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Laugh and Relate to Yehuda Moon Through the Trials and Tribulations of a Bicycle Life in a Not So Bicycle World

Yehhudamoon 4

If you are a die-hard commuter or work in a shop, you may be pretty familiar with the webcomic, Yehuda Moon. It’s been some time since they’ve published anything and since then volume 5 has sold out leaving fans wanting more.

Commute past the break to see what they’re doing to bring back #5 as well as make a book #6 available…..


Orbea’s Updated MyO Custom Program gives you 1.4 Million Combos To Have it Your Way

Orbea MyO custom bike program  (1)

While off the shelf bikes aren’t necessarily a bad thing, what if you could have something completely different than anybody else that is to your personal liking…. for no additional costs? Orbea has revamped their customization program and interactive MyO website to do more than ever.

Swagger past the break to see how you can pimp your ride, and tinker with it to see what you can come up with….


Roland’s Wearpro Microphone Adds Your Voice and 3-D Audio to GoPro Videos

Roland wearpro microphone, on model

Before Claudio Caluori’s hilarious World Cup course previews came along, I could understand people thinking “Why would I want to hear myself talk during my biking video? It’ll just sound like disjointed hooting and hollering while I try to concentrate on riding.” Now that we all know the entertainment value of doing exactly that, let’s check out how Roland’s new Wearpro microphone can help you capture high quality, real time audio from your GoPro.

In short, the Wearpro is a wearable device that provides high quality 3-D audio capture from several of GoPro’s recent models. Your voice combined with real-world audio adds excitement and realism to point-of-view videos, and with the included mic clips the Wearpro is also ideal for video blogging, interviews, or webcasting. If your ears are perked, click below the break for more…

A Week In Review: New Bottom Bracket Standard, E’Bike racing, and Lots of Other Less Dramatic Things


Ventana Wolfram plus mountain bike rohloff (18) White Industries Engin Cycles Paragon Machine works t41 threaded press fit bottom bracket-29Chris King Press Fit 30i T47 threaded bottom bracket shand tumshie

It’s been a pretty heated week with a mostly liked new bottom bracket standard with folks like White Industries, Chris King & Paragon Machine Works behind it and a dedicated moped E’Bike race at North America’s Largest consumer event. Regardless, new stuff from Ventana, LeMond, Leatt and others will keep you smiling.

Take a deep breath, fill up your coffee, (if you want to make it through all the comments), and head past the break to see what the heck has been going on…..


Whoa! 2016 Sea Otter Classic Stirs Things up by Adding an eMTB Race to Their List of Events!


No joke. The organizers of the Sea Otter have added an eMTB race event to their traditional lineup of Downhill, Dual Slalom, Cross Country, Short Track and Enduro events to the upcoming 2016 event in April. Taking place in and around Laguna Seca’s race track, the eMTB race will be a time-based race that lasts 60 minutes and is said to be a sort of hybrid of short track and cross country racing with a few road descents, single track trails and a bit of climbing. It is listed a non-sanctioned event so no race license is required, but there is prize money to be had. There is no list of restrictions as to the equipment you can use which might make it even more interesting.

Given the controversy of whether e-mountain bikes even belong on trails or not, organizing an eMTB race is a big move by organizers at such a large event. Is the charge being led by e-bike manufactures trying to edge their way further in to acceptance? How will this go down? Will we hear cheers…. or boos from the crowd? Let us know what you think about it in the comments.


See A Lot More of Your Ride with 360Fly’s Super Wide Angle POV Action Camera

360Fly Arms

Tired of the same old views from your POV cam? Want to see more of the sights surrounding your ride? The 360Fly tosses out something completely different by doubling the standard “field of view” of standard POV cam’s, incorporating an accelerometer to control the lens’ direction, and allowing you to swipe the video around on your phone while viewing it.

Take a look past the break to see how this works and a video of it in action…..


A Week in Review: Turner Crosses it Up, Step Back in Time with Orbea…. and What is Jens Saying now?

1994 Orbea Next One hardtail mountain bike with drum brakes and single-sided drivetrain stays 2016 Turner Cyclosys cyclocross bike ride review and actual weights

Fitbit Surge GPS fitness tracker sports watch adds Jens Voigt as brand ambassador and product tester TiGr mini lock, on front wheel and frame

As the weather shifts, the wind chills, and the leaves fall, we enter into the worst day of the year for some, as others excitedly scramble trying to remember where they…. or someone else put their light charger. In the mean time, we had everything from awesome to odd this week. Bike locks are simply not what they used to be and TiGr, Abus and Hiplock brought us their own take. Sufferfest and BKool create new ways to make emerging from the depths of your pain-cave harder than ever, and a new dropper….. err, stem from 3SFtech.

So sneak a handful of your kid’s trick-or-treat candy, (but don’t be these parents), and look to see what you missed this week….


BKool online training simulator spooks away virtual weather with Halloween “weather” for the weekend


Seems there’s a ghost in the machine at BKool, scaring away the usual 3D scenery in their virtual training world and replacing it with a spooktacular Halloween theme. Ready to ride with the ghosts, goblins and your own inner demons? Fire up the BKool training simulator quick, things should be back to normal by Monday morning. If the thought of out riding spectres doesn’t make you squeamish, head past the break for more screenshots…


World Bicycle Relief and SRAM Partner for Stem Cap Support


Stem caps are a crucial part of your bike. Without them, in most cases you would be forced to ride with a loose headset, or worse – the entire front end would come apart. They also happen to be an easy way to personalize your ride. From Niner’s YAWYD, to countless other carbon, anodized, or painted caps there seem to be limitless options.

Now, stem caps are starting to be used for the greater good. Following in the footsteps of NICA, World Bicycle Relief and SRAM are partnering up for a new stem cap that can actually help change the world…