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Blue Competition Cycles Back, New Models Coming for 2015

Blue Competition Cycles updates AC1 and Triad aero and triathlon bikes for Di2 and offers blue hawaiian floral paint scheme as stock option

The then-new AC1 aero road bike shown at DealerCamp in 2012.

In summer 2012, Blue Competition Cycles was busy revamping its aero road and triathlon bikes leading into a sale to Lake Rudd Capital Partners. That sale completed, followed quickly by a move to sell to Divine Group. With Divine Group’s recent bankruptcy (which led to Mad Fiber going on the auction block), the brand was in limbo.

We buzzed CEO Steven Harad to see what was going on. Here’s what he had to say:

“Last week, we officially sold the company to The Minds Group. We’re setting up our business in Delaware, but it’s owned by a factory out of Taiwan that will largely remain anonymous. From the consumer end, it’s a U.S. company and will remain that way. It’s literally baby steps right now. We’ve got a million dollars worth of inventory in Asia and the first container leaves today. So we’ll have a lot of bikes here soon.

“We’re financially sound, the backing is great. I’ve rehired Daniel Stallings as our sales manager. He was with the company through the the original owners and the mess that happened in the interim. The decisions -sales, marketing, product management- are all made by the two of us, and it’s great to have the history that Daniel brings.

“We’ve been working behind the scenes so we wouldn’t lose momentum. We have four new bikes designed and almost ready for 2015. We won’t be at Eurobike, mainly because we won’t be ready, so our debut will at Interbike. We have a couple new cyclocross bikes, and we’ll definitely be in Kona this year for Ironman. We’re looking at road teams for road models, and we’re looking outside those three basic categories for expansion in 2015 and beyond.

“The cool thing is it’s a huge challenge, we’ve got a lot of work to do, but if I didn’t believe in the new product and designs we have I would have gotten out of it. There’s room for niche brands in the market, and we’re bringing some cool stuff. We’ve got more engineers on our team now than we’ve ever had. That’s one of the benefits of the new ownership. You’ll see some pretty cool stuff out of us.”

Nalini Updates Cycling Shoes – New Cyclocross Model, Plus Road & Mountain Bike

nalini octopus wr cx water resistant cyclocross cycling shoeNalini has introduced a number of updated and new cycling shoes for 2014, some of which are completely customizable to match your team kit. Known for their pro tour clothing, the shoes look equally pro level.

The Octopus WR-CX is an upgraded, water resistant version of their cyclocross shoe. The upper is full microfiber with a wide Storm Shield tongue with a water resistant membrane that wraps across a fair portion of the top of your foot. That should also keep a bit more heat in.

Three Velcro straps keep it lightweight and simple (400g claimed weight). The sole is made of carbon reinforced nylon with aggressive lugs and removable toe spikes. The heel cup is reinforced to limit lift and keep your dogs securely in place whether running or spinning. MSRP $290.

The Octopus gets road and mountain bike editions, too, plus several other models for commuting, spin class, triathlon and road…


New Polar V800 Multisport GPS Computer with 24/7 Tracking

Polar-V800-black-GPS-multisport-cycling-computer-watchIntroduced at CES last week, the new Polar V800 is a sleek wristwatch-based, function-packed GPS computer. The new Polar V800 is targeted as a powerful tool for multisport athletes looking to get the most out of their personal training programs while using a single device.

It combines the new trend of wearable health monitoring tech (like the Polar Fitness Tracker bracelet introduced at Interbike) with a multisport computer, providing constant accelerometer-based tracking of the wearer’s activity 24/7, including day-to-day activity and specific training sessions. With this additional data, it’s able to give you a better understanding of training loads and individual recovery needs.

More details after the break…


Just In: Boyd’s New Wider, Deeper, Stiffer, More Aero Altamont Road Wheels

Boyd Altamont Aluminum clincher Wheels road668

Building on their Vitesse wheelset, Boyd is back in town with a new aluminum clincher. It’s wider, deeper, more stiff and more aerodynamic – all good things when it comes to your wheels, and yet, they’ve managed to keep the retail price under $700. If you’re looking for an aluminum wheelset that offers higher performance, Boyd’s new Altamont wheels are pretty intriguing. Named after the road that goes up and over Paris Mountain in Greenville, SC, the Altamonts have been tested in Boyd’s backyard.

Climb the high mountain to learn more.


Tradeshow Randoms: Part One – CarboCage, ZenCranks, Ryde, Pinhead, iBike & More!


We’re on the home stretch now, with a few final collections of things that mostly didn’t have a home in any particular category. Everything from lights to electronics to single components to new pedal/cleat systems that claim to increase your power output. It’s all fun to look at – here we go!

Carbocage had their usual assortment of super light carbon fiber bits and pieces, with a rainbow of colors for the anodized bits. Above, their steerer tube top caps, and below are derailleur pulleys and chainrings…


