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Cinelli Shows Their Foot Fetish w/ New Kink Pedal Straps

Cinelli Kink pedal straps

Cinelli’s on a roll, pumping out a new product every couple weeks. The latest is their new Kink Straps, oversized eco-leather foot straps that’ll fit most flat pedals.

The aluminum buckles are angled to ease foot entry, and thick padded straps keep ‘em comfy. Retail’s $43.16 USD, available now. More pics below…

Tubeless Tire Sealant Tech, Part 1 – How Often Should It Be Checked & Replaced?

Mountain bike tubeless tire sealant tech - how often should I check and replace sealant

Around the Bikerumor office, there’s always a collection of wheels and tires to be tested. Sometimes, that means re-using tires on new rims, or just switching things around to suit a particular type of ride. And that means we go through a good bit of sealant, sometimes mixing them (against the advice of the brands – fortunately, nothing’s exploded so far).

As such, we’ve seen plenty of semi-solidified sealant in every state of congealment from pouring straight onto the floor to us simply wanting to scrap the tires because it looks like lava rock painted beige. That got us thinking. What causes the sealant to dry up? How often should we be checking it? Replacing it? And, in the event you find zero moisture in your tire, how can you get it out? Or should you?

We spoke to Bob Nunnink, U.S. Domestic Sales & Marketing Manager for Stan’s NoTubes, and John Vargas, President of Orange Seal Cycling, to get some ideas. Oh, and then we spent two hours of our lives that we’ll never get back peeling mixed, dried sealant out of a set of Maxxis Ikons to see just how much weight sealant really adds


State of the Industry: What Bike Mechanics Make


Recently a fellow contributor to BikeRumor sent me a link to a beautiful new mountain bike and asked me if it was special enough to post. He’s more of a roadie, just like i’m more of a mountain biker, so it was a valid question. The bike in question retailed for over $10,000 and had carbon everything, plus some custom accents, but if you look through the past several homepages you won’t find it posted. You see somewhere along the way, a carbon frame, wheels, and even sub 500 gram carbon cranks, become rather ubiquitous.

In the mountain bike realm, the acceleration of this trend is due in part to economies of scale but also advancements in technology. Trails that used to be exclusively downhill bike territory are now half lid and trail bike fun. Which ultimately means that enthusiasts can buy one bike that does it all, rather than have two or three bikes for disciplines ranging the gamut from  XC to DH.

So in this brave new world filled with $10k steeds, one thing remains unchanged – the need for bike mechanics. Sure some tasks are simple and can be performed by your average garage mechanic, but many parts must be torqued carefully or require special tools and servicing. So why haven’t the wages of bike mechanics gone up accordingly? Donny Perry of Specialized SBCU has posted a thorough and interesting slideshow on the subject that’s well worth a look through. Drop past the break to flip through it….



Ugh, and here we thought using the term “brick” was finally going out of vogue. But, now The Sufferfest has thrown a brick into your torture chamber. The brick workout combines a stationary bike (or your own bike on a trainer) and treadmill to stack together workouts from Apex Coaching. Officially licensed Challenge Events video is cobbled together by the suffering’s master mason for brick after brick of run/bike layers.

Like all their videos, this one’s sure to hit you like a ton of (wait for it…)


And through end of day February 10, all Sufferfest Training Plans are 15% off and accompanying videos are 10% off.

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As the firth and final installment in the Easton Dream Bike Charity Sweepstakes, Easton will be giving away this candy apple red Hunter at the end of this month. Just like the other bikes that have been raffle off, tickets can be purchased for $5 through Easton’s Facebook Page. Even if you don’t win, you can feel good in the fact that the money is being donated to a worthy cause – in this case the American Red Cross with Hunter stating,“There are a lot of great nonprofits in the world. But Red Cross… They’re the ones on the ground, offering help to the people that need it most,” When asked about the bike Hunter said, “I wanted to make this thing special. It’s basically my dream road bike, in a smaller size.”

What makes this a dream bike? Check out the details after the break.



1200px-SRAM-RED-22-130-BB30-Hero 1200px-Quarq-ELSA-10R-130-BB30-Hero

If you’re the owner of an older Quarq power meter and have been eying an upgrade to the latest technology, now’s your chance to get it done at a reduced price. Thanks to Quarq’s upgrade program, owners of Quarq CinQo Saturn and SRAM S975 power meters can trade in their current cranks for the new Quarq Elsa 10R, SRAM Red, Red 22, or Riken 10R power meters and pay only $899.99 for the upgrade ($699.99 for the Riken 10R). What’s the fine print? There really isn’t much, just that you have to trade in your current crank and pay the upgrade cost plus shipping. Cranks must first be sent into Quarq’s Spearfish, SD customer service center after you visit your local SRAM or Quarq dealer and arrange an RMA. The fact that you can request a different bottom bracket standard or chainring set up is a nice touch, meaning the upgrade opportunity is for more than just the electronics.

Already running the new power numbers in your head? Details on how to upgrade next.


Bicycle People making non-bicycle Art – An Art Show Curated by Stevil Kinevil, Presented by Swobo



Chances are, if you ask around your circle of riding friends there will be at least an artist or two. The cycling world seems to attract a lot of creative people whether they’re designers, painters, builders, sculptors, or any type of “maker” if you will. There have been plenty of art shows with cycling based themes such as Art Crank, but after a number of rejections of his own art from cycling related shows, world famous web logger and Swobo model Stevil Kinevil decided it was time to put on his curating cap and organize a show that featured the work of bike people. Though this time, the art would have nothing to do with bicycles. The bicycle is the common thread of the presented artists – Alexis Knudsen, Casey Robertson, Chris McNally, Paul Urich, and Stevil himself, but the art is their creative outlet away from two wheels.

Get a sneak peek at the art after the break.


Win a Titanium Caletti Road Bike in Easton’s January Dream Bike Charity Sweepstakes

Caletti Easton Dream Bike

As the latest bike up for grabs in Easton’s Dream Bike Charity Sweepstakes, this sweet titanium Caletti road bike is going to a new home. As with the rest of the bikes in the giveaway, all it takes to enter is to purchase a $5 ticket from the Easton Raffle facebook page. The 54cm road bike features a whale on the down tube, but the real winning sea creature here are sharks since all of the proceeds are being donated to Shark Savers, a group dedicated to “saving sharks and mantas through building awareness, education, and action.”

Check out the shark-grey Ti race machine after the break.


Polygon Carbon Cyclocross Bike Introduced with help of Orange Monkey Pro Team


Just in time for their national championship also in January, the Orange Monkey Pro Team has a new ride. Working closely with Polygon, the team is helping to debut the company’s first cyclocross bike, the Helios CX. The full carbon, disc equipped racer brings the Helios road pedigree to the mud just in time for the season finale.

Hop the barrier for more.