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Bikerumor Pic Of The Day: Illawarra, New South Wales, Australia

bikerumor pic of the day Jamberoo Pass australia

Photo submitted by Mike Sims, “A misty early morning began with a beautiful but challenging ride up Jamberoo Pass in the Illawarra, New South Wales, Australia. This 6km ride averages 9.2% but is much steeper in places, and passes through a lush rainforest of eucalypts, tree ferns and many other species. One of my all time favorites.”

We always love to see your photos and would like to show them to the world here on the Pic Of The Day. Send in your photo with a brief description here.

Getting Rad On Drop Bars, Velo Orange Leaks New Bike Model?


Velo Orange posted up some pictures on their blog today, showing photos of what appears to be a fat tire touring bike that can also catch air. Looking closely at the photos, it appears to have full rack and fender mounts, clearance for big tires, 3-Pack mounts for Salsa Anything Cages on the fork, disc brakes and a level-ish top tube.

Not mentioned in the same sentence very often, the bar-end shifter equipped bike is photographed catching a bit of air. We also see some really cool visual cues matching the fork the the seatstays of the frame. Click more to see a few more photos of the interesting mixed purpose machine…


FOUND: Squid Bikes Mixes USA Made Aluminum & Creative DIY Paint


Just started this year, Squid Bikes is a rider-owned company in Sacramento, CA. Working in aluminum, they are starting out making primarily cyclocross bikes, and sponsoring riders Anthony Clark and Emily Kachorek.

Making custom aluminum is not new, but also not very common. Aluminum bikes need some post-processes done after welding that require large machinery, typically making it cost prohibitive for small operations. But aluminum also offers the property of being more corrosion resistant than steel, so they can offer the really cool “Rattlecan” model. F0r $1600, you can get a California built frame and ENVE CX carbon fork, in a raw finish so that you can finish it yourself with rattle can paint from the hardware store.

Have a look past the jump to see the custom painted Emily Kachorek pro model…


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

  • Spin Cycle: Cleaning Up With Investors After Bootstrapping A Business by OPEN Forum. Each week, MSNBC’s Your Business features experts to share their secrets for improving your business. This week they featured Wash Cycle Laundry in Philadelphia.
  • Trek Travel is now offering their lightest road bike, the Trek Emonda SLR™ to their fleet. So now when you’re touring with Trek Travel in the rugged Alps of France or Italy’s Dolomite Mountains you’ll have the option to upgrade to the lightest production road bike ever built.
  • Kogel Bearings is offering 20% off store wide on their web site until December 24 . Use code ‘HOLIDAY20S’ at check-out. This offer extends to IBDs as well. Shops can contact Kogel Bearings via to take advantage.
  • Access to sweet singletrack in the Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests may be in jeopardy. Please Comment on Timber Production, Wilderness Designations, and Management Prescriptions in the Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests by January 6th, 2015 by going to this email address: and let them know you that do not support USFS timber production in areas of the forests with heavy recreational use.
  • Increased travel costs and a desire to become healthier are fuelling a revolution on the roads. Lots of people are cycling and as a result professional drivers need to become more and more aware of how to act around this new wave of vulnerable road users. The UK’s leading Cycle Training Organisation…BikeRight! who train over 20,000 individuals each year in cycling safety and maintenance have launch a new series of training courses aimed at shared road use in the urban environment.
  • Beginning in April 2015 Phil Brotherton will spend roughly 3 months travelling across 12 countries to raise money for the Royal British Legion and the German Volksbund. His journey, The Trail of Poppies, will cover 3500 miles whilst leaving a trail of 2015 Poppies as a sign of remembrance to all who died from both sides in the Great War. You can also follow Phil’s preparation and progress on his Facebook page.
  • The awesome features of TICKR X and TICKR RUN are now available on the Wahoo Fitness App for Android! Be sure to download the Wahoo Fitness App in the Google Play Store.
  • Gravel Grinder News has merged with Riding Gravel. After a lot of work on both sites separately, Guitar Ted and Ben Welnak, have brought their collective works together into one source for riders. Follow this link for more details about the merger.

Baidu, The “Chinese Google”, Builds Dubike Concept With Tsinghua University


Looking like most industrial design concept projects, the Dubike concept actually has a greater chance of reaching reality. It is commissioned by Baidu, an internet service company in China that is often compared to Google, both in service and in their investment in new technology.

