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Carmichael Training Systems Partners with Strava to create Training Programs for Premium Members

Strava CTS training program

If you’ve been out riding this year and are a Strava user, you’ve probably noticed the new Annual Achievements. Now, in addition to your personal yearly bests, riders have a chance to pick up the annual KOM for a segment along side the overall KOM for all time. If KOMs, annual or otherwise, are on your to do list for the year you’re also probably the type of rider that pays attention to their training.

Thanks to a recent partnership with Carmichael Training Systems (CTS, also, Strava users have a new arrow in their quiver when it comes to training programs. Available to all Strava Premium members, multiple training programs are available through the Strava program to help you complete that 60+ minute climbs, to 20 second town-line sprints.


Roundup: Astounding new cycling related tech from CES & beyond!

The annual extravaganza of all things digital, CES, has revealed quite a few new bits of tech aimed at the cycling and fitness crowd. None is more impressive than the Activetainment Ebove.

While Zwift is busy creating a massively multiplayer online world for roadies, Activetainment has looked to the dirt to create an amazing and fully immersive mountain biking simulator. The video tells the story better than words ever could, but if you don’t have two minutes to have your mind blown, here’s the nutshell: The fully robotic Ebove mountain bike simulator that moves in real time based on your pedaling, braking and turning, changing both the position of the bike and the speed at which the on-screen “trails” move. That means leaning, inclining and declining, and it’s compatible with upcoming virtual reality headsets. Not only can you ride alone, but you’ll be able to compete online in real time against others. Insane.

Keep reading for details on this, the incredible Bragi fitness earbuds and more!


Garmin Goes Big into Wearables, New Vivoactive Smartwatch, Fenix GPS Watch, Epix GPS Mapping Watch, more

garmin vivo wearable connect watch (4)

Television and films over the years have had some lofty expectations to what the future of tech would hold. From flying cars, to clothes made out of metal, most of the entertainment industry’s prophecy has failed to materialize. However, when it comes to your wrist – we are entering the realm of Dick Tracy and his two -way wrist radio.

I’m talking about the smart watch, of course. A gadget that couldn’t have existed without the rise of the smart phone. You may still be on the fence about wrist mounted technology, but thanks to Garmin there are a number of new options to consider. Starting with the new vívoactive, Garmin has a new touch screen smart watch that will appeal to a wide group of active individuals. Along with the vívoactive, Garmin has also introduced the new Fēnix 3 multisport GPS watch, epix rugged GPS mapping watch, and the new vívofit 2.

Whatever your activity or your style, Garmin has some very interesting options to wear your heart rate on your wrist, among other things…


Samsung Gear VR and CycleOps VirtualTraining Team up for Oculus Rift Based Virtual Reality Cycling


PowerSyncPowerBeamClassicTrainerSamsung Gear VR Oculus 

Recently there have been a number of virtual training programs introduced that aim to make spending hours on a trainer more bearable. Why? Because riding indoors is terrible. Having something to bridge the gap between mind numbing suffering and engaged fun could be the secret to making those trainer sessions actually fun, or at least tolerable.

Perhaps the biggest recent product introduction came in the form of Zwift, a program that makes training into an online video game where you race your friends. How do you one up what appears to be the perfect blend of training and gaming? Two words: virtual reality.

With the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show kicking off in to full speed tomorrow, Samsung and CycleOps are announcing their foray into virtual training. Together, the Samsung Gear VR and CycleOps VirtualTraining program will let users train in stereoscopic realism….


VeloPro releases new estimated power feature for riders without power meters

Portland-based VeloPro launched their dynamic training system back in September, but it required a power meter.

Now, in addition to the tools that create a user-specific training plan based on your ride data and real life schedule, VeloPro has worked to include functions for users without power meters. The Estimated Power option uses an algorithm that creates data that power meter-less folks would otherwise not be able to obtain.

VeloPro is offering a free 14-day trial and three subscription levels if you decide to stick with it. Full PR below… READ MORE ->

Peaks Coaching: Stack Your Deck of Cards

By Sam Krieg, Peaks Coaching Group Elite Coach

Peaks Coaching Group Winter Training Deck of Cards

A deck of cards is built like the purest of hierarchies, with every card a master to those below it, a lackey to those above it.  – Ely Culbertson

Training in the winter for bike racing is a brutal activity that very few people can comprehend: hours spent suffering quietly so you can emerge in the spring ready to race and brawl against all your rivals and mental demons. I live in Idaho, which means I get to choose whether to go outside and brave the elements or suffer for hours on the trainer. Neither is very pleasant, but each and every one of my winter training experiences builds a foundation for the coming road season. The one thing I know for sure is that the harder and longer I train, the more indestructible I become. Click through to read why… READ MORE ->

The Sufferfest adds two new videos – Nine Hammers & an Angels Reboot

Just in time for your holiday break, something to wile away the cold, dark hours in your torture chamber where, perhaps, you’re dreaming of warmer days, sunnier climes or racing season. Or, after hitting nine VO2 Max and threshold intervals lasting three to four-point-five minutes in an hour-long workout, you may just be dreaming of returning to your cubicle.

Designed by Apex Coaching’s Neal Henderson, The Sufferfest’s Nine Hammers shows exclusive on-bike camera footage from the Tours of Switzerland and Romandie and the usual assortment of UK humor and graphics that make them the best trainer videos on the market.

It’s releasing this Thursday, December 18th, alongside a remix of Angels, for a 24 hour special bundle price. Check out the racing that’ll crush you next, then get ready to suffer…


Peaks Coaching: Four Keys to Powerful Winter Training

By Hunter Allen, PCG Founder/CEO and Master Coach

Peaks Coaching Group Winter Training
What you do this winter can really make or break your season in the coming year. Winter training is different for everyone since we live in different areas of the world; some of us spend a solid five months indoors while others can ride outside year around. There are some vital components to creating a very good winter training program no matter where you live, and of course a power meter has a lot to do with it.

Before you embark on your official winter training plan, though, you’ve got to make sure you’re well rested and recovered from the long season. Hopefully you’ve taken a couple of weeks off and given yourself at least two weeks of easy cross-training; this is essential to recharging your physical and mental batteries.

Once you’re rested, recharged, and ready to go, your winter should contain the following four important components: focused indoor training workouts, solid workouts at your sweet spot, a cross-training routine, and balanced rest periods. These four components combine to create a strong winter program that can give you one of your best winters ever. Click through for more on each point so you can use them all to the best advantage… READ MORE ->

GCN Video Shows Whether Climbing is More Efficient Seated or Standing

Now you know if all that huffing and puffing and wiggling and dancing is really worth it. Check out all their videos and stories at Global Cycling Network or on their Youtube channel.