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Hands on with the Interlock Seatpost Integrated Bike Lock in Taipei

Interlock seatpost integrated bicycle lock (2)

From Kickstarter to a Taipei D&I Gold award winner, Interlock is a smart product that combines a standard seat post with a bicycle lock. Now instead of carrying your lock on your frame, around your bars, or in a back pack, the lock stashes inside the post for a clean, extremely convenient locking option. Originally offered in 25.4 and 27.2mm diameters, a third 31.6mm size is being added, and they all retail for $60 – not much more than the cost of a seat post and a lock.

After meeting Adrian from Interlock in Taipei, we got a sample to try out – check out our first impressions next…


Taipei Show: SR Suntour Springs forward with New and Updated Forks, Prototype Carbon Crank, and a new E-Bike Kit

SR Suntour Forks Crank suspension seatpost (4)

While most of the fork news out of SR Suntour at the show came in the form of small improvements to reduce weight, there were a few new forks in the mix as well. All new to the line up is the new Aion, which is more of a budget version of the Auron as it is built with a cast crown instead of the Auron’s hollow crown, and a steel Q-loc instead of aluminum. The Aion will be available in a number of travel and wheel sizes like the Auron, which will now available in a 29er version in addition to the 27.5″ forks offered for its introduction. Billed as an Enduro fork, the Auron received good marks from Saris in testing, which should only get better with new models.

In addition to fork improvements, SR Suntour had some other developments like a prototype carbon crank and and e-bike system…


Taipei Show: Big in Japan with Panaracer’s New Fat Bike Tire, plus 27.5″ Slick

Panaracer Fat bike Tire 275 650b moto pacenti (4)

The first performance tire I ever purchased for my mountain bike in the 90′s was a Panaracer Fire XC Pro. A lot has changed since then, but the Fire Pro tread refuses to go away, which is probably a good thing since many people still run and love that tread pattern. To stay current with the times, Panaracer has a new tubeless compatible Fire 29er Pro, and Fire 650b Pro to carry on the legacy, both in a 2.35″ width. There is also the new Comet Hard Pack tire for 27.5″ bikes in multiple sizes with tightly spaced lugs that looks like a cross between an Ikon and a Small Block 8. Panaracer has shown that for the future they are committed to 27.5″, 29, touring, gravel, and fatbikes?


Taipei Show: TRP Close to Production with Spyke MTB Mechanical, Plus Brake Lights, Splitters and more from Tektro

TRP Spyke Production Tektro brakes splitter (2)

Seeing as how the Spyke we saw at Frostbike, and subsequent testing is still very much a prototype, TRP had the latest version on hand in Taipei. We’re told this version is very close to production ready, and in addition to the change in graphics, receives some additional protection from the elements. The brakes will likely have a bit of camouflage of TRP’s own design, though they were still deciding on the final looks. Most likely it will end up as the version to the front, with a black body and a design on the brake arm.

More details on the Spyke plus some cool gadgets from Tektro next…


Taipei Show: Tioga Spins a Lighter Saddle with New Spyder Stratum Carbon

Tioga Spyder Saddle Carbon rail (2)

Shown last year as a prototype, the Tioga Spyder Stratum will soon be hitting market. Tioga has made waves with their Spyder saddle design by replacing the padding with a flexible web-like saddle body that is said to better conform to your rear. The Stratum line introduces a proprietary dual density material to created both a flexible and durable saddle that is extremely light weight. Offered in the Spyder Stratum and Spyder Stratum Carbon, the saddles join the Twin Tail, D-Sypder, and original Sypder to fill out the line.


Taipei Show: Wireless Dropper Post Closer to Production, Plus Road Buzz Absorbing Stem and Post from TranzX

TranzX E dropper seat post shock absorbing stem  (5)

Are electronics the future of dropper posts? TranzX certainly thinks so. As one of the most production looking electronic dropper posts we’ve seen, the TranzX JD-YSp06 was looking good on display, but according to TranzX, it’s still not quite there. The hold up seems to be what all dropper post manufacturers are grappling with when it comes to ditching the cable – where to stash the battery. TranzX solved the problem by stashing it under the saddle but they mention the battery will likely be 30-50% smaller for production. Depending on the size of the battery, and the weight of the mechanism, electronic dropper posts could make a big impact on the dropper market – let’s just hope that all manufacturers can improve durability before tackling electronics.

More, plus TranzX’s innovative Antishock road stem and seatpost, next!


Taipei Show: Control Tech Expands Ti Mania, Shows off Carbon/Titanium Road Bar, More

Control Tech Ti Carbon Mania 35mm bar stem (4)

What’s better than carbon or titanium? Control Tech thinks the answer is carbon and titanium. Adding to the company’s range of titanium TiMania parts is their new road drop bar which fuses carbon fiber and titanium. The bar’s construction uses a titanium top section, with unidirectional carbon fiber throughout the whole bar including the drops. ControlTech says that titanium is uniquely suited to the clamp section of the bar, but carbon is a better material for the drops, which results in the unique cross section of materials shown here.


Taipei First Look: Xentis Rolls Extremely Light Squad 2.5 SL High Modulus Wheels, Plus new Carbon Brake Pads

Xentis Wheels Taipei squad 25 sl high modulus (3)


You want light? How does 890g per set sound? That’s the claimed weight of the new Xentis Squad SL 2.5 High Modulus wheelset. To be introduced first in their 2.5/25mm depth, the shallow wheels are just the first in a full line of SL wheels which will include 4.2, 5.8, and 7.5 depths in both tubular and clincher. Hand made in Austria like the rest of the line up, we have to assume that in spite of the insanely low weight these wheels will be plenty durable, though if you’re concerned there is both a 16 and 20 spoke option for the front wheel.

To go along with their machined carbon brake tracks, Xentis has a new brake pad compound – details after the jump.


Taipei Show: xpedo Puts the Power to the Pedal with new Thrust E Power Meter

Xpedo Thrust E power pedal (2)

Pedal based power meters have created a lot of buzz in recent years and for good reason – having the power meter based in the pedal rather than the crankset or rear hub makes a lot of sense as a racer. Wheel changes don’t require a power meter for each wheel, cranks can be easily changed from compact to standard depending on the conditions, and bikes can easily be switched as well. Currently Look and Garmin have been duking it out for pedal power supremacy with a few other companies looking to get in on it as well, but the latest offering from xpedo is surprising. One of the biggest differences between the new xpedo Thrust E and the competition is that the power meter is completely contained in the pedal body of the Thrust E and needs no additional parts. That means installation really is as easy as threading in a pedal. We’re assuming the pedal will still need to be calibrated like the rest, but it looks as if it could be the easiest to set up of the bunch.

More details after the break.