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Garmin Connect Now Syncs w/ Strava, Flying Pigs Coming Soon

garmin connect now syncs with strava via automatic uploads

As of today, Garmin Connect, the GPS cycling computer powerhouse’s own community based training platform, will now directly sync with Strava.

Thanks to a new API partnership, Connect will allow automatic workout uploads from those services to your Strava account, and uploads to MapMyFitness and Endomondo are coming soon. Just log into your Strava account and link your account, then anytime a workout is uploaded via Garmin Express, Garmin Connect Mobile or WiFi, ride data will automatically pop up in your Strava dashboard.

The news comes just a few months after Training Peaks integration was announced, making it so much easier for all of us to use the popular devices with the popular services. Hallelujah!

Peaks Coaching: Three Common Racing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

By Tim Cusick, PCG President and Elite Coach

Peaks Coaching Group Racing Mistakes Avoid
One of my favorite (and most frustrating) things about racing is how hard it is to win. There are very few sports that rank with cycling in terms of all the things that must align to capture that elusive victory. As a professional coach, I have the luxury of replaying hundreds of races through my clients’ eyes and have learned that there are a few common mistakes repeated time and time again as riders learn to race. Click through for my solutions to three of these mistakes… READ MORE ->

Sufferfest Releases “Half Is Easy” Training Video for Those in a Hurry

Short on time but still want a quality workout? Developed by three time British National Cyclocross Champion and Dig Deep elite coach, The Sufferfest’s latest video, Half Is Easy, is speed workout based on short, intense intervals. It’s just 39 minutes long, but will help fine tune your top end and build power. Like the others, it’s download only and is yours for $11.99. Get it here. But remember, if half of it’s easy, then you know what the other half is.

And if you need to strengthen your resolve to take rest days seriously, check out the video below from Sufferlandria’s nemesis…


Physiology and Nutrition: Dealing with the Heat


Summer’s hot. And as you get hot, your performance drops. Here’s the how and why, and how to keep your cool.

Human temperature regulation processes maintain a core body temperature over a very narrow functional range despite elevated metabolic rates and exposure to very hot environments. During submaximal exercise, we can limit the effects of the increased heat production through sweating and evaporative cooling. But as intensity climbs, our ability to offload heat becomes limited; in conjunction with a hot/humid environment; we are most likely going to experience hyperthermia. Technically, heat stress and hyperthermia are the overarching umbrella terms for heat illness (heat exhaustion, heat stroke), and are identified as an elevated body temperature due to failed thermoregulation that occurs when the body produces or absorbs more heat than it can dissipate.

During exercise in the heat, the most significant physiological burden is supporting blood flow to the skin: high skin blood flow is needed for heat dissipation. (The average blood volume of an adult male is ~5 liters, and the average female ~4.4 liters, not much to go around!). We often think of a high core temperature as being the limiting factor for performance; eg the “critical core temperature”, but it is more the temperature of the skin that affects aerobic performance. Skin temperature is highly influenced by the ambient temperature and humidity, whereas the core temperature is influenced by the intensity of the exercise (which is partially why a power decline is seen with elevated internal temperatures). Warmer skin induces a greater amount of skin blood flow, decreasing blood volume available for circulation. For example, with a sustained elevated core temperature, an increase in skin temperature will have a concomitant increase in heart rate but the reverse is also true- cooling the skin even with a sustained elevated core temperature will reduce heart rate due to more blood shunting back into circulation(1).


Stages Cycling Introduces New Power App for Android

Stages Android App

Cyclists wanting to measure power output no longer have to choose between their allegiance to Android, or the ability to use the Stages Power Meter. Previously offering their Stages Power App through Apple’s iOS only, the company now has an Android compatible version offering most of the same features including zero reset, power and cadence display, device info, and mobile firmware updates. According to Stages Cycling’s product development director Andy Lull, “Developing the Stages Power application for Android was challenging compared to our iOS App. With multiple hardware manufacturers and subtle variations of the operating system spread between both manufacturers and data carriers the testing phase was tedious. Of course, we had to make sure it works as it will be expected to, across all options.”

