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EB14: Vredestein Gets a Muddy Bobcat Mountain Bike Tire, Plus All Weather Road Options


Just as the Bobcat is an adaptable predator covering terrain from Canada down to Mexico, Vredestein’s new Bobcat all-round, all-conditions tire aims to attack anything it rolls across.

Likewise, it covers all three wheel sizes, from 26″ to 27.5″ to 29er, all in a 2.35 widths and with tube and tubeless ready versions. They use a 120tpi casing and respectable weights considering the intended usage. Prowl for details below…


EB14: Campagnolo Bora Wheels Gain Clincher Options

2015 Campagnolo Bora Ultra and Bora One carbon clincher road bike wheels specs and weights

This summer, Campagnolo’s top level Bora wheels were redesigned to be wider, lighter and have better braking performance. But they were still tubular only, as has always been the case for that model.

But even Campy admits not every top rider wants to deal with glue or the risk of being stranded (or carrying the spare and paraphernalia to use it). So, they’ve finally introduced a clincher version with the same options. Choose from 35mm or 50mm depths and Ultra or One trim levels. Both use a 24.2mm wide (UPDATE: 17.4mm internal width) rim with the 3Diamant braking surface they say offers equal stopping performance to alloy rims. Wheelset weights are around 200g more than the tubulars, and you can catch all the tech and closeups below…


EB14: Corima’s Full Carbon Spoked Wheels Get More Aero, Plus Updated Internals & More

2015 Corima MCC full carbon spoked road bike wheels

Corima’s MCC carbon spoked wheels get new hubs and the front wheel gets new, flatter spokes. That makes it a bit more aero at the leading edge of the bike, but the rear keeps round spokes to be stiffer since fewer gains were to be had there. The pic above shows the transition from round at the hub to flat for the majority of their length

The front hub is a little sleeker, without as much flare from the shell to the flanges, reducing the overall frontal footprint. They also switched it from woven to UD carbon, just like the rear…


EB14: Woodman Helps Slam That Stem, Lighten Hubs & Tighten Chainrings


Woodman’s had some slick products in the past, things like the coolest cadence magnets we’ve ever seen, and this he had a few more treats in store at Eurobike.

At the front of the bike is his new 3mm dust cap, putting your stem right on top of the bearings. Compared to his other heights, it brings your riding position to new lows. His other options include various heights to reduce the number of loose spacers needed. Close up of that and more below…


Vittoria Ventures Into Full Range Wheel Line, Introduces Slick New Tech

The Vittoria Reaxcion R mountain bike wheel Vittoria Quarno 46 wheel with Graphene Plus technology

Tire specialists Vittoria are venturing into a complete line of wheels. Introduced at Interbike, the 2015 line of wheels encompasses price points from $299 to $2399, and everywhere in between with some very unique ideas. They have implemented a host of new tech and materials such as using Graphene nanotechnology. Last fall they hinted at using this ultralight material, but it looks like they had bigger ideas. Just as Mavic went from wheels to wheel-tire systems to provide an integrated package, Vittoria went the other way and now promises improved fitment between tire and rim.

Known primarily as a tire maker of a full range of tires from commuter tires to high-end cotton tubulars, we spoke to them to find out what the line was all about…


EB14: Saris Powertap Adds Disc Hub, Plus New Complete Alloy Wheels and a Look at Past Prototypes (Updated)

Saris Powertap Disc brake power meter hubs

Last year, introduced a titanium XD Driver Body for the Powertap Mountain Bike hub, which was something they helped develop. The issue was decoupling the braking forces from the drive forces to get an accurate power reading and not mess up the strain gauges.

What’s new is that the G3-based disc brake Powertap hubs are now available in either 24 or 28 spoke drillings, down from the original 32-hole MTB versions. They recommend 24 count for road and cross, and 28 count for mountain bike builds.

UPDATED: More tech and weight info added for new disc brake hub below, plus specs for DT Swiss rim wheels.

The disc brake rotor is proprietary, necessary to mount a disc where their electronics typically sit. They say heat from the rotor won’t affect the power reading since the strain gauges are totally isolated from the outside hub shell. READ MORE ->

Stage Race to Offer Custom GT Edition Scapin Ivor, Plus 2015 Ceepo Line

Scapin Ceepo Stage Race ivor etika mamba viper 2015 (5)

Ever ridden a production bike and wished you could just make a few tweaks that you felt would make it the perfect bike? Stage Race has. When you work closely with a bike company both distributing and selling their product, sometimes you have the opportunity to voice those desires and in the case of the Scapin Ivor, the result is the new GT Edition.

The crew at Stage Race loves fast bikes, but they are also fans of slightly larger tires and a bit more relaxed geometry. Situated as the high end bike in the Scapin line up, the Ivor previously offered only race ready geometry and fairly tight tire clearance. The new GT model provides a new option for the Italian carbon marque along side the standard and full custom options…


Bike Check: 333Fab Owner Max Kullaway’s Personal Road Bike

Max Kullaway 333Fab Cyclocross_0

Seattle based 333Fab is operated by Max Kullaway, a fabricator with over twenty years of experience building high end frames for brands ranging from Merlin to Seven. By day, he welds classic road frames for Hampsten Cycles, but has been building race oriented frames under his own brand, 333Fab, since 2007.

I recently had the opportunity to tour the Hampsten Cycles shop (full photo story here), and also stopped to snap a few pictures of Max’s stunning bike. Check out all the beautiful details after the break…


EB14: Koga Unveils Road Disc & 40th Anniversary Kimera Road Pro – Plus Amazing Original Shimano Dura-Ace Retro Builds!

2015 Koga Solacio Disc Brake Road Bike

For 2015, the Koga Solacio road bike will get a hydraulic disc brake model. It’s the one they’ve used to tease their new flat mounts with, and it’s finished off with the new Mavic Aksium disc brake wheels, an Ultegra compact group and Vredestein Fortrezza Duo Comp 25mm tires.

The bike is laid out for endurance racing, combining a lightweight frame with slightly relaxed geometry. All the usual modern standards are here: PFBB30 and tapered headtube, plus a chainsuck preventer behind the cranks.

Even more impressive was the collection of anniversary road bikes leading up to the all-new 40th anniversary Kimera Road Pro. The oldest, a Miyata Road Pro raced in 1981, was decked out with original first generation Dura-Ace, a group that had far more parts to it then than the modern iteration does. In between was a 25th anniversary build, all fitting neatly together since Koga (’74) and Shimano Dura-Ace (’73) almost share a birth year…