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Hack! Custom Di2 Buttons Paired with Magura RT8TT Hydraulic Brakes on Triathlon Bike

Alexs Bicycle Pro Shop Di2 hack with remote buttons on a Cervelo P5 triathlon bike with Magura RT8 hydraulic brakes

What happens when you want hydraulic brakes with electronic shifting on a top end triathlon bike? Well, you could use Shimano’s stock bar end and climber’s shifter pods. Or, for about the same price or less, you could take your existing parts to Alex’s Bicycle Pro Shop and have them create some very slick stealth buttons placed right where you need them by the Magura RT8 hydraulic brake levers. Here’s what Julian Da Silva from the shop had to say:

I wanted to show you guys a cool little project I worked on for a customer who wanted to utilize Di2 shifters on his hydraulic brakes that came with his Cervelo P5 Six. The customer had a spare sprinter switch that he wanted me to use, so naturally from my experience playing with the di2 components, I was able to take it apart and make some modifications. The circuit board is a simple design with a common ground and positive switch. I tapped into the circuit and utilized a tactile momentary push button to act as the independent buttons on the brakes. The customer requested that he only wanted to operate the rear shifter, but if someone wanted to do front and rear, it would be no problem. This technology can be outfitted to work for disabled riders as para-athletes or take it a step further as another form of customization.

We charged $150 to do this service, this is of course if the customer has a spare shifter already.

Photos of the process below…


Lightweight Partners w/ Rie:sel Design for Colorful, Graphical Meilenstein Wheels


Rei:sel design is known for their high quality decal/wrap artwork on bicycles. We saw them at Eurobike last year and were pretty impressed with the seamless finish.

Now, they’ve partnered with fellow German brand Lightweight to create four different Meilenstein road wheels. The wheels are sent without any Lightweight logos or graphics on them directly to Rie:sel, then the appliqués are applied and sealed onto the rims. This process ensures long life and eliminates the opportunity for Lightweight’s logo to eventually show through. And it only adds 60g to the pair. Options are as follows, with descriptions directly from Lightweight:

  • MEILENSTEIN – EdelBunt: Have the heart to do it, leave all grey behind and show that you are showing up!
  • MEILENSTEIN – SchattenSeite: You stalk your enemies like a shade – and just pass them easily!
  • MEILENSTEIN – AspHalt: Don´t be surprised if the road behind you just cracks because of your sprint!
  • MEILENSTEIN – KopfStein: It´s a rough terrain but you overcome it easily!

The wheels are available directly through Rie:sel Design in both clincher and tubular versions.

SOC14: SRAM Powers into Tri with 11 speed Aero shifters, Chainrings, Bottle Mount, plus Red Wifli Cassettes

SRAM red wifli cassettes tt shifters r2c tri shifters (2)

After the introduction of SRAM Red and Force 22 drivetrains, it should come as no surprise that Triathletes are also looking for a drivetrain with more speeds. More speeds mean closer ratios, which can mean finding that perfect gear when you’re halfway through your Ironman. As the next step in SRAM’s tri bike evolution, three new 11 speed shifters have been developed to give aerobar users the the most up to date drive trains.


SOC 14: Prestige MTB Shows off Sub 150g Black Mountain Cassettes

Black mountain aluminum cnc cassette 11-40 (2) copy

Offering a line of fully CNC machined cassettes, Black Mountain is looking to blur the line between ultra light and durable. Each cassette is primarily machined from a single piece of a aluminum with the last one or two cogs separate. Currently the company offers cassettes in just about every standard road and mountain configuration available with “bigger options in the works.”

Unlike the Recon cassettes which are called a “race day cassette,” Black Mountain cassettes are designed to be ridden daily but will have a decreased life span compared to a standard cassette. Mark with Prestige MTB, the US distributor of Black Mountain cassettes told us to expect about 4000 miles on the road, and 3000 miles for MTB as a life span.