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • The BC Bike Race (last years’ race pictured above) has announced it’s 2014 route. Registration is open – but already 92% full – so better get on it if you want to do this June 28-July 5th stage race!
  • Looking for something to do this weekend that isn’t shopping? NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) is offering a chance to watch the movie SingleTrack High for free from Friday to Sunday. Just fill out this survey, and use the provided password to view the film!
  • Near Portland, OR, and looking for handmade cycling-themed presents? Check out the BikeCraft 2013 Holiday Gift Fair this Saturday and Sunday, 11am – 6pm, at VeloCult.
  • Santa Cruz has created a Senior Engineering position and is actively searching for someone to fill it. More info here (and NO, Joe Graney is NOT leaving.)
  • Endurance House has opened a new store in Oceanside, CA. The store will cater to triathlon/marathon competitors and everyday endurance athletes.
  • Fuelstrip claims to test your energy deficiency by testing glycogen levels in your sweat – giving you an idea on how much you need to re-fuel. Conveniently, Fuelstrip also sells energy chews and “fuelade” to help you return to optimum glycogen levels.
  • The new Pafers XSPIN is a strap-on Bluetooth LE cadence module and accompanying iOS app that lets you get real time cadence from any stationary bike (at the gym, home, spin class, etc.) and link it to training software. You could even strap it to your own bike on the trainer, but heel clearance might be a concern for some. Check it out at
  • Competitive Cyclist is running a contest to win a full Castelli Scorpion Kit.
  • Tumbuk2 and Intrepid Travel are giving away a two week cycling trip “for deux” to France! Enter here.
  • A group of cyclists called the Coalición Ciclistas P R is organizing a protest in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Sunday, December 8th, to demand better cycling infrastructure and the enforcement of laws protecting cyclists. This protest comes from the frustration of more than 80 car on cyclist deaths, not to mention innumerable injuries, in less than 3 years. Check out the link for more information.
  • In the U.S., you can ask your congressman to support The Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act. The League of American Bicyclists makes it super easy for you to do this now, right this moment: Click here, enter your address and you can send emails to your representatives with the click of a button. This act states that the lives of ALL roadway users are important and creates accountability towards needless deaths.

Sampson Updates Road Pedals w/ New SPD Compatible Fondo, Lower Pricing & More


Sampson has wheeled out lower prices on most of his pedals and introduced updated designs and an all-new Fondo model that pairs a wide, slim platform with SPD compatibility.

Shown above, the Fondo has a sleek road pedal appearance but uses standard mountain-bike SPD cleats. That makes it great for touring (gravel racing?) or those who just want one pair of shoes in their closet. The underside has a knurled center section to help keep your foot planted during quick starts, adding a bit of confidence during busy intersection starts. The sides are chamfered all around for a streamlined appearance and excellent cornering clearance, just like a real road pedal, but letting you rock more casual shoes during the easy rides. The best part? They’re just $99 and under 300g per pair. They use a steel axle with sealed bearings designed to last through crappy conditions, and the open platform design helps that same crap fall right through rather than gumming up your cleats.

Want something more performance oriented? And Carbon? Or Titanium? Pedal past the break for well priced options…


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


Photo from Deniz of the Knight Riders Racing Sunday morning team ride.
“Stopped to take a picture of SF from Grizzly Peak blvd in Berkeley, CA.”

  • The Wilkesboro CX Festival is this weekend Saturday and Sunday, Nove. 23-24th, and the weather is projected to be perfect for Cyclocross. As an added bonus, Wilkes NC Tourism is offering great hotel/cut your own Christmas tree package rates.
  • The first annual Boulder Movember Gala will be held tomorrow, November 23rd, 6pm at Mosaic Cycles factory. Entry is a suggested donation of $10 to benefit the Movember Foundation. Two local Cyclocross teams, The Service Course and Team Small Batch are presenting this (formal-ish) event which will include, of course, a mustache contest.
  • Registration is now open for 2014′s La Fausto Coppi - a July 13th Granfondo through the northwest region of Italy.
  • Click here for a list of Honor Rides that benefit Ride2Recovery – cycling programs that aid the mental and physical challenges of our wounded US veterans.
  • KindHuman is taking cycling sponsorship and turning it upside down. They’re going to start awarding sponsorships based on sportsmanship, humanity, and competitive spirit – not on whether or not you win races. Their Take The Lead Cycling Sponsorship is for youth 12-17 for the 2014 season and will provide $5000 worth of equipment. Enter via FB here.
  • Culprit is blowing out their 2013 Display bikes, most have been ridden 250 km or less. Click here for images and email here for pricing and information. Looks like they have a Culprit Junior One available – perfect for your 6-8 year old getting started in racing…
  • The Sheldon Brown website has discovered and posted “a collection of images of bicycles and parts that some folks might find fun to use as a screensaver.” Like the FB page to get website updates.
  • De Soto Sport has announced that they are offering a wider selection of endurance sport clothing sizes to fit the everyday woman’s body.
  • Cube Bikes has announced it’s first store opening in the UK.
  • Localeikki is a new app with crowd-sourced information on where to hike-run-bike-walk when you’re out of town.
  • The Federal Highway Administration doesn’t currently have minimum safety benchmarks for states to follow concerning bicycle and pedestrian deaths. Without benchmarks, there’s little pressure on states to show improvements in safety. Ask Congress to change that. Learn more and take action here.
  • And, awarded the Most Ridiculous Non-Cycling Press Release In Our Inbox this week: Brite Beatz - singing toothbrushes to keep you brushing for the ADA recommended time of 2 minutes. Press the button and you get 2 minutes of PSY, JB, LG, or LMFAO to (literally) jump start your morning.
  • Wait, actually this product takes the award, and they even have a $10 or less page…

Smart ENVE System Aero Bars Now Shipping


We first got a look at the prototype Smart ENVE System aero bars back in July, and today ENVE announced that the production versions are in stock and shipping to dealers. As the first component in the SES lineup, Enve originally partnered with Simon Smart to create faster wheels. According to ENVE CEO Sarah Lehman,“When ENVE partnered with Simon Smart the goal was to bring world class aerodynamics to ENVE’s already outstanding product.  From the beginning, we knew that the collaboration would extend beyond wheels and the new Smart ENVE System Aero Bar is the first of several aero components.” So the aerobars are first, but they apparently won’t be the last…

Tuck into the SES aero bars next.