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Dash Cycles launches more economical saddle range, still plenty of carbon fiber

Dash Cycles Strike stock bicycle saddle

After testing Dash Cycle’s Strike 9 unique noseless full carbon saddle about two years ago, I rode away impressed with the comfort and amazing 111g weight. It was one of their standard offerings, which is to say it’s basically full custom. And extremely expensive. Retail was $465, but it was hand made and one of a kind.

Now, Dash Cycles is kicking off a crowd funding campaign to turn the Strike’s radical design into a production-level offering.

The key difference between these models and their more expensive custom counterparts is the use of premade parts so they can be made in batches. Of course, all of those parts are still made in Dash’s Denver, Colorado, factory, and the saddles are still lighter than most…


FlyFit Puts Activity Tracking on your Ankle for Integrated Cycling Function


While there is no shortage of options for wearable activity tracking these days, not many solutions take the cyclist into mind. Enter the FlyFit, which solves the cycling dilemma with a simple solution, putting the tracker around your ankle where its on-board sensors can track and decipher leg movement. The ankle tracking allows it to combine the everyday tracking from regular movements throughout your day and sleep tracking to more targeted sport activity data collection from cycling, as well as running and even swimming. Linked together with a powerful smartphone app, Flyfit offers one of the most comprehensive tracking solutions on the market. Check out the details, pricing, and availability after the break…


Watteam Powerbeat bolt-on crank power meters almost ready to ship, carbon compatibility probably coming soon


If you were among those who pre-ordered Watteam’s Powerbeat stick-on/bolt-on power meters, the first batch is about to ship. If you weren’t, too bad, they’ll all sold out. But, you’ll be able to get in on the second pre-order opening up December 10th for the next production round, and they’re hoping that’ll be the batch that’s going to work on carbon crank arms.

Watteam’s production manager Omri Zerach says production of the first round is underway and should deliver by year’s end. The second round is planned for shipping in March 2016…


Roundup: Weird & wonderful racks, lights, bags, helmets, aliens and things to keep you aero


With several of us also being fans (or wanting to as midlife approaches, anyway) of motorized two wheel transportation alongside our bicycles, finding ways to combine the two always catches our eyes. This rack from 2×2 Cycles lets you take along a couple bikes, a skateboard and your bags.

Throttle past the break to see it and a whole lot more random things…


Boardman Races the Clock with new carbon TT, Track, Tri, and Aero Road bikes; plus everyman Wind Tunnel news


Chris Boardman’s racing pedigree came from riding into the wind on the track and in the time trial, and his bike company certainly isn’t ignoring those disciplines in development. Last week we brought the highlights of Boardman Bikes’ new #RideTogether rebranding and their new Endurance Road carbon and titanium bikes. But Boardman earned the nickname The Professor for his detailed technical approach to equipment and training, and that shows through more on the aero bikes.

The company’s 2016 Aerodynamic Road line updates the super fast TTE, the more affordable ATT, and the aero road AIR. On the track, an all new carbon TRK takes a big step, replacing its aluminum predecessor. Not to be underestimated, the focus on a methodical approach to racing comes through with news of the development of a Boardman Performance Center that will give the regular cyclist access to physiological and performance analysis, including affordable time in an all-new cycling specific wind tunnel to be built in the UK. Check out the details after the break…


Roundup: Sleek carbon (and other) saddles from Astute, ISM & Selle Esse


Originating in Italy like so many other high end saddle manufacturers, Selle Esse had some elegant looking high performance and high feature saddles that bundle in things like NFC chips to verify product authenticity and looped rails for micro suspension.

Above, the Pelle Carbonio saddles come in your choice of full carbon or full carbon with a genuine leather cover bonded over the shell. There’s no padding, but with looks like these, we’re not complaining…


Zipp introduces Rotor Protectors, plus more Accessory additions


While the Zipp brand tends to be bring aerodynamics to mind, especially with regards to carbon wheels, they do also make some solid everyday components like bars, stems, and seatposts and offer a wide range of accessories from valve extenders to bottle cages to solve some everyday needs. Zipp just sent us a press release that mostly consisted of these same basic accessories in some slightly updated or expanded configurations, but what caught our attention were the forthcoming Rotor Protectors. While throwing spare cross wheels around for the past couple of years to and from races, the thought of keeping the rotors out of harms way sounds intriguing. Join us after the break to take a better look, and to get pricing and availability, also for the other accessory updates…

PBE15: Womo Designs TRIs Out Bottle and Light/camera Mounts for Aero Bars, Adds Mounts for iBike, Swivel Mounts, More

PBE womo bike mounts tri bottle aero bar ibike (7)

Since the last time we checked out Womo designs, their product portfolio has drastically expanded. In an ever expanding marketplace of lightweight computer mounts, Womo’s dual clamp aluminum designs may  have come off as way over built. However, the company seems to have found its stride offering support for multiple accessories – not just computers. They also provide the ability to run one accessory above and one below, including their latest addition of water bottles…


TrainerRoad goes live with Windows Beta, adding triathlon training programs


With a recent update to work with Wahoo’s more affordable Snap, TrainerRoad promised a further revamp to their desktop software this fall. Now, you can grab the beta version for Windows and give it a test ride.

The updated version will offer new or improved features like Video Rides, Training Plan Selection, Support for CompuTrainer, PowerBeam Pro, Cycleops 300/400 and legacy Elite trainers, and Social Sharing. Click here for the intro page and to find a download link. The beta is for PC/Windows only. They do offer a Mac version, but there’s no Mac beta for this update.

Their cycling-only training plans will get a boost soon, adding triathlon plans with running and swimming workout notes built onto the cycling portion. They’re developed by in-house tri coach Chad Timmerman.

Lastly, they’ve launched the Ask A Cycling Coach podcast, giving you the chance to ask them anything and have your answers come in a weekly podcast. Hit up their Blog for links to the episodes with topics lists.