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Ventum Racing ditches the downtube to get ultra aero

Ventum One ultra aerodynamic triathlon bike with no downtube

Photo: Troy Szczurkowski

If you’re a tri geek, it’s likely you’ve seen a few shots of the upcoming Ventum Racing bike sneaking around the interwebs. If not, its completely un-UCI legal frame shows just how far things can go when you’ve got no limitations on frame design.

Called the Ventum One, it’s the first bike from upstart Ventum Racing, a brand co-developed by professional triathlete Jimmy Seears. Here’s the story:

“I race professionally, but I got dropped by my bike sponsor,” Seears told us. “My dad and I had always tinkered with and built things, so we thought we’d build a bike. How hard could it be, right?

“We started messing with different designs, and we really liked the Lotus 110 from the mid ’90s, so we started with that. We built the first prototype in Australia in house, which we tested with strain gauges and on the road. Then we tested the second version in the wind tunnel and it was a lot faster than we expected. And that was with a rather messy home made build…the handlebars were pretty messy and jumbled together. So we continued refining the design, and will continue to into the future. So the one you see here now is close, but not quite the final version that’ll ship later this year.”


Brooks Carves a Hole in the New Cambium C15 Saddle


Even though it’s quite a departure from the iconic riveted leather saddles that Brooks is known for, their Cambium line has been quite a hit. Using a vulcanized rubber base with an organic cotton covering, the saddles still manage to stay true to the Brooks aesthetic while offering modern performance. Now adding even more options to the line up, that latest Cambium ships with a gaping hole in the middle…


Frame Pumps are Back – Silca Gives the Impero new Life with the Impero Ultimate

Silca impero ultimate frame pump  (1)

Literally just after hitting publish on the new Zipp Valve Extenders by Silca, we got wind of even more news out of the legendary pump manufacturer. After teasing a new product for the past week, Silca is confirming suspicions with the launch of their new frame pump. First introduced in the 1920’s, Silca made a name for themselves with the original Impero frame pump. Using 2000 series aluminum at a time when other pumps were still made from steel, the Impero would go on to reach cult status among frame pumps.

Fast forward to the present and Silca has been without their Impero for 25 years. After finding a rebirth with Josh Poertner at the helm, Silca has been rebuilding with modern heirloom quality pumps like Super Pista Ultimate. With the Impero Ultimate, Silca has brought that same precision and incredible attention to detail to the somewhat forgotten world of frame pumps…


Extend your Quiet Time With New Zipp Valve Extenders by Silca

zipp valve extender silca 303 808 wheels

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a perfectly tuned bike, especially if it’s fitted with deep dish aero wheels. That whoosh-whoosh is somehow so satisfying. But if you’re running the wrong valve extender or haven’t used electrical tape or some other fix, it can easily be ruing by the constant clicking from your wheels. It’s not surprising that Silca’s valve extenders were a hit as they use an integrated elastomer ring to eliminate the rattle.

Rather than trying to engineer a competing product, Zipp decided to partner directly with Silca to offer some quiet valve extenders of their own. Offered in four different lengths, these are the perfect accessory for your Zipp 303-808s…


Found: Interloc Racing Designs’ 11-42 wide range mountain bike, cyclocross cassettes

IRD 11-42 wide range mountain bike cassette for sram and shimano drivetrains

The wide range mountain bike cassette options just keep rolling in, bringing more choices at more price points. So far we’ve seen models from Praxis, SunRace, Hope, Edco, Microshift, SEQlite and Trickstuff…and newer versions from SRAM and Shimano. And that doesn’t even count all the hop up kits to mod your existing cassette.

Now we’ve found a number of options from IRD, including this 11-42 and an 11-40 topping the spread. It’s compatible with standard SRAM and Shimano SGS speed rear derailleurs, and they’ve got options for both 10-speed and 11-speed. That means less expensive upgrades as long as your rear wheel’s freehub body will fit an 11-speed cassette if you’re going for the extra cog. Otherwise, the 10-speed versions make for an easy 1×10 conversion without losing too much range.


