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La Famiglia: Behind the scenes look at Basso Bikes’ Italian production facility & their deep cycling heritage

We recently saw Basso Bikes in Vegas with several new models including the new Konos Tri bike, Fast Cross Disc with front & rear thru-axles and two entry level build carbon bikes. Based in Dueville Italy, just North of Vicenza, 10km from Campagnolo’s headquarters, Basso Bikes is a passionate, family owned bicycle company still run by company founder Alcide Basso who started Basso bikes out of his garage in 1974.

After viewing the video, roll past the break for step back in time for some pretty cool facts about the Basso family’s deep roots in cycling of which led to the creation of Basso Bikes…..


Review: HideMyBell – The Bell That Stays Out Of Sight


If you’re a cyclist who appreciates the functionality of a bell aboard one’s bicycle, there are many options to choose from. However, many bell designs contribute to the already busy handlebar / cockpit area, especially when combined with a modern cycling computer such as a Garmin Edge device. The HideMyBell Garmin Edge compatible mount does just as its name implies – it integrates a bell and out-front Garmin mount into one unit. Ring through for more…


Mack Workshop’s Boutique Cycling Bags and Accessories

Mack Workshop The Sack backpack, front

Necessity is the mother of invention, and quite often in the cycling industry new companies pop up when an entrepreneurial individual just can’t find exactly what they’re looking for. Jon MacKinnon wasn’t quite happy with his options for cycling bags and storage accessories, so a few years ago he started Mack Workshop.

Mack Workshop is an independent manufacturer, eschewing mass production in favour of putting out hand-cut quality products made one-by-one. The brand aims to create simple, high quality goods for fair prices. MacKinnon tests all his products in real-world conditions, and his designs will likely continue to evolve, as we’ve already seen with The Sack backpack pictured above. Check out the bulk of Mack Workshop’s product line after the break…

Just In: Brooks Cambium C13 Carbon-railed racing saddle


At the end of the summer, just before and during Eurobike, we previewed a carbon-railed saddle from Brooks, a pretty dramatic move for them. The new Cambium C13 builds on the other vulcanized rubber and cotton topped saddles in their Cambium range, but ditches the aluminum structure and steel rails to shave off more than 100g from their next lightest saddle. We’ve apparently been added to the pool of early testers, so one of the new narrow saddles showed up on our doorstep this week. I’ve thrown it on a cross bike that I’m getting around town on this week and already have some thoughts on the new perch…


#RideTogether, a Fresh Look from Boardman’s Elite Endurance Road Range


We were in London last week meeting with Chris Boardman himself, his bike company’s director Andy Smallwood, and the other dozen people that make up the Boardman Bikes team to talk about their brand overhaul for the 2016 Elite bike lineup. They’ve reevaluated all of their top end bikes, and refocused their priorities. Boardman talked a lot about how the whole company wanted a bit of a change of direction. After chasing their tails to try and keep up with demand, he said they were a bit lost, and spent the last year finding their focus, especially for their Elite road bikes.

A lot of that focus is in practical bikes that can be ridden on any type of surface. That isn’t to say that performance is being sacrificed, as the bulk of the bikes are built of premium carbon (and now titanium too) and spec levels are in most cases Ultegra at a minimum. But what it means is that there is an endurance emphasis put on a lot of their new road bikes, with features like disc brakes, hidden mud guard mounts, and generous tire clearances throughout. Join us after the break for a close and detailed look at many of the new road bikes,  like the SLR Endurance Disc Signature edition above and ti, eTap, cross, women’s, and custom painted versions below, including pricing…


Rapha Gets Dotty for the Female Body and Velocio Releases the Recon Vest for Men and Women

Velocio Recon vest, mens and womens

A good piece of cycling clothing has a few jobs to do – it has to fit well and allow mobility, it has to keep you protected from weather conditions while controlling your inner climate, and it’s gotta look good all the while. Thankfully companies like Rapha and Velocio are putting out thoughtful, quality garments with us riders squarely in their sights.

For the ladies, Rapha has added some functional style by popping high-vis reflective dots all over the back of their existing Women’s Rain Jacket. Fellow garment makers Velocio have recently added a new vest to their versatile Recon collection, which comes in both women’s and men’s styles. Click below the break for the finer details of each…

Review: 3T Discus C35 Team Carbon clincher Road and Cyclocross wheels – First Impressions & Actual Weights


We chatted with some of the Tech team behind 3T at Eurobike a couple of months back and they were keen to introduce us to their all new Discus disc-brake road line-up. To address the leap over the last year or two in the number of disc brake bikes in the road, gravel, and cyclocross markets, 3T wanted to develop some wheel solutions that would combine the better stability of wider rims and a bit of an aero boost from mid depth profiles. With five wheelsets on offer ranging from the 32mm deep, 575€ aluminum C35 Pro to the 58mm deep, 2600€ carbon C60 LTD, we settled on the mid range C35 Team carbon wheelset that we could put to the test as a set of cross clinchers with some autumn training and a bit of racing, and then throw on some fat slicks for gravel and endurance riding come spring. Roll past the break with us to see our first ride impressions and get the details like actual weights, and compatibility…


CeramicSpeed partners with Squirt Lube for Longer Lasting UFO chains

CeramicSpeed UFO Chain cropped-1 1.CeramicSpeed Squirt Lube

If you’re going to buy the “world’s fastest chain”, you’re going to want to use the fastest lube, right? Ceramic Speed and Squirt are teaming up to make it easier to prolong the UFO chain’s optimization for race days.

Spin past the break and see how, and for how long, all of this works….


Roundup: Unique components from Reset, Bike Ribbon, Mars One, SQ Labs & more!


BikeRibbon is an Italian brand that’s been producing unique handlebar tape since 1975, helping to pioneer the concept of thickly padded tape that tapers at the edges to let it wrap flatly around the bar. Since then, they’ve branched out into mountain bike grips, new materials, saddle bags and other accessories.

Their Loop bar tape is a washable, soft fluffy cotton terry material with stitched edging. It’s 3mm thick, 3cm wide and comes in 170cm long rolls. Grab hold of more materials and colors below, along with a random assortment of new cables, housing, handlebars, tires and more…