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EB15: Feedback Sports takes Omnium roller trainer and makes it better.


Borrowing the Sportcrafters’ Omnium roller design, Feedback sports has crafted it into a sturdier, sexier unit for keeping you strong through the winter. Or just warming up before a race.

We’ve seen the Omnium’s first edition from Sportcrafters at Interbike 2013 and again in our own office, and the rolling parts carry over here. It’s still using their progressive magnetic resistance that moves the magnet closer to the drum as it goes faster. What’s changed is the overall structure, making for a better platform to hammer upon.

Unfold the tech details below…


EB15: SRM turns on Bluetooth for PC8, adds 1x mountain bike power meters & builds an app


The SRM PC8 was first announced almost two years ago, with an announcement that it started shipping earlier this year. Now, the company is prepping a major firmware update, with Bluetooth connectivity getting turned on sometime in September 2015 if all goes to plan. That’ll let it connect to the upcoming SRM app, but the usage benefits of that might need some time to be realized.

There’s also a WiFi a transmitter in the PC8, but it’s not activated yet. That’s something they’re working on, but the demand for the device was so high, they wanted to go ahead and start shipping them this past May with all the hardware on board, then bring new features online as they could. Eventually, it’ll download your ride data wirelessly and send it to the cloud…


EB14: Stages adds power meters to carbon cranks – Campy, FSA & proprietary SRAM solutions


Stages Power has finally unlocked a way to bring their single sided power meter to left crank arms everywhere. Or, at least, to modern Campy, FSA and most SRAM cranksets.

To make it work with carbon,they had to develop a new strain gauge and assembly method – it takes about 30% longer to install them on carbon then on the alloy arms. They have to polish off the top clear coat layers, but don’t worry, Stages assumes the warranty from the original manufacturer should anything happen. The actual physical changes to the strain gauge and other internals are not something they would divulge. But they did say that one of the biggest challenges was keeping it accurate in fluctuating temperatures. Once they solved that, they were able to offer a product that doesn’t need to be zero calibrated when the temps change, maintaining its accuracy from ride to ride.


Review: Revisiting Praxis Road and Cyclocross Chainrings, Long-Term


It’s been more than four and a half years since we last did a proper review of a set of chainrings from Praxis. While they do get pretty rave reviews from everyone who rides them, we thought it was time to revisit a few sets that we have put several thousand kms on to let you know how they have worked out and how they’ve held up over the long haul. The sets we’ll talk about in detail are the Standard Road 53/39 Clover rings, the all black Compact Road 50/34 rings, and the Cyclocross 46/36 rings.

Come past the break for our thoughts, detailed wear photos, and actual weights…


Peaks Coaching: Two Weeks to Burning More Calories on the Bike

by Hunter Allen, Peaks Coaching Group Founder/CEO and Master Coach

Two weeks to burning more calories on the bike - Peaks Coaching Group

Weight loss is partially a math problem. Thirty-five hundred calories equals one pound of fat. Divide 3,500 by seven days, and that’s 500 calories you have to cut out each day in order to lose one pound a day. Or you could burn 500 more calories a day and maintain your gluttony without guilt. Or you could do a bit of both; reduce your calories by 250 a day and increase your burn by 250 calories by increasing your exercise volume or intensity, or both. Click through for two weeks of workouts that will do exactly that… READ MORE ->

Friday RoundUP – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • Inspired to Ride Still on the Big Screen – Inspired to Ride, the film that documented participants in the inaugural Trans Am Bike Race, has been screened in over 25 theaters the past few months. And events are still coming together. Visit for screening dates.


1x Road Bikes Are Coming- Aribike Announces Round and Oval Mono or Double Ring Kits

Aribike oval double ring kit on road bike

Not long ago, Bikerumor previewed an innovative set of oval chainrings for mountain bikes manufactured by Italy’s Aribike. With 1x road bike drivetrains now starting to appear (as seen very recently from Lindarets and Wolf Tooth Components) it’s no surprise that the company has just announced the release of chainring kits for road bikes with round or oval double ring and 1x options available.

With a wide range of customized gearing options on tap, Aribike says they are one of just a handful companies worldwide producing oval chainrings, and the only Italian manufacturer of 1x road-specific rings featuring their special drop-stop tooth shape. Read on for more details, and to find out how Aribike’s oval chainring kits create a training system for competitive riders…

Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • Crankbrothers Partners with Top Athletes To Support Bike-Related Causes Worldwide –  In partnership with top athletes, Crankbrothers has launched the Crankbrothers for Others charitable giveback initiative to support bike-related causes around the world. Participating athletes span the disciplines of downhill, enduro, cross country, and cyclocross. Charities include World Bicycle Relief, NICA, Ride For Michael, Wheels 4 Life,Prochorus Community Development, Riding Forward, JAM Fund, Team Rynkeby, Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition, and the Ride to Conquer Cancer, among others. Visit for more information and make a donation.


New Garmin Edge 520 In Living Color and Live Strava Segments, Expanded Smart Capabilities


Debuting this Tour de France is the new Garmin Edge 520, the world’s first GPS cycling computer featuring live Strava segments. The 520 features a color screen, a revised interface strategy, an extended battery life, and a myriad of other exciting features that the Edge 510 fan-men and women among us have been begging for. It interfaces with ANT+ trainers and your existing Vector  pedals for greater tracking capability. Meet your new best friend to beat your best friend after the jump… READ MORE ->