What do they weigh? Find out next…


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

  • Magisto, a cloud-based movie and photo editing service (think GoPro!), has teamed up with Sea Otter for a Movie Contest. Upload and edit your movies and photos from Sea Otter 2014 (like the one above made by Dennis) and the movies that are watched the most will win GoPro and cycling gear.
  • Erik’s Bike Shop with 21 locations in MN and WI is currently hiring for two new retail store locations in the Milwaukee, WI, market.
  • Enter to win one of two Coyle’s custom wood bicycle helmets.
  • The Veglo is a wearable bike light with crossing fiber optic straps that are supposed to help drivers judge their distance from the bike rider. It is on Kickstarter.
  • MapMyTracks now offers live sports event tracking/broadcasting so you can follow your athlete in real time.
  • Join Atlanta Streets Alive on April 20th as three streets in Historic West End are closed to cars and opened up to pedestrians and cyclists. Enjoy local shops and eateries, music events, and either watch or participate in the bicycle parade.
  • The Second Annual JoyRide in honor of Laurey Masterton in Asheville, NC, will be held May 17th at Carrier Park. We like her motto: Don’t Postpone Joy.
  • West Coast voting is now open for the Bell Built grants program. Voting ends April 20th and winner for that region will be announced April 21st.
  • Quintana Roo has announced a bike rental program for the IRONMAN race series in North America, starting with the May 17th IRONMAN Texas.
  • Want to explore New Zealand by mountain bike? Check out this video by Discover New Zealand and mountain bike tour operator JustMTB.

First Look: New Shimano 105 11-Speed Group, Plus New Mechanical + Hydraulic Road Disc Brakes!

Shimano 105 11 speed 5800

It may be April 1st in Japan, but the new Shimano 105 is no joke. Equipped with many of the features that blew us away with the new Dura Ace and Ultegra mechanical drivetrains, the 11-speed 105 5800 group is sure to bring budget performance to the next level. Shifting is lighter, braking is better, there are more gearing options, and even a new asymmetric chain. The outgoing 105 group was an impressive workhorse, but the new 5800 group makes it even harder to justify spending more.

However, the 105 group isn’t the only news here – there is an entirely new shift/brake system. One that offers hydraulic disc brake performance without having to pony up for electronic shifting.

See the new 105 group plus the first mechanical/hydraulic road system from Shimano next…


Lightweight’s New Blacked Out CeramicSpeed Carbon Wheels Have the Power of the Schwarz


Lightweight has gone dark with the new Schwarz Edition black-on-black wheel options for all of their popular models.

Beyond the completely murdered out graphics over matte black carbon, the wheels get upgraded to CeramicSpeed bearings for less rolling resistance and “more speed and fun.” This new colorway joins the stock graphics and the Weiss Editions with white graphics and spokes and is available on:

  • Meilenstein Schwarz
  • Meilenstein C Schwarz
  • Meilenstein Overmayer Schwarz
  • Fernweg Schwarz
  • Fernweg C Schwarz
  • Gipfelsturm Schwarz
  • Autobahn Schwarz

The “C” on some models refers to Clincher versions, others are tubular. Pics of the rest below…


Measure your Power, and Change your Own Batteries with SRM’s New FSA BB386 UCB

SRM_FINAL_15331One of the downside of the SRM power meter has always been the need to send it back into the company in order to replace the battery. Sure there are many consumers who have figured out how to do it themselves with the aid of well crafted online tutorials. However there are probably far more people who are less inclined to get out the tiny screw drivers and figure out what type of battery it needs, and are forced to ship it back to SRM and pay the $50 battery replacement fee which includes inspection and testing.

For anyone looking for battery changing convenience in addition to drastically improved battery life, SRM has announced their new UCB or User Changeable Battery design. Created in part with FSA, the crankset is based on an FSA K-Force Light BB386 EVO crankset and uses commonly available batteries. Instead of coin cells or square batteries inside the power meter, the UCB crank uses two standard AA batteries which are stored inside the crank’s spindle. After about 4000 hours, the batteries can simply be removed from the spindle by the consumer and replaced with two more for years of juice. Thanks to FSA’s one-crank-fits-all BB386 spindle and cup design, the crank can be used on BB386, BB30, PF30, BBRight, and standard threaded bottom brackets with their threaded MegaEVO cups.

Full specs including pricing after the break!


A Second Look at the New Zipp SL70 Aero Carbon Handlebars


Last week, Zipp unveiled their new SL70 Aero handlebar with most of the info and a few glamour shots. We spotted it at NAHBS and spoke with the product manager to get a few more details.

First, it replaces the Vuka Sprint, which has been discontinued immediately and any shops that had them on order will be getting the SL70 Aero instead. In addition to being stiffer than that outgoing model, the center clamping section is wider at 72mm, giving bit more room for out front computer mounts. It’s not designed for nor is there really room for clip on aero extensions.

Their engineers used CFD to design the aero top section so it’s less sensitive to pitch with regards to drag, so rotating the bar off of 0° won’t completely kill the aerodynamics…