going, on road or off. And while it’s not built with race-oriented cyclocross geometry, it is meant for fast gravel riding, not lollingagging. It puts the rider in a ‘cross/road bike body position, not a mountain bike position, yet Vroomen says it’s still comfortable enough for longer rides.


Power2Max drops crankset power meter pricing, now starting at just $599


Thanks to the U.S. Dollar’s strength, Power2Max is dropping the price of their crankset power meters significantly. The move, whether because of currency fluctuations or competitive pressures, follows the trend with recent price drops from Quarq and Pioneer, too.

The headline grabbing $599 power meter is their Classic model mounted to an alloy FSA Gossamer crankset, down from $799 originally. The higher end Type S power meter now starts at $899 without cranks. The entire range has dropped anywhere from about $170 to $300 depending on model and crankset. Models for road, track and mountain bike are all available.

“We are happy to pass the benefit of a strong Dollar on to our customers. At $599 the power2max Classic with FSA Gossamer cranks offers unseen value for money to our customers and will enable even more cyclists to ride with power meter. It’s truly professional quality at amateur prices,” said Nicolas Theopold, CEO of power2max North America.

Full price chart after the break…


WTB Riddler solves conundrum of fast yet grippy rear mountain bike tire

WTB Riddler 275 x 24 rear mountain bike tire

Looking for something that rolled fast but could bit in the corners, UBI tech and Ashland, OR, local racer Nathan Riddle brought some ideas to WTB back in 2013. Now, the fruits of those conversations are here as the new Riddler 27.5 x 2.4 mountain bike tire.

Designed to be used on the rear wheel, it combines the fast rolling, tightly spaced knobs of the Beeline’s center section with more aggressive cornering knobs similar to the Vigilante.

“This tire was born out of a discussion over what makes a good tire line,” stated Jason Moeschler, WTB’s global OEM sales manager and racer for Team WTB. “I showed Nathan [Riddle] what we had mapped out and he liked what he saw but he definitely identified a hole in the lineup. I got him in touch with Evan [Smith, WTB’s product design engineer] and before we knew it, a tire was being drawn over a race weekend.”


TPE15: Lotus full featured Go Easy bike travel case folds into your backpack


As someone who has a couple bike travel cases taking up far too much valuable attic real estate, the Lotus Go Easy Bike Carrying Bag really stood out as a genuine innovation for the category.

Boasting a full metal base frame, inflatable and cushioned walls and enough volume to hold a 29er mountain bike, the case is still able to pack down to fit into a (large) backpack. Or your closet or even under your desk…