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PBE14: Stijl Cycles Crafts Stainless Steel Breakaway Travel Bike, Ti Seatmast for No.22


Ritchey has made chromoly and titanium breakaway bikes for a while. He’s even dipped into carbon fiber and allowed others to mix-and-match the materials for a show bike.

But it’s never been done in stainless steel until now. Stijl Cycles licensed the coupling system to build this bike for a customer. Why? Because the customer wanted a stainless steel frame he could travel with. He liked the Ritchey breakaway system, and had a steel bike but it scratched too easily. He tried titanium but didn’t like the ride feel, so he found someone to make him a stainless version.

Stijl’s founder/builder, Hinmaton Hisler, said Ritchey didn’t want to make it, so he figured out how to do it. Here’s why it was so hard…


PBE14: Wild Paint & Graphics from Bells Bike Shop and Groovy Cycles


Bells Bike Shop is based in Philadelphia, PA, with a big presence on eBay, too. To corner their booth, they hung a custom made and custom “printed” camouflage Alchemy road bike.

The camo graphics are a water transfer process known as Hydro-Dip, which essentially coats the object in printed designs just like the stickers on model airplanes used to be, just bigger. Once dry, the frame was clear coated, which made any seams very hard to see and impossible to feel.

Slide past the break to heck it out close up, followed by an out of this world martian space scene on Groovy’s fat bike!


Readers’ Rides: Gregg Rochester Takes Custom Paint to a Whole New Level


Gregg Rochester calls himself a Bike Artist. Rather than sticking to painting bikes on canvas (he does that too), sometimes Gregg’s canvas is a bike. Recently, Gregg was commissioned to paint a unique bicycle for the Minneapolis Institude of Art for the show “Italian Fashion from 1945-present.” While the show focuses on all the big names in Italian Fashion, Gregg transformed the designs of Emilio Pucci into an impressive fixed gear.

You can catch the bike on display at MIA until January 4th, but you can also check out some of Gregg’s other designs along with the other side of Pucci after the jump…


Need To Lighten Your Ride? Proti Fully Forged Titanium Bolts Are Light, But Also Stronger

Proti-Bolts-HeaderProti makes 6/4 Titanium bolts for motorcycles, using a technology where they are fully forged, including the threads. This relatively recent technology builds a bolt that has a much higher strength than a CNC cut bolt that is more typical of titanium bolts used in bicycles.

Andre Szucs saw what this was doing in the motorcycle world, and worked with Proti to become the representative of the bolts for the bicycle industry, and started There is a lot of science that explains why forging is better than cutting, check inside for the story…


EB14: Roundup – Various Drivetrain and Brakes, Including a 210g Titanium Chain


Stronglight showed off their new narrow/wide chainrings for 104BCD cranks. It’s a pretty standard ring, but their sister brand O’Symetric had some wild stuff. We also saw Fouriers’ range, a brand that’s been around for a while in Europe but not really seen in the States. There’s a few other goodies tucked away in here, ending with a really expensive, really light full titanium chain…


PBE14: Tricky Fenix Full Size, Folding Travel Bike Switches Easily Between Road & Mountain Builds


The Fenix Macleod is just plain different in the best possible way. They’re the green bikes in the foreground and they use the same frame, yet can be set up with road or mountain bike parts. Or any combination of the two (think monster cross). Why? Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes ya don’t. Either way, they’ll travel with you in a very compact package and give you the freedom to not only bring your bike with you, but bring exactly the kind of bike you’ll need!


PBE14: Brazed & Lugged Beauties from Weaver, Harvey Cycle Works and Majaco


Weaver Cycle Works made the short trip from Collingwood, NJ, to show off these beautiful lugged and fillet brazed frames. Above is a disc brake cyclocross bike that joins the tubes with a combination of the methods and comes together with creative parts placements and a nice polished finish.

Roll on down for closeups and more…


PBE14: Custom Road Steel From Belladonna & Breismeister, Plus JBryant’s 27.5+ Adventure Bike


The Philly Bike Expo is just a fraction of the size of NAHBS, but it brought out several regional builders that we’ve never seen at the bigger show. Breismeister and Belladonna are two, as is JBryant, who brought along his latest fat tired adventure touring bike.

Above, hailing from Queens, NYC, Breismeister’s steel road bike has a few nice touches, particularly the shapely wishbone seatstay and dropout. More pics below…


Reader’s Rides: Revanche Ombromanto From Tuscany

Image courtesy of Emanuel Ferretti

Image courtesy of Emanuel Ferretti

Revanche Bicycles from Tuscany, Italy has shared the Ombromanto.  Custom built with a mix of Columbus Spirit, Life and Max tubing, the fillet-brazed beauty features a modern oversize bottom bracket and tapered headtube.

A well made fillet brazed bike can also be beautiful before paint when well built. See the details shots before and after paint after the break…