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Peaks Coaching: How to Rebuild Your Power Foundation This Winter

by Hunter Allen, PCG Founder/CEO and Master Coach

How to Rebuild Your Power Foundation - Peaks Coaching Group
I really don’t like the term “base training” because it produces images of long, slow distance training with watts at 60% of your threshold as you putter along. Too many athletes and coaches believe we have to do base training first before any other type of training can be started. Now, I’ll concede that if you’re a pro cyclist training for a huge season in Europe next year, then yes, you should be doing some serious base training this winter; riding your bike four to six hours a day at endurance pace will help continue to develop your aerobic system and prevent you from peaking in January. But everyone else? Forget it. We don’t have the time to put in four to six hours a day at a slow pace, stopping at coffee shops along the way and enjoying the sights.

Most of us have only an hour or two each day to train, and we have to make the most of those hours and optimize our training for the highest ROI. If we spent those few hours riding at endurance pace, what would happen? We’d lose fitness and get slower. There’s a relationship between time and intensity that must be respected; the lower the intensity, the longer you should ride in order to stress that energy system. If you really want to improve your endurance system, riding at endurance pace for four or five hours is what you need to do. A two-hour ride won’t be long enough to create the necessary stress on the body to cause it to adapt and improve endurance.

So what is the correct intensity for your one or two hours of available time? The tempo zone, Level 3 on Dr. Coggan’s power level chart, 76-90% of your functional threshold power (FTP). Click through to find out why… READ MORE ->

Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


UCI Road Worlds

  • Richmond 2015 has put out a Mobile App to Follow this Weekends UCI Road Worlds – Don’t miss a moment of the 2015 UCI Road World Championships with the official mobile app, Richmond 2015. The app combines live video, interactive mapping, event schedules, official results, photo feeds, event previews, and more. The app was designed to keep you close to the action, even if you don’t make the trek to Virginia. The mobile app is available for download now for both iOS and Android. Read on past the break for more updates on worlds, including a link to live streaming…


IB15: New in Blue – Park Tool Adds Cassette and Bearing Tools and Re-Categorizes Multi-Tools

Pk cassette-1

I can’t think of a year that I haven’t bought a Park Tool product. When bikes and the parts on them evolve, the tools to maintain them need to evolve as well. Park Tool, as always, stays ahead of the game and this year they were busy!

Sort through your tools and jump past the break to see what you’re missing now….


IB15: BSX Insight adds muscle oxygenation reading to LT sensor, changes the way you’ll train

BSX Insight wearable lactate threshhold monitor now reads muscle oxygenation to show recovery status

First introduced at Interbike 2014, the BSX Insight is a wearable monitor that could determine lactate threshold, also known as anaerobic threshold. Then, earlier this year, they taught it a new trick by figuring out how to also measure aerobic threshold, which let you fine tune your training zones. Now, it’s gone to graduate school and learned how to also measure muscle oxygenation, which will show you exactly when you’re ready to attack.

Interested? Probably best to geek out on the first two posts (linked above) to get the background on the device and how and why LT and AT measurements are useful, then dive into why muscle oxygenation takes things to a whole new level…


IB15: Cut the USB Cord with Amazing New Wahoo ELEMNT Connected GPS Cycling Computer

wahoo element gps cycling computer-12

Riding with a GPS computer is great, but who has time to plug in the head unit to their computer after the ride? Or maybe the stumbling block is figuring out how to use all of the complex menus and buttons to find the desired data during or after your ride? Whatever the reason, after numerous consumer requests Wahoo set out to build a GPS unit of their own that not only offered great features, but did so in a way that was extremely easy to use.

As a result, the only reason you will need to plug in the ELEMNT to your computer or an outlet will be to charge the battery. Otherwise, everything is updated or transferred through the built-in Wi-Fi. That opens up a number of clever features without ever being anchored to your laptop…


IB15: Pioneer adds single-leg crank arm power meter, lowering entry price to just $749 (UPDATED)

Pioneer single-leg crank arm power meter

If there was ever any doubt as to electronic giant Pioneer’s commitment to cycling, it should be about wiped out by now. Last week, they showed us their new flush mount transmitter design that opens up their top level systems to fit any frame on the market. Then they licensed power data metrics from TrainingPeaks for anyone using their meters. Now, they’ve added a single-sided option to bring the price of admission as low as $749 (UPDATE: They originally listed it at $699 but made a last minute change).

And it’s not a watered down system, either. It’ll still send their high def data in ANT if you buy their cycling computer, or standard power data in ANT+ to any modern head unit.

Like the full version, there are versions for Dura-Ace and Ultegra in a wide range of arm lengths, or you can buy the kit and send in your existing arm and have it installed. Then, down the road, you’ll be able to upgrade to a dual leg version whenever you want.


Pioneer slims down powermeter, goes mobile, adds TrainingPeaks metrics & more

2016 Pioneer Powermeter transmitter gets a slimmer profile to fit all road and cyclocross frames

The new Pioneer powermeter transmitter sits flush with the small chainring.

Earlier this year, Pioneer dropped the price of their premium powermeter system to just $999, making it a very enticing option if you already owned a Shimano Dura-Ace or Ultegra crankset. The discounted pricing came as a result of their continued refinement of the installation process in the Long Beach, CA, clean room facility.

Now, that refinement has spread to its hardware and software, helping the spider-mounted transmitter unit clear any frame and letting you easily switch between ANT and ANT+ modes on the fly.

Shown above, the new transmitter’s mounts sit flush with the small chainring, letting it fit any road, cyclocross or similar frame that would fit a Shimano road crankset. So, basically, all frames. Click through to compare it to the original design, and get the latest on their firmware updates…


Eurobike Coverage Review – Week #2: Chosen goes for 12 Speeds, Cippollini Gets Aero, DT Swiss & HED Get Wider and MORE!

2016 Cipollini NK1K aero road bike2016-Trickstuff-Direttisima-lightweight-powerful-disc-brake-lever012016-Maxxis-DD-double-down-aggressor-enduro-mountain-bike-tire01Haibike_Noon-8-50_carbon-cyclocross-bike_complete

Welcome back to Eurobike coverage part deux! With more categories to cover than ever, this year’s show was huge and kept us on our toes more than ever. Pour yourself a well deserved scotch, kick your feet up, and travel into this week’s coverage of Eurobike 2015.

And in case you missed Week 1’s exciting coverage, check it out!


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

Industry News

  • Shimano to Develop Leisure Complex in Netherlands – Shimano Europe has signed a letter of intent to develop a new cycling, fishing and rowing complex in Valkenburg, Netherlands that is due for completion in 2017. The Shimano Experience Center will allow visitors to share the love of cycling, fishing and rowing – Shimano’s three core passions – and show visitors fun ways to get involved in these sports. You can find more on the story here.