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Are You Oval Ring Curious? Rotor Is Now Offering A 30 Day Trial With TryQ


Rotor has been building their business on the performance benefits of oval-shaped chainrings, that are said to get rid of the dead parts of a pedal stroke. However, selling oval chainrings in the bike industry can be the butt of many jokes, after the unfortunate life of Shimano’s BioPace rings. These jokes can make people skeptical, and not willing to give the idea a try.

Rotor is launching the TryQ program only through shops so they can adjust each customer’s Optimum Chainring Position to the precise point when the rider delivers the maximum power during a single pedal rotation. The program exists so that at the end of 30 days, if the customer decides to return the Q-Rings, he or she is entitled to a full refund. Check out all the details after the jump…


Garmin Goes Big into Wearables, New Vivoactive Smartwatch, Fenix GPS Watch, Epix GPS Mapping Watch, more

garmin vivo wearable connect watch (4)

Television and films over the years have had some lofty expectations to what the future of tech would hold. From flying cars, to clothes made out of metal, most of the entertainment industry’s prophecy has failed to materialize. However, when it comes to your wrist – we are entering the realm of Dick Tracy and his two -way wrist radio.

I’m talking about the smart watch, of course. A gadget that couldn’t have existed without the rise of the smart phone. You may still be on the fence about wrist mounted technology, but thanks to Garmin there are a number of new options to consider. Starting with the new vívoactive, Garmin has a new touch screen smart watch that will appeal to a wide group of active individuals. Along with the vívoactive, Garmin has also introduced the new Fēnix 3 multisport GPS watch, epix rugged GPS mapping watch, and the new vívofit 2.

Whatever your activity or your style, Garmin has some very interesting options to wear your heart rate on your wrist, among other things…


Review: Look Keo Blade 2 road bike pedals provide the snap, clickle & pop!

Look Keo Blade 2 CR road bike pedal review and actual weights

A quick bit about me. For many, many years, I was a Speedplay-only kinda guy. Coming from a mountain bike background, the quick and easy engagement of their Zero pedals just made a heck of a lotta sense. Just stomp and go, and beat everyone else off the line that’s trying to get the entry angle just right for their SPD style pedals.

Then I got a set of Shimano’s as part of the Ultregra Di2 group. Then the Keywins. Then I started really liking the broader platform those offered, even if it did take me a couple seconds more to get clipped in. The latest pedals that continue to sway me are the Look Keo Blade 2, and they provide the most satisfying click of any road pedal I’ve used. And they’re darn light and roll smooth.

We got off to a bit of a squeaky start, but the pedals and I have come love one another…


Eurobike Awards 2014: Road, Tri, Mountain, City, and of course, E-Bikes

eurobike awards bike (10)

If there was one bike in the awards area at the show that epitomizes the idea of a design award, it would probably be the Rafael r-023 Ueberbike. From the driveside it may be easy to overlook if you’re not into tri bikes, but as soon as you take a glance at the non-drive side of the bike it stops you in your tracks…


EB14: Roundup – Road & Cyclocross Bikes to Amaze & Amuse


CKT by Virenque offers frames and branded cockpit parts to assemble a frameset, with a range of road bike models to suit most tastes. The 589 was the real eyecatcher, with a monocoque frame, integrated seatmast and integrated TRP mini V-brakes. The color matched wheels and spokes didn’t hurt it visually, either.

If this one looks fast, there are plenty more below that look even faster…


The Velocite RT50 Aero Wheels May Be The Most Extraordinary Use Of Computer Design In Cycling

Velocite-RT50-2nd-gen-front_r3qVelocite is constantly pushing the envelope of design, releasing the 2nd generation of the RT50 wheel set. Aimed at being aero, but not just in a straight line, the design story on these is long and technical, with Velocite breaking out computer hardware and software not typically used in the cycling industry.

They say the main objective in this redesign was to fine tune the handling of deep profile rims in crosswinds. The methods employed were cool to see, click through to get the scoop…


Chase The Rainbow – 3T Offers Custom Colors for LTD Cockpit

3t LTD custom colors cock pit bar stem seatpost (2)

It may not seem like much, but when you’re paying for high end componentry the option for some color is a nice touch. 3T has been going through a rebranding process that differentiates their mountain line from the road – mountain gets a triangle, road gets a circle. As part of their new custom color program for the LTD cockpit, the road icon gets a new coat of paint in one of 6 bright colors.

Available directly from 3T, you can choose to run matching bars, stem, and post, or mix it up and go wild. Whatever you choose, you’ll get in on a couple free bonus goods from 3T if you order soon…


EB14: Haero Carbon Makes World’s Lightest Aero Handlebars


German brand Haero Carbon is part of a family of companies that specializes in mold and die production, making carbon parts for the automotive industry alongside really lightweight bike parts. They’re all 100% carbon, and they’re all 100% made in Germany.

The headliner for the brand is their H.253, a base bar and extensions combo that comes in at just 340g ready to ride. The base bar is 400mm wide and has open, ergonomic ends ready for brake lever insertion. It comes in at just 205g on its own. The center has integrated mounts for their extensions, letting you slide them in and out to fit. The back side of those slots feeds the wires or cables through to the frame.

More details and a unique take on road (and mountain!) bars below…


IB14: Falco V Triathlon Bike Mutes Graphics But Keeps Its Edge, More

2015 Falco V Wing carbon fiber triathlon bike

Last year, Falco had just launched the V Wing bike with a very Tron-inspired paint scheme. This year, the paint was toned down a bit and the frame refined, but nothing about it was any less sharp.

Using a v-shaped “wing” frame design, it eliminates the seat tube and seatstays to reduce drag. The numbers, weights and pricing are all in that link above, but here’s the basics: 1700g frame, 550g fork, NACA 6-series tube shape profiles and it was designed in conjunction with four different universities and facilities that the military used to design fighter jets. Hence the look.