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2015 Giant Defy Advanced Road Bikes Get Disc Brakes Across the Line, Plus More New Models!

2015 Giant Defy Advanced disc brake carbon fiber endurance road bike

If what we’re seeing on one of their international sites is true, the 2015 Giant Defy endurance road bike lineup becomes the first from a major bike brand to take an entire model and go disc brakes only. Well, for their Advanced (carbon) models anyway – the alloy Defy offerings keep the rim brakes.

While we don’t have official information from the brand yet, a few things are apparent. The frame appears to be entirely new, sharing nothing of the outgoing Advanced models. The biggest visual difference is the switch to thinner seat tube rather than the more aero looking, cut-out shape on 2014 bikes. The D-Fuse seatpost spec indicates it shares the shape with their TCX Advanced carbon cyclocross bikes, even sharing a hidden seatpost binder. The head tube junction is mush thicker, leading into larger cross sections on both the top and downtubes before both of those taper toward the rear of the bike. The fork legs are dramatically larger, too, with the crown settling into the frame a bit as an aero nod.

The 2015 Defy Advanced 1, shown above, gets a mechanical Ultegra build with TRP Spyre mechanical disc brakes. While the spec info we have may or may not be accurate for the US, it’s listing Giant P-R2 Disc rims with Performance Tracker hubs, which look to be a new wheel system since there’s no mention of them on Giant’s website yet. They’re wrapped with Giant’s 700x25c P-R3, likely a lighter weight folding bead version of the current R3AC all conditions road tire. The fork is listed as carbon with a “Hybrid OverDrive steerer”, which implies a 1-1/8″ to 1-1/4″ taper and possibly some alloy around the crown race but still using a carbon steerer (our guess).


New Fondriest TFD Becomes First Disc Brake Road Bike from Italian Brand

2015 Fondriest TFD disc brake road bike

So fresh they haven’t even added the specs or description to their website, Italian brand Fondriest’s new TFD (TF Disc) is their first disc brake road bike.

It borrows a lot of features from their other top-end TF bikes, including a tapered head tube, internal cable routing and compatibility with both electronic and mechanical groups. Beyond that, the frame was purpose built for discs. Compared to the TF Zero, the TFD’s chainstays run lower before bending upward to meet the dropouts to provide room for an inboard rear brake caliper. The fork is new, too, with an expectedly beefier look. The changes push frame weight up a bit from the top rim brake models, but not too much considering the difference we’re seeing on most new disc brake bikes. Claimed frame weight is 990g and fork is just 380g. READ MORE ->

Mavic Celebrates 125th Anniversary w/ Custom Bikes by Argonaut, Indy Fab, Lynskey, Mosaic, Ritte & Seven


When you think about it, it’s pretty hard to believe that Mavic has been around for 125 years. That is, until you look at their list of firsts. At this point in cycling we take a lot of technology for granted, but there was a time when a rim that was simply made from aluminum was a big deal. It was such a big deal that in 1934 when Mavic first used the Duraluminum rim they actually painted it in wood grain to hide it from competitors. That year it won the Tour de France – weighing half that of comparable rims at the time may have helped. Those firsts continued as the years went on with the first aluminum clincher rim. The first complete wheel system. The first UST rim design. First full aluminum wheel system with the Ksyrium, and first Wheel Tire System with the Ksyrium K10.

Even though it’s still evolving, much of the bicycle wheel technology we rely on every day has Mavic roots. Naturally, when it came time to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the storied company here in the US, Mavic wanted to do something that would honor the brand’s heritage. In addition to opening the Mavic La Maison Jaune here in Newbury Park, CA, Mavic reached out to custom frame builders to build some truly unique bikes. Each masterpiece was centered around the Limited Edition Mavic Ksyrium 125 of which only 6000 sets will be sold. Ksyrium 125 Wheel Tire Systems are currently available and selling for $1850.

More than just wheels, the Mavic 125th bikes capture a century and a quarter’s worth of history in two wheel form… READ MORE ->

All-New Jamis Renegade Carbon Adventure Bike Looks to Crush the Tushar. Again.

