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SOC14: Hands on with the RockShox Bluto Equipped Borealis Echo + Weight

Borealis fat bike echo back flip (3)

Even with an army of test bikes, the Borealis Echo was a tough bike to track down at the Sea Otter Classic. When it wasn’t being back flipped by Gregory Robinson-Krunrod, or given to trials exhibition riders, Echos could be spotted tearing around the venue by a number of fat bike suspension curious folk.

In spite of it’s popularity, we managed to track one down to get it on the scale…


SOC14: Gwinning Prototype Clipless Pedals and Other Fancy Bits From HT Pedals

HT Prototype Gwin Clip Pedals

Over the past few months, HT sponsored athlete and 2x World Cup Overall winner Aaron Gwin has been teasing his social media followers with rumors of a new pedal.

This rumored pedal is the first clipless MTB product for HT and it’s already racked up a world cup win at the season opener in Pietermaritzburg.


SOC14: ODI Wingtip Bars Get Lighter, Still Extendable on the Fly

ODI Wingtip bars lighter (1)

Chances are good that if you are a fan of wide bars, you know of at least one trail where your preferred width might be an issue. Whether that means fitting between trees, rocks, or riding a narrow ledge, sometimes your bars are just too wide for conditions.

Instead of having multiple bars that require switching out parts, ODI has a simple solution – Wingtips. While their Wingtips have been out for a few years, ODI has updated the design resulting in a bar that is 20g lighter, but still just as strong.

Spread your wings after the break…


SOC14: More than Meets The Eye With New Topeak Transformer XX Pump

Topeak Transformer XX Joe Blow Ace (2) Topeak Transformer XX Joe Blow Ace (3)

When you’re headed off to a race or an event, there is usually a lot to carry. Spares, food, clothes, tools – the list goes on and on depending on the situation. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could combine your pump and a repair stand in one compact, easy to carry package? If your answer is yes, you’ll want to check out the new Transformer XX pump/stand from Topeak. By day the whole unit functions just like your normal easy to use Topeak floor pump, but by night the stand separates from the pump providing a support for working on your bike.

Details next…


SOC 14: Zumbi’s Custom, Hand Made, Full Suspension Bikes Straight out of Poland

Zumbi f11 enduro  (1)

When you think of high performance, hand made, full suspension bikes, Poland probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind. After seeing the bikes from Zumbi however, maybe it should. Fiercely proud of their 100% Polish designed and manufactured product, Zumbi combines hand made craftsmanship with modern suspension technology to create bikes with a custom touch that can be hard to find elsewhere.

Each Zumbi is designed by their main engineer Pawel Matuszynski in Myslenice – what they call the downhill mountain bike heart of Poland. The company offers all sorts of bikes including trials, DJ, Street, XC, Enduro, FR, DH, and even a fat bike and fixie. Working mostly with 7020 aluminum alloy, most of the frames are offered with the ability to get custom geometry, paint, and even tubing options.

Zumbi had their F-11 Enduro and Sam Dueck’s F-22 FR bike to show – get a closer look next…


SOC 14: On-One’s Wildly Colorful Floater Fat Bike Tires

On One orange fat bike tires (1)

As if fat bike tires weren’t eye catching enough as it is, why not draw even more attention to your fat bike with colors! Available in a perfect shade of orange to match the On-One Fatty, On-One decided to offer their 4″ Floater tire in 4 different shades.

They probably won’t make you any faster, but you’re sure to be noticed…


SOC 14: Lake Launches Heat Moldable Insoles, Fresh CX402s, Plus New Colors for Cross

Lake 402 heat moldable soles carbon fiberglass mx331 black (13)

Almost exactly a year ago, we were sitting at the Lake booth at the Sea Otter Classic listening to the story about how the brand was reinventing itself. Steeped in heritage, Lake has come a long way since their introduction in 1982 with a vastly expanded product line. Now offering an incredible 23 different models, there are 8 road shoes with all of those shoes offered in wide and 7 of those offered in women’s, and 6 shoes available with the 4 bolt Speedplay sole. And that’s just for road. By offering multiple colors, men’s and women’s, standard and wide, and options like the Speedplay sole, Lake wants to make good on their promise of the “ultimate Bikonnection” for everyone.

In 2014/15, there are more options, colors, improves shoes, and a continually expanding dealer network meaning now is as good of time as ever to try on a pair of Lakes…


SOC14: Enduro Shows Off PressFit BB Installation/Removal Tools

ABI Enduro PF bb bottom bracket tool (7)

With new bottom bracket standards comes new tools in order to service them properly. We won’t say that all of the issues that face PressFit bottom brackets are due to improper installation, but it’s more than likely it is sometimes the case. In order to make the installation and removal process as easy as possible, Enduro has updated their BB30 tool to now include PF30, as well as introduced a smaller version for BB86/90/and 92.


SOC 14: Rubbery U Locks from Abus, Plus Helmets?

Abus locks helmets ugrip plus 501 (3)

Locks are one of those products that can be hard to get excited about because, let’s face it – we wish we didn’t have to use them. Since we don’t live in a world of unicorns and rainbows, bike theft happens and we rely on companies like ABUS to keep our bikes safe. Their new mega Ugrip Plus 501 takes the U lock to another level with some interesting tech.

More plus a look at some ABUS helmets after the break…