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SOC15: SRAM 1x drivetrains head to the road with new Force & Rival single chainring groups

sram rival 1 road group

SRAM’s taken their 1x drivetrains to the road with new Force 1 and Rival 1 groups.

Essentially an expansion of their CX1 group and XX1/X01/GX mountain bike cassettes, it opens up the possibilities for gravel, cyclocross and even triathlon bikes looking to simplify the setup and save a little weight.

In fact, the CX1 group is now simply Force 1, and the Rival 1 group takes most of the existing parts and combines it with the pinned GX cassette and brand matched X-Horizon rear derailleurs.


All-New Rotor INpower hides power meter tech inside crank spindle

Rotor INpower crankset powermeter inside the spindle

The antenna and battery cap on the non-drive crank is all you’ll see of the new INpower power meter…everything else is tucked inside the spindle.

The Rotor INPower is a clever new take on the crank-based power meter that puts all of the electronics inside the axle, which not only protects it, but keeps the rotational mass at the center.

But the location of the electronics is just part of the story. Rotor, which is known mostly for their ovalized chainrings, can show “different” power readings when those chainrings are used on standard spider-based power meters. This happens because the ovalized shape changes the zones of rotational speed at which you’re able to turn the pedals over by making it easier in your dead spots and harder in your power zones. The result, from our own experience, is that the overall pedal stroke is much smoother and the rotational speed seems more consistent to our legs, but they say a spider-based strain gauge may not see it that way.

The design also lets them use the same power meter across their entire range of cranks regardless of the arms, making it perfect for road, triathlon, cyclocross and mountain bikes…


ProWheelBuilder launches signature wheel line with aero, standard road wheels


By building around 4,000 wheels per year, ProWheelBuilder has learned a few things about what makes for a good wheel. So far, their wheels have been custom built from a variety of rim types and sizes, various hubs based on the consumer’s needs and wants, and then they’re laced together with the right spoke count, type and tension to suit the rider and their riding style.

Now, they’re branching out a bit to offer their own complete wheels for road with two options. Both come tubeless ready with rim tape and valve stem preinstalled, and both use White Industries’ T11 hubs. The hubs were chosen for their low drag and high quality build, which includes a chromoly axle, titanium freehub body and side-adjustable preload.

The Ventus, above, is their aero offering with a 24mm wide x 31mm deep alloy rim, and the Aeris is their light weight do-it-all road wheel…


Bosch’s Improved eBike Performance Line System, Opinion on eBike Technology

Bosch eBike PerformanceLine lifestyle

Bosch, after only beginning its eBike technological journey in 2009, has released a refined and improved electric system in their eBike Performance Line. The battery lasts longer. The Drive Unit now comes in multiple flavors to better integrate with the bicycle frame as a static chassis and in motion under different types of riders. The sophisticated controls are highly integrated on a level you don’t often see in the product of this industry and are highly user focused from a conscious and unconscious interactive standpoint. There is a reason why it won the Red Dot award for design excellence.

Let’s dig into this new system after the jump…


UCI to Allow Limited Testing of Disc Brakes in 2015 Professional Road Calendar



In a not so surprising move, the Union Cycliste International (UCI), in conjunction with the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI), announced today that disc brakes will be allowed in a limited capacity within the context of professional road racing beginning in August for this year, with plans for continued testing moving into 2016. The goal is to extend the introduction of disc brakes at every level of road cycling, though disc brakes are already allowed within USA Cycling road events with the exception of UCI qualifying or UCI events in the United States. Get the deets after the jump. READ MORE ->

Rever Debuts with Dual-Pull MCX1 mechanical disc brakes for Road/CX

Rever MCX1 mechanical disc brake for road, cyclocross bikes
We all love to drool over tricked out, top-shelf componentry but when it’s time to go shopping -not window shopping, but real put your money on the table shopping- riders with finite budgets turn their attention to companies like Bloomington, Minnesota’s Rever. Launching at the Sea Otter Classic, newcomer Rever is bringing value priced components with claimed race grade performance.

“In today’s component world, cyclists have come to expect that with high performance comes complexity and a high price tag. We’re here to show that’s not the case,” explains Rever’s Brand manager Tren Blankenship.

Rever’s first product is a mechanical disc brake called the MCX1, a short-pull dual piston brake designed specifically for road and cyclocross bikes. An expanded line of competitively priced parts is planned for the future, stop in for details of Rever’s first offering…

Cipollini’s Diamond, Platinum and Gold Adorned RB1K Luxury Edition Road Bike

Cipollini RB1000 Luxury Edition road bike When some people take the ‘spare no expense’ approach, they don’t kid around. Apparently Mario Cipollini, the flamboyant ex-racer and owner of the eponymous brand, is just such a person. It’s hardly surprising to see the ever-so-stylish Italians pushing the limits of common sense in the pursuit of elegant and opulent designs, as Cipollini has clearly done to extremes with this new offering. The RB1000 (aka RB1K) Luxury Edition road bike’s frame is decadently adorned with gold, platinum and diamond accents, debuted in no more suitable place than Monte Carlo, Monaco during the “Like Bike” show in early April. And the price tag? As they say, if you have to ask, you probably don’t have $54,000 to spend… READ MORE ->

TPE15: Closeup on new goods from WTB, Powertap, Novatec and Samox

WTB Ci24 carbon fiber mountain bike rims

Two of the brands shown here, WTB and PowerTap, announced their new products just before the Taipei Cycle Show, so we used our time with them to take a few detailed shots and ask more technical questions (of WTB anyway).

WTB’s products were announced just days prior to the show, but all have availability dates this summer. The rims have an interesting production story. They say they’re still playing around with different materials in different places and different manufacturing partners based on where the rims are going to be sold.

The 27.5 rim shown here has a more UD finish (left) on the inside and it’s made in Taiwan. The 29er has the woven top layer and is being made in China. Apples to apples, it’s coming out lighter, hence the eerily close claimed weights for different size rims. They’re still in testing, but Chris Feucht, product development manager, says all aftermarket rims will likely ship from the China factory and that the 27.5″ is likely to see a weight reduction by the time they’re available. The Taiwanese made rims will likely be reserved for OEM customers. So, build your own wheels and they’ll probably be lighter.

The reason for the difference is basically just dealing with the different capabilities and methods used by different manufacturers.


TPE15: Pro-Lite lightens up w/ new Antero Carbon XC/Cyclocross wheels, road disc coming


The new Pro-Lite Antero Carbon mountain bike wheels will come in 27.5 and 29, with the latter working just fine for cyclocross, too.

They use their oversized pawl mechanism to get 84 points of engagement using six 2-step pawls. That’s clicking along next to an oversize Japanese EZO bearing to handle the higher loads caused by modern oversize cogs. The carbon rim has a width of 26mm ext/21mm int and measures 23mm tall. Check the internals and rim profiles, plus more new stuff, below…