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EB15: Rie:sel Zips from Fenders to 94g Carbon Stu:hl Saddle, Plus rear Fenders and Stem Caps

reisel fender carbon sADDLE (4)

After initially wandering over to rie:sel’s booth at Eurobike to see if they had any wild new fender designs, we were caught a bit off guard by what we found. As a company that started with colorful fenders that attach to the bike with zip ties, rie:sel is making what seems to be a big leap into carbon components.

If you think about it though, the concept does make some sense. As fenders go, it doesn’t get much lighter than the 19g schlamm:PE. If you use that line of thought, a 94g saddle should fit right in…


IB15: Gripping Round-up: Lizard Skins Adds More Colors; ESI Contours Grips & Says Death to Electrical Tape!

Lizard Skin ESI-1-4Lizard Skin ESI-1-2Lizard Skin ESI-5

A couple of names synonymous with grip continue to grow and expand their current offerings to keep your hands on the bars. ESI and Lizard Skins, both known for their ability to remain grippy in both wet or dry conditions had some colorful and new things to show us.

Grab a firm hold and see what these two masters of grip have on hand….


100Copies Bikemoji Series, communicating emotion through components


It’s been almost a half a year since we last saw an update in the 100Copies series of artist Thomas Yang. But to make up for lost time, he is releasing four emoji-inspired posters. Yang sees the Bikemoji series of portraits as based on emotions common amongst cyclists like himself. Each expression is created with select bicycle components, and each poster visually depicts the character in a simple and abstract way. Step on past the break for a look at all four, their prices, and availability…


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces



Tools & Access

  • Find Public Repair  Stations Around the Globe – Minneapolis based Dero has put together an online mapping tool for cities, parks, universities, and bike advocacy groups to embed in their cycling and services sites to help cyclists find access to publicly available repair stands and tools. Dero has been cataloging coordinates for their Fixit stands, an the Fixit map continues to grow as the popularity of bicycling around the world increases. Currently, Dero Fixits can be found in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States, including Puerto Rico.


Bike needs a tune? The Otto Tuning System has an app for that, With Smart Phone based Derailleur Adjustment


Otto Design Works says that you can let your phone do the tuning with their “vision app” and hardware kit. As far fetched as this sounds, should we really be surprised? We use our phones for far more things than we imagined just 5 years ago and who knows, 5 years from now we might be performing our own root canals with the latest iPhone 12.

Download the derailleur adjustment details next…


IB15: SE Racing Rips a Big One With The Fat Ripper, their New BMX Inspired Fat Bike

Fat Ripper-1

When you think you’ve seen it all… and then something new comes along to blow your mind – that is pretty much what I went through when I saw SE Racing’s “Fat Ripper”. In a sea of fatbikes, this thing stood out like nothing else in the oversize category at Interbike as this is not a BMX bike for riding in the snow….. though you could!

Rip past the break to see this rad beast up close and some shots and videos of former pro BMX’er and long time SE Racing Brand Manager, Todd Lyons showing us how it’s done…


IB15: Business In Front, Party In Back – Foes Mixer Series Blends 29 & 27.5″ Wheels, Goes Plus Size For Alpine

Foes fin-2

With the 29er wheel size reigning over all and the infectious enduroable 27.5″ wheel size all but swallowing up the existence of 26” wheels, how can someone not carry on the tradition of mixing up wheel sizes yet again? What are we going to call it? SevinFive9er… 79’er… 97’er?

Trip past the break and see what Brent Foes has been up to…..


17 Brands Recall Over 1.5 Million Front Quick Releases – Injuries Reported

QR Brands-1

In an expansive investigation stemming off of the recent recall of over 1 million quick releases on Trek bikes, 13 more companies (that represent a total of 17 brands), that have used the same style quick release on bikes with disc brakes between 1998 and present are coming forward and issuing a voluntary recall through the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association (BPSA).

Take a quick look past the break to see diagrams and a video to see if this affects you, and what the big S is offering their affected customers for their trouble…


IB15: Seasucker Hoggs your skewer to hold the front wheel…next to a dragon

Seasucker’s super expensive, super sharp Komodo rack had but one downside: there was no where to put your front wheel.

So, they turned their milling machines to a bit more metal and created the Hogg, a screw-on axle capturing device that lets your wheels hold hands while you hustle down the highway at 70+ mph.

Grab the details below…