The Dubike is a fully connected bike, but is not motorized like so many of the concepts out there. It is said to have a generating system to use kinetic energy to power the onboard programs, as well as recharge the rider’s devices. The design of the bike and the system is a partnership with the Tsinghua University Design department.

It is also fully integrated with sensors, so that the on board apps can become fitness trackers, power meters, bike computer, navigation, security and anything else they can program into the operating system. They are already launching the OS to the public to begin the creation of crowd-sourced apps. Jump past the break to see a video about the Dubike.


Holiday Gift Guide: Saris’s Wish List

bikerumor pic of the day jackson's trail moab utah

Photo Credit: A past Pic of the Day here, by Adam Kollgaard

Having blown right past Thanksgiving and into the pre holiday season, it’s time to start dreaming of Christmas gifts for you and yours. It’s never easy, but hopefully this Holiday Gift Guide gives you (and my boyfriend) a little inspiration.

To give you fair warning, my tastes lean towards the more gravity oriented mountain side of things. But no matter what I’m riding, you’ll be sure to catch me airing out curb cuts, scoping bonus lines, and trying to find out where that random goat path actually goes.


My bike has taken me a number of incredible places, but there are still a number of locations and experiences on my mountain biking bucket list. Among the highest priority items are doing a heli-drop (um, anywhere), racing the Trans Provence, heckling at a World Cup DH Race, and making it out to Moab.

I’m hoping to make it out to the red desert sometime in the next year with some good friends in tow. Peak riding season is said to be March-May. If you have any riding/crawling/moto/beer/ or camping suggestions, please leave them in the comments for me.

Kinomap Trainer Has Over 56,000 Training Sessions, Lets You Ride Indoors Anywhere In The World


Just released on a public beta version, the Kinomap Trainer integrates with compatible home trainers, and lets your virtually ride almost 50,000kms around the world. Kinomap’s app can integrate with Computrainer, Wahoo Kickr, Cycleops Powerbeam, and Elite trainers, as well as anything else out there by adding an external speed sensor.

There is a robust amount of features with the app such as maps, elevation plots, multiplayer modes, videos, calculated power, ride history, map searching, videos, virtual racing and TV mirroring, all in a simple interface.

The iOS version leads with multiplayer mode, workout reporting to Strava, Garmin connect and Training Peaks, all of which will also be coming to Android soon. The app is available in the Google play store for €5.99 a month.

Holiday Gift Ideas: Zach’s Wish List


Every year, these holiday wish lists get harder and harder. It’s not that there isn’t a wealth of worthy candidates – for me it’s the opposite. I’ve always been drawn to just about anything with two wheels and as I’ve gotten older it seems to have gotten worse. Deep down, I’m probably still a mountain biker with roots in dirt jumping or downhill, but I’m just as likely to be found on a road or cyclocross bike as I am a mountain bike on any given weekend. And then there’s fat bikes.

Fortunately, when it comes to bikes now more than ever, there are more options than you can shake a tire lever at. Narrowing it down to your favorite pieces is the hard part. In the end it’s all about having the most fun on a bike and I think the following selection is a perfect representation.

An Experience:

No matter what I’m riding, I always seem to have the most fun on a downhill bike at a bike park. For that reason, I’d have to say my first choice would be a week at Whistler. Somehow over the years I still have not managed to make my way up there, and after a recent trip to Mountain Creek Bike park (also very good), I’m itching to get back on the DH bike. Seeing as how Whistler is known as the downhill mecca, it seems like a good place to have on a wish list like this.

Runners up would include any mountain bike adventure that involves a new-to-me part of the world. One of my absolute favorite parts of this job is the ability to travel to new locations and take in the local culture, food, and surroundings.


Handful of Colorful Limited Edition Paul Components available in Pink, Mint Green, Purple, Blue, Red, Orange, and Gold

Paul Component Engineering limited Edition colors purple pink red orange green blue gold (6)

Over the past 25 years, Paul Component engineering has been known to dabble in small batches of limited edition colors. The availability of unique finishes combined with beautiful engineering and quality manufacturing has always made the company a favorite among bicycle connoisseurs.

The latest crop of color includes a number of different parts including Motolite brakes, Royal Flush Chainrings, Road Cranks, Tall and Handsome posts, Melvins, Thumbies and more. Ride the rainbow next…