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Silca Gives Those Pesky Valve Stem Extenders the Silent Treatment

silca valve extenders for presta valve bicycle tubes

Silca’s new Presta valve extenders’ clever use of elastomers and sealants put an end to the annoying rattle inside the rim hole and prevent air leaks.

On the outside, an elastomer ring is designed to sit snugly inside the rim’s valve hole and hold it firmly in place. That prevents it from rattling around until your nerves are shot, and it’s a good sight more attractive than electrical tape. You’ll need to measure the distance from valve hole exit to the inner rim bed and figure out the difference between that and you current tubes’ valve length to make sure it all lines up, but your sanity is worth it.

On the inside, they worked with a company that specializes in thread sealing to coat the inner threads so they seal tightly against the tube’s valve threads. Then, they added elastomeric gaskets at both ends of the interface to further plug the joint. The result is no air loss. Or at least no more than you’d get with just the regular tube.

But wait, there’s more…


All New Orbea Ordu Triathlon Bike Crushes the Funnest Part of Multisport on the Cheap

2015 Orbea Ordu OME triathlon bike and UCI legal TT road bike

Until now, Orbea has only offered the Ordu OMR (Race), which started at about $5,000. The OMR designation only goes on their top end frames, so to get the price down to five grand, it meant some less than optimum spec.

For 2015, the OMR models will focus on upper level spec, and the new OME (Evolution, their base level frame designation) version brings a lower level carbon frame to market with different frame and a new fork that’s UCI legal for TT road races.

Tested at the A2 Wind Tunnel in North Carolina, they were able to reduce drag by 16% over the Ordu Silver, a 2009-12 model that’s no longer offered. And it was tested as a complete, race ready bike with aero water bottle, bolt-on bento box and aero bars. Here’s how it rolls outta T1…


POC Auctioning Off Custom Cervelo P5 and RCAs with Full AVIP Treatment to benefit Spinalis Foundation


If you were drooling over the POC AVIP edition Cervelo P5 from our Interbike coverage, this is your chance to own one. In a collaboration with Cervelo, fi’zi:k, 3T, HED, Shimano, and TRP, POC has put together four stunning Cevelo bikes with a finish and build you won’t find anywhere else. POC told us at the AVIP launch that the paint job alone on these beauties was hard to come by since they were done by Cervelo’s own custom paint house, meaning you probably won’t come across custom bikes like this very often.

Adorning a 54 and 58cm RCA, and 54/58cm P5, the AVIP bikes are being auctioned off to support Spinalis which is a charity that focuses on spinal injury research. To recreate each of these bikes you would be looking at a massive $20,800 for the RCA, and $19,200 for the P5 – certainly high end. The auctions which run until July 1, do have a reserve but if you want to try your hand at bidding on one of these gorgeous bikes you’ll find more details, next…


PatchnRide Promises Simple Flat Repair without Removing the Tire – Even on Tubulars

Pretend for a moment that you’re not an expert flat repair person, and that you barely know how to work a quick release. For that rider, or anyone else who doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of repairing a flat tire, it looks like things could be getting a lot easier in the near future. A new company by the name of patchnride has taken on the flat tire, and is offering the simplest method of getting air back in your tubes without ever having to remove the tire. The secret lies in a clever device that “injects” a patch into the tire. Once inserted, the tire can be reinflated and you’re on your way in about 60 seconds.

See how it works after the break…


ENVE Shrinks Smart System Aero Wheels to 650C for Smaller Riders

ENVE Smart System 650C aero carbon triathlon wheels

ENVE introduced their SES (Smart ENVE System) aero road wheels in 2011 through a collaboration with aerodynamicist Simon Smart. Disc brake specific versions followed last year at Eurobike.

Now, they’ve added 650C Smart 5.6 clincher wheels for smaller riders looking for the same wind cheating edge, just in a smaller package.

Here’s how it came about: ENVE sponsors the Mark Allen Elite Team coaching and camps. At a breakfast at Ironman last year, they were talking with athletes and found that many of the smaller riders wanted a high end 650C aero wheel, explaining that there are very limited options on the market. ENVE’s CEO committed right then and there to do it.

Simon Smart was tapped again to develop the ideal aero profile and was told to start with a clean slate. They could have easily adapted their 6.7 series to the smaller wheel size, but they found that smaller riders may not want the additional rotating mass and didn’t need rims quite that deep.


All-New Zipp 404 Firestrike Takes Aero to Confidence Inspiring Levels – Plus 202 Discs

Zipp 404 Firestrike aero road bike wheels with improved wet weather braking performance

Zipp’s been making aero wheels for 27 years by looking at the physical forces that slow a rider down. Drag, rolling resistance, grade, etc. The biggest offender is aerodynamic drag, and that’s where their focus is. With the Firecrest design debut in 2010, they upped their game with wide, rounded deep section rims.

The new 404 Firestrike is the next generation, and it goes beyond aerodynamics to further improve speed. They’re happy with their shapes, particularly the current 303 Firecrest, but Zipp found three different things that affected rider confidence: Stability, braking and cornering

Mathematically derived (CFD) rim shape that use the same rim shape patent as Firecrest, but with a new shape and new ABLC dimple pattern. The first piece of the puzzle is something their competitors have been talking about over the past couple years: Stability.

The new ABLC dimple pattern stands for Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Control and is a frequency tuned wave pattern that’s timed to shed vortices at higher frequency and shorter amplitude. Here’s what that means in practice…


PowerTap Adds AMP Series, Offers Carbon Wheels with Power at Impressive Prices

PowerTap Adds AMP Series, Offers Carbon Wheels with Power at Impressive Prices

It wasn’t long ago that many privateer racers used one set of wheels for training, and the good set of wheels for racing. That meant if they used a hub mounted power meter like the Saris PowerTap, they were usually investing in more than one hub, which can get expensive in a hurry. Now, PowerTap feels that those days are over, especially with the introduction of their new AMP collection of wheels which offer the aero performance of deep carbon wheels in a affordable and durable package.

Regardless of how you view the race day/training day wheel question, the PowerTap AMP wheels are definitely worth a look for their value alone…


Clip on Some Smart Enve System Aero Extensions for Speed

Clip on Some Smart Enve System Aero Extensions for Speed

Whether you’re a triathlete, endurance road cyclist, or ITU specialist, clip on aerobars can be the perfect set up when you’re looking for an aero position on a standard road bike. Clip-ons attach to standard road handle bars to allow for the use of drop bar shifters while still offering a more aerodynamic riding position. The latest option for fans of the clip-on comes as ENVE expands their SES (Smart Enve System) aero line with their new Aero Clip-On Extensions.


Koobi Debuts New Wider, Comfier 232T Triathlon/TT Saddle

koobi 232t triathlon saddle with center relief channel

Let’s face it – sitting hunched over aero bars on traditional saddles isn’t exactly comfortable, but it’s aero. Koobi’s new 232T aims to bring some relief to the insanity by offering a broader padded section for better sit bone support coupled with a forward sitting design.

With the growing popularity of wider tri saddles like the ISM Adamo, Koobi founder Phil Schweizer said he wanted to gain the comfort but keep the nose slim enough to prevent excessive thigh rub. The result is the new 232T, whose numerical name refers to the saddle length in millimeters. He claims that’s the shortest saddle in its class.

Beyond comfort, it brings a new one- or two-bottle hydration clip on that’s easily removable for shorter races…