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Sneak Peak: New 150mm Travel Juliana Roubion

Spotted over on Instagram, this new 150mm travel 650b model from Juliana Bikes – the women’s offshoot of Santa Cruz Mountain bikes – will be announced shortly.

The mountain bike will be based on the same platform as the extremely capable (and very popular) Bronson model, but will feature women’s specific components. On previous Juliana models, this has entailed narrower bars, smaller grips, special saddle, etc…

For women looking to expand their comfort zones and tackle demanding new terrain, this new model is exciting news. The ad appears to have hit new stands before the official press launch was sent out, and the bike does not currently appear on the Juliana website, but we’ll update you as soon as we learn more!

Roundup: April Fools Fun from Chris King, Pure Fix, Cane Creek & American Classic

Here’s a little taste of some of the better fake releases we got today, pasted in their entirety where available. It’s the least we could do considering the work they put into it. Enjoy!


Chris King Precision Components pioneers #GRAVELVISION, a new methodology for contextualizing our components within the fast developing riding category of gravel grinding.

Take a moment and look around. Our world is not made solely of thick black tarmac and narrow winding trails. Between these two lives something, a treasure hiding in plain view. The wind knows this secret and it whispers a single word, a word that is echoed down the long straight stretches of forgotten roads, over under serviced potholes and across cracked and broken chip seal. That word is GRAVEL.

At Chris King Precision Components we listen to the words of the wind. This season we are proud to introduce a new way of looking at our product. That’s right, instead of spending long hours in development and testing we realized that with almost three decades of high quality component development infused into our current lineup what was needed wasn’t an entirely new product but rather a new way of looking at our existing product. We are calling this new perspective Gravel Vision.


100copies: Limited Edition Cycling Art

100copies_No21_The_Cyclists_Empire_art_print_SOLD_OUT 100copies_No21_The_Cyclists_Empire_process_art_print_details

So this bicycle tire imprinted celebration of New York City happened and sold out so quickly in between spring show coverages that I didn’t get it to you quickly enough to buy. But it is still very cool and merits a glance in our stream of expensive custom bikes.

Hop past the break for some other limited editions still available…


Video: New Zealand Adventure With Juliana Bikes

Ordinary product videos can be a tad big generic with their focus on slow mo shots of berm crop dusting and close up nature stills, but this video from Juliana Bikes has us stoked for summer. Hit play to watch Anka Martin and friends having a great time and riding flat out.

Head past the break to learn more about the trip in Anka’s own words…

Fix It Sticks Returns to Kickstarter with Two New Products: The Replaceable Edition and T-Way Wrench

Fix it Sticks Replaceable EditionLast year Fix it Sticks introduced a compact and minimal multi-tool on kickstarter that reshaped our perception of what a mini tool should like. The idea was ultra simple and consisted of two aluminum tools with steel bits that could be combined together to increase leverage and comfort when in use.

The advantage of the original design was the lack of moving parts, but the downside was you were limited to the built in bits. The latest refresh, dubbed The Replaceable Edition, allows users the ability to swap in different bits to accommodate the tools they actually need. READ MORE ->

Arkel Launches Limited Edition Custom Color Program For Grand Touring Bags

Arkel GT PannierIf you’ve been on the fence about buying a pair of new panniers, this new custom color program from legendary manufacturer Arkel might help with your tough decision. From now until March 15th, the company is taking orders for custom bags in one of 6 limited edition colors. Once the last orders are in, production will begin. Each bag is hand made in Canada and the delivery window  is April 15th-May 1st.


Frostbike: PDW Goes Wider with Full Metal Fenders

Frostbike: PDW Goes Wider with Full Metal Fenders

Depending on where you live, the Spring months ahead probably spell rain. Or, in the case of Portland Design works it’s probably raining right now. Either way, if you’re running bigger tires and want some premium fenders, PDW’s Full Metal Fenders just got a little wider. Now offered in a 45mm width, the fenders will comfortably clear a 38mm tire in aluminum Full Metal glory. Each aluminum fender is  equipped with a rubber mud flap to keep spray to a minimum. 45mm Full Metal Fenders retail for $120.


Frostbike: Tubeless Ready Road Disc Rims Take off with Velocity’s new Aileron


Chances are pretty good that if you’re on board with the road disc concept, you may also be a fan of road tubeless. Thanks to more road disc bikes popping up on a regular basis, Velocity is entering the market with their first disc specific road rim, the all new Aileron. Built as a tubeless compatible aluminum rim with a nice wide, aero profile, the Aileron looks like it will help you go fast while stopping on a dime.


Cinelli Shows Their Foot Fetish w/ New Kink Pedal Straps

Cinelli Kink pedal straps

Cinelli’s on a roll, pumping out a new product every couple weeks. The latest is their new Kink Straps, oversized eco-leather foot straps that’ll fit most flat pedals.

The aluminum buckles are angled to ease foot entry, and thick padded straps keep ‘em comfy. Retail’s $43.16 USD, available now. More pics below…