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Culprit launches shipped-anywhere pricing, hints at “Superbike” wind tunnel results for Legend

2016 Culprit RoaDi disc brake alloy road bike

Based in Taiwan, Culprit’s direct-to-consumer approach has thus far been hampered by shipping and import duty fees jacking up the otherwise very competitive pricing. Now, they managed to bundle those fees into the complete bike and frameset pricing, eliminating the price penalty. And, as usual, there are several bonuses thrown into the complete bike purchase that make it more tempting.

Each bike comes with a Culprit jersey and bibshort, mini-torque tool and your choice of trim colors and matte or gloss finish. The free-shipping-to-anywhere has a few limitations, but covers all of Europe, North America and most of Asia, and it’s offered on all of their 700c road bikes…


Industry launches new, larger threaded T47 bottom bracket standard – say goodbye to PressFit!


The first Engin Cycles frame with the T47 bottom bracket standard.

An idea has been floating around some of the smaller industry players for about a year now. Brands like White Industries, Chris King and Paragon Machine Works were all thinking that people liked threaded bottom brackets, but that frames and cranks had changed so much over the past decade, getting larger diameter tubes that didn’t go as well with the tiny English threaded BB. These ideas progressed in distinct conversations running their own courses until one company contacted another to make a bottom bracket, and then everything really fell into place to (hopefully) replace the pressfit bottom bracket.

The driving force was to take the advantages of a 30mm spindle and modern frames and combine them with the proven durability, quiet performance and lovability of the traditional threaded bottom bracket.

The result is a new standard called T47, for “Threaded 47”. It measures M47x1, meaning a 47mm outside-thread diameter with a 1mm thread pitch (25.4 tpi equivalent). That puts it very close to the 24 tpi (threads per inch) currently used on English threaded bottom brackets, so it’s essentially been proven on bicycles for many, many years. And that slightly finer thread pitch helps to manually hand tap and chase the threads, a handy feature for frame builders.


Mavic releases 3 Limited Edition road wheel and tire combos


French wheel maker Mavic has just introduced a series of Limited Edition wheelsets from three of their popular aluminum Endurance Road range wheels. Only a cosmetic upgrade, the special finish wheel and tire combos each add a new color to the standard line-up for the R-SYS SLR, the Ksyrium Pro Exalith SL, and the Ksyrium Pro. Roll across the fold for a closer look at the special edition wheels…


Sneak Peek at Vittoria’s new Tubeless Carbon Qurano 46 road


Back at Eurobike we teased about an upcoming tubeless carbon clincher wheelset from Vittoria. They had just introduced a new race-specific tubeless tire – the 23mm Corsa Speed – claiming to be the fastest tire they had ever tested. They had it mounted at the show on an unmarked carbon rim, and without a carbon clincher in their existing line-up. We’ve since had a chance to get a bit of a closer look at the forthcoming tubeless-ready Qurano 46 wheels, and to confirm some details. Join us after the break for more…

Miranda slices the air with titanium track chainring, updates MTB ti rings & adds plenty of colors elsewhere

miranda timelapse pro titanium 1x single chainring for TT and triathlon bikes

Miranda is one of the largest private label crank arm manufacturers around, and they do it all in house in Portugal rather than moving everything to Asia. It’s a family owned and operated business that’s largely remained behind the scenes, though they do occasionally pop some interesting high end products out with their own branding.

The latest is the Timelapse Pro track crankset with 46 to 60 tooth chainrings, all made in full titanium to remain super stiff at the largest sizes. They tested it at the local velodrome to get immediate rider feedback, then raced back to the factory to perfect it…


IB15: Saddle Roundup – Curious & furious new perches from Essax, Union Sport, Bisaddle, Prologo & Rivet


Union Sport debuted their striking saddle line, featuring a composited layering of materials to provide flex where it’s needed while still supporting the rider, particularly when it’s time to lay down the power.

Two models are on tap, the Saale, shown above with its carbon “Klammer” wings, and the Harz, which is slightly more subdued in looks but still every bit as high tech. Three versions of each are offered, with the top of the line getting a full carbon composite shell, a mid-level with carbon/polycarbonate and a base level with polyurethane. All use a lightweight foam padding over gel inserts under the sit bones, and the top two add perforations in the shell to improve flex characteristics.

Klammer, er, clamber past the break for more info and a look at new saddles from Rivet, BiSaddle and Essax, too…


IB15: Litespeed Races In with New Carbon Blade TT Speed Machine, Sub 1000g Titanium T1SL

Litespeed blade tt bike t3 kuwa t1sl flat mount titanium(62)

Certainly better known for their titanium frames, Litespeed is continuing to push forward with the carbon side of things as well. The introduction of a TT bike is a little odd given their sister brand Quintana Roo specializes in all things aero, but the Blade is not built for triathlons. Instead, it is a TT bike through and through. The Blade is new enough that it isn’t even in the Litespeed 2016 catalog, but it will be taking names out on the course next year…


IB15: Louis Garneau’s Gennix A1 Aero Road Bike Quietly Slices Into Interbike’s Showroom Floor

LG Gennix A1-1

Louis Garneau called us to be sure to come by and check out their new soft-goods, but what they didn’t tell us was that they have been working on a new aero road bike (purposely placed off the side of their booth). The Gennix A1 takes a lot of features from the Gennix TR1 triathlon bike and puts them into a more practical package for the road.

Take a look past the break at what Louis Garneau has had up their sleeves……


Culprit Legend triathlon bike reborn through CFD, ready for disc or rim brakes with stealth magnetic covers

2016 Culprit Legend triathlon bike with magnetic cover plates for rim and disc brakes

First introduced at the 2013 Taipei Bike Show, the Culprit Legend introduced their eye-catching seat-stay-free design and multi-brake compatibility to the triathlon market. Since then, they’ve been busy running newer, sleeker frame designs through CFD to create that’s better looking and more aero.

Perhaps just as important, the new design takes a very unique look at integration that shields messy things like brake calipers from the wind while also making the bike easier to disassemble, pack and reassemble. For any triathlete that travels, that combo has been elusive, but thanks to magnets and a little ingenuity, the new Culprit Legend gives you plenty of options for the bike leg.

They were on site at Kona for the Ironman World Championships with this functioning (but not ridable) 3D printed model of the bike…