Scicon AeroComfort 2.0 TSA Soft-sided Bike Travel Bag – First Impressions


Looking at our spring and summer that will have us stuffing bikes on trains and airplanes to get out and ride in some new places and return to some old favorites, we thought to give another thought to how our bikes would happily and safely make the trip. Whether it was our road and cross bikes that usually traveled by air, or the occasional trip to rail some far off mountain bike trails, we needed something up to the task of protecting just about any of our bikes. Taking a cue from the pros, we’ve started to test the newest AeroComfort 2.0 TSA bag, with its soft-side construction and built-in wheel bags, and are curious to see how it will stand up over time. Our experience so far hasn’t been without a little hiccup, as there are definitely pluses and minuses to a soft case, but our bikes have made it safely to their destinations.


Having refined the AeroComfort for more than 30 years, Scicon has established itself as an industry leader and has earned the trust of the professionals riding at the top of our sport. With four Scicon-sponsored European pro teams racing their way across California this week,  some interesting infographics recently popped up in our inbox breaking down the logistics behind the race. 96 bikes in Scicon AeroComfort bags have made their way across the Atlantic and through countless transfers to bring these four teams to the start lines, and so far none have seen any damage in transit. Fly with us across the break to get more details on this newest iteration of the Scicon’s soft bike travel bag, to get a glimpse at what the pro teams pack, and find out what we think so far…


Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces



  • Ride of Silence – On May 20, 2015 at 7:00 PM, the Ride of Silence will begin in North America and roll across the globe. Cyclists will take to the roads in a silent procession to honor cyclists who have been killed or injured while cycling on public roadways. Check with your local cycling groups to see if there will be a Ride of Silence in your town (there are rides in 49 states).

Bike Parks

  • Mammoth Mountain Bike Park Opens May 22nd – Mark your calendar, schedule your tune-up and grab your crew; the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park is set to open for the year on May 22. A number of improvements and events are on tap for the Mammoth Bike Park in 2015, including the USA Cycling Mountain Biking National Championships, which moves to Mammoth this July. Several trail extensions aimed at increasing the connectivity of Mammoth’s trail network are scheduled for completion this summer. Also new this year, the Bike Park Basecamp adjacent to the Gondola at Main Lodge will provide the perfect setting to gather after a ride. With outdoor seating, bike tuning stands, snacks and locally brewed beer available for purchase, it’s an ideal post-ride venue.

Benefit Rides

  • Fundraiser to Support the Wood River Bicycle Coalition – The Wood River Bike Coalition is a non-profit organization located in the Sun Valley, Idaho area. The area was hit hard by a fire two years ago that ruined more than 150 miles of trails in our area so through volunteer trails crews in the spring and early summer were able to log over 1500 volunteer hours last year rebuilding trails close to home. On Saturday August 1st, 2015 they’ll host the Sawtooth Century which has become their biggest fundrasier of the year. For more information on the WRBC visit

More news and a chance to win a trip to The Tour after the jump…


Looking for Kit to Match Your Ride? Pactimo Has Your (Pantone) Number

Pactimo match my ride color clothing kits bibs jersey mens womens (4)

In the hyper competitive world of road biking we all know color coordination is worth at least a few extra watts. All kidding aside, true to that old saying – when you look good you feel good. And if you think matching your ride is the epitome of cycling panache, Pactimo is taking color matching to the next level with the new Match Your Ride collection… READ MORE ->

Get Tightier and Mightier With Skins’ New Compression Cycling Gear

Skins-gottardo-mens-jersey-left Skins-title-mid Skins-title-right
SKINS was started by an Australian skier in 2002, who spent the previous five years chasing his goal of developing performance and recovery enhancing athletic garments. Their company mission is simple, and perhaps a little cheeky: to radically improve the world of sport, one pair of tights at a time.

While there is some debate over the functionality of compression wear, SKINS is clearly on the ‘Pro’ side of the argument. They’re quite happy to cite scientific studies and point out that their garments must be effective since they’re banned from all professional cycling tours! SKINS has a bunch of new compression gear for men and women in their cycling specific line, so click past the break for photos and details…