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Pinarello Springs into the Classics with new Dogma K8-S Suspension Road Bike

Pinarello k8-s suspension road bike team skye (2)

With Paris-Roubaix just around the corner, it’s a good time to introduce Sir Bradley Wiggins’ latest bike. Especially if that bike is a suspension equipped road bike like the new Pinarello K8-S. Known for its punishing cobble stones, riders have historically looked for a way, any way to make the grueling race even a little more bearable. This isn’t the first time the race will have seen suspension on a road bike either. Over the race’s history there have been suspension forks from RockShox, road frames with coil shocks from Bianchi, and maybe most similar to the K8-S, the Trek S.P.A. system. All of which had one thing in common, they didn’t stick around that long. To be fair, Trek’s Suspension Performance Advantage system found its way onto a number of Trek and Klein models for consumers and could be considered early R&D for the Domane’s IsoSpeed Decoupler which has found success under Fabian Cancellara.

If you ask Pinarello (and Sir Bradley Wiggins apparently) the bike is a “game changer.” So much so, that you could make a drinking game out of how many times that phrase is used in the presentation of the new bike. Their reasoning? Their partnership with Jaguar resulted in a bike with the front end and handling of an F8, but with 50% better comfort…


TPE15: Prototype carbon ISM Adamo Attack triathlon saddle loses its cover

Prototype ISM Adamo Attack full carbon saddle for triathlon and TT bikes

At Interbike last fall, ISM added more padding to several models for those wanting something a little cushier. Now, they’re stripping it all away to create something for those wanting something a little lighter.

A lot lighter, actually. This carbon fiber concept based on the Adamo Attack saddle and comes in at just 185g. For ISM, that’s really light…almost half the 314g weight of a standard Adamo Attack.

They’re currently running it through ISM’s extensive comfort and blood flow testing. If it all works out, they’ll offer it in limited quantities. For now, it’s a concept only, and we’ve got more pics below…


SRAM Reduces Pricing for All Quarq Power Meters

quarq title photo

At one point, if you wanted power there weren’t many options to choose from. Now though, there are a number of players in the power meter market and all of them are competing for your business. Just recently, Powertap announced their latest round of products which included their C1 chainring based power meter that will be priced somewhere around $700. If it’s any indication of how things are shaping up for future power meter pricing, today both Pioneer and Quarq have announced reduced pricing for their own chainring or spider based units.

When it comes to the unit itself, Quarq uses a spider based measurement system that includes a built in accelerometer to measure cadence without a magnet. Powered by a CR2032 battery, Quarq power meters carry an IPx7 waterproof rating and two year warranty including free firmware updates. Able to measure power on both legs, the units now include 10K temperature compensation and connectivity through the Qalvin App.

New Pricing after the break…


CeramicSpeed Upgrades Cervelo and Specialized Road Bikes with new Ceramic Headset

Photo 1. CeramicSpeed Headset Full Pack

You might not give the bearings on your bike much thought, but as CeramicSpeed puts it, they are the “smallest, yet most important part.” That may be a bit hard to quantify, but one thing is for sure – without bearings, all of the spinning and moving parts on your bicycle would be pretty rough. Because of that philosophy, CeramicSpeed has spent the last 11 years making some of the world’s best bearings by hand at the company’s headquarters in Denmark.

After cornering the market on top level upgrades for hubs, bottom brackets, and derailleur pulleys (including their new $1000 3D printed Titanium pulleys), CeramicSpeed has their sights set on headsets. Well, at least the headsets of current Cervelo and Specialized road bikes. Most people are familiar with the claims of better rolling resistance and wear from ceramic bearings, but we were a bit surprised to hear CeramicSpeed’s claims of their new headset actually making the front end of the bike stiffer…


TPE15: New Vittoria MTB tires cover XC to DH, plus a look at graphene carbon rims


Last year, the Geax line of mountain bike tires was rolled into parent brand Vittoria. Most of the existing models carried over, and the Peyote, Barzo and Jafaki are the first three new treads to roll out under the Vittoria name.

The Jafaki is a moto-inspired tire with big knobs and even bigger side knobs to keep your firmly planted during high speed (read: descending) maneuvering. The widely spaced center section should clear quickly, making it a solid choice for enduro on anything but very dry hardpack.

The Barzo and Peyote skew more toward all purpose trail and XC use with lower profile knobs and faster rolling center sections. All three tires use sipes on the tread blocks to improve grip.


Pioneer brings dual sided, crank-based power meters to just $999

Pioneer Cycling Power Meter and Cyclosphere tech overview and first impressions

Pioneer introduced their highly technical, data rich power meter and computer system in early 2013. Then, last spring, we got an in depth look at it on our own bike. At the time, the system required an entirely new crankset to be purchased, your choice of Dura-Ace or Ultegra 11-speed.

Then, at Interbike 2014, they introduced their Power Meter Kit that let you send in your own DA or UL crankset and have them install the left and right power meters, saving you considerable coin. At that point, it was priced at $1,299.

Over the six months since the program launched, they’ve been perfecting the process. Now, says Russ Johnston, EVP Pioneer Cycle Sports, “we’re prepared to move this to a much higher volume in our Long Beach, CA, facility.”

How so? By dropping the price to just $999…


Rapha Showcases the Great Climbs of the Netherlands with Latest Publication

Silca Book

Following the launch of several successful coffee table books like The Great Road Climbs of the Southern Alps, The Great Road Climbs of the Pyrenees, and The Great Road Climbs of the Northern Alps, Rapha is introducing their latest publication - The Great Road Climbs of the Netherlands. Continuing to highlight the best cycling writing and photography available, the newest addition dives into the intimidating road climbs found throughout this great country…


Rolf Prima Goes Green with new Composite Ares420 Rim Design

Rolf Ares420

The introduction of composites to the world of cycling has had a huge impact on the level of performance attainable by modern machines. Unfortunately, you can’t exactly call it a green process. That’s why Rolf is extremely proud to launch their newest initiative which focuses on an all new composite layup process that is as green as they come. Using locally sourced material grown right in Oregon thanks to the passing of Measure 91, the new organic fiber is not only greener but also 22% stronger than Kevlar.

Based on their current rim models, the first wheel to feature the new design is the Ares 420, a 42mm deep rim that will weigh in at 1165g per pair…


First Look – Shimano Flat Mount hydraulic road disc brakes debut, new 11-speed 105 Level hydro shifter & more!

Shimano BR-RS805 flat mount hydraulic road bike disc brake caliper

There has been a lot of speculation since Shimano first announced a new brake mount specific to road, but little in the way of details. Ironically coming on April 1st in Japan, Shimano is finally showing their hand and introducing two new hydraulic road disc brakes built specifically for the Flat Mount fitment. Announced along with a new 10 speed Tiagra group and WH-RX010 road disc wheelset, the new BR-RS505 and BR-RS805 disc brakes are non-series components at the 105 and Ultegra level respectively.

We have a feeling we’ll be learning more about these new brakes come Sea Otter, but the preliminary details are after the break…