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Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • Reza Pakravan has returned from an 11,000 mile/102 day bike journey from Norway to South Africa riding a Koga Signature World Traveler with a Rohloff internally geared hub and Gates Carbon Drive, pictured above. Read more about his trip here.
  • 15 year-old Sam Rukeyser is going on his own bike tour this summer from Portland, OR, to NYC. He’s going to document his 3,800 mile trek on video for a documentary which he’d like your help to produce.
  • Interested in a bike tour, but on a smaller scale than Reza’s and Sam’s? Ellee Thalheimer has just written a new book called “Cycling Sojourner: A Guide to the Best Multi-Day Tours in Washington.”
  • This year’s fundraiser for Trips For Kids of WNC is a raffle to win an I-9 Wheelset and a Cane Creek 110 Headset - your choice of colors. Tickets are $25 and only 100 tickets will be sold!
  • Events for Raleigh’s 2nd Annual Oaks & Spokes Bicycle Festival have been announced. Held over 10 days in April, the event seeks to sustain and promote bicycle culture in Raleigh, NC, and includes bike rides, art shows, fundraising, and more!
  • Yuba Bikes has posted two parts of a three-part educational series on how to travel by bike with your children in tow. Part three will be posted next week.
  • Cycle Monkey has recently expanded it’s suspension services for dealers and individuals. Check their website for more information.
  • Hunter Allen, founder of Peaks Coaching Group, will be leading a free webinar about power training on Tuesday, February 18th starting at 8pm EST.
  • Universal Sports Network will present a schedule of 23 international cycling events in 2014 both on air and live-streaming. Check out the schedule of events and times after the break.


Update Your Lemond Trainer, WattBox ANT+ Power Meter now Shipping

Lemond Watt Box 3

When the Lemond Revolution trainer was first introduced, there was a lot of talk about the benefits of no longer needing a rear wheel for your bike when it was on the trainer. There was one big negative though, without the rear wheel that meant rear wheel mounted computers or Powertap hubs couldn’t be used. For cyclists that are using wattage based training that was a deal breaker. Yes, for a while Lemond did offer the Power Pilot computer system, but it didn’t really seem to catch on with its $439 price tag. Enter the Lemond WattBox. Not only is the WattBox almost half the price of the Power Pilot at $249, but the WattBox calculates the power in trainer mounted box, instead of the head unit like the Power Pilot. That allows you to use your favorite ANT+ compatible head unit or ANT+ certified smartphone apps.

Crank up the power next.


Drop Weight from your Body, Not Your Bike with New Racing Weight Cookbook

Racing Weight Cookbook Lean, Light Recipes for Athletes

Those of you who count post ride beers rather than counting calories, look away now (we don’t blame you). For the rest of you that are trying to “get down to racing weight,” certified sports nutritionist Matt Fitzgerald and registered dietician Georgie Fear have a new cookbook to help you get there. As the third book in the Racing Weight series, the book offers over 100 recipes that claim to keep you satisfied while helping you cut weight. Even if you’re not specifically trying to cut weight, the recipes are likely an easy way to eat healthier this coming season.

Check out a few sample recipes, next.


Win Prizes for Suffering In Your Own Home, The Tour of Sufferlandria Starts Soon

Tour of sufferlandria

Planning on doing some suffering in your basement in the coming weeks to prepare for the season? Why not join in on The Sufferfest’s grand tour though the mythical roads of Sufferlandria and possibly win some killer prizes along the way? Starting on January 25th, and continuing for nine days riders will turn themselves inside out following the Sufferfest video route stages above. There are two ways to win prizes – the first is simply to donate $10 to the Davis Phinney Foundation, each $10 donation will equate to 1 chance for winning so the more you donate, the better your chances. The second category is the donation+completing all 9 Sufferfest ToS stages on TrainerRoad. Other than that, there is no signing up or registering, simply donate or donate and ride TrainerRoad, the winner is the person that suffers the most.

