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PBE14: Engin Revs a Few Titanium Builds for Hometown Crowd


After converting to almost 100% titanium over the past year and a half, Engin’s show bikes are now all made from the premium alloy. This time he had a 29er, a standard road bike and a disc brake road bike. All three use his massive 1″ chainstays.

Above, the standard road bike gets a partial paint job, leaving the chainstays, logo and a few stripes bare to show off the metal. Detail pics of this and the others below…


First Look: Ride Classy With Handsome Cycles’ Mud Butler Fenders

Handsome-Fenders-Mounted Handsome Cycles is a Minneapolis, MN based bicycle company, born out of the Alt, a landmark bicycle shop for the local cycling culture. In business for over 5 years now, they are starting to venture out into their own components, starting with the Mud Butler fenders. Matte black was introduced about a year ago, and they are adding in polished silver now.

The fenders have already been picked up by BTI, as well as sold by Handsome direct and through their nationwide network of dealers. Through one of these channels, you should be able to find them in your local bike shop, or get them right from the company.

We paid a visit to Handsome Cycles to see the new fenders, and pick up a set for long-term testing. Take a look inside for our first impressions…


Review: Xentis Squad 4.2 Disc Carbon Clincher Wheelset

Xentis Squad 4.2 disc clincher review (1)

Of all the high end carbon road wheels on the market, Xentis might be one of least known here in the States. Made with Austrian precision, that seems to be changing as Xentis expands their presence in North America and continues to introduce new models.

One of their latest models, the Squad 4.2 Disc Carbon Clincher was just introduced at Interbike a year ago. After breaking them down in our first look, it was time to see what the Squads were like to live with for a season. There was definitely a lot to love, but also room for improvement…


D-Fix Rear Hub Reinvents Wheel Removal – Remove the Wheel, Leave the Cassette

In order to remove nearly every rear bicycle wheel, you have to separate the chain from the cassette. In certain instances, that can be prove to be tricky – not to mention the potential for grease to get on your hands, gloves, car trunk, etc. Jan Deckx thinks there is a better way.

As the inventor of D-Fix, Jan came up with a way to attach the hub and the cassette in a way that leaves the cassette in place when you remove the wheel. Sort of a thru-axle housed in a quick release hub, the cassette uses a spring loaded engagement system that retracts when the axle is removed. Jan tells us that he currently has 10,000 km on this hub pointing towards its durability.

Watch a video demonstration of the hub system next…


Give Your Bike Some Go and Some Glow with New 3T Illumia Ltd Glow-In-The-Dark Cockpit!


When is custom paint more than just pretty colors? That would be when the paint can actually add to your safety as a rider. That’s what 3t is claiming with their new Illumia hi-viz cockpit components.

Recently 3T announced a new line of custom color options for their Ergonova, Arx, and Ionic-25 Ltd components. Available from the factory, the paint options provided some personality to the components but nothing in the way of visibility. That’s where the Illumia treatment steps in. During the day the components have a bright white sheen, but at night the parts glow in the dark.

When used as a complete set, the bar, stem, and seatpost are said to help motorists or other riders pick up the lines of the bike. Certainly no replacement for a good set of lights, but every bit helps. Plus – who doesn’t like glow in the dark?


Found: Galfer Brake Pads, Rotors Bring Spanish Moto Tech to Mountain Bikes

galfer wave disc brake rotor for mountain bikes

Galfer is a Spanish company that’s been making brake pads since 1947, mostly for automotive and moto. Along the way, they branched into bicycle parts, where they’re better known in Europe with plenty of OEM placement. Now, they’re starting to make a name for themselves stateside.

Their Disc Wave rotors are made of a high carbon steel that’s laser cut and double circular ground. Visually, they look similar to Ashima’s featherweight rotors, but the thicker stalks and slightly smaller holes suggest there’s more material here to help capture and dissipate the heat, and they do claim heat management is excellent. The weights back that up, with them coming in 20g to 30g heavier than a comparably sized Ashima rotor…but they’re by no means heavy. The 160mm Galfer Wave rotor comes in at a claimed 99g, which is 14g lighter than the new SRAM Centerline rotors. So, they’re on the lighter side of normal, which makes them a good option for road and cyclocross, too.

The wave pattern is a patented design they created in the 90′s and refers to the outer edges’ wave-like pattern. They say it helps the rotor stay cleaner and cooler. They’re all made in Spain in Galfer’s own factory, too. They’re 1.8mm thick, and they say they remain quiet and vibration free, work great in dry and wet and have a corrosion resistant finish. The best part? Retail is just $30 to $35!

Now for the pads…


PBE14: Bishop Goes Disc w/ Beautiful Road Bike


Chris Bishop’s Philly Bike Expo collection included two standout bikes – this track bike built with new-old-stock provided by the customer, and a gorgeous disc brake road bike that’s a mix of chromoly and stainless steel.

For this track bike, the customer sent in old Columbus steel tubes, Suntour track dropouts and Nervex Professional lugs to have Chris assemble it into this beauty. The color comes from painter to the stars Keith Anderson, and the detail work of both paint and metal is pretty fantastic. Click on through to see the details…


Collectif Parlee Begins Telling The Story Of Passion & Suffering On The Bike

Released as a teaser, this is from the group Collectif Parlee, a team of cyclists with stories to tell. There has been a continued and reassuring trend lately to tell the real stories of cycling, and this group wants to spread the word about their experiences as travelers and trainers, riding rain or shine. Through videos and photography, they want to share the best moments of their season.

They say there will be four longer length videos coming in the future, reflecting the passion for cycling that has consumed the team of eight. Enjoy it, and we’ll post the rest of the series as it is released.

Greenstar Bikes Continues To Make Bamboo More Affordable

Greenstar Ecoforce

Most new technologies start expensive, but then as more companies begin to use it, the find ways through better manufacturing or economies of scale to reduce the cost over time. Bamboo being used for bikes has followed a similar path, as many have touted this materials properties and abilities, but it was as expensive as carbon fiber to make an entire frame from it.

Pioneered by Boo Bikes for their Aluboo product, the idea of using aluminum lugs and bamboo tubes is a way to drastically reduce the price, but still retain the good properties of the bamboo tube.  Greenstar is a new company using this method to produce an even more affordable single speed bike.

Selling for less than $500, find out what you can get for that price in bamboo after the jump…