In order to guarantee the app would work across the board, Stages used a number of their Facebook followers across the world to help beta test the Android version. The results concluded the app will need at least Android 4.4 for base compatibility. The app is currently available for free download on Google Play.


Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Apple Pie

  • Beautiful footage of this years’ Yak Attack above. Find out more about the “Worlds highest mountain bike race” here. High altitude training anyone?
  • Today Save $5 off the Sufferfest training video bundle: The Wretched and There Is No Try, featuring officially licensed video footage of Le Tour.
  • Culprit Bicycles are offering 10% off all carbon road bikes this week.
  • Scott Sports has a new website for your enjoyment as well as a special feature with daily updates from the 2014 Tour de France: Moments of Le Tour.
  • Join George Hincapie on July 9th as he celebrates his favorite stage of the Tour de France with a bike ride and viewing party at his Hotel Domestique in Travelers Rest, SC.
  • Cam Zink is hosting two mountain bike clinics at Mammoth Mountain Bike Park on July 26th, with a free ride with Cam day on the 27th.
  • GirlBikeLove’s Sarai Snyder is raising money for Women Race Bikes: a new media site dedicated to reporting women’s professional cycling.
  • Trek Bicycle will be matching all donations dollar-for-dollar to World Bicycle Relief for the month of July.
  • Amtrak is making it easier to transport your bicycle along it’s long distance routes.
  • The Catskills Outdoor Guide is now available electronically or in print with a short guide to riding around the Catskills by John Ferguson, John S., and Anton of the blog Riding the Catskills.
  • Snapguide has announced the winners of their Bike Hack contest.
  • Happy 4th of July to our readers in the USA!

Peaks Coaching: Efficient Use of Recovery Time

By BJ Basham, PCG Master Coach

Cycling is all about efficiency. It’s easy to find stuff we can buy for our bikes that’s supposed to make them faster, but the benefits of an efficient training schedule far outweigh any gains that a new set of wheels or carbon bars can provide.

A well-thought-out training plan involves the two main components required to improve performance: overload and recovery. Your coach can give you specific workouts, and there are several tools (such as power meters and software) to provide you with the most efficient means of getting the right amount of overload, but it is really up to you to make the most efficient use of the time provided for recovery. It’s important to remember that just because you’re not on the bike or in the gym doesn’t mean you’re getting the rest you need to recover from the overload of your last training session.

So what can you do to make the most efficient use of the recovery time built into your training plan? Click through for some ideas… READ MORE ->

Purely Custom Continues to Modernize Fitting with Lasers!

Purely Custom fitting laser guide seat mapping (7)

Dr. Evil just wanted shark with freakin laser beams attached to their heads. If he picked up the new Purely Custom 3D fit plotter, he would still need the sharks. But lasers? Purely Custom’s newest fit tool has plenty of those. As a division of Seastrom Manufacturing Co. Inc., Purely Custom brings their aerospace and aviation machining experience to the bicycling world. While they started with various CNC bits with a custom touch (hence the name), Purely Custom has expanded into the world of professional fitting products used by some of the top fitters in the world.

The newest addition to their catalog makes measuring the exact location of any part on the bike a breeze…


Elite Real Trainers Now Fully Compatible with Kinomap Trainer Program

header-real-power copy

Those of you who need to suffer on a trainer but are looking for something a little more immersive than watching reruns of Breaking Bad may want to check out Kinomap Trainer. Announced just over a year ago, the iOS based app allows your trainer to interact with videos and GPS tracks of rides all over the world giving you one of the most realistic indoor ride experiences you can find. Initially designed to work with trainers like the Wahoo Fitness KICKR, Kinomap is adding Elite Real trainers to the list of compatible options.

Using the Wahoo Fitness ANT+ dongle, the Real E-motion, RealAxiom, RealPower and RealTour trainers are now fully compatible with Kinomap Trainer. Rumor has it, customer demand for the ability to upload user generated video and GPS routes forced the switch from Elite’s proprietary software and training DVD’s of the past to this new, online format. Whatever the reason, owners or future owners of Elite Real trainers will now have access to over 15,000 videos covering 40,000 KM of geolocated training rides. With the UCI’s ban on in race camera’s lifted, that should make for some very interesting training videos coming soon…