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Velocite’s commits (to) a Syn with all-new aero road bike

Velocite Syn aero disc brake road bike

Held back from the press until the patent work was done, the new Velocite Syn aero road bike aims to leave current designs in the dust by focusing its aerodynamics on the complete bike and accoutrements we all take with us…namely, water bottles.

“We use the ‘real life’ adjective to differentiate from high performance in a wind tunnel or ideal test conditions.” said Victor Major, CEO and R&D Director of Velocite Tech. “For example, real life use of a road bike always involves carrying water bottles, and to date no bicycle design delivered optimal aerodynamic performance once water bottles are mounted.”

To accomplish their aero goals, the tube shapes and horizontal profiles were designed to create a complete airfoil shape with the bottles tucked into the frame. Major says the combined shape improves aerodynamics at a wide range of wind angles, thereby reducing turbulence and drag.


Falco brings narrow/wide 1x chainrings to triathlon for simpler, faster times

Falco voice 1x narrow wide chainring for triathlon bikes with dura-ace cranksets

It was probably only a matter of time before narrow/wide chainrings made their way to the pavement. Falco Bike, who you may remember more for their Tron-inspired V-wing aero bike, has gone ahead and skipped right over standard road bikes in favor of triathlon.

Their new chainring mounts to the asymmetric 110BCD bolt pattern of the latest Shimano Dura-Ace and Ultregra, as well as the compatible SRM power meter crankset. The chainring is CNC’d from 7075-T6 alloy and comes in at just 147g for a 54-tooth, the only size offered. According to the press release, tooth profiles are made to offer just a bit of chain retention since, in the absence of shifting, dropped chains during triathlon are pretty rare. Instead, the profiles are focused on smooth, quiet performance…and saving watts.

They claim a 1.5-2.5 watt savings over an Ironman distance ride, netting you about 35 extra seconds on the run. If the course is hilly, it can be combined with a 32-tooth little ring cassette cog just in case, though we’re guessing that’d make for some big jumps between gears compared to a standard road cassette. Retail will be $99, we’re waiting to hear back on availability.

Alé Bike Wear tries on U.S. Market with affordable, high end Italian kit

Ale Bike Wear italian PRR ultra plus  (10)

With so many clothing brands already vying for floor space in shops across the U.S., the thought of yet another company might be hard to process. On the outside, Alé Bike wear looks like a lot of high end cycling kits. It boasts interesting design, clever use of technical fabrics, and some of the best  construction methods which come straight from Italy. Then what will set Alé apart from the rest of the crowd? The price.

Don’t let the affordability fool you though, Alé Bike Wear looks just as good as some of their high priced competitors. And it should – there is a good chance they made those, too. Well, Alé Bike Wear’s parent company APG, that is. As the clothing equivalent of a bicycle component manufacturer introducing their own house brand of components, Alé is poised be quite competitive when it comes to selling you your next kit…


Found: Astir Frames’ Australian-built custom titanium bicycles


If the name Astir Frames doesn’t ring a bell, that is because they’re a relatively new frame building company. Founded by James Astir in 2012, the company specializes in custom built titanium frames.

James formerly worked as an engineer in the Automotive and Aircraft industries, and nowadays applies his work experience to his life long passion, bicycles. Every Astir bicycle and frame is custom made for its owner based on one of six types of bikes for everything from fast riding to touring to a new singlespeed model… READ MORE ->

Capo Shines with Big Push into Luminescent Clothing for 2015

Capo luminescent visibility GS Super Corsa  (10)

It’s been 10 years since Gary Vasconi and Robert Carbone launched their little clothing brand out of the Bay Area. Their selection and line have drastically expanded since those early days, but one thing remains the same – for Robert and Gary to be happy, the stuff has to work. While comfort, fit, and moisture management have always been key elements to the design, Gary pointed out that as a family man getting home safely is just as important, likely more important than staying comfortable.

But as Gary put it, Capo didn’t want being seen to equate to “looking like a 3M striped safety cone.” Thanks to the use of strategically placed luminescent fabrics, Capo is blending visual safety with effortless style on the bike…


Paragon Machine Works launches Syntace X12 thru-axle dropouts for custom framebuilders


We spotted some sketches of these at the Philly Bike Expo last year and now they’re official, bringing the sleek, adjustable Syntace X12 thru axle system to handmade bicycles.

Officially licensed by Syntace, the Paragon Machine Works dropouts will be offered in steel and titanium with an aluminum hanger, giving all manner of builders the ability to fit them into their frames. That’s a good thing since more and more wheel and parts are being built with thru axles in mind.

