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TPE15: Turin Bicycles introduce Yo cycling lights, new Super Willy steel cyclocross frames


Turin Bicycles out of Chicago has added a few new frames to its bike collection, all steel and all ready for disc brake cyclocross action whether you want singlespeed or gears.

The Willy, shown above, is built from Reynolds 530 and gets an eccentric BB and straight steerer tube. An interchangeable dropout lets you add a derailleur hanger if you want to run gears, and standard external cable routing is in place. The Super Willy upgrades all of those features with some very pretty tube shaping, internal routing and tapered headtube…


TPE15: Woho kickstarts killer WOKit carabiner multitool

Woho WOKit carabiner multitool for cyclists and skateboarders

Is that a WOKit in your pocket?

The new Woho WOKit is ratcheting its way through Kickstarter with this carabiner multitool that fits a surprising number of tools into a compact and utterly useful package.

By using a 6061-T6 forged alloy carabiner as the handle with an integrated 1/4″ ratchet, it allows for quick bit changes and a heat treated chromoly steel wrench to be locked into place for adjusting pedals and much more. The design has been iterated upon since August 2013, and it shows with a multitude of clever touches. For example, a soft, single-sided Velcro strap keeps it all snugly together without any of Velcro’s scratchiness that could snag on jersey pocket material. And a thin wire loop lets the accessories compartment dangle freely if you’re hipstering it to your belt loop, to which you could easily add a second loop for house and car keys.

Check the video and more details below…


TPE15: Edco machines wide range mountain bike cassette & narrow range junior cassette, plus new wheels

EDCO narrow range junior road race cassette

Edco has been machining their Monoblock cassettes from a single piece of hardened chromoly steel for a while, but the designs have been limited to standard road gearing ranges. Now, two new options push the gear selection in either direction, from a very narrow range model to a two-piece wide range mountain bike cassette.

The new narrow range Monoblock cassettes for junior racers, shown above left, are because the youngsters can’t run anything smaller than a 14-tooth cog per UCI rules. So, they make a 14-25 and 14-27 cassette, both with 11 speeds, that gives young racers tighter gaps between gears without having to restrict derailleur movement to keep them off the smaller cogs. Expect them to be about $200 USD. Like the others, it’s machined out of solid chromoly steel. Also like the others, it’s an 11-speed unit that’ll fit on a 10-speed freehub body, making it easy to put an older set of wheels to good use. Weight is about 200g.

Shift past the break for more details, plus a look at prototype carbon rims and more…


TPE15: Atomlab’s SL handlebars drop weight, new rings & cogs, and more


Atomlab’s SL alloy handlebars switch from 6000-series to 7000-series alloy, dropping the weight to about 260g and becoming more fitting of the SL moniker. They have a 25mm rise, 4° upsweep and 9° back sweep. Width is 760mm. There’s also a new 195g Carbon SL (red), which will only be a 31.8 with 15mm rise, 6° upsweep and 9° back sweep.

They’ve added a new 31.8 bar alongside the original 35mm clamp size, and the stems get reducers if you wanna run the thinner bar.

Check out pedals, hubs, cogs and gears below…


TPE15: FSA takes cranks wider three different ways, leaks all-new Gravity GRID mountain bike line & more!


FSA is updating their carbon SL-K and K-Force Light cranksets with an all-new BB392 spindle standard. Put simply, it’s a 92mm wide, 30mm diameter spindle that follows the logic of the BB386EVO standard they helped introduce for road bikes. Yes, it’s a new “standard”, but like the 386, it’ll work on any frame thanks to a variety of bottom brackets to go with it. Threaded BSA? No problem, the wider spindle makes room for an outboard bearing bottom bracket, which makes things even stiffer thanks to the wide bearing placement. Pressfit 30, PF92, etc., will all be accommodated, too, with this single new spindle size.

This eliminates the need for a steel spindle, which makes them lighter while still fitting any BB. The arms are a little more svelte than before, too, saving a few more grams and keeping Q-factor unchanged…and they get new, asymmetric and proprietary 4-bolt patterns.

But these aren’t the only ones getting a wider spindle. They’re joined by new Boost148 models and what is perhaps the first BB30 fat bike spindle. Check those and lots, lots more new stuff below…


TPE15: American Classic gets fatter, wider and more tubeless for mountain, road

American Classic Sprint 350 wide road tubeless wheels

Whether it was rims or hubs, for road or mountain, American Classic’s offerings just keep getting wider and adding tubeless ready options, which should make just about everyone happy.

For the pavement, the Sprint 350 rims get a complete redesign to bring it up to modern standards. Inside width jumps from 16mm to 19mm (external is now 22mm), and it’s tubeless ready. The weight of the rim is spot on at 350g (claimed), and it’s built into a traditional road wheelset with 28/32 spokes (F/R) with double butted spokes and comes in at just 1,396g for the set. Retail is $899 USD. Their sponsored Pro Tour team, Bretagne, has been training on them and say they’re better than the race wheels they had last year.


TPE15: KS Zeta dropper seatpost for road bikes, plus prototype wireless dropper post

KS Kind Shock wireless dropper post remote prototype

KS is focusing on all categories for dropper posts, not just mountain bikes, which helps explain the new Zeta model for road bikes. They’re also working on all manner of buttons, levers and methods for making those posts drop, like this prototype wireless dropper.

Shown above, the electronic dropper doesn’t have a formal name yet, but it’s in development. It functions the same as the others, but with an electronic valve rather than a mechanical valve and a NFC wireless remote control.

Right now, it’s a proof of concept to gauge interest and see what sort of battery interfaces make sense. It could integrate with Di2 or e-bike batteries so there’s not a separate battery pack required. The one above had a rather big, ugly battery pack attached to the seat tube just out of the pic’s lower edge.


TPE15: Pillar makes the simple spoke a bit more durable

It’s not often the humble spoke gets much attention, unless it breaks and ruins a ride, in which case your attention is very much directed to that most voluminous part.

The new Pillar 3D Force spokes should further reduce the attention you pay them. They use two flattened sections near the J-bend head that increase the fatigue life by 3-5x normal.

It works by placing alternating flattened sections that first absorb the torsional stresses on the spoke, and the second absorbs the bending stresses. These combine to relieve the two forces in the area where most spokes snap, giving them the enhanced durability…


TPE15: Microshift gears up w/ Mega 40 wide range mountain bike cassette, derailleur system

Microshift Mega 40 wide range mountain bike cassette and rear derailleur mountain bike group

If there was one other trend at Taipei Cycle Show to contend with 27.5+, it was wide range cassettes and systems for mountain bike. We’ve already shown you Praxis’ new cassette, but it was far from the only new option.

Microshift, which is largely known for their smaller shifters and less expensive options found on youth bikes, offers quite a bit more than that, though. Their new Mega 40 cassette and derailleur jump head first into the wide range mountain bike drivetrain group with a systems approach. The tooth counts on the cassette use a very smooth growth rate from 11 to 40, are offered in both 10- and 11-speed options and the derailleur has a parallelogram that’s specific to this cassette’s tooth profiles, so it’s going to set up without a lot of fiddling.

The best part? It’ll integrate just fine into an otherwise Shimano based system to offer an inexpensive upgrade…