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EB14: HED Goes Dark w/ Black Series Jet, Ardennes & New GT3 Rear Wheel (Updated)

2015 HED Jet Black and Ardennes Black road tubeless wheels

HED Cycling has given us one more option for turning our bike into a shadow warrior with their new Jet Black and Ardennes Black road wheels.

Not only to they get a new black anodized alloy outer rim, but the brake track gets a surface machining called Turbine Braking Technology. The result is a stealthy look with a claimed big improvement in stopping power. By a factor of five, according to their testing. That means 25% shorter stopping distance in good, dry conditions, and a whopping 70% shorter stopping distance in wet weather. All with better consistency, too.

They use HED’s 25mm wide clincher design that’s road tubeless ready, and they still use standard alloy rim brake pads…


Cipollini’s Sexy Goes DefCon One with NUKE Time Trial Machine

Cipollini Nuke Nome Personalizzato

I am of the school that holds that cycling is an inherently stylish pursuit. The professor emeritus of that school is Mario Cipollini, the Italian (natch) world champion who dominated the peloton with blazing speed and and unsurpassed fashion sense. Renowned for his outrageous skinsuits, he was the first Tour leader to go all yellow: kit, gloves, bike, socks, the works. He racked up fines for this and doing things like beaning officials with water bottles. Off the bike he was bigger than life, his shocking good looks complimented by a wardrobe so vast he was rumored to never wear the same suit coat more than once. He was more Prime Time than Deion Sanders.

Now at the helm of his eponymous brand, “Cipo” is lending his flair for the dramatic to the decidedly staid domain of time trial bikes. Engineered for pure speed and minimal drag, I usually deign look over my nose at TT – or triathlon – bikes. I’ve struggled to find the soul in these machines, and their riders look only a trifle less silly than the slouching technocrats who pilot recumbents.

However, the Cipollini NUKE may change the way I think. The obscenely stiff black and white frameset is bedecked in the finest Italian componentry, and Cipollini’s  name screams from every available centimeter of surface area.  As to the prospective rider’s appearance, the man himself, looking damn swol for a guy a decade past his prime, albeit with his legendary locks tragically shorn, mounts up in a totally over-the-top promotional video that is weirdly reminiscent of the final shootout in Lethal Weapon 2. Seriously.

Get your diplomatic immunity revoked after the break…


EB14: POC Goes Racing with Colorful New RaceDay Collection, Innovative Chamois, MIPS, Backprotection for Road, and More

POC race day mips octal aero clothing koroyd (8)

When POC first stepped into the road bike space, their focus was all about rider safety while on the road. Their AVIP line touted special attention to details that would increase Attention, Visibility, Interaction, and Protection of the rider. In 2015 the AVIP line has not gone away, but it is joined by a new collection – Raceday.

Raceday is exactly as it sounds, a full kit designed specifically around going as fast as possible. Racing is usually done on closed courses so POC can instead focus on cheating the wind and creating designs that will make the rider faster rather than more visible to drivers. That isn’t to say that the Raceday line isn’t just as safe though – you’ll find much of the same rider protection as the rest of the POC line. Much of the new technologies come from their partnership with Garmin-Sharp, Volvo, and the wind tunnel gurus in their own WATTS lab in order to create the smartest pieces possible.

Find out why the Raceday collection is more valuable to racers than an aero bike after the jump…


EB14: Topeak Introduces Fat Bike Specific Pump in Joe Blow Fat, Transformer RX, Plus Clever Concepts

Topeak fat bike pump hidden tools new pumps (2)

Along with the rise of fat bikes comes the need for pumps that can handle the high volume and low pressure of the massive tires. Topeak’s answer to the problem looks to be the new Joe Blow Fat – a fat bike specific pump with a huge barrel. While quite singular in application, Topeak had a number of new products and concepts that are applicable to more than just fat bikes.

Check it out next…


EB14: Connex Diamond Shape Chains Get Extreme Shaping for Better Shifting

Connex Diamond Shape high end bicycle chains

Connex has a new chain design called Diamond Shape, which radically chamfers the outer and inner links and their interface with the rollers.

They’re compatible with SRAM, Shimano and Campagnolo because they basically blend the chamfers and shapes used on those brands’ chains. All of them. And then they add a little more just to be safe. The result is a more angular leading and trailing edge at all points on the chain, helping it scoot from one cog to the next.

