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LIMITS Power Meter fits any bike regardless of pedals, cranks or hubs – and it’s cheap!

limits power meter solo

Training with power has traditionally been the exclusive realm of the well-supported or well-off athlete due to equipment costs and gear limitations. While costs of equipment have been coming down as power meter companies have recognized a greater market in less-resourced amateurs, the technology remains prohibitively expensive to many and continues to be limited by component integration.

LIMITS was designed to address the challenges of existing power meters by remaining non-integrated into existing components, being compact and inexpensive ($249 on the Indiegogo), and by being easy to install onto any bike with pedals. It almost sounds too good to be true.

Meet the power meter to rule them all after the jump…


SOC15: 4iiii add-on crankarm power meter gets even smaller, includes factory install

After debuting at Interbike last fall, 4iiii’s crank arm based power meter has become smaller, using a new casing to give it a lower profile for better frame clearance.

They also gave it tabs for a rubber strap to hold it in place and apply continuous pressure while the bonding agent cures and permanently affixes the unit to your crank. That aids in self installs, but for now they’re doing factory installs where you send your crank arm in and have them apply it.

Why? Because they’re refining the epoxies to make it as simple as possible to insure you’re able to install it perfectly. In the meantime, they’re including the back and forth shipping of your crank in the $399 price.


All-New Rotor INpower hides power meter tech inside crank spindle

Rotor INpower crankset powermeter inside the spindle

The antenna and battery cap on the non-drive crank is all you’ll see of the new INpower power meter…everything else is tucked inside the spindle.

The Rotor INPower is a clever new take on the crank-based power meter that puts all of the electronics inside the axle, which not only protects it, but keeps the rotational mass at the center.

But the location of the electronics is just part of the story. Rotor, which is known mostly for their ovalized chainrings, can show “different” power readings when those chainrings are used on standard spider-based power meters. This happens because the ovalized shape changes the zones of rotational speed at which you’re able to turn the pedals over by making it easier in your dead spots and harder in your power zones. The result, from our own experience, is that the overall pedal stroke is much smoother and the rotational speed seems more consistent to our legs, but they say a spider-based strain gauge may not see it that way.

The design also lets them use the same power meter across their entire range of cranks regardless of the arms, making it perfect for road, triathlon, cyclocross and mountain bikes…


Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • Battle Royale 2 – The Ultimate Bike Battle returns Saturday April 18thEngland – The Morvélo Battle Royale was originally a one-off event. The response was so positive and the racing so exciting that they’re doing it again. Using a natural concrete oval in an abandoned old market in central Brighton, it pitched all types of riders and bikes against each other in a series of fast and furious knockout heats. The Circus Street Market is being redeveloped in June, so this will be the last time it can be held at this unique venue.

Much more including the finalists for the Bell Built Trail competition after the break!


Friday RoundUp – Bicycles Bits & Pieces

Ethics-Brochure_cover_image Training & Nutrition

  • Bike Pure Release Ethics Brochure – Bike Pure today launch it’s publication titled “Rebuilding Ethics in Cycle Sport: A Guide for Riders, Parents and Coaches”. The 44 page full colour brochure is aimed at educating both riders, coaches and parents of cyclists on the importance of sporting ethics, integrity, sportsmanship and anti-doping. This free guide is available to be shipped in hard copy format from or as a direct PDF download from
  • New training software to help coaches and student-athletes across the countryTrainingPeaks has announced a partnership with the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) to provide world-class online training software and educational content to help interscholastic mountain bike team coaches succeed. For more information on NICA visit or call (510) 524-5464.

Clothing, Gear and Tools

  • DeFeet brings the art of Greig Leach and the wonderous Paris-Roubaix bicycle classic to their Aireator socks – Greig Leach inspires and amazes enthusiasts world wide with his artwork. In addition to his prints, Leach has compiled books with his cycling creations, such as the Book de Tour, art of the Tour de France, in 2014. To order your pair of Aireator Greig Leach Paris-Roubaix Special socks, visit
  • Kinetic Releases Major inRide UpgradeKinetic has announced the launch of a major update to its inRide power training app. The update includes new home-screen graphics, improved guided workouts, direct social media sharing, and real-time workout graphing. The app update is currently live and is available for download from the iTunes store now.


Peaks Coaching: Eight Tips for Better Mountain Biking

by Brig Brandt, Peaks Coaching Group Elite/Master Coach

Brig Brandt Peaks Coaching Group

Photo Credit: Tim Schallberger

1. Invest in good tires.

I highly recommend a good, fresh pair of tires to mount up on race day. Just like road tires, MTB tires come in a variety of durometers and thread counts. Use harder tires with a lower tpi for training and softer, suppler tires for racing. Using new or lightly worn tires in races will increase traction and drastically decrease your odds of flatting. Bonus tip: keep a set of mud tires around. When you need them every shop in town will be sold out.

2. Skip the tubes.


SRAM Reduces Pricing for All Quarq Power Meters

quarq title photo

At one point, if you wanted power there weren’t many options to choose from. Now though, there are a number of players in the power meter market and all of them are competing for your business. Just recently, Powertap announced their latest round of products which included their C1 chainring based power meter that will be priced somewhere around $700. If it’s any indication of how things are shaping up for future power meter pricing, today both Pioneer and Quarq have announced reduced pricing for their own chainring or spider based units.

When it comes to the unit itself, Quarq uses a spider based measurement system that includes a built in accelerometer to measure cadence without a magnet. Powered by a CR2032 battery, Quarq power meters carry an IPx7 waterproof rating and two year warranty including free firmware updates. Able to measure power on both legs, the units now include 10K temperature compensation and connectivity through the Qalvin App.

New Pricing after the break…


Pioneer brings dual sided, crank-based power meters to just $999

Pioneer Cycling Power Meter and Cyclosphere tech overview and first impressions

Pioneer introduced their highly technical, data rich power meter and computer system in early 2013. Then, last spring, we got an in depth look at it on our own bike. At the time, the system required an entirely new crankset to be purchased, your choice of Dura-Ace or Ultegra 11-speed.

Then, at Interbike 2014, they introduced their Power Meter Kit that let you send in your own DA or UL crankset and have them install the left and right power meters, saving you considerable coin. At that point, it was priced at $1,299.

Over the six months since the program launched, they’ve been perfecting the process. Now, says Russ Johnston, EVP Pioneer Cycle Sports, “we’re prepared to move this to a much higher volume in our Long Beach, CA, facility.”

How so? By dropping the price to just $999…


OGIO Packs it All In with the Athlete Focused X-Train 2 Backpack


Whether you’re headed off to a day at the office and hoping to squeeze in a workout, or simply looking for a backpack to manage all of your riding essentials, OGIO has a bag for you. The bigger brother of the X-Train Lite and the successor to the original X-Train, the X-Train 2 is essentially an organized gym bag that doubles as a backpack complete with padded laptop storage. Built with provisions for bike, yoga, gym, and running gear as well as pockets for nutrition, tech, valuables, and even wet clothing, not being able to find what you need in your duffel bag will no longer be an excuse…