2015 Jamis Renegade carbon fiber disc brake adventure road bike

Jamis’ sponsored pro Tyler Wren successfully crushed the Tushar in 2012 aboard a prototype carbon fiber Supernova disc brake ‘cross bike, which was followed with production alloy Novas before the carbon frame got final.

Now, he’s looking to repeat the performance aboard the all-new Jamis Renegade adventure road bike.

Built from the ground up to be both racy and all-day comfortable, the Renegade uses a consistently progressive stack and reach growth across all frame sizes. The frame is a mix of high- and mid-modulus carbon using their NearNet molding process and uses size specific layups and tube sizes with three different fork offsets. Then they built in three different BB drops, three different rear-center measurements and two rear triangle sizes. They say that makes it as close to custom as you’re likely to get off the shelf. From there, spec is very good with two complete bikes ready for pretty much anything, with looks ready to rebel against pavement at a moment’s notice…


Genesis Launches Four New Adventure Ready Bikes For 2015

Genesis Caribou Fat Bike For 2015, Genesis has launched four new bikes built for adventuring. From 29+, to full fledged fatty, and all the bike touring/gravel grinding/cyclocross capable things in between, there’s a little something for anyone seeking to enjoy the outdoors.

First up is the fatty. Developed for all season abuse, the Caribou excels in conditions like mud, sand, powder, and is fun just about everywhere else. For this year, they’ve also introduced a smaller 16″ frame size, more competitive pricing, and a beautiful new Orange color scheme.


Found: Bombtrack Arise SSCX Bolt-On Hubs (UPDATED)


Bombtrack’s Arise hubs make it easy to build stiff, solid singlespeed wheels thanks to their wider spacing compared to running a stack of spacers on traditional freehubs.

The flanges are set wider, and the freehub section gets narrower, providing just enough width to let you fine tune your chainline. That it uses a standard freehub shaped section rather than threaded cogs makes it even easier to use over the long run, too, and provides plenty of options for after market cog sizes. That is, if the included 15/16/17 tooth cogs aren’t enough for ya.

Spacers are also included in the deal, and matching front hubs are also available. Check full specs, color options and more pics below… READ MORE ->

Mad Max Meets Rat Rod Culture at McFly Customs

McFly Custom Apache Racer Seat MastFixed gear, steel frame, no brakes. There are only so many ways to build a track bike. Yet inventive fabricators always seem to find ways of pushing preconceived notions, and creating something extraordinary.

This custom build from Belgium builder Antoine Hotermans of McFly Customs brings together sugar, spice, and everything nice, to create one of the coolest track bikes we’ve ever featured.  READ MORE ->

New Rotor Power LT (Light) Crankset Saves Weight w/ Single Left Sided Sensor


Costa’s bike with the new Rotor Power LT. Photo: Rotor’s Facebook page.

Introduced in the heat of the Tour de France aboard Rui Costa’s Merida Reacto KOM, the new Rotor Power LT takes their crankset based power meter introduced at Eurobike 2012 and covered in great detail in this post.

That system used a separate power meter gauge on each crank arm, each with its own transmitter and four distinct strain gauges inside each arm, using their 3D drilled design to tuck them inside the alloy arms. For the new Power LT, they simply dropped the drive side meter, relying on a single group of strain gauges and transmitter to process the data. Like other one-sided systems, it likely just doubles the measurement to send a single power figure to ANT+ compatible cycling computers rather than separate left- and right leg measurements.

Like the original, it still measures deformation of the crank arm in three axes, which lets it determine torque effectiveness (how much your leg drags on the system on the upstroke) and pedal smoothness (max torque vs. average torque). And it still only requires a single zero calibration when changing batteries, self adjusting for temperature, altitude, etc.


Shimano Announces New Flat Mount Disc Brake Standard For Road Bikes

New Shimano Road Disc Brake Standard

Today, Shimano has announced a new mount standard for road disc brakes called Flat Mount. This new mounting option has been developed by Shimano in close cooperation with leading road bike brands as a dedicated “on road” solution. This new design allows bike manufacturers to move away from the mountain bike history and looks that has been used up to this point.

We have no further details at this point, but Shimano did send over these CAD drawings in their press release. Head past the break for a couple of more tidbits from the press release… READ MORE ->