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Lightweight’s New Blacked Out CeramicSpeed Carbon Wheels Have the Power of the Schwarz


Lightweight has gone dark with the new Schwarz Edition black-on-black wheel options for all of their popular models.

Beyond the completely murdered out graphics over matte black carbon, the wheels get upgraded to CeramicSpeed bearings for less rolling resistance and “more speed and fun.” This new colorway joins the stock graphics and the Weiss Editions with white graphics and spokes and is available on:

  • Meilenstein Schwarz
  • Meilenstein C Schwarz
  • Meilenstein Overmayer Schwarz
  • Fernweg Schwarz
  • Fernweg C Schwarz
  • Gipfelsturm Schwarz
  • Autobahn Schwarz

The “C” on some models refers to Clincher versions, others are tubular. Pics of the rest below…


Measure your Power, and Change your Own Batteries with SRM’s New FSA BB386 UCB

SRM_FINAL_15331One of the downside of the SRM power meter has always been the need to send it back into the company in order to replace the battery. Sure there are many consumers who have figured out how to do it themselves with the aid of well crafted online tutorials. However there are probably far more people who are less inclined to get out the tiny screw drivers and figure out what type of battery it needs, and are forced to ship it back to SRM and pay the $50 battery replacement fee which includes inspection and testing.

For anyone looking for battery changing convenience in addition to drastically improved battery life, SRM has announced their new UCB or User Changeable Battery design. Created in part with FSA, the crankset is based on an FSA K-Force Light BB386 EVO crankset and uses commonly available batteries. Instead of coin cells or square batteries inside the power meter, the UCB crank uses two standard AA batteries which are stored inside the crank’s spindle. After about 4000 hours, the batteries can simply be removed from the spindle by the consumer and replaced with two more for years of juice. Thanks to FSA’s one-crank-fits-all BB386 spindle and cup design, the crank can be used on BB386, BB30, PF30, BBRight, and standard threaded bottom brackets with their threaded MegaEVO cups.

Full specs including pricing after the break!


A Second Look at the New Zipp SL70 Aero Carbon Handlebars


Last week, Zipp unveiled their new SL70 Aero handlebar with most of the info and a few glamour shots. We spotted it at NAHBS and spoke with the product manager to get a few more details.

First, it replaces the Vuka Sprint, which has been discontinued immediately and any shops that had them on order will be getting the SL70 Aero instead. In addition to being stiffer than that outgoing model, the center clamping section is wider at 72mm, giving bit more room for out front computer mounts. It’s not designed for nor is there really room for clip on aero extensions.

Their engineers used CFD to design the aero top section so it’s less sensitive to pitch with regards to drag, so rotating the bar off of 0° won’t completely kill the aerodynamics…


Taipei Show: Lake Heat Molds your Sole, Sneak Peek of Limited 402 Matte Black Road Shoe

Lake carbon moldable insoles limited edition matte black road (4)

As we found on the Lake CX331 road shoes, custom molding of the shoe can provide major benefits in extended ride comfort. But what are you to do if your shoes aren’t head moldable? Then you might want to check out Lake’s new heat moldalbe custom insoles. Offered in both fiberglass and carbon fiber, the insoles offer custom fit arch and heel cup support that are compatible with just about any road shoe.

See what a set of custom insoles will set you back as well as check out the new Limited Edition 402 Matte Black road shoe next.


New Zipp SL70 Aero Road Handlebars Makes Ergonomics Fast & Light


The new ZippSL70 Aero Bar takes their slightly ergo round Service Course edition and makes it a bit more slippery.  The shape falls into their revised sizing system introduced last fall, giving it a fairly shallow reach and drop with a slight outward sweep to the lower handles.

The large, flat wings of the top section fall within UCI regulations, and they aren’t just for aerodynamics based on shape alone. Tony Martin says he’s been using them to mimic the position of a TT bike:

“I used it in the Prologue of Tour of Dubai and I can say that it is a fast handlebar. The Zipp SL-70 Aero is the closest thing to get to the position of TT bike even on the road. It looks good and it gives me the opportunity to go in an aero position with the arms inside the handlebar.”

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Found: Essax Shark Saddle “Fins” Its Way Between Your Sit Bones

Essax Shark finned bicycle saddle

Essax, a Spanish saddle manufacturer that’s been making standard looking seats for many years, has sliced preconceptions the aptly named Shark, and it’s quickly making the rounds.

Where to begin…how ’bout the science. Essax says bad position on normal saddles can be a result of hip rotations, limb differences, inefficient pedaling techniques and more. And that traditional saddles attempt to correct these issues with wider platforms, more padding or center relief channels, but they say those won’t do the trick. Rather, and these are their words, the Shark “goes to the core of the problem”. It’s designed by, a biomechanics-based fit studio, then made by Essax. The idea is to help the cyclist evenly distribute pressure across the two ischia (sit bones) and, to a lesser extent, the perineum.

Their research showed that even when most cyclists felt comfortable, their weight was unevenly distributed across these areas, which led to decreased long term comfort and performance…


Reynolds Boosts Braking on Carbon with New Cryo-Blue Power Pads, New Tubular Aero 46


Mountain bikes don’t get all the fun when it comes to new products this year from Reynolds. Sure, the Black Label line looks killer, but road bikes get something that prevents them from being killer – new brake pads. The Achilles heel of carbon wheels has always been the braking performance. Many companies, including Reynolds, have developed their own brake pads for use with carbon rims with varying degrees of performance. Reynolds’ original Cryo-blue brake pads were actually pretty good, but they say the new Cryo-Blue Power brake pads are even better.

Put the brakes on after the break and check out the new Aero 46 tubular…


Cervelo and 3T Recall 2012 and 2013 P5 Tri Bikes Equipped with 3T Aduro Aero Bars

Cervelo Arduro Aura Pro Recall

Due to an issue affecting the 3T Aduro aero bar used as standard equipment, 2012 and 2013 Cervelo P5s are part of a voluntary safety recall between Cervelo, 3T, and the CPSC. Specifically, the issue seems to involve the base bar and the ultra low mount and the potential for the threaded inserts in the carbon to come loose which can result in the aero extensions to separate from the base bar. Riders are urged to not ride their bikes until they have been checked and repaired as necessary. As part of the recall the aero bars will be replaced free of charge and customer who purchased the ultra low mount will have the option for a full refund of the ultra low mount (meaning they will have to use the low mount instead) or the option of replacing the aero bars with the 3T Mistral  bars with a low position mount that results in a similar riding position to the Aduros with the ultra low mount. The recall affects about 1,300 bikes in the US and 225 bikes in Canada. So far there have been 28 reports of incidents with one broken collar bone. Bikes that have already been inspected and are safe to ride will have a green sticker with a red é on the bottom of the base bar.

UPDATE: Official 3T recall site here.

More info after the jump…


Vision Eyes Road Market with Metron Aero Wheels, 4D bar, Stem and Seatpost

Vision high end road fsa metron wheels 4d bar metron stem seatpost20140130_0803

What better way to show off a new wheel than with Peter Sagan wheelie-ing across the finish line on his Vision Metrons? That was the case when Sagan wheelied across the line with his new Metron wheels, a new line of aerodynamic wheels from Vision that was introduced last year and are slowly trickling out to the public. Originally known for their aerobars and tri accessories, Vision is expanding into the road and even a bit of cross with the new Metron Disc wheels. Like a number of other companies at this point, there was a high degree of CFD used in developing the aero profile of the rim, but the wheels are really designed as a complete wheel system with the hubs and spokes contributing greatly to the design.