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Rose Gets Aero with 2 1/2 New Bikes: X-Lite CW Road and Road Disc, and Aero Flyer Time Trial


German consumer-direct Rose Bikes introduced two completely new road bike platforms focused on aerodynamics this week, with one available in either caliper or disc brake builds for everyday riding and the second a dedicated aero machine for solo racing against the clock. The X-Lite CW was developed to be able to be built-up with either direct mount caliper brakes or disc brakes for two distinctly different rider types. The basic sculpted aero carbon frame is the same for either brake configuration, with the use of brake-specific forks and some modular mounting.

Join us after the jump for details on road vs. road disc, and a look at the Aero Flyer TT bike…


Shoe Surge Pt. 2: Shimano Offers new Range of Road Shoes, Women’s Road and Mountain, Plus New TR9 Tri Shoe

Shimano RP 9 road shoe (5)

If the shoe fits, wear it. Now that will be a lot easier to accomplish if you happen to be looking at Shimano shoes for road, Tri, mountain, and just about anything in between. Part of an impressive 18 new models from Shimano, the new additions to the road, Women’s road and mountain, and Tri market bring the total number of models to 71 total footwear designs. Of those 71, now there are 16 women’s specific models of which many like the new RP2W, RP3W, RP5w, and TR9W use the exact same technology as their male counterparts.

Fitting into their new Road Performance category, the four new models seek to offer an ideal balance of performance at attainable prices and high comfort levels. All of the new RP series shoes are built ont he Shimano Dynalast shape and with the exception of the RP9 above, all RP models are available in a narrower women’s specific fit. The reason for the lack of the women’s RP9 happens to be due to the fact that there is a new WR84 which steps in as a new competitive race shoe for the ladies…


Spotted: Rotor InPower stealthy powermeters find their way to Flow aero road cranksets

Rotor Road Spline Power Meter-4

Released this spring as a mountain bike product, the new Rotor InPower cranks are making their way to road products soon. Spotted here aboard the 2016 Felt TT bike (full story on the bikes coming soon), it’s being incorporated into the Flow aero cranks, making for a very smooth, aerodynamic package that will deliver left-leg power measurement.

The system puts the strain gauge inside the spindle, which means it’s only able to capture power output from the non-drive side, but for most users that’s enough to stay within proper training and racing zones. Check the link above for full technical details on the InPower system, and head below for more pics…


PC15: Orbea Ticks Down to New Ordu OMP Tri/TT Bike

Orbea Ordu OMP TT Tri bike Orbea ordu tt tri IMG_7725

At this point the cat’s out of the bag, but Orbea has a new TT/Tri bike up their sleeve. Extending the Ordu’s lineage, the new OMP model comes as the brand is celebrating their 175th anniversary! If you do the math, you’ll realize that’s probably too early for bikes which is true. Orbea surprisingly started manufacturing guns and bullets almost 175 years ago. Eventually the gun business was sold off and Orbea first started turning the pedals in the 1920’s.

Watching the video which celebrates their storied history, you start to get a sense of just how quickly bicycle have evolved in the last 20 years. Bicycles like the new Ordu are now looking for every advantage whether it be carbon construction, aerodynamics, or integration. Translated to ‘moment’ in Basque, Orbea hopes the Ordu will give you the ‘time of your life’…


Lightweight Adds New Mid-depth VR 60 to the Fernweg Wheel Line-up


The top German carbon wheel experts at Lightweight have just announced a new 60mm front wheel to slot into their existing Fernweg wheel line at a popular triathlon race this weekend in Roth. The new wheel offers a bit more flexibility by giving increased stability in cross winds. And it does it at even a lighter weight than its 79.5mm deep partner. Roll on past the break for some quick details, a few more pics, pricing, and availability….


TDF2015 Tech: BMC molds insanely expensive one-off, one-piece custom TT fork-and-cockpit

Custom one-piece fork-and-handlebar-and-stem combo from BMC Pro Cycling for Tejay Van Garderen

In talking with a team rep, he said there aren’t a lot of prototype or fancy parts on the bikes because it’s helpful to the mechanics to have everything as similar as possible. And, as he put it, “special parts have special problems.”

That said, the bikes had mostly stock spec save for one very interesting custom handlebar/stem combo for Tejay Van Garderen. Made by joining standard 3T bullhorn bars and aero extensions into a single piece and then molding them directly to the steerer tube and fork, the entire front end of the bike becomes one giant carbon fiber piece. Here’s why…


TDF2015 Tech: Look Cycles puts Bretagne Seche team on all-new time trial bike

2016 Look Cycles TT aero road bike at tour de france 2015 for Bretagne-Seche pro team

Look Cycles had an all-new TT bike ready for Team Bretagne-Seche for the Grand Depart individual time trial of the 2016 Tour de France here in Utrecht, Netherlands. It’s so new, that according to one of their distributors, it doesn’t even have a name yet, but word is it’s replacing the 596 as the brand’s TT/Triathlon bike.

The graphics were done to match team cars (though we didn’t see any quite this audacious), which did a fantastic job of calling attention to it. As with other Look frames, there’s a lot of integration on board with some clever touches to minimize drag. The official debut is likely at Eurobike in August, but we’ve got quite a few details here…


PC15: Fabric’s Water Bottle Goes Cage Free, Plus New Air Cushioned Cell Saddle, Ratcheting Multi Tool


Since their recent debut, UK brand Fabric continues to demonstrate its dedication to challenging the industry established design norms. Offering a collection of fresh and ultra-functional saddles and accessories Fabric’s line includes accessible entry price points and piles of color options.. They include a comfort saddle that accomplishes suspension with air cushioning rather than gel, a tri saddle with integrated water bottle carrier mount, a cageless integrated water bottle system, and a multitool with an integrated ratchet for getting into hard to reach places… READ MORE ->

Powertap P1 power meter pedals now available for pre-order, U.S. only


Announced in March, the Powertap P1 power meter pedals are available for pre-order as of today, June 12, 2015. The offer is only open to U.S. based customers at first, and only sold direct through The company says this arrangement lets them maintain close communication with early adopters to ensure everyone’s getting the best performance out of this new product.

The Pedals allow for an easy addition of power to any road bike, just mount ’em up and off you go. They communicate via Bluetooth LE (aka Smart, 4.0) and ANT+, show left/right power individually and run for about 60 hours off AAA batteries. Full details are here and hands on photos from Taipei Cycle Show are here. Retail is $1,199.99 and the first units start shipping June 22, first come, first served.