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Forget Safety Pins, Attach Your Numbers with racedots Magnets Instead

Race Dots Number Magnets (2)

Tired of ruining your expensive kit with the holes of a thousand safety pins every time you race? So was Jason Berry, so he set out to do something to fix it.

The solution? Magnets. Powerful rare-earth magnets encased in polished, nickel plated copper housings. The two piece design clamps down over your number and your jersey keeping it in place and not damaging anything in the process. Sound like something your race bag could use? See how to get your hands on some after the break.


Tradeshow Roundup: Kid’s Bikes – The Cute & The Mild


Our tradeshow coverage from Eurobike and Interbike is just about done. Yes, it’s been a month since we’ve returned home (two since Eurobike!), but, well, Bikerumor covers the halls from top to bottom. More and better than any other site, so we’ve had plenty to pump out. And it’s not like the travel and other product announcements have slowed. Seriously, there’s just no cycle anymore…it’s a year ’round free for all. Anywhoo, enjoy the roundups this week, there’s lots to see, and plenty that should entertain.

Above, a Fixed city bike for kids. After all, it’s never too early to start them on the way to knee pain and worn out tires. Fortunately, this one comes with a flip flop hub and front and rear brakes for parents who’s own tight jeans haven’t cut off blood supply to their gray matter. Plenty more for the little’uns below…


Dimond Polishes New Triathlon Super Bike, Made in USA


Last week it was the Falco V, this week it’s the 2014 Dimond triathlon bike to bring the boom-style frame back in vogue.

Dimond Bikes started in 2008 with the idea to make a better hydration system for triathletes. Over the years, founders TJ Tollakson and Dave Morse tossed around the idea of a “super bike”, and things slowly came together. The frame design was inspired by the Zipp 2001, a bike long out of production but still very fast. Morse, who had since been working as an engineer at Zipp, gave Tollakson a 2001 frame as a wedding gift in 2010, and they started to modify and modernize it. From there, they decided to make a go of it and Morse and fellow Zipp engineer Karl Hall designed, engineered and made the first prototypes.

Time passed, credit cards were used, and ultimately it took Hall Morse moving to Ruster Sports, which makes tri bike cases & accessories, to bring the project back to life. In May 2013, they finalized this design in a new 11,000 square foot facility in Des Moines, IA, and just released their first bike…


Airstreeem Bikes Introduce RR Storm SL and Carbon Aero 50 Wheels


Initially created in 2008, Airstreeem bikes is the product of Stefan Probst, a former pro cyclist. Based out of Salzburg, Austria, Airstreeem is slowly expanding with a recent push into the UK. Boasting their own in house product engineering and development team, the brand has established themselves as a high end road and triathlon fixture. Their newest offering is the RR Storm SL road bike, a road bike built on comfort but one that aims to give up as little speed as possible. Equip it with their new Carbon Aero 50 clincher wheels, and you’re off to the races – or club ride.


eeCycleworks Direct Mount eeBrakes In Production, Stopping a Bike Near You Soon

eeCycleworks direct mount eeBrakes

With Fair Wheel Bikes hanging prototypes on an Interbike showpiece and Parlee’s new ESX calling them out as a spec option, we checked in with eeCycleworks founder Craig Edwards for details. Not only did we get some great info, but he sent over pics of these prototypes on his own Trek Madone.

The new DM eeBrake uses a two-bolt mounting design with an outboard stiffening arch to prevent frame/fork flex during brake actuation. Even with all that, they actually come in 20 grams lighter than the already feathery standard eeBrake, tipping the scales at just 175g for the set…with brake pads and all hardware. That’s just 80-90g per wheel!

All of the parts are in production now. Edwards say finished product will likely be available by the end of the year. Flip past the break for more pics and options…


All-New Parlee ESX Aero Road Bike Slips Into Reality, TTiR Tri Bike Updated

All New Parlee ESX Aero Road Bike

The Parlee ESX aero road bike is a completely new model, and Bikerumor’s one of very few entities who have seen the bike in development. Check our factory tour for a look at a very early prototype. It’s been refined quite a bit since then, coming together as one of the best looking (and lightest!) aero road frames we’ve seen yet.

“We’re certainly not claiming to invent the category, but aero road bikes are certainly growing as a segment,” operations manager Tom Rodi told us. “Aero and weight are always a priority. We knew we could make a fast bike because of our triathlon bike, but we wanted to see if we can make something for the road and in the weight class we’re known for.”

Throughout the project, even back when we saw the prototypes, they’ve been testing in the wind tunnel. First, they put it against their own round tube Z5 to see if there was enough difference to justify the effort. They had some help from folks at MIT to interpret the data, and the answer was yes, based on drag and watt savings. For example, at a 10º wind angle at a realistically fast output, they found about a 13 watt savings. The savings were validated across a range of angles and speeds that reflected what normal riders achieve, so they moved forward.

Rodi says there’s always some compromise when developing an aero road bike. The question is, what are you willing to give up? A bit of torsional stiffness to get more aero? Or a slightly less deep tube profile for enhanced comfort?


IB13: Guru’s Revolutionary Fit System Gets Even Better

Guru Fit SystemA few years ago Guru introduced a bike fit system which utilized an automated fitting machine paired with an extensive data base of existing bike geometries. Walk into a shop that offers the Guru fitting system and it will not only help you get your current bike setup dialed, but it can generate a list of bikes that will work with your build.

For this year, they’ve updated their impressive database with even more bikes, updated their fitting bike, and packed in even more value for shops and customers.  Head past the break to see how it all works…


IB13: Wild New Falco V Triathlon Bike Leaves UCI Rules Way, Way Behind

Falco V triathlon bike with Tron paint scheme

While we suspect changes may be afoot at the UCI, they’re not likely to come at a swift pace. That leaves manufacturers with the decision to tone down their designs to meet those rules, or go where the numbers are and just make the baddest thing they can. Fortunately, Falco chose the latter.

The new Falco V combined radical shaping with a multitude of deep NACA aero profiles and clever touches to make a real standout bike. The usual touches are here -hidden brakes and cables, integrated aerobars and external steerer fairing- but the the real beauty of the bike is that nothing about the design is watered down…


Boardman Bikes Unveils Redesigned Elite Series for 2014


Just after revealing their new AiR/TTE Triathlon bike at Kona, Boardman bikes has taken the wraps off of the rest of the redesigned Elite series for 2014. Boardman is the company based on the success of Chris Boardman, an Olympic and Triple World Champion and World Record Holder from Great Britain. The new Elite series looks to continue Boardman’s promise of performance, design, and quality while building on the brand’s success with 6 different frame platforms for 2014. Bikes like the new CXR 9.4 above, a full carbon Shimano hydraulic disc/di2 equipped adventure machine. Across the line, the new Boardman bikes have been improved using CFD and FEA analysis to improve aerodynamics, and improve frame stiffness for improved handling and efficiency.

Check out the rest of the line up after the break.