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VECTr Interchangeable Expanding Gear System Seeks Feedback, Check It Out & Give Your Opinion

Joseph Magee, the product developer of the VECTr, is looking for feedback on his design as he conducts market research. The name is short for the Variably Expanding Chain Transmission, and is a new way to change your front drive ratio. They have built a working prototype along their journey towards production.

The system is said to be better than typical current designs by reducing the wear and friction of a front derailleur, reducing wear on the chain from drastic chain angles (cross-chaining), can change gears quickly, and can be adjusted anywhere in between a 22t and 44t equivelant.

Watch the video, and take their survey. Tell us what you think of VECTr

Jeronimo’s Pandora Ti Will Open The Door To Titanium, Pinion & Belt Drive

Jeronimo 1Jeronimo Cycles, from the Canary Islands has caught our attention before with very unique designs built from Titanium, strange names, and flashy Reynolds 853 bikes. The newest release is the Pandora Ti, a hardtail built around the Pinion P1.18 gearbox, and powered by Gates Center Track belt drive.

With the frame costing an astonishing €2,849, and a Pinion gearbox also reaching close to €2,000, this gorgeous bike won’t come cheap. See the detailed titanium work after the jump…


Duro Shows Big D Fat Bike Tire, Shows 3D Print Of Next Design

Duro-Fat-Bike-TireDuro Tire is jumping into the fat bike playground with a 120tpi folding tire. Looking very similar to a cross between the Surly Larry and Surly Endomorph, the 26×4.0 inch tire took the safe route for a first tire, and built off designs that are already known to work.

Also present, but without explanation is a 3D print of another tread pattern that looks to be more dirt oriented with bigger lugs that have wider spacing between them. Click more to see the technical specs on Big D… READ MORE ->

Bandha Bikes Is Crowdfunding To Build Bamboo Bikes for Uganda

Bandha Bikes is a project to increase access to transportation for people in Ugandan villages. By creating and distributing bamboo bikes, they can help the residents achieve basic needs and access to resources. Most Ugandans spend their time walking since there are no other options, and they need to get to places where they can find food, water, schools, work and health.

Riding a bicycle is four times faster than walking, so they can have more access to the things they need. They have identified several local sources of mature bamboo to sustainably harvest. Then, they are importing the hemp wrap for the joints and the epoxy, with an estimated total build cost of a complete bike is $250.

Bandha is seeking donations to bring these bamboo bicycles to Uganda. They are running a crowdfunding campaign where donations are tax-deductable, and all funds raised will be to run a pilot program in Lwanda village.

Kickstarter Roundup: Dappercap, WiscoWood, WingLights & More

There is no denying that Kickstarter is changing the shape of product development for inventors. The volume of product moving through the crowd funding website is steadily increasing, and projects are continually getting funded. This means that consumers are also seeing it as the place to find the leading edge of art and innovation, and actually putting up their money towards these ideas.

WiscoWood is re purposing hardwood scraps from local businesses, and then using a laser engraver to artistically style the custom wallets. Founded by a couple friends with various experience in the cycling industry, they are calling this the beginning to their company that has a vision to make products in America with little impact on the planet. Their Kickstarter project has several different selections for graphics on the wallets, and even a bookmark!

Check out the stylish helmets, turn signals and other ideas after the jump…


Radial Cycles To Launch 33 Bike Lineup At UCI Cyclocross World Cup

Radial-RoadRadial Cycles, a new brand out of the UK is set to launch at the Milton Keynes UCI Cyclcross World Cup. Launching a new brand is somewhat common, but Radial is launching with a 33 bike line from the start, a seriously impressive undertaking.

They are keeping details on the bikes quiet until launch, so we will have to wait and see!

From Radial Cycles: New British brand, Radial Cycles, will be the Platinum Partner of the forthcoming UCI Cyclocross World Cup in Milton Keynes on the 29 November. Radial Cycles will be using the event to launch their brand, giving the public the first glimpse of their new range of 33 bikes as well as supporting parts and accessories. It will also be an opportunity for visitors to meet and get to know the team behind Radial.

Developed through experience and designed in Britain, Radial Cycles has been created to inspire performance at all levels and disciplines. Dedicated to continuous customer service and support, the direct to customer website,, provides every customer access to desirable products at the right price.

Matt Pryke, Brand Manager of Radial Cycles commented, ‘We’re delighted to become the Platinum Partner of the UCI Cyclocross World Cup; this event will be a major stepping stone as we launch Radial. What better way to launch a British brand than during this exciting event, held in Britain for the very first time.’ Simon Burney, UCI Event Director stated, ‘It’s a major coup for us to bring the UCI Cyclocross World Cup to Milton Keynes. Our partnership with Radial Cycles supports our best-in-class vision of associating with dynamic, progressive brands to help deliver our world class events.’



Trailcraft Cycles Builds 24-Inch Wheel Mountain Bikes To Make Young Riders Fly

Trailcraft-Kid-1Faced with the problem of trying to outfit her son with an appropriate bike, Ginger Rosenbauer didn’t care for the fact that most of the choices weighed almost half of what he did, and were woefully inappropriate for actual off road riding. Located in Fort Collins, CO, they were already able to do a lot of design, prototyping and production this year, and they are ready to go to market.

Launching by using Kickstarter, they already have the first production available for delivery before the holidays. Rosenbauer says “One of the most valuable benefits of the Pineridge 24 are the memories made together on the bike as a family. The awesome ride quality and lightweight components of the Pineridge 24 has allowed for longer more enjoyable rides, creating fun times on the trail together, and a lifetime of memories. This time and connection together is priceless.” Check out this kids bike with lots of attention to detail after the jump…


Does A Climber Need Special Shoes? Rapha Thinks So


Segmentation and specialization are the natural course of progress. Cycling is growing, and that gives room for items to become more specific to their task. We have climbing wheels, climbing frames and now, climbing shoes.

Never shy to jump right in, Rapha is introducing the Climber’s Shoes. For $400, and available online only, they are taking pre-orders now for the lightweight shoes that have lots of ventilation. Check out the colorways after the jump…


100Copies Last Design of the Year: Cyclism Art Print


The last print of 2014 from 100 copies has a few Artist’s Proofs remaining. Titled Cyclism, it is composed of 300 cycling quotes from a wide range of cyclists and lovers of bikes – from politicians to pro riders. The quotes range from deep inspiration from some of the worlds great thinkers, to silly but genuine puns from some of cycling’s hard men. Together they come together to form a simple image of a the beauty, freedom, and balance of riding a bike.

Head on over to Thomas Yang’s web store if you want to get in while they last. These last proofs are $135, and can be shipped worldwide to brighten somebody’s face this holiday season.