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There’s a New Track Hub In Town with the All City New Sheriff SL Hubset

All City New Sheriff SL track hubs (4)

There is a new Sheriff in town. Well, at least when it comes to track hubs from All City. Meant to be a true racing hubset, the New Sheriff SL has been optimized to make it one of the lightest track hubsets available without losing day to day durability. Even if you would rather run a freewheel than fixed, the New Sheriff SL is the perfect starting point for your next track wheel build…


Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

Memorial Day Sales


  • FitWell Bicycle Company is Having A Sale – Through Friday the 29th, all bikes are 30% off MSRP and you won’t pay shipping. FitWell produces bicycles that offer a great fit, stability and value with a clean aesthetic for riders that just want to go out and ride. Visit to see the great deals no some cool bikes.
  • TWIN SIX // MEMORIAL DAY SALE – 16% off all orders under $66 and 26% Off all orders over $66. Sale ends on May 25th at midnight. Visit for the deals.


Limited Edition “Audi Sport Racing Bike” by Lightweight Available Now

audi sport racing bike carbon (3)

What do Lightweight bicycle components and Audi’s R18 e-tron quattro LMP1 race car have in common? For starters both employ the use of T1000 carbon fiber. That, and they both include a hefty price tag. First teased back in March, Audi’s Sport Racing bike is gaining a lot of attention lately – mostly due to the price tag. That’s understandable considering the €17,500 ($19,500) sticker, but hey, it’s still $12k cheaper than the Lamborghini Aventador BMC Impec.

Sure, the Audi Sport Racing Bike is expensive, but considering the top tier build on the Lightweight wheels and frame, it’s not that surprising…


Zipp Introduces Limited Firestrike 404 Tubular Wheels, Updates Clinchers


Last year, Zipp introduced the latest in a long history of aero wheel designs with their new Firestrike platform. Starting with the 404 clincher, the Firestrike moniker became the calling card of Zipp’s highest end wheels. By using a new rim shape and ABLC (aerodynamic boundary layer control) dimple pattern, the new design maximized the amount of stability the wheels provided essentially allowing you to use deeper rims than the conditions would normally allow. Other improvements included their new Showstopper Silicon Carbide (SiC) brake track for drastically improved wet weather braking as well as new hubs, printed graphics, and a new molding process.

There was only one drawback. The Firestrike 404 wheels have only been available in clincher – until now. Not only are the Firestrikes now available in tubular form, but the Firestrike 404 clinchers receive a few updates as well…


Milanobike Introduces Frameblock- The City Bike With an Integrated Cable Lock

FrameBlock Shark Kickstarter Edition

While non-riders might disagree, in a forum such as this it’s safe to say not much could be worse than getting your bike stolen. In an effort to put bike thieves out of business Matteo Diego Caldiroli, the founder of custom bike studio Milanobike, designed and patented the FrameBlock. As its name suggests, a cable lock is built into the bike’s frame for security and convenience.

The FrameBlock provides some unique advantages, especially for forgetful people who simply neglect to bring a lock or keys when they go places. Aside from always being there the lock fits neatly into the frame for unobstructed riding, the bike maintains a clean overall appearance, and you never have to figure out how best to lug a heavy lock around.

Unlock all the details after the break…

Rad Rover Electric Fatbike Delivers High Power Output for a Low Price

Rad Rover electric fatbike, side view

In terms of versatility, it’s pretty hard to beat an electric fatbike. As the ATV of the cycling world these bikes ride reasonably well on any terrain from smooth roads to sand and snow. With some cargo racks and a powerful electric motor to assist you, they can be great for hauling duties too.

The Rad Rover is the first complete bicycle from Seattle’s Rad Power Bikes. The Rover is a powerful do-everything electric fatbike that includes a fully unassisted throttle mode, and is quite affordable at $1499.00. The bike’s Indiegogo campaign just recently ended as a huge success, raising over eight times the funding goal of $40,000. Click below the break for more photos and full specs….

SpeedRelease puts thru axles in standard dropouts, adds mountain bike options

SpeedRelease quick release thru axle conversion for road and mountain bikes

About a year and a half ago, SpeedRelease showed their hand with a front thru axle-like system that fit into standard road bike forks, boosting stiffness and security while possibly shaving a few seconds from wheel swaps. At this year’s Taipei Cycle Show, they had a more polished version alongside rear wheel designs and iterations for mountain bikes.

The premise of SpeedRelease is to create a backwards compatible thru axle system that works with standard road forks that prevents the wheel from coming out if the lever accidentially loosens by locking the axle (skewer) into the hub. The original design came with an adapter to retrofit any fork to use it, and now they’ve added an OEM parts kit for any bike brand that wants to integrate it into the design.


Clothing Roundup: Pedal Chic Women’s Socks, DZR Mechanic SPD Sneakers and Swrve Casual Ride Gear for Men

Swrve mens summer clothing, lifestyle shot
It’s easy to bellyache about the amount of highly specific this-and-that in the cycling industry, but most often once we get our hands on such products, they prove their worth and functionality. While you could dismiss Swrve’s casual riding gear by saying ‘I already have riding clothes, and non-riding clothes’ you’d probably be happy to wear them for a day of casual cruising with the family, or a weekend pub crawl through Portland. Swrve has announced their summer line of men’s clothing with casual looks but features and materials that are ideal for cycling.

Click below the break to check out Swrve’s new duds, plus some technical women’s socks from Pedal Chic and a clean looking SPD sneaker from DZR Shoes…

Keep on Rolling With Velocare’s Extended Warranty Plans for Bicycles


Allow me to pull on my plaid tweed jacket and dust off the elbow patches, because today we’re going to talk about extended warranty plans! All kidding aside, Velocare is an extended warranty program for cyclists providing complete coverage on components that fail under normal riding circumstances for up to five years.

If you rely on your bicycle to commute, it’s equally important to you as cars are to motorists. As we all know, bikes can require pricey repairs too and not everyone can shell out for, say, a fork replacement on the spot. MTB riders might like knowing if they blow up a wheel right before a weekend ride or race, they can repair or replace it without hesitation. Velocare assures you that if your bike breaks down, one of their dealers will fix it up with no out-of-pocket expenses for you to deal with.

Click below the break for the fine print…