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SOC 14: Fezzari’s Prototypes Lighten up for Road, Add Discs and Thru Axles for Road and CX

Fezzari prototype disc road cross bike (3)

After a strong showing at last year’s SOC in the mountain bike department, Fezzari was back for 2014 with 3 new skinny tire prototypes. Whether you’re looking for standard road, road disc, or disc CX, Fezzari will have an option for you in the near future in line with their consumer direct sales model. That’s not to say the new bikes aren’t impressive looking machines though – Fezzari’s newest bikes look to be just as, if not more up to date with the latest trends as most major manufacturers.

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SOC 14: Lapierre Shows off Aircode and Pulsium Road Bikes, Introduced Overvolt MTB

Lapierre Pulsium Aircode Overvolt (4)

After introducing both the Aircode aero road bike and Pulsium endurance road bike earlier this year, we finally got a chance to see both bikes up close and personal. Of course, one of the biggest things we wanted to check out was the elastomer “suspension” on the Pulsium and find out just how it worked.

While the mountain bike line up will see a few changes to their OST and IE platforms for easier use, the big news on the mountain side is the new Overvolt line. Just what are the Overvolt bikes? Well as a hint it has something to do with volt, and nothing to do with my last name…


SOC 14: Xentis Goes Stealth in the US for XBL 4.2 and Squad 4.2 Disc

Xentis Black on black wheels carbon (4)

Decals on rims are always a love ‘em or hate ‘em affair. It’s usually only when those decals or graphics are on $2,000+ wheels that it really becomes an issue. If you’re a fan of the blacked out look or just don’t want to be a rolling billboard for the brand of your next set of wheels, check out Xentis’ new finish. The black stealth finish will not only be offered on the 4.2 XBL and Squad 4.2 disc wheelsets, but it will be the standard color in North America. If you’re a fan of the current white graphics don’t worry – they’ll still be available as an option. Stage Race Distribution had the latest samples on hand which are currently limited to their 42mm wheels, but will be available across the line soon.

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SOC 13: Wahoo’s Universal TICKR HR Monitor Shipping, RFLKT iPhone Bike Computer gets a +

Wahoo RFLKT + HR Strap iphone computer

If you’re looking to track your heart rate, but only want to use one strap for all of your devices, Wahoo has you covered. Thanks to the aptly named TICKR, you can connect to either ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart compatible devices (including Trek and Giant integrated computers) all with the same strap. Designed to work with a number of fitness tracking apps like Strava and Endomondo, TICKRs also work great with Wahoo’s own Wahoo Fitness app and the new Burn or Burst training plans that are built into the app. The dual band HR strap has LED lights that let you know it’s working, while the more advanced TICKR Run and TICKR X (coming soon) will have features like speed/distance on a treadmill, built in memory, and more. The standard TICKR is available now for $59.99.

Wahoo is also now shipping the RFLKT+ which has all the same features as the standard RFLKT, but adds an Altimeter. The computer also serves as a connection between your phone and ANT+ sensors, meaning you can use ANT+ devices even if your phone is only equipped with Bluetooth. For those unfamiliar with the RFLKT, it basically reflects the data on your smart phone to the computer screen on your bike. You can control all of the functions directly from the handlebar mounted computer, while leaving your phone tucked away in your jersey pocket or bag. The RFLKT+ retails for $129.99, while the standard RFLKT is still $99.99.

SOC 14: Vee Tire Co. Teases Epic Edition 29er Treads, More Options for BMX

Vee Rubber Tires New Epice conditions (2)

More options are always a good thing right? Coming off their recently announced partnership with Team Meerendal at the Cape Epic, the tire line will be developed and tested by the team with a release date in the future. None of the three new tread patterns have their own name just yet, but they each have a distinct tread pattern and what Vee is calling their 29 Endurance Compound. If you haven’t noticed, Vee Tire Co. has been ramping up production and introducing quite a few new tires and treads in all disciplines across the board – including road and cross.

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SOC14: Coco Hydro Makes Coconut Water on the Go

coco hydro dehydrated coconut water powder

There are a lot of people touting the benefits of coconut water. The fact that it’s purely isotonic, high in potassium and minerals, and low in sugar and carbohydrates leads to claims that it is superior to an energy drink, and better for rehydrating yourself after a long ride. Whether you’re drinking it for the hydration benefits, or because you just like the taste you know that coconut water can be very expensive and also hard to transport. These are all reasons why Coco Hydro has created a dehydrated coconut water powder that can be used to mix up your favorite beverage anywhere.

Owned by Big Tree Farms, Coco Hydro is created by dehydrating the coconut water at the source in Indonesia which means they aren’t shipping water around the world. Using an enzymatic spray dry process, the nutrients are extracted and then mixed with sea salt for the sport version or natrual extracts for flavors and colors for the other versions.  Launched in 2011, Coco Hydro is available in single servings, 25 serving bags, or 30 serving tubs for the Sport version (which has more electrolytes). Original will be the flavor of choice for those who love plain coconut water (which was quite good I must say), while lemon-lime, pineapple, and pomegranate raspberry add flavor for those wanting a little more. Ranging from $1.59 for a single serving to $24.99 for the 30 serving Sport tub, Coco Hydro claims their product is about half priced compared to competing Coconut water.

SOC14: Lightweight Osprey Rev Series Now shipping

Osprey Rev Series packs (3)

We first got a look at the new Rev series of packs from Osprey at Interbike last year, and true to their word the lightweight packs are now shipping. Initially designed as more of a runners pack, it was discovered that cyclists like the lightweight construction and close fit so a few design changes were made to make it more of a universal application.


SOC14: Steve Smith’s 2013 Devinci One-Off World Champs 650B Prototype

Steve Smith 650b Proto (10)

This year, Steve Smith took time from the busy World Cup schedule that kept most pros from attending Sea Otter to walk us through the highlights of the one-off prototype frame he raced last year at World Champs. And when we say “walk” us through the details, he mostly just stood there holding this pose until the wind knocked him over. That said, he was a really friendly guy, and took photos with everyone who stopped by!

Now back to the frame…..

SOC14: Parlee Cycles Updates Z-Zero with House-Made Tubes, ESX Aero Road Bike Shipping


When we visited Parlee in Massachusetts a while back, they had a single roll press for Bob to play with. Now, they’ve started making their own tubes 100% in house. Before, ENVE was making their round tubes, but now they’ve got a huge new hydraulic heat press and are bladder molding all of their tubes about 20 feet from where the frames are pieced together.

Parlee’s sales/marketing director Tom Rodi says it’s been a three year process, and it means all the tubes are now shaped, no longer just round. That includes the seat- and chain stays. For now, they’re not bladder molding entire sections of the frame as one piece…just making the individual tubes that way. They’re still joint wrapped like before, which gives them full control over the lengths and angles – They are full custom, after all…