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BSX Insight adds instant, needle-free aerobic threshold monitoring, ships in March


At Interbike, BSX Athletics introduced the BSXinsight, a wearable, fully external lactate threshold monitor that measures your threshold using LED light and sending the readings to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You hop on the trainer, start the workout on your phone and proceed to crush yourself for 30 minutes. The result, as originally planned, was that you’d then know your anaerobic threshold.

But, in the months since the show, it’s learned a new trick.

“One of the things we learned since introducing it at Interbike is that not only did we have the ability to measure anaerobic threshold (lactate threshold), but also the aerobic threshold,” Dustin Freckleton, co-founder and president, told us. “That makes the zone determination a lot more accurate, letting you tune your workout to improve the specific type of performance you want to target.”

There’s a lot of different terminology out there, so let’s clarify what the two mean. Aerobic Threshold is commonly called LT1, and Anaerobic Threshold is LT2, with the numbers basically corresponding to the order in which they occur in your body. LT1 is just a small bump, when you first see lactic acid levels go above baseline. LT2 is when the graph really starts pointing upward and you start producing more than you can clear. For all practical purposes, everything before LT1 is purely aerobic, everything after LT2 is purely anaerobic. In between the two is a blend.

So, what’s the benefit of knowing your aerobic threshold?


Reviewed: BKool Trainer Pro + Simulator

BKool out of the box

Most of us have a real love-hate relationship with our trainers. They are an exercise in futility: who wants to pedal his hardest for an hour just to go nowhere, alone, dripping in sweat, with this annoying droning in your ears? Yet they make us so strong.

Fortunately, more and more brands are finding ways of making it more entertaining, and BKool’s latest attempt at keeping you motivated is a definite upgrade from the first generation we tried. Here’s where they succeeded and where they’re still improving.

The BKool Pro Trainer retails around $700 and comes with the trainer, power adapter, riser block and compact ANT+ USB adapter.  You can add ANT+ cadence and heart rate monitors as well. You then download their indoor riding simulator, pick your workout, add ghosts or bots to ride against and you’re off… READ MORE ->

Kinetic Introduces Ergonomic Twenty20 Water Bottle Cage

kinetic twenty20 water bottle cage (4)

Quick – you’re reaching for your bottle. What hand do you use? According to Kinetic, if you’re like most riders you favor a particular hand, likely your dominant one. That begs the question, if you’re constantly grabbing the bottle from one side of the frame, why do most bottle cages only have the split located dead center on the frame? Filed in the category of why didn’t I think of that, the new Kinetic Twenty20 water bottle cage addresses that very issue.

Simple, affordable, and light, the Twenty20 cage may have you rethinking your current bottle holders…


Ladies All Ride women’s mountain bike clinics back for 2015


Lindsey Voreis is back with support from Liv (Giant’s women’s specific brand) and SRAM for the 2015 Ladies All Ride Tour. The series will have 22 events from coast to coast, some tied into major events like Sea Otter Classic and partnering with other star riders like Rebecca Rusch. She’ll also be bringing the GRIT Series, a Bend, OR, based women’s clinic series, for the ride across the U.S., expanding that program’s reach, too.

Full PR below…


Reader’s Rides: Building your Own Suspended Rollers for less than $150

ASJ suspended rollers

As cyclists, I know there are a lot of do-it-yourself types out there. Why spend your hard earned money on something on something you could build yourself, for less? If that sounds like something you would say and you’ve been looking for a better way to train indoors this Winter, here you go. If you know what rollers are, you are probably familiar with the Inside Ride E-Motion rollers which are fantastic. Basically, the roller frame floats back and forth on a separate frame which combined with additional support rollers for the rear wheel and front wheel bumpers makes roller use easier and more enjoyable. While the Inside Ride version will ultimately be more portable, not everyone has $900 to drop on something they only hope to use on the worst days of the Winter months.

Ever since suspended rollers became a thing, there have been DIY versions but few have the detail of the plans sent into us by Adam St. Germain. Compiled on the Short Handled Shovel blog penned by ASJ and Noah Jacobs, the DIY instructable takes roughly $125 of raw materials plus a set of rollers and transforms them into an impressively functional set of suspended rollers…


Review: Kurt Kinetic Road Machine is a solid, quiet, premium fluid trainer

Kurt Kinetic road machine premium fluid cycling indoor trainer review

In the age of connected “smart” trainers that relay your data directly to a computer (and soon directly into the cloud), a standard fluid trainer doesn’t seem nearly as exciting. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be darn good, and there are ways of making it talk to your devices, after all.

The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine is their top level static trainer. The Rock and Roll, which sways with your movement, is still their top model, but it’s $200 more and it doesn’t pack down easily for travel. Their line was overhauled in 2013 to improve compatibility with larger (mountain bike) tires, improve fit and finish of the knobs, and pack them completely assembled so you can jump right on as soon as you open the box. The resistance unit was unchanged, though, which is fine because it’s stellar.

Looking for a high end fluid trainer that keeps it simple? Spin on in and check out the details…


Hands On: iOmounts Nomad Attracts your Phone to the Bars with Magnets

Nomad iomounts magnetic bike mount handlebar (2)

There are a number of products out there to mount your phone to your handlebars, but most of them have the same problem. Either you’re left with a massive case on your phone that is difficult to slip into your pocket, or you have to go through the hassle of installing the phone in the protective mount on the bars, or worse – you risk your phone jettisoning from the mount mid ride. iOmounts is approaching phone management from a different angle entirely. Instead of a twist lock, clamp, or bungee mount, the iOmounts Nomad relies on magnets.

Yep, the same thing you use to hang pictures on your fridge is supposed to be trusted with your pricey smart phone. While it may seem far fetched, when it comes to the nomad we’re actually pretty impressed…


Clif Introduces New Organic Energy Food Including Squeezable Pizza!

Clif organic energy food pizza sweet potato savory gel kits organic builder bar (2)

There are a lot of different approaches to exercise nutrition these days, but a lot of them have one thing in common – the trend towards more natural ingredients. Whether making your own bars or rice cakes, or buying ready made products from nutrition companies, ingredients are trending towards simpler recipes and things that would be found in your kitchen rather than a food science laboratory.

Clif is using this trend as an opportunity to launch their newest range of performance oriented products called the Athlete Series. Focusing on two different specific categories with sweet and savory, both options end up somewhere between a gel and real food. Describing them as more of a smoothie product, ingredients like coconut shreds and quinoa have been added to give them a slight chew. So while they are easier to digest than solid food thanks to a higher water content and squeezable texture, they provide more of a real food experience than a gel.

And there’s pizza.

Yes, Clif has invented a gluten free, vegan, certified organic pizza puree for your next long ride…


Review: TrainerRoad online subscription training boosts fitness with tech!

TrainerRoad online cycling training software with real time sensor integration

In a nutshell, TrainerRoad is an online cycling training software that works by pulling all of the data from the peripherals on your bike and body to adjust the workout to improve results. It also has the magical ability of making indoor trainer sessions less miserable thanks to the real-time feedback displayed on screen, helping you stay on target and actually get the desired work from your workout.

What sets TrainerRoad apart is that it syncs with your Bluetooth and ANT+ speed, cadence, power and heart rate sensors and uses their data to graph your effort overtop the prescribed training plan. And there are a ton of plans and individual workouts available, with more being added quite frequently…or you can create your own. Even more impressive is that if you have a “smart” trainer like the Wahoo KICKR, it’ll adjust the resistance automatically to keep your output synced with the workout.

But, the whole thing works just fine with a basic trainer, too. Looking for a new training partner this winter? TrainerRoad could be it…