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SOC14: Yakima Props up Your SUP, Encases Your Gear in Carbonite

Yakima carbonite sky box sup hup (2)

Typically, bike people are active people, and active people need to transport all types of gear. Hopping on the latest trend of Stand Up Paddle boarding, Yakima is offering a new way to carry those monstrous SUP boards you have sitting in your basement or garage (I’m looking at you Tyler…).

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SOC14: Stage Race Shows off Scapin Ivor and Anouk Road Bikes

scapin anouk ivor road bikes stage race distribution (2)

If you’re looking for a road bike with custom options that will stand out from the crowd and you like the sound of made in Italy, Scapin’s redesigned Ivor is definitely worth a look. As reported previously, the new verison of the Ivor eliminates the integrated seat mast in favor of an adjustable aero seat post to make traveling with and adjusting your saddle height much easier. Offered in 11 stock sizes, the Ivor also has a full custom made to measure geometry available along with a choice of color and personalization at no charge.

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SOC14: Hold on to your Glasses and Keys with Chums

Chums eyewear retainers keychain carabiner (3)

Going along with the Yakima SUP post for those readers who are outdoor people, not just bicyclists, Chums has a number of products that straddle many categories. Started by Mike Tagget and friends in 1983, the company was founded on a desire to keep their sunglasses from falling into the Colorado river where they were guides. Now based out of Hurricane, Utah, Chums has grown to include a number of different outdoor accessories from eyewear retainers to handy key chains and survival cords.

In addition to new colors and styles of retainers, check out the new Vortex Carabiners after the break…


SOC14: Kenda’s Honey Badgers are Multiplying, Plus more on the Juggernaut

Kenda Honey Badger Juggernaut fat bike (2)

Okay, everyone one the web is probably familiar with the Honey Badger meme at this point – you know, Honey Badger don’t care? Well the latest badger related video circling the web shows that not only do Honey Badgers not care, but they’re also one of the smartest animals around. Smart, tough, and versatile? You can see why Kenda has chosen the Honey Badger to name their all condition tires after.

Honey Badgers have been available in the Pro version for a bit, but now Kenda is expanding the line in both directions to include XC and DH. We had a chance to check out the DH version in Taipei which will be offered in both 26 and 27″ and in 2.2 and 2.4″ widths. We spotted Eric Porter with some Badger Prototypes which had a new rubber design Kenda is working on which uses a dual layer rubber compound on the cornering knobs. We’re told that the harder rubber underneath provides support, while the softer rubber on top provides the grip.

The other news for the Honey Badger is a smaller, faster rolling tire perfect for the XC crowd…


SOC14: POC Does Sport Sunglasses with the DO Blade

POC Do Blades (2)

Now that POC’s sponsorship of team Garmin Sharp is out in the open, Ryder Hesjedal can not only wear his DID shades that got everyone talking, but his new Signature DO Blades as well. Shown as very early prototypes at Interbike, the DO blades are shipping soon.

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Bike Check: Nino Shurter’s 2012 One-Off 27.5″ World Champ Winning Scott Scale


When 29ers hit the market a few years ago, there might have been questions in some peoples minds about their place on hard hitting trails, but there has been almost universal acceptance of the wagon wheels among the elite XC crowd since.

In 2012, Nino Schurter shook up the status quo with a world cup win on 650B wheels. While we don’t normally cover racing events, that story was significant enough to merit it’s own lengthy post.

So while the world cup athletes were busy racing in South Africa, we took a closer look at the historic bike on display at Scott’s booth at Sea Otter.


SOC14: Hands on with the RockShox Bluto Equipped Borealis Echo + Weight

Borealis fat bike echo back flip (3)

Even with an army of test bikes, the Borealis Echo was a tough bike to track down at the Sea Otter Classic. When it wasn’t being back flipped by Gregory Robinson-Krunrod, or given to trials exhibition riders, Echos could be spotted tearing around the venue by a number of fat bike suspension curious folk.

In spite of it’s popularity, we managed to track one down to get it on the scale…


SOC14: Gwinning Prototype Clipless Pedals and Other Fancy Bits From HT Pedals

HT Prototype Gwin Clip Pedals

Over the past few months, HT sponsored athlete and 2x World Cup Overall winner Aaron Gwin has been teasing his social media followers with rumors of a new pedal.

This rumored pedal is the first clipless MTB product for HT and it’s already racked up a world cup win at the season opener in Pietermaritzburg.


SOC14: ODI Wingtip Bars Get Lighter, Still Extendable on the Fly

ODI Wingtip bars lighter (1)

Chances are good that if you are a fan of wide bars, you know of at least one trail where your preferred width might be an issue. Whether that means fitting between trees, rocks, or riding a narrow ledge, sometimes your bars are just too wide for conditions.

Instead of having multiple bars that require switching out parts, ODI has a simple solution – Wingtips. While their Wingtips have been out for a few years, ODI has updated the design resulting in a bar that is 20g lighter, but still just as strong.

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