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SOC15: New aluminum Mongoose gravel grinder, fat bikes and 27.5+ are well spec’d & consumer direct

2016 Mongoose Selous Expert gravel grinder road bike

Mongoose is, perhaps surprisingly for us North Americans, still making well spec’d, high quality alloy-framed bikes, but you won’t find them in bike shops anymore. No, like many boutique and foreign brands, they’ve gone consumer direct.

Leading the charge is the Selous Expert, a brighter-side-of-celeste-green gravel grinder with a double butted aluminum frame that’s running thru axles and disc brakes front and rear. There are also adult and kids fat bikes and a new 27.5+ hardtail…


SOC15: Loaded Precision adds AmX Carbon gravity handlebars, stems & more


Loaded Precision’s AmX Carbon line is new, slotting in alongside the lighter XC and trail lines for enduro and gravity style riding.

All of them are 840mm wide, available in 31.8 and 35 diameters, with 25mm and 8mm rises, but the 8mm looks like a flat bar on the 35mm version (top of pic).

Loaded says they’re strong enough for DH thanks to an elastomer infused resin that helps maintain the bar’s integrity over time, helping diffuse the micro fractures that occur in carbon wth extended use. The tech has been used in F1 car cockpit buckets that protect the drivers, which are made by the same factory that makes Loaded’s bars. Retail is $169.


SOC15: Kinomap unveils “Inside The Peloton” 7-hour action sports camera

Kinomap ITP inside the peloton extended recording time action sports camera

Kinomap is known for their user-generated, real world riding videos and integrating those into your home trainer, letting you ride virtually through thousands of different locations around the world by replaying those videos on your iOS device. The level of integration takes on various forms depending on your equipment, but they’ve done a tremendous job of making it accessible to virtually anyone. And lots of people have jumped on it, recording almost 60 million kilometers of footage.

One of the limitations, though, has been the short recording time offered by today’s popular action sports cams like Sony, GoPro, Garmin, etc. The solution? Make the camera last longer. Kimono’s Phillipe Moity explains:

We thought for a long time about having a bike cam able to record long rides. Our new camera is able to record up to 7 hours in one go when all competitors die after 2 hours of HD recording. First recordings have been officially made by next week at the Sea Otter Classic. We made several tests already, including at the last Haute Route race, also during the Roc D’Azur Mountain bike race in France (4h20min recording in one go) then one UCI world tour team made some trials as well during a training session in Calpe Spain (5h36min and 162 km distance).

Here’s how it works…


SOC15: BOS Suspension Set to Launch Void 2 Rear Shock, Updates Idyll Air DH Fork

BOS suspension Void 2 Idyll Air (2)

Tucked away on an attractive YT Tues CF DH bike within their booth, Bos was quietly showing off the next generation of their Void long travel air shock. Referred to simply as the Void 2, the shock has a few changes both internal and external that will make it an even stronger competitor in the DH air shock game…


SOC15: FSA Teases New Dual Pivot K-Force Brake, Vision adds Tri Max Aero Brakes, Carbon SI Aerobars, Updates Metron TT Crank

Vision tri max aero carbon si metron tt brakes (19)

With all of the excitement around road disc brakes, you’d almost forget that the majority of road bikes are still running traditional rim brakes. If you find yourself in that majority, FSA is working on a new version of their K-Force rim brake that has been updated to accept all of the new, wider rims. Still using a traditional center mount, the K-Force moves to a completely new construction that’s meant to be more versatile, powerful, and lower profile…


SOC15: Wilier brings 903 TRB mountain bike stateside, updates Cento Uno aero seatpost

Willier 903 TR mountain bike Cento Uno seatpost change (1)

Admittedly, it’s a little weird seeing Wilier emblazoned on the top tube of a full suspension mountain bike, but the 903 TRB does look the part. The news here isn’t that the Wilier 903 TRB exists -it was introduced at Eurobike- but that it will be coming to the U.S.

To be sold initially through Competitivie Cyclist in June, Wilier mountain bikes have been around for a few years in Europe. We’re not sure how the Wilier name will fare in the world of mountain bikes, but the bike itself looks like a winner…


SOC15: Hands on with New Rever Dual Piston MCX1 Mechanical Disc Brake Plus Actual Weights

Rever mechanical road cross brake (6)

After introducing the newest mechanical disc brake for road and cross just before Sea Otter, Rever (pronounced like revere) was on hand in California for us to get a closer look. Clearly, one of the biggest calling cards of the new MCX1 is the fact that both brake pads are actuated by the lever arm. That makes this one of the very few on the market that offer true dual piston braking in a mechanical package.

Above and beyond the actuation, Rever has built in at least one extra feature that should leave rider happy when it comes time to replace the pads. More details and actual weights, next…


SOC15: Yeti’s Ride Driven Clothing Collection Offers Turquoise Threads for Men and Women

yeti clothing enduro teller tolland  (12)

Ok, so it may not be as cool as a new Yeti mountain bike, but when Yeti introduces new clothing it still gains attention. When asked why Yeti is going so deep on apparel their response was that to them, Yeti clothing is a reflection of how they choose to build and spec bikes. The Tribe of employees, team riders, and friends like what they like and this is a way to offer that with a little Yeti style mixed in.

Adding to an already attractive line, the latest pieces offer something for man, woman, enduro, or trail…


SOC15: Xentis Squad 4.2 and 5.8 Wheels Get Ultrawide for 2016

Xentis squad disc wider 42 58 mm deep wheels carbon (2)

No matter how good a wheel is today, the big question everyone seems to be asking is yeah, but how wide is the rim? This seems to apply equally to both mountain or road bikes where the width of a rim can have a drastic effect on the shape and performance of the tire. Mountain biking seems to be taking this concept to the extremes lately, but road bikes aren’t far behind if you consider just how narrow rims and tires were not that long ago.

Having already subscribed to the trend on their Squad 7.8 deep dish carbon wheels, Xentis is now adding substantial width to both their Squad 4.2 and 5.8 road wheels in tubular and clincher as well as rim or disc models. Details next…