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Save Five Minutes With New Specialized Evade Helmet, Skinsuit, S-Works Shoes (And Venge ViAS)

Specialized Five Minute ProductsIn addition to the all new Venge ViAS, Specialized has launched several new products that they claim will help even ordinary riders save five minutes on an average ride.    READ MORE ->

Save Time With The New Specialized Venge ViAS

Specialized Venge ViAS - Tinkoff-Saxo - Peter Sagan - 01

As cyclists, we’re easily fixated by promises of lighter weight components, but with mandated weight limits from on high, manufacturers have been forced to play with other means of making us faster and improving our ride.

For Specialized, that meant designing a radically new cockpit, massaging every tube shape, and powerful new integrated brakes on their new Venge to save a claimed 120 seconds over 40 kilometers… READ MORE ->

PC15: Kali Unveils Next Level Protection Starting with new Tava Aero Road Helmet

Kali Tava aero road helmet bumper fit 2 IMG_76931

To be honest, an aero road helmet wasn’t exactly what we were expecting to see here at Press Camp from Kali. As it happens, the new Tava was simply the next helmet in the pipeline for Kali which coincided with the launch of of their newest protection technologies.

In what could be considered their answer to MIPS, Kali has integrated two new materials into the construction that foreshadows what is to come in the future from the company. That, and as far as aero road helmets go, the Tava is very, very interesting…


36T Secures Government Funding to Develop Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels in Australia

36T team with carbon wheels on bike

There’s no better boost to your financing, and likely your confidence, than receiving grant money from the government to develop your product idea. Australian startup wheel company 36T was one of four companies who were awarded $25,000 Smart Design Vouchers from the Australian Department of State Development, Business and Innovation, making it possible to begin developing their first carbon-rich road racing wheelset.

36T’s high-end wheelset will be developed in collaboration with the Deakin University School of Engineering, at their $34 million carbon fiber research facility called Carbon Nexus. It’s an ideal fit for producing these wheels, as they employ carbon for the rims, spokes, hub shells and spacers to achieve an estimated weight of less than 1000g for the pair…

Contest: Win a New Set of Road Wheels from Fairwheel Bikes!



Description of Contest: Fill in your email address and answer all five survey questions to be entered to win a set of road wheels from Fair Wheel Bikes. The winner will have their choice of either the KinLin XR-22T Aivee Wheelset or the XR-31T Aivee Wheelset. Both sets feature refined models of KinLin’s wide tubeless rims, resulting in increased air volume within the tire, which yields better overall comfort and handling. Additionally equipped with French manufactured hubs from Aivee components, each wheelset is a fantastic option for the discerning cyclist looking for durability, performance, and aesthetics.

Survey closes 11pm EST on Friday, June 26, 2015. Click past the break to enter!


Long Term Review: Slicing the wind on Fuji’s Transonic 2.1 Aero Road bike

Transonic 2.1-27

Fuji has a long and well established history, having been around since 1899, and is now run from their U.S. offices in Philadelphia.  Fuji had huge success in the 1970’s competing with the costly European brands by offering a better value for a comparable bike.  They exploded back on the scene in the last decade or so with some impressive appearances in the pro tours and continue to grow their presence and innovation here in the U.S.

Fuji sent us their newly designed Transonic 2.1 aero road bike to beat on and while some of the unsuspecting hidden gems of the Transonic were well thought out, it might be the price that’s most attractive…


Cannondale Slate gravel road bike goes for a long ride with new Lefty Oliver

Last week, Cannondale quietly pushed out a video teasing an all-new, Lefty fork equipped gravel road bike. This week, they followed up with part two, in which many details are unveiled.

Called the Cannondale Slate, it’ll get a new Lefty Oliver with 30mm of travel and a lockout. The surprising part? 650B wheels in the form of Stan’s NoTubes Flow EX. While randonneuring bikes in the past have used the 650C wheel size, more and more gravel bikes are looking to the ‘b’ option due to the increased amount of rim and tire options. Official production spec remains to be seen, but the bikes should be available this fall.

Here’s four minutes of gravel grinding goodness with plenty of shots of the bike…the important of which we’ve captured below…


Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

Video Series

  • The Seasons Collection – A multi-media photography collection of adventure sports-driven stories about people who push the limits in pursuit of their passion aka LIFERS. The video highlights all that happened this past week at Windell’s Sports Camp as the team followed Cadence Founder Dustin Klein, Windell’s Sports Camp Director Jamie Weller and legendary action sports photographer Bryce Kanights. You can also watch all of the other video recaps here.

Father’s Day Deals and more after the break… 


Spotted: Wide Range Shimano 1x Road Set Up from WTC and Lindarets?

WTC Road wide range shimano goat link

When you look at this photo from the WTC Instagram account, the first thing that jumps out at you is that bright red chainring with matching GC cassette adapter. We’ve seen the WTC 110 BCD CX/Road chainring before so no big deal there, but wait – that’s a road bike with a Shimano road derailleur running a wide range cassette. How is that possible?

From the looks of it and the comments on the photo, our money is on a new version of the Goat Link from our friends at Lindarets that will allow road derailleurs to clear the big cassettes. You can clearly make out a silver link between the derailleur fixing bolt and the derailleur hanger which is most likely the missing link. If that is the case it will open up the world of wide range 1x drivetrains for CX or other purposes to a lot of riders with minimal investment. More when we have it…