They’re already stocking concentric and eccentric inserts (one of the benefits of the Syntace system is the ability to adjust camber and “alignment” of the rear wheel using eccentric inserts inside the dropouts), the Shimano Direct Mount derailleur hanger, hanger bolt and axles from both Syntace and DT Swiss. And, they’re already working on additional compatible skewers for fat bikes (177mm and 197mm) AND an X12 compatible Boost 148mm model. Check the full details and options from Paragon below…


Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • Gourmet Century Schedule Released – Chris King’s Gourmet Century combines our love of food and cycling in pleasantly challenging group rides accompanied by a full days’ worth of deliciously crafted food. Registration opens April 1st for all Gourmet Century events. Check out the video above to get a feel for these “delicious experiences”.
  • Why should you join hundreds of passionate bicyclists in Washington, D.C., March 10-12? Glad you asked! The 2015 National Bike Summit and National Forum on Women & Bicycling is March 10-12 in Washington, D.C. Find out What You Will Gain by attending.
  • Standard registration for the 2015 TD Five Boro Bike Tour Presented by REI is officially SOLD OUT, but you can still sign up as a VIP or on behalf of one of their awesome Charity Partners!
  • If you do only one training camp in your life, let this be it. You’ve suffered with the Sufferfest videos at home – and now they want you to Suffer with them in person and become part of a Sufferlandrian National Team. For the first time ever, the UCI World Cycling Center in Aigle, Switzerland – global headquarters for the UCI and the destination for elite national teams – will host the training camp June 14th through 21st 2015.
  • Designer and manufacturer of bicycles for urban transport, Tern, has been awarded a trio of design awards from 2015 d&I and iF Competitions in Taiwan. The Tern Perch wall mount, Verge X18 folding road bike and Kinetix Pro X Wheels were recognized for their quality and innovation. Visit for more information.
  • In its first year, Inside Line Bike Expo is already gaining a lot of momentum and is shaping up to be a very successful event, one like we’ve never had in the Mid-Atlantic before. This is an event no cyclist in the region will want to miss, as we’ve worked very hard to make sure we have something for every type of cyclist!
  • The North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS), premier showcase for artisan framebuilders, is proud to announce a partnership with Bespoked, the UK-based counterpart to NAHBS, in an effort to further promote the handbuilt bicycle industry around the world. Embracing a “strength in numbers” philosophy, the two shows will cross promote one another to bring the message of artisanal bike building to a broader audience. Builders on each side of the Atlantic will have the opportunity to have their work presented to international audiences that would otherwise be hard to reach.
  • Over the years, riders from around the globe have battled hard for the VIENNA AIR KING throne. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the event and is an inseparable part of the FMB World Tour calendar. From April 10th to 12th 2015 mountain bike dirt jump pros and youngsters as well as thousands of spectators will come together at Vienna’s Rathausplatz to honor this jubilee.
  • Cycling apparel manufacturer Pactimo is currently accepting applications for their 2015 Brand Ambassador program. In 2014, the programs inaugural year, they received more than 1800 applications in 4 days and selected 25 incredible brand ambassadors with a passion for the sport and a love for the brand. For 2015, they’re excited to increase the size of the program so get those APPLICATIONS submitted!
  • Want to target urban cyclists with you next marketing campaign? produces bike seat covers made from 100% recyclable material! – Plastic bottles! Connect with cyclists and engage with the wider urban population out on the street, drive traffic in-store and on-line. Check out the sample after the break…



Spotted: Prototype KHS Enduro Monster, Plus New Road and Mountain bikes for the Extremely Tall

KHS prototype DH  BNT 29 Flite 747 tall people bikes (12)

When you have talent at the level of Logan Binggeli and Kevin Aiello on your DH team, it comes as no surprise that they are almost continually testing new product. It seems that every time we’ve crossed paths with the KHS team they have been testing something new and always happy and willing to strike up a conversation. Recently while at Winter Press Camp in Westlake Village, CA we had a chance to do some riding with the Logan, Kevin, and Quinton, as well as check out what was new at KHS.

At first glance, the bike above looks fairly inconspicuous since it actually looks like a production bike. However, once you realize the frame lacks the typical graphics of a production bike you get the feeling that it may be something new…


Reader’s Rides: Joshua is back with Custom Hand Made Carbon Saddles out of Texas

Joshua Clark VeloGold Bicycles Custom Saddles carbon (5)

At first, when Joshua Clark sent in photos of his custom Orbea Alma for our Reader’s Rides segment the Di2 hacks caught our attention. After reading through the specs and looking at the pictures however, it was the handmade carbon components that really piqued our attention. Like many incredibly talented people within the bike industry, it would appear that Joshua is incredibly modest simply pointing out that, oh yeah, I built those carbon parts too. As if that’s something every bike mechanic does in their spare time.

It wasn’t long before Joshua was sending us new photos of a few of the different saddles he’s built over the past two years. When he’s not turning wrenches in his bike shop, Joshua is turning out some incredible carbon creations that are built to order for his local customers – like this awesome checkerboard creation made for Pro mountain biker Payson McElveen. There’s plenty more where that came from after the break…