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SOC15: Polygon brings enduro-ready Collossus N9 to USA, plus new 27.5 race hardtail & Bend CX bike


Polygon is still establishing their brand here in the states, but that hasn’t stopped them from developing a model built specifically for launch in the U.S. market.

The new Collossus N9 bumps things up from the Collossus T8 with more travel, slacker angles and a more capable fork and rear shock. The T8 has 140mm travel, but the new N9 gets 160mm and a one-degree slacker head angle, meaning it’s built for more speed on the downhills. Yes, that all translates to enduro…


SOC15: Random Roundup with TRP, Beyond Coastal, Birzman, Wahoo Fitness, and More

roundup trp electronic shift kit

Whether indicative of Sea Otter’s growth as a launch pad for new products, or a positive health report of the industry as a whole, it seems like everyone had something to show in Monterey. Even those who didn’t have a big product launch had at least something to show. For TRP that meant their new Hylex Di2 Adapter kit which was shown in retail packaging for the first time.

First Spotted on Ben Berden’s cross bike, and then shown at NAHBS in prototype form, TRP’s Hylex Di2 Adapter kit will have you running electronic shifting with hydraulic brakes for the price of a pair of Climber’s Shifters plus the cost of the kit…


SOC15: Jamis unleashes the Dragonslayer 27.5+ and loads up the Renegade steel roadies


Jamis reserves the “Dragon” moniker for it’s premium steel mountain bikes, so it says something that they’ve attached it to this new model. The Dragonslayer brings modern steel tubing in contact with the latest axle, wheel and tire standards to create a bike made for equal parts fun, exploration and shredding.

On the other side of the tent were their new steel adventure road bikes, the Renegade Expat and Exploit, and a fully loaded carbon fiber Renegade Expert just to show what that bike’s capable of…


SOC15: Bar Fly gets SLi with new dual/multi mounts for computers, lights & cameras

BarFly SLi dual out-front mount for garmin cycling computer and GoPro action cam

Bar Fly showed off several new mounts that hold your choice of action cam, cycling computer or headlight…sometimes two at the same time.

The Bar Fly SLi, above, adds an additional mount to the bottom of their original out-front mount. The mounting hardware can be swapped to hold either a GoPro-style camera (based on the mounting style) or headlight. There’s even room behind it to mount the Di2/EPS junction box, making for a very tidy cockpit despite rampant accessorization.

The top side will offer mounting plates for Garmin, Joule, Cateye, Mio and Magellan computers, including the Garmin 1000 and 310/910/920XT watches with QR mount. Buy it with the one you need, then order the replacement mount if you ever switch computer brands.

Out front ain’t the only place you can stick all this stuff though…


SOC15: Remorp Remote Adds More Control for your ORP Smart Horn, Delicious PureFit Bars Make a Comeback

Torcano industries red monkey silicone grips ORP smart horn remote purefit bars (6)

What’s better than an ORP Smart Horn? A Remorp to remotely control your ORP, of course. Blending the functionality of a commuter light plus a nice horn and an angry horn, the ORP is a fun little handlebar mounted gadget that could make your commute a little bit safer. Safer still, is not having to remove your hands from the bars to use it…


SOC15: Rubena Adds 27.5 sizes for Scylla and Charybdis Tires

Rubena tires scylla charybdis  275 650b  (13)

Rubena is one of those brands that many people still haven’t heard of, but the company has an impressive 80 year history of making tires in the Czech Republic. Part of a much larger tire manufacturing operation, the bike side of Rubena’s business covers mountain to road and is slowly expanding to keep up with the trends in mountain biking.

The newest Czech treads come in the form of 27.5″ versions of their Scylla and Charybdis XC/Trail tires…


SOC15: Prototype Salsa 27.5+ full suspension mountain bike decorates WTB booth

Prototype Salsa 275-plus full suspension mountain bike

Looking very similar in design to their Horsethief 29er full suspension bikes, this prototype carbon bike showed off an upcoming Salsa model made to fit wider wheels, like those built with WTB Scraper rims and Trailblazer 2.8 / Bridger 3.0 tires.

Official details are slim, but we’ve got a little info and plenty of pics…


SOC15: Lazer adds complete women’s helmet line, improves budget Phoenix full face & MIPS finds Oasiz


Lazer is already a big supporter of women’s cycling, sponsoring several pro teams and putting together fundraising efforts like the Amy D. Foundation helmet.

Now they’re moving that support into the retail lineup with a fresh collection, called Moi, of women’s helmet colors. The models are all the same as the regular line, which includes their ponytail-friendly Rollsys retention system, but the colors, patterns and names changed up to match more of the women’s clothing and bikes on the market. Most use the white, black and lighter blues shown here, with just a few models getting a hit of coral (like the Summer) on them. No pink to be found anywhere. All of the performance and safety features carry over unchanged.

From Sea Otter, we have two updated mountain bike helmets and a bunch of new performance and lifestyle sunglasses…


SOC15: Ridea introduces dual-ovalized chainrings to fit any crank, road or mountain bike


Ridea was started in Taiwan, grew into Singapore and China, then Australia, and finally parts of Europe. Now, they’ve been infiltrating the U.S. for about a year and a half with their duo-oval Powerings, a unique take on ovalized chainrings that have four different levels of ovalization and options for virtually any crankset on the market.

Everything is fully CNC’d, like the Captain America inspired time trial crankset used to draw our eye to the booth. Yes, that one’s a regular round chainring, but it’s hiding another clever little part on its backside.

Here’s how it works…