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Updated – EB14: Cervelo Ups the Aero Road Ante Again with a New S5, plus Updated RCA

Cervelo_New_S5_complete_aero_road_bike_new_Cockpit Cervelo_New_RCA_light_road_bike_Bear

After almost universal accolades from the cycling media for the previous generation of the S5 as possibly the fastest road bike on the market, including our own, instead of taking it as a compliment, Cervélo took it as a challenge to make the bike even faster. What resulted is a new bike that chops another 21.3 watts off from the last S5 VWD.

At the same time for the RCA, Cervélo went back to the drawing board to see how they could make their handmade super bike an even better all-arounder, and where they could make measurable weight gains.

Read on for full details on the S5 and the lowdown on the new RCA… READ MORE ->

Bell Officially Launches New Super 2R Convertible Full Face

Bell Super 2r Lifestyle

While an overeager distributor leaked some of the details last month, Bell is officially launching their new Super 2R helmet today. The helmet, which has been raced by Mathew Slaven for several months on the enduro race circuit, features a removable chin bar. Which makes it possible to convert into a half lid when climbing, or a full face for descending.

Find out how after the break.

EB14: New Challenge Cyclocross Tire Sneak Peek (UPDATE)



We were wander the halls of Eurobike this morning as companies were putting finishing touches on their stands and spied our friends at Challenge Tires. Leaned up against the wall was a new cross tubular tread that we didn’t recognize next to a Grifo and Limus. We got a quick pic and when we when back to look again the tire was put away. Apparently it isn’t ready for prime time yet, but looks like an exciting tire for the mud with some fast rolling tread in the center.

We’ll give you more info when it is available, and we’ll try to get a set in to review as soon as the production run lands.

Update. We stopped by today and got another couple shots for the new tire.The low-profile center knobs are said to be exceptional at shedding especially sticky mud.
And yes, it is called the Baby Limus.


EB14: Finish Line Frees Up Your Clips with new Pedal and Cleat Dry Lube

IMG_2871.JPG Finish Line’s latest lubricant is meant for your pedals rather than your chain. Their new Dry Film Pedal and Cleat Lube is specifically formulated to stick to the parts but not the environment. Approved for use use with Speedplay pedals as well as all other metal or composite cleats, the lube is totally dry and will not attract dirt.

Depending on the conditions Finish Line expects applications to last about a month. Once applied the lubricant will help break in new pedals and cleats, prevent older ones from squeaking, and free up available float while providing smooth entry and release. Finish Line mentions you can use the lube on other parts where a dry lube is beneficial but should not be used on chains.

Pedal and Cleat is sold in a 5 oz aerosol can for $8.99 and will be available next month.

Cinelli and Timbuk2 Gear for Global Unsanctioned Fixie Race Series

Cinelli Red Hook Crit Barcelona

The Red Hook Crit started out in 2008 as an unsanctioned circuit race ridden exclusively on fixed gear track bicycles late at night in an empty industrial park in Brooklyn. Six years, and countless bleeding hipsters later, it has evolved into an international series replete with corporate sponsors. Italian bicycle and lifestyle manufacturer Cinelli was quick to jump on the bandwagon, ponying up a custom painted Vigorelli frameset for the winners of all three events, as well as a limited edition run of cycling caps for all participants, both of which they are now releasing to the public. Bag maker Timbuk2 is also releasing a special backpack commemorating the series’ next two stops in Barcelona, Spain and Milan, Italy.

Hop on your fixie and jump the shark after the break…


EB14: Prototype American Classic Hub for RockShox RS-1


Since the introduction of the RockShox RS-1 there has been a discussion about the availability of compatible front hubs. Due to the Predictive Steering, the forks require a special hub design that initially was very limited in manufacturers.

While there has been some talk of SRAM approved hub designs, other manufacturers like American Classic have taken it upon themselves to design their own hub for the new fork. Technically still a prototype, we get a sneak peek at the new hub next…


Bkool Brings 3D Competition to Your Bedroom or Basement

Bkool Training

Bkool is launching a new, global, 3D simulation training and competition service at Eurobike and we have a quick first look.

Their second generation trainer, which we reviewed earlier this summer, integrates with their subscription-based online service to match your pedaling resistance to a virtual course profile. To date, Bkool has only offered two dimensional virtual courses or video replay, similar to Computrainer and their RacerMate software, albeit without the latter’s analytic capabilities.

Bkool is now upping the virtual ante with their new 3D World software. Find out how you can race anyone, anywhere, on any route on the planet after the bump…


Gevenalle Adds Up-Armored Front Derailleur to Cyclocross Gruppo

Gevenalle BURD Front Derailleur

Gevenalle, formerly Retroshift, just released the BURD  Front Derailleur/Chain Guide for cyclocross. Like their BURD rear derailleur, the “Blatantly Upgraded and Rebranded Derailleur” is a hacked, top-of-the-line Microshift component that they rebuilt to better serve ‘cross racers who demand reliable shifting in brutal conditions. The derailleurs, along with their standard pull, long pull, and hydraulic shift levers; and cassette spacer are giving cyclists an affordable and reliable – if not particularly pretty or light – alternative to Campagnolo, Shimano, and SRAM.

The folks at Gevenalle replaced the lightweight carbon Microshift cage with a smaller, rigid steel piece of their own design, and made some other secret tweaks, to make a derailleur that will best suit the relatively small gear range but huge shifting loads that differentiate cyclocross from road drivetrains. Gevenalle also claims that the FD is ideally suited to single ring chainguide use, thanks to limiter screws that allow the reinforced cage to be dialed in exactly where you want it.

Price, specs, and their service plan after the break…


Smith Introduces the Arena, Arena MAX, and Asana PivLock Performance Sunglasses

smith pivlock arena


Smith has released details on the three new PivLock performance sunglasses we covered earlier this summer: the Arena, Arena MAX, and Asana.

All three models are designed to maximize comfort and integrate with Smith helmets. Ergonomic features include two-position adjustable nose pieces, hydrophillic materials in the contact points to help keep the glasses in place, and a frameless design to maximize the vertical field of view so you can keep your head down while riding.

Integration with the Smith helmet line is via a matching contoured brow to improve ventilation and temple cutouts in the helmet designed to accommodate the shortened eyewear arms.

All models include three interchangeable PivLock lenses with a hyrdoleophobic coating to repel water, dirt and grease. We are happy to see the standard inclusion of a clear lens, making riding on shorter, colder days much more enjoyable.

Sizing, options, and pricing after the break…