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EB14: MET Goes Enduro w/ 700g Full Face Helmet, Plus new Drone Triathlon Helmet & More

2015 MET Parachute HES ultralight 700g full face mountain bike helmet for enduro

Not only is MET coming to the U.S. by way of Todson in 2015, but they’ll be bringing an amazing new helmet with them.

The 700g MET Parachute HES is the lightest full face helmet we’ve ever seen, and it meets ASTM F1952-2032 standards for safety. That standard is for downhill helmets that don’t have to have a chin bar, but it includes performance criteria for testing one if it does. The standard also carries higher impact force requirements than the other two primary bicycle helmet standards since, presumably, DH carries the risk of higher impact crashes.

The new Parachute HES has a non-removable chin bar, which differentiates it from past models. Outward appearances suggest downhill, but the weight and ventilation prove this thing’s all about enduro…


IB14: New Stuff from SwissStop, Feedback Sports & Seasucker

SwissStop Black Prince EVO low profile carbon rim brake pads

SwissStop has a new version of their amazing Black Prince brake pad called FlashEvo. It’s the same compound as the FlashPro version we tested last summer, but with a lower profile to help it clear today’s wider rims. It also has a new groove pattern to improve water shedding from the rim.

Check the side-by-side comparison and their new organic pads for Magura’s 2015 disc brake calipers, plus new stuff from Feedback Sports and Seasucker below…


Diamondback Teases Amazing New Serios Triathlon Bike, Big Unveiling Set For Kona

Taking the gorgeous lines of their Podium road bike to the next level, Diamondback’s new Serios triathlon bike looks downright mean, particularly in matte black with muted logos. All they’re saying about it is an official launch date of October 7th, but a few screen caps after the break reveal a few details…


IB14: Guru Pushes Photon HL to 650 Grams, Adds Disc Brake Version – Plus Updated Titanium Frames & More!


Already one of the lightest road bike frames out there, Guru’s Photon HL sheds another 20g by reworking just a single tube, and that’s with the addition of a tapered head tube!

Until now, they could claim the HL as a sub 670g frame. Now? Sub 650g, and that’s with paint and hardware. We even put one on the scale to confirm. To shed the grams, they completely re-engineered how they make the seat tube. Before, they would make the seat tube then glue in the insert to hold the seatpost. The insert served two purposes, to create the appropriate inside diameter and to reinforce the seat tube so the seatpost wouldn’t stress it too much or damage it. Now, the insert is rolled into the post as part of the construction process. For a deep look into their amazing carbon manufacturing process, check our factory tour here.

They also introduced the Photon R Disc, bringing disc brakes to their top model, and created an entry level Photon v.4. The Praemio R titanium bikes were also updated with stiffer, lighter and more adaptable rear triangles (with a disc brake option, too!). Even the triathlon bikes get a new baby sister…


IB14: Lazer Reveals Premium Budget Helmets, Wasp Air w/ Electronic Head Tilt Sensor & More!


For 2015, Lazer is heading up the news with a few new low-cost helmets that bring a lot of their top comfort and safety systems, including a $70 MIPS helmet!

Shown above, the Blade (black) and Magma helmets give you 22 huge vents combined with their Rollsys retention system and in-mold construction. They’re essentially the same helmet save for the visor on the Magma. Both retail for $90, and weights are 250g without visor. They start shipping in Spring 2015.

Head past the break to check out the inside, plus lots of other cool new things below…


IB14: Litespeed Introduces T5 Gravel and Disc Models, Multi-wheeled Pinhoti MTB, Plus the New Quintana Roo PR6

Litespeed t5 gravel bike disc road Pinhote Quintana Roo PR6 (2) copy

While the Litespeed T5g is related to the T5 road bike that’s been around for some time, you’d hardly know it by looking at it. As Litespeed’s interpretation of a modern day gravel bike, the T5g blends the performance of their T5 titanium with big(ger) tire clearance and disc brakes. Compared to their Ti CX bike, the T5g has more of a relaxed geometry better suited to long days on the bike no matter what the road surface. Don’t need clearance for meaty tires but still want the performance of disc brakes? Litespeed is also offering up the T5d, which is a disc brake equipped version of the road focused T5. Together the three bikes provide a titanium option at an attainable price no matter how you want to ride.

Out in the desert Litespeed was also showing off  their Pinhoti hard tail which is compatible with multiple wheel sizes. That and their sister company Quintana Roo’s new PR6 Superbike after the break…


EB14: 3T Ionic Comfort Posts, Updated High End Wheels & Tri Bars, Smartphone Integration & Much More!


The 3T Aerotundo combines a classic drop bar shape with their aero tops, just one of many combinations.

3T Cycling has a lot going on, as much with new products as with new concepts for the sale and use of them. Starting with the small stuff, they’ll now offer sizing guides to all retailers and online that complement the mix-and-match nature of their road components. You choose whether you want round, ergonomic or aero top sections on your handlebar, then choose an ergo or classic round profile for the drop section. Lastly, choose the stem angle and length, then put it all together using the guide to help, um, guide you in making the correct choices.

To combat counterfeit product, all parts will now ship with a 3D holographic logo plate from OpSec that contains a QR code, serial number, EAN code and product registration information. If you’re buying a 3T product, make sure it has the decal, then register it to be sure.

Now, on to the good stuff…


EB14: Fizik Makes Kurve Re:Flex Saddles Comfier, Reshapes Aliante & Adds BOA Closures to Shoes


Fizik introduced their Kurve saddles concept in 2011 with alloy Mobium rails and an adjustable stiffness system that let you customize the already flexible shell to suit your needs. We reviewed those here.

For 2015, the new Kurve Re:Flex saddles replace the glass fiber base of the originals with Kevlar to make them more flexible under your weight. That lets the shell provide most of the comfort rather than relying solely on the padding. And indeed, it’s easily flexible at the edges of the shell and through the entire structure without feeling mushy. They also gain a carbon fiber rail option to save weight.

The Kurve models aren’t the only ones updated…the classic Aliante gets a refresh and the excellent Gobi sees a few tweaks, too…


EB14: Blktec’s Totally Unique Bar-Stem Combo, Aero Stems & Carbon Wheels

Blktec R3 handlebar stem combo

Blktec is a new company that quietly debuted at Taipei show earlier this year with a couple of wheels, but Eurobike saw the entire line roll out.

The highlight is definitely the R3 bar and stem combo shown above. Using a unique two-piece construction that bolts the handlebar directly to the stem, it forgoes the front clamp altogether but still allows 6º of adjustment by simply loosening or tightening the top or bottom bolts.

It, along with the other bars and stems, features clever internal cable, with some feeding everything through the stem to shield it from sight and wind…