See what prizes you’ll be suffering for after the break!


Just In: Boyd’s New Wider, Deeper, Stiffer, More Aero Altamont Road Wheels

Boyd Altamont Aluminum clincher Wheels road668

Building on their Vitesse wheelset, Boyd is back in town with a new aluminum clincher. It’s wider, deeper, more stiff and more aerodynamic – all good things when it comes to your wheels, and yet, they’ve managed to keep the retail price under $700. If you’re looking for an aluminum wheelset that offers higher performance, Boyd’s new Altamont wheels are pretty intriguing. Named after the road that goes up and over Paris Mountain in Greenville, SC, the Altamonts have been tested in Boyd’s backyard.

Climb the high mountain to learn more.


Wahoo Brings Their Heart Rate Monitors up a Tick, Launches Motion Equipped TICKR Line

Wahoo HR straps

The 2014 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show is here, and with it comes the latest generation of wearable and bikeable tech. It seems that motion equipped heart rate monitors will be a big feature this year with Scosche and Wahoo showing their hand. Not only do motion based algorithms allow for improved calorie tracking from your exercise, but in the case of Wahoo the heart rate monitors are able to record acceleration, and even provide feedback on running form. Compatible with both Bluetooth Smart and ANT+, the straps are aimed at both running and cycling and provides useful training guidance with Wahoo’s Burn and Burst training app.

The HR straps will retail for $60-100 and will be available in the first half of 2014. More after the break.


Scosche Introduces Rhythm Smart +, An Optical Heart Rate Monitor that Controls your Tunes

Scoshe Rhythm Smart +Looking for more out of your current heart rate monitor? What if it was more accurate, worked with all of your devices, and was able to control your music while you’re working out? That’s exactly what Scosche is offering in their new RHYTHM SMART +, an evolution of their current RHYTHM heart rate monitor. Instead of functioning like a typical heart rate monitor, the RHYTHM SMART + uses an optical sensor licensed from Vallencell Inc to continually measure blood flow and movement to accurately track heart rate and how many calories you are burning. The technology sounds a lot like the optical HR sensor built into the Lifebeam Helmet, though this is on your wrist instead of your head.

In addition to monitoring your vitals, the RHYTHM SMART + also has the ability to control your music with its Bluetooth Smart or ANT+ connectivity. Both Android and iOS users can download the Rhythm app to track their workouts, and also store data directly on the RHYTHM SMART +’s internal memory without their phone. Compatible with most fitness tracking apps like RunKeeper, Map My Fitness, Strava, and other Bluetooth HR enabled apps, the HR strap offers a number of options for the fitness obsessed. Water proof to 1 meter, and attached just below the elbow with a breathable neoprene strap, the device offers the ability to control volume and track when playing music from your smart phone. Pricing hasn’t been released, but expect it to be as much or more than the original RHYTHM which retailed for $99.


Peaks Coaching: The Three Legs of the Training Stool

Peaks Coaching Group Training Three Legs of Stool

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Through years of racing and coaching, I’ve concluded that the best athletes have mastered three areas in their lives and fitness: physical training, mental training, and nutrition. These three areas are like a bar stool; it has three legs and is stable only because all the legs are of equal length and angle.

Click through to read more about the three components of good training…


Strava Adds Streaming Sufferfest Videos Online, No Longer Limited to Mobile

Strava streams The Sufferfest training videos online for premium members

In October, Strava gave premium members the ability to stream The Sufferfest training videos through their iOS and Android apps. Now, they’re available online for viewing on a bit bigger screen.

Considering the videos run about $10 to $13 each (and worth every penny in our opinion) and a premium Strava membership is $59 per year, the value added for having videos available on demand makes the upgrade quite a bit more compelling. To start, they’ve got two of the originals, Fight Club and Revolver, cued up to make you hurt. Rubber Glove is also streaming, letting you do your FTP power test on the trainer. More videos should be coming online soon.