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TPE15: Spank adds vibration damping foam to Spike handlebars


Following in the footsteps of the wider Spike DH/Freeride bar, the 760mm Oozy handlebar will be getting a Vibro-Core option that fills the body with their vibration damping foam.

Designed to kill the buzz that can lead to hand, arm and mental fatigue over longer and repeated runs, the Vibro-Core filling reduces the size, frequency and duration of vibrations. That means they’re drastically reduced by the time they reach your hands, and it’s all done with a low density foam that adds very little weight.

Closeup cutaways and more below…


TPE15: Closeup look at Miranda Infinium cranks & titanium 1x chainrings, more

Miranda Infinium alloy crankset with titanium spindle and 1x single chainrings

Miranda’s been in business for 73 years, with much of that spent making motorcycle parts. In 1998, they brought in the equipment to machine and forge aluminum, and now much of their business is in OEM cranksets, all manufactured in their Portuguese factory. This summer, they’re adding new machinery to boost their already impressive capabilities.

Now, they are branching out into aftermarket products, the latest of which is their Infinium crankset announced this past December. The arms are cold forged using their own technique, and are accessorized with titanium bolts, spindle and chainring…


TPE15: Wheeler’s Thirtysixxer towers over slick 29er, cyclocross & other bikes


Wheeler is a Taiwanese brand with distribution throughout much of the world, including a U.S. agent despite the limited presence here. Most of the bikes on their website are mid-level, with a few slick looking full suspension mountain bikes and aero road bikes topping things out. For Taipei, they had several new models across new-for-them categories that featured some nice details.

The Thirtysixxer was rightly placed at the corner of their booth, suckering me in for a closer look…


TPE15: Blktec adds one-piece carbon clincher wheels & aero road bar-stem, new MTB bar-stem combo


Blktec debuted at Eurobike last year with some unique bolt-on handlebar/stem units, and they’re back with more of those this year. But, for this new aero road bar, they eschewed the bolts and adjustability altogether to save weight and improve aerodynamics.

This one’s still a prototype, final weights are TBD. By using a one-piece design, there’s no need to round off the center section, letting them cut drag by keeping the airfoil shape all the way across. And it’s made for Di2, with a clever port underneath for the junction box…


TPE15: Panaracer readying road tubeless, prototype gravel road tires & more


Panaracer’s expanding their gravel bike tire collection to larger sizes. The new 700×41 GravelKing, shown to the left of the current knobby 32mm size, should be in stores in July. Weight is TBD, price should be $44.95 for a folding Kevlar bead version. The smoother GravelKing at the top left of the image comes in 23, 26 and 28 millimeter widths.

The Pacenti Pari-Moto will also add a 41mm width, which will be available in May. Also $44.95, weight also TBD.

Click through for pics of those and an update on where Panaracer stands on tubeless ready tires for road and cyclocross…


TPE15: Box Components adds wide range rear derailleur & XC stem, brakes get finalized

Box Components wide range rear derailleur for up to 44-tooth cassette cog

Box Components is finally starting production on their rear derailleur, likely starting with this new wide range model designed for today’s bigger cassettes. All told, there’ll be seven derailleurs: Short, mid and long cage, all offered with and without clutch, and the new clutch-eqipped wide range.

The long cage handles up to a 36, the wide range will go up to 44 tooth cogs. To make that happen, the lower knuckle is longer and the top pulley is offset. The lower pulley is larger to grab more chain, which helps keep the chain more stable.

Pricing is $125 with clutch, $110 without. Shifters are $50 per side if you keep away from the big brands altogether, but the derailleurs are 100% Shimano shifter compatible.


TPE15: Prototype carbon ISM Adamo Attack triathlon saddle loses its cover

Prototype ISM Adamo Attack full carbon saddle for triathlon and TT bikes

At Interbike last fall, ISM added more padding to several models for those wanting something a little cushier. Now, they’re stripping it all away to create something for those wanting something a little lighter.

A lot lighter, actually. This carbon fiber concept based on the Adamo Attack saddle and comes in at just 185g. For ISM, that’s really light…almost half the 314g weight of a standard Adamo Attack.

They’re currently running it through ISM’s extensive comfort and blood flow testing. If it all works out, they’ll offer it in limited quantities. For now, it’s a concept only, and we’ve got more pics below…


TPE15: New Vittoria MTB tires cover XC to DH, plus a look at graphene carbon rims


Last year, the Geax line of mountain bike tires was rolled into parent brand Vittoria. Most of the existing models carried over, and the Peyote, Barzo and Jafaki are the first three new treads to roll out under the Vittoria name.

The Jafaki is a moto-inspired tire with big knobs and even bigger side knobs to keep your firmly planted during high speed (read: descending) maneuvering. The widely spaced center section should clear quickly, making it a solid choice for enduro on anything but very dry hardpack.

The Barzo and Peyote skew more toward all purpose trail and XC use with lower profile knobs and faster rolling center sections. All three tires use sipes on the tread blocks to improve grip.


TPE15: Topeak saddles up w/ new seats, Panobike cycling computers, Tool Monster & mounts for everything!

Topeak Tool Monster mini multi tool with CO2 inflator head

Topeak had quite a few new goodies behind glass cases at Taipei Cycle show. Since they’re somewhat known for clever little tools (and hugely awesome cases to put them in), we’ll start there.

The Tool Monster combines 22 tools into a very compact, two piece multi-tool. The main body has many of them built in, and a smaller part houses the allen wrenches (1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8 and T10/T25). Other bits include 8/9 box wrenches, chain tool (that’ll even work with modern 11-speed hollow pin chains), chain hook, #2 Phillips, spoke wrenches and 15mm open wrench. The smaller piece can attach to the larger one by inserting the 8mm allen key into the 8mm box wrench, giving it a larger handle for increased leverage on some of the tools.

Opt for the Tool Monster Air and you swap the chain breaker/pin pusher for a CO2 inflator head that’ll fit both Schrader and Presta.