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SOC15: Profile Design Introduces Drive System Drop Bars, New Bar Tape

profile drive handlebars tape (1)

Profile Design is a brand that has made their mark on fit. Well established in the triathlon world, Profile Design is turning their attention to the world of drop bars with their new DRiVe system. Not satisfied with the way modern bars are sized and chosen based on standard reach, drop, and width, DRiVe bars focus on the Drop Reach Variant – a point on the bar that is measured with a 73 degree line from the tops of the bar. Meant to provide the most powerful positions on the drop bar in a way that cyclists can comfortably use, Profile Design thinks DRiVe is the answer to shorter headtubes and modern shifter designs…


SOC15: Mavic Highlights Crossmax SL Pro WTS with Team Dream and Stinner Frameworks Collaboration

Mavic Stinner crossmax LTD builds  (10)

In what seems to be turning into a bit of a tradition, Mavic teamed up with some talented people to hand build two show bikes for the new Crossmax LTD Wheel Tire Systems. To kick off the project Mavic gave Sean Talkington of Team Dream Bicycling Team a ring. Continuing his work with Jordan Low on paint and Aaron Stinner of Stinner Frameworks for the builds, two stunning mountain bikes emerged as the perfect canvases for Mavic’s WTS…


SOC15: Bontrager Rolls 29+ with Line Plus Wheels, Intros new SE5 Light Weight Enduro Tire

Bontrager Line elite plus se5 enduro tire fat bike chupacabra hodag barbegazi (7)

With Trek going all in with the Stache +, it should stand to reason that Bontrager will be offering up a line of plus sized accessories. Already offering the Chupacabra tire for 29+ (27+ Chupacabras are coming), the big story is the addition of the Line Plus wheelset. Borrowing from many of the current Bontrager wheel technologies, the Line Plus is a wider version of their Line mountain bike wheelset that should be a great addition to your bike+ whether you need Boost or standard hubs…

SOC15: Evoc Teases Stage Hydration Packs, Shows Bike Travel Bag Pro

Evoc bags bike travel pro stage hydration packs (28)

Summer is just around the corner which means it’s time for loading up your hydration pack and suffering with a sweaty back in the hot sun. OR, you could check out the new Stage Line of hydration packs from EVOC. Officially launching at Eurobike, we got a first look at what look to be some very well thought out packs…


SOC15: Endura Continues to Add Color with New Single Track Women’s Jerseys, MTR, and MT500 Shorts and Jersey for Men

Endura single track light mtr mt500 (4)

Bringing a bit of the Highlands to Laguna Seca, Endura’s Sea Otter Booth was easily spotted with the large whisky barrel and their Scotch themed jerseys. More importantly though, Endura had a number of new pieces that continue to move away from their traditional dark colors. Don’t worry, if you love color as long as it’s black, Endura isn’t doing away with the classics. But they are showing some brighter pieces if you’re in the mood…


SOC15: Fezzari plus-sizes Cascade Peak full susser, updates carbon hardtail & road bikes

Fezzari Cascade Peak 27.5+ full suspension mountain bike

Cascade Peak 27.5+ full suspension goes big all the way around, with Boost 148 rear spacing and 110mm axle spacing up front, 120mm of travel (that’s 20mm more than the 29er Cascade Peak) and the upcoming Maxxis Chronicle 27.5 x 3.0 that’ll be out by summer.

This one was built up just for Sea Otter and doesn’t represent production spec. It will get the new XT 1×11 when it ships, not the SRAM group shown here, and have WTB Scraper rims.

Checkout more from the consumer direct brand below…


SOC15: New aluminum Mongoose gravel grinder, fat bikes and 27.5+ are well spec’d & consumer direct

2016 Mongoose Selous Expert gravel grinder road bike

Mongoose is, perhaps surprisingly for us North Americans, still making well spec’d, high quality alloy-framed bikes, but you won’t find them in bike shops anymore. No, like many boutique and foreign brands, they’ve gone consumer direct.

Leading the charge is the Selous Expert, a brighter-side-of-celeste-green gravel grinder with a double butted aluminum frame that’s running thru axles and disc brakes front and rear. There are also adult and kids fat bikes and a new 27.5+ hardtail…


SOC15: Loaded Precision adds AmX Carbon gravity handlebars, stems & more


Loaded Precision’s AmX Carbon line is new, slotting in alongside the lighter XC and trail lines for enduro and gravity style riding.

All of them are 840mm wide, available in 31.8 and 35 diameters, with 25mm and 8mm rises, but the 8mm looks like a flat bar on the 35mm version (top of pic).

Loaded says they’re strong enough for DH thanks to an elastomer infused resin that helps maintain the bar’s integrity over time, helping diffuse the micro fractures that occur in carbon wth extended use. The tech has been used in F1 car cockpit buckets that protect the drivers, which are made by the same factory that makes Loaded’s bars. Retail is $169.


SOC15: Kinomap unveils “Inside The Peloton” 7-hour action sports camera

Kinomap ITP inside the peloton extended recording time action sports camera

Kinomap is known for their user-generated, real world riding videos and integrating those into your home trainer, letting you ride virtually through thousands of different locations around the world by replaying those videos on your iOS device. The level of integration takes on various forms depending on your equipment, but they’ve done a tremendous job of making it accessible to virtually anyone. And lots of people have jumped on it, recording almost 60 million kilometers of footage.

One of the limitations, though, has been the short recording time offered by today’s popular action sports cams like Sony, GoPro, Garmin, etc. The solution? Make the camera last longer. Kimono’s Phillipe Moity explains:

We thought for a long time about having a bike cam able to record long rides. Our new camera is able to record up to 7 hours in one go when all competitors die after 2 hours of HD recording. First recordings have been officially made by next week at the Sea Otter Classic. We made several tests already, including at the last Haute Route race, also during the Roc D’Azur Mountain bike race in France (4h20min recording in one go) then one UCI world tour team made some trials as well during a training session in Calpe Spain (5h36min and 162 km distance).

Here’s how it works…