Detail photos and diagrams below that better compare the old with the new…


EB14: All New Cannondale Slice Triathlon Bike Debuts, Plus CAAD10 Track Bike & Budget Road Racer

2015 Cannondale Slice Black Inc triathlon bike

The all new Cannondale Slice triathlon bike will formally debut at Ironman World Championships Kona in October, but we’ve got a first look at the top model, the Slice Black Inc.

Goals were to reduce weight as much as possible, add aero efficiency and make it more comfortable. Compared to the outgoing model, they don’t have final wind tunnel data but they’re saying it’s significantly improved. That was done by making the frontal profile narrower, reshaping the fork legs, and smoothing the fork crown to downtube transition.

Those aero changes were the obvious ones. It’s the other little tweaks that make it unique -and UCI illegal- along with the impressive frame weight…


EB14: Garmin Vector Power Meter Pedals Go Single Sided, Not Quite Half the Cost

Garmin Vector S single sided pedal based bicycle power meter

With disruptors like Stages and upstarts like Watteam bringing power meter prices to more attainable levels, the bigger companies are reacting. Quarq dropped the chainrings to bring their crankset units in a little cheaper, and now Garmin’s simply cut the number of sensors in half.

The Vector S, which presumably stands for “single-sided”, drops the drive side power meter sensor and transmitter, leaving the left hand pedal to do all the work. The firmware is tweaked so the single pedal doubles the power output reading, then sends that number to your ANT+ compatible cycling computer. You lose the distinct left/right leg power measurements, but you save about $600.

It’s sold as a set, including the drive side pedal, Available for pre-order now for $899. That’s compared to the $1,499 for the dual sided system. An upgrade option will let you add the right hand power meter pedal in the future, too. Another pic and more details below…


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

  • Shannon Galpin of Mountain2Mountain, sponsored by Liv Cycling, has organized a Global Solidarity Ride on Saturday, August 30th, to show support for women’s cycling in Afghanistan. Check her website for an organized ride near you – or dedicate your ride tomorrow to these brave women and girls, use hashtags #pedalarevolution and #solidarityride2014.
  • Greenville, SC, is hosting the 2014 UCI Para-cycling Road World Championships that is taking place now through Sept. 1st. Free live streaming of the events is being hosted here.
  • The 11th Lake Wolfgang Challenge triathlons will be September 6-7th in Strobl, Austria. This weekend will include an Olympic Distance Challenge, an X-Challenge Sprint (with mountain biking as the bike portion), a combo of the X and Olympic, and a Kid’s Challenge. More info in German here.
  • The first mountain bike race on, what is probably the most remote place to hold one, Saint Helena Island, will be held Saturday, September 20th. You must email their tourist office to register before September 5th, looks like the race is free, but you must arrange your own transportation to this island in the South Atlantic Ocean. Flyer after the break.
  • The 2014 Hell Hole Gravel Grind Stage Race will be held the weekend of September 19th-21st on the gravel roads in and around Hellhole Swamp in the Francis Marion National Forest just outside of Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Bike MS: Cox Atlanta Ride 2014 at Calloway Gardens is September 20th and 21st. Registration and info here.
  • IMBA’s Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day is Saturday, October 4th.
  • Only 3 days left to enter to win a Loaded Carbon Cockpit.
  • This week, IPWatchdog focuses it’s Evolution of a Technology series on bicycle patents.
  • IMBA held a panel discussion at their World Summit in Steamboat Springs, CO, last week on the use of e-bikes on mountain bike trails that led to a suggested strategy for IMBA and the industry to consider.
  • Road Hollad Cycling Apparel is having a Labor Day promotion this weekend, 20% off everything with code LABOR at checkout. Have a Labor Day sale going on? Leave the information in the comments.


EB14: Sneak Peek, Catlike Rapid and Rapid Tri Aero Helmets


Spanish helmet specialists Catlike had some interesting new time trial helmets locked away at the show. They were a bit protective of what were described as prototypes, but we sat down with them to have a look at what was really going on. The helmets both looked pretty well refined, although there were some minor finishing issues. Both helmets did include product tags even though they were locked away, and had an in-molded inner protective helmet, and Catlike’s MPS retention system as used on their current road/TT lines.

Click through to see some more detail shots and some more tech..