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100Copies Last Design of the Year: Cyclism Art Print


The last print of 2014 from 100 copies has a few Artist’s Proofs remaining. Titled Cyclism, it is composed of 300 cycling quotes from a wide range of cyclists and lovers of bikes – from politicians to pro riders. The quotes range from deep inspiration from some of the worlds great thinkers, to silly but genuine puns from some of cycling’s hard men. Together they come together to form a simple image of a the beauty, freedom, and balance of riding a bike.

Head on over to Thomas Yang’s web store if you want to get in while they last. These last proofs are $135, and can be shipped worldwide to brighten somebody’s face this holiday season.


Suntour North America Launches Consumer Direct Aftermarket Website To Better Serve Customers & Dealers


Suntour North America has announced that they are open for business with a new direct sales website. Citing that even after getting good reviews in print and media, and having millions of forks in circulation, distributors and some dealers were not picking up the brand, leaving consumers trying to figure out where to purchase Suntour and dealers struggling to find replacement parts.

The site design has been used for the previous few years for warranty registration and tracking, and their system has helped them reduce the processing time of claims. Moving into sales, the site will be able to sign up registered users based on whether they are a consumer or dealer, and sell them appropriate parts at the right price structure, as well as allow Suntour to send out news letters on a regular basis or issue promotions.

Nick Hannah-Moore from Suntour North America said “SSNA has a goal that this Aftermarket Sales Website will not only increase sales but continue to strengthen our OEM relationships even further by giving their customers more support and aftercare to the products that they are purchasing years down the road.”

The new emarket consumer website is up, working and ready for business. Suntour will also continue to operate the standard North American website for product info.

Prepare your Child for Lifetime of Shredding with Cedric Gracia Pro Model Push Bike!

Cedric Gracia 917 Mini CG push bike (1)

What do your kid and legend Cedric Gracia have in common? Probably not much, but you can change that with this awesome “pro model” push bike from the team over at Production Privee. Forget all of the crazy carbon push bikes you’ve seen out there, this is the bike your off spring really wants. Well, maybe. It’s the push bike we would want for out little rippers.

The CG graphics and Porsche 917 inspired colors definitely make it a cool bike, but it’s the quality of the components that make the bike nerd in us excited. Find out what it will take to raise the new CG after the jump…


Cinelli Launches Giro Collabo Wind Guard Hoodie, Rider Collection Cap Series & Disruptive Team Video

Giro X Cinelli Collaboration

Cinelli has joined up with Giro Sport Design to bring the new Giro Wind Guard Hoodie x Cinelli. The Wind Guard Hoodie is cut in a close to body fit, with wind resistant panels and reflective logos that can be worn as an outer layer or under a shell. Selling for $160 at the Cinelli Winged Store, it is made in sizes S-XXL, and only available in black. Combining Giro’s quality construction with Cinelli style should make for a functional piece that can also look good off the bike.

Cinelli is seemingly firing on all cylinders right now, with new hats and a team video, check them out.. READ MORE ->

Jabra’s New Earbuds Can Hear Your Heart Through Your Ears

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds

The Sport Pulse Wireless ear buds from Jabra are wireless, have premium sound and other features similar to other high-end ear buds. But these can actually measure your heart rate through the ear buds, and transmit that information back to your phone, for use in their tracking app.

Measuring heart rate has been traditionally done through a chest strap, but new wireless technologies are starting to change that, and very fast. Also in ear phones, SMS Audio can do the same thing, and Lifebeam can measure from your helmet. Jabra promises more than just measuring the heart and playing music…


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

Surly Lead Image for FRU

  • If you’re in the area of Buffalo Creek Colorado then check out the 2014 Surly and Salvagetti Annual Campout Extravaganza.
  • Remarkably, it’s time to start thinking about the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek on April 4, 2015. Registration will open on Saturday morning, November 1st at 9AM on Bikereg. And don’t forget about the upcoming Wilkes100k MTB race that will traverse all the trails at W Kerr Scott and culminate with a backwards lap at Warrior Creek.
  • It is the time of the year when Pivot Bicycle’s demo fleet makes their way into the southern part of the USA. Check out their demo schedule here.
  • Over 30,000 cyclists are expected to participate in Sovev Tel Aviv, Israel’s most anticipated annual cycling event, on October 15, 2014. 
  • If you’re in the Raleigh North Carolina area then check out the “Most Fun Place On Wheels!” for ride and skate lessons at the Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex. They’re also offering Ramp Camp which is designed for kids in Year-Round schools to have a chance to come and learn new skills. 
  • Raleigh residents also need to know that one of their most popular trail systems is in jeopardy of being lost. Click Save the Crab! to get to the petition.


IB14: Breezer #2, We Interview Joe Breeze About the Second Mountain Bike Ever Built

Breezer #2  (1)

At Interbike this year, the unholy trinity of Charlie Kelly, Gary Fisher, and Joe Breeze gathered at the Breezer Booth to sign copies of Charlie’s upcoming book - The Fat Tire Flyer. The event brought a ton of fan fare and publicity for obvious reasons. So after the party had died down, I swung by to shoot some pictures of the vintage Breezer on display. While I was there, none other than Joe Breeze happened to walk over.

As we discussed topics ranging from helmets to klunking (Joe says the secret is to keep your feet on the pedals), I asked him to tell me something about these first Breezers that most people didn’t know. He thought about my question for a few seconds before pointing to the top tube.

On modern bikes, it’s common for the top tubes to slope downwards towards the seat for increased standover, but this early Breezer is the reverse. This was due to the limitations of the components from that era. At the time, there were few replacement parts available, so Joe made all of his headtubes the same size. That way if the custom Cook Brothers fork broke, it could still be replaced with the more easily sourced Ashtabula.

The other limitation was the length of the seatposts. The longest ones available at the time were only 180mm, so to get the appropriate saddle height for tall riders, the frames had to have long seat tubes and sloping down tubes.


IB14: ODI branches out into handlebar tape, releases signature edition Aaron Gwin grips

ODI Road Bar Tape_001

Traditionally known for it’s American Made grips for motocross, mountain bikes, and BMX, ODI is now developing a line of handlebar tape. They’re producing two different versions, which will retail for between $24.99 and $29.99.

The more expensive option is the 3 ply, pictured above. It has a base foam layer, an additional layer for strength and durability, then is topped by a perforated material. READ MORE ->

Bike Check: Josh “Rat Boy” Bryceland’s 2014 World Championship Bike

Josh Bryceland Santa Cruz V10 2014 World Championship Bike_012

At the start of the season, the Santa Cruz Syndicate was the last of the major teams still on 26″ wheels. Athlete Josh Bryceland proceeded to prove the wheelsize was still viable by racking up a series of wins, before switching to a revised 27.5″ model and winning the overall.

With expectations high for the young rockstar on a winning streak, team mechanic Dougie Fresh (interview here) built Ratboy’s fresh steed with the fanciest of parts and a healthy sampling of duct tape accents. Unfortunately, a gigantic huck to flat ended his gold medal winning run within sight of the finish, and he had to settle for second.

The BikeRumor crew is still running around Interbike, so enjoy the photos below the break, and we’ll update with info later.