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Berliner Fahrradschau 2015: An Eclectic Mix of Cycling and Lifestyle Products


Another year of Berlin’s consumer Bike Show kicked off this weekend highlighting a lot of the urban and lifestyle segments of the bike industry that sometimes get glossed over with new derailleur and suspension tech. That means a lot of classic city bikes, many e-bike applications, internally geared hubs, and belt drives, plus more cargo bikes than you can shake a stick at. Over the next week or two we’ll try to roundup a bunch of things that we spotted that stood out from the crowd and the free flowing Henrick’s Gin and Tonics and German beers.

Read on for a modern take on a classic, city bikes and great finishes, some custom bags, and an e-bike to sneak on some group rides…


NAHBS 2015: Unbelievable Lugs from DiNucci Cycles and Cherubim

Dinucci cycles NAHBS best lug lugs 2015 (4)

Depending on who you are talking to, the concept of NAHBS can be a bit difficult to explain. As bike people, most of us get it, but to the average Joe the idea of a multi thousand dollar bike that to the uninitiated looks similar to the old road bike hanging in their garage can be a head scratcher. However, after seeing the work of DiNucci Cycles I’m not sure there is anything that more perfectly summarizes the NAHBS show. When you are talking about hand built bikes there are few examples that can match the perfect lugs crafted with clinical precision thanks to countless hours with a torch and a number of hand tools. I’d wager that even non bike people would look at this frame and think, wow….


TPE15: Edco machines wide range mountain bike cassette & narrow range junior cassette, plus new wheels

EDCO narrow range junior road race cassette

Edco has been machining their Monoblock cassettes from a single piece of hardened chromoly steel for a while, but the designs have been limited to standard road gearing ranges. Now, two new options push the gear selection in either direction, from a very narrow range model to a two-piece wide range mountain bike cassette.

The new narrow range Monoblock cassettes for junior racers, shown above left, are because the youngsters can’t run anything smaller than a 14-tooth cog per UCI rules. So, they make a 14-25 and 14-27 cassette, both with 11 speeds, that gives young racers tighter gaps between gears without having to restrict derailleur movement to keep them off the smaller cogs. Expect them to be about $200 USD. Like the others, it’s machined out of solid chromoly steel. Also like the others, it’s an 11-speed unit that’ll fit on a 10-speed freehub body, making it easy to put an older set of wheels to good use. Weight is about 200g.

Shift past the break for more details, plus a look at prototype carbon rims and more…


TPE15: FSA takes cranks wider three different ways, leaks all-new Gravity GRID mountain bike line & more!


FSA is updating their carbon SL-K and K-Force Light cranksets with an all-new BB392 spindle standard. Put simply, it’s a 92mm wide, 30mm diameter spindle that follows the logic of the BB386EVO standard they helped introduce for road bikes. Yes, it’s a new “standard”, but like the 386, it’ll work on any frame thanks to a variety of bottom brackets to go with it. Threaded BSA? No problem, the wider spindle makes room for an outboard bearing bottom bracket, which makes things even stiffer thanks to the wide bearing placement. Pressfit 30, PF92, etc., will all be accommodated, too, with this single new spindle size.

This eliminates the need for a steel spindle, which makes them lighter while still fitting any BB. The arms are a little more svelte than before, too, saving a few more grams and keeping Q-factor unchanged…and they get new, asymmetric and proprietary 4-bolt patterns.

But these aren’t the only ones getting a wider spindle. They’re joined by new Boost148 models and what is perhaps the first BB30 fat bike spindle. Check those and lots, lots more new stuff below…


TPE15: American Classic gets fatter, wider and more tubeless for mountain, road

American Classic Sprint 350 wide road tubeless wheels

Whether it was rims or hubs, for road or mountain, American Classic’s offerings just keep getting wider and adding tubeless ready options, which should make just about everyone happy.

For the pavement, the Sprint 350 rims get a complete redesign to bring it up to modern standards. Inside width jumps from 16mm to 19mm (external is now 22mm), and it’s tubeless ready. The weight of the rim is spot on at 350g (claimed), and it’s built into a traditional road wheelset with 28/32 spokes (F/R) with double butted spokes and comes in at just 1,396g for the set. Retail is $899 USD. Their sponsored Pro Tour team, Bretagne, has been training on them and say they’re better than the race wheels they had last year.


TPE15: KS Zeta dropper seatpost for road bikes, plus prototype wireless dropper post

KS Kind Shock wireless dropper post remote prototype

KS is focusing on all categories for dropper posts, not just mountain bikes, which helps explain the new Zeta model for road bikes. They’re also working on all manner of buttons, levers and methods for making those posts drop, like this prototype wireless dropper.

Shown above, the electronic dropper doesn’t have a formal name yet, but it’s in development. It functions the same as the others, but with an electronic valve rather than a mechanical valve and a NFC wireless remote control.

Right now, it’s a proof of concept to gauge interest and see what sort of battery interfaces make sense. It could integrate with Di2 or e-bike batteries so there’s not a separate battery pack required. The one above had a rather big, ugly battery pack attached to the seat tube just out of the pic’s lower edge.


Polar’s V650 GPS Cycling Computer Finds Its Way to the Marketplace

Polar V650 GPS cycling computer

Cycling computers have come a long way since the rudimentary devices that just measured speed, distance and calculated a few averages for you. Now, it seems there’s an arms race to see who can offer the most data collection and integration with training apps or software.

Last September we previewed the Polar V650, one of Polar’s newest offerings. Now that it’s hit the market, here’s an updated look at the full feature set and promo video…


Domahidy Designs Expands Into Carbon with new Road Bike


Domahidy Designs’ latest bike is a road bike. More than just a road bike, the model is the first time Steve’s namesake brand in venturing into the world of carbon fiber. It’s not that Steve doesn’t have any experience with the material; in fact it’s quite the opposite with over 15 years of carbon experience. After designing the carbon bikes for Niner during his stint as co-founder, and then moving on to designing the radical Factor Vis Vires, Steve wanted to start his own brand and steel and titanium mountain bikes were an easy choice to kick things off.

Now that the mountain bikes are rolling off the production line, a road bike seemed like a logical addition to the line up. Simply named the ‘Carbon Road Bike,’ the new model comes as a result of Domahidy Consulting. Thanks to the relationship he has with a certain European brand, after working on the Carbon Road Bike project for them, Steve was able to negotiate the use of the carbon molds to produce the first Domahidy carbon model.

Calling it the “culmination of all he’s learned to date about designing carbon bikes,” the Domahidy Carbon Road Bike looks like a solid addition to the line…


NAHBS 2015 Mega Gallery: Best Campagnolo Build Bike Contest Part 2, Metal Bikes

Campagnolo bike build competition NAHBS 2015 metal (297)

You’ve seen the carbon creations, now it’s time for metal. Whether it’s titanium, steel, brazed, lugged, or tigged, bicycles of the metal variety are probably what comes to mind when most people think of NAHBS. The Campagnolo Best Build Bike Contest was a showcase of some extremely impressive bikes, all fitted with lust worthy Campy drivetrains. It was hard not to get a feeling for each builder’s personality through their entries…