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All-New Orbea Alma Hydro Alloy Hardtail Follows Carbon Model w/ Two Wheel Sizes

Orbea Alma H10 - no dropper

When the carbon-framed Orbea Alma hit the Texas cross country circuit in 2006, it quickly became THE bike to have. A full year before Julien Absalon devastated the World Cup circuit, racers in the Lone Star state were quick to recognize the advantage of the lightweight, big wheeled bike on courses defined by high speed cornering on loose-over-hardpack singletrack, tons of  square edged hits, and countless steep, punchy climbs.

The Alma went fast, looked sweet, and, as carbon went anyway, it was way cheaper than the handful of options coming from boutique builders. Nearly a decade later, carbon wagon wheelers have become lighter and more esoteric, as the racer niche proves willing to shell out top dollar for speed. Meanwhile, once coveted alloy frames have been largely relegated to entry level bikes. As a result, journeyman racers on a budget are often forced to choose between carbon bikes with very un-race worthy components, or the proverbial lipstick on pig: a drivetrain and brakes that can handle a season of hard racing, dangling off a heavy frame with recreational geometry.

With the launch of the new 2015 Alma Hydro, Orbea is now offering a more affordable aluminum frameset that integrates all of the features of the carbon Alma, giving budget minded XC racers – as well as ultracross and adventure riders – a competitive option.


Kickstarter: Klamp Offers A Better Way to Mount Action Cameras, Cycling Computers & More

Klamp Kickstarter SketchesShooting video with a POV camera can be a lot of fun, but catching the right angle can be difficult. Not only do the cameras come with a only a  couple of sticks, but they’re limited in range.

Klamp is a modular mounting system for action cameras, cycling computers, and other accessories, which makes it easy to not only mount devices in unusual places, but allows you to capture unique angles, and then easily swap to a different position.


Review: ESI’s Lightweight Silicone Grips

ESI Foam Grip (3)

Whether you prefer riding glove-less or like your grips chunky, ESI has been quietly making a variety of grips in a wide assortment of colors for over a decade.

So after hearing nothing but rave reviews for years about the product, I finally picked up a set to try out myself. See how they stack up to lockons after the break. READ MORE ->

Shimano’s New PRO Tharsis XTR Di2 Integrated Bar, Stem Spotted in the Wild

Shimano Tharsis di2 integrated bar stem giger (2)

A while back we reported on the new PRO Tharsis bar and stem that Shimano had released just after letting the XTR Di2 cat out of the bag. The bar and stem combo is designed to eliminate as many visible wires as possible while also providing optional stash points for the new battery. All mounted up to Fabian Giger’s Giant XtC Advanced SL 29er, this is the first time we’ve seen the bar and stem combo mounted up with the XTR Di2 group. Running a single shifter and the SC-M9050 display unit, it looks like the wire for the display must still be run externally. The stem design allows for the battery to be stored inside the steerer tube, but as far as we know all setups will require one external wire since they can’t pass through the fork’s steerer tube into the frame.

Check out the bars from another angle, next…


Pro Cycling Trumps: A Fan’s Version of the Card Game War

I stumbled across these nice simple cartoon characters in my Instagram feed and couldn’t resist looking a bit deeper.  It turns out they are the players in a game based on the classic card game War, called Pro Cycling Trumps. Each card includes specialty ratings for some of the most iconic current professional cyclists; and as you play against your friends, the highest rated rider in a given category trumps the weaker pro.

Shuffle past the jump for the detailed rules of the game, price, and where to get a set…


Danny MacAskill…. At the Playboy Mansion?


We debated posting this for obvious reasons. There is some incredible riding involved, and we have no doubt that Danny enjoyed himself during the filming, but the gratuitous use of Playboy Bunnies poolside may turn a number of viewers off. However, if you want to see one of the most ridiculous reverse nose wheelies ever, fast forward to the 1:08 mark and you’ll get straight to the good stuff.

Catch the video after the break…


Celebrate the Grand Tours with a Periodic Table of Champions


With Vincenzo Nibali having just wrapped up the 101st Tour de France over the weekend, here’s a unique way to celebrate the Grand Tour champions with artwork from Johnny Joannou of On a Sixpence, with just a hint of a geek sensibility. Each print includes a short story about the race and key information on each tour win using the iconic periodic table style.

Roll on past the break for details, more images, and the other grand tours…


Graffiti Meets Aluminum and Carbon — The Artistic Collaboration Of Kinesis, Morvélo, & Aroe

Kinesis Aithein, Morvélo, & Aroe - Graffiti Art - Non Drive Side

Cycling is an art form and at times this is the literal truth. In this case the art is a collaboration between UK bike manufacturer Kinesis, clothing company Morvélo Bicycle Apparel, and renown graffiti artist Aroe. Kinesis’ Aithein frame and fork, plus a set of Reynolds Attack rims, were all handed over to the street-artist as a blank canvas. See more of the stunning results, next…


Video: How Carbon Colnago Frames Are Handbuilt in Italy

Hand built in Cambiago, Italy), this video documents how the new Colnago C60 is built from raw materials.