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SOC14: Scorpion Builds Moto Style Stands For Bicycles

Scorpion Bike Stand (2)As a cyclist who adheres faithfully to the ancient “N+1″ proverb (where N is the number of bikes currently owned), I am always searching for new ways to maximize my existing storage. So in addition to wall mounted solutions, I also have a fleet of floor stands for visiting two wheeled friends, and the occasional photo mission.

Recently a new bike stand caught my eye at a motorcycle race, and I was able to catch up with the company at Sea Otter to learn more about the product…


SOC 14: Industry Nine Introduces Ultralite Carbon CX Wheels, 150mm Fat Bike Hub Adapter

i9 Industry 9 ultralight carbon disc 150x15 150 fat bike hub (5)

When we checked in with i9 on their all encompassing fat bike hubs at Frostbike, there was one hub standard missing – only we didn’t (officially) know it yet. That would of course be the new 150x15mm front spacing on the new RockShox Bluto suspension fat bike fork. Rather than making an entirely new hub, i9 is offering a replacement non-disc side end cap that will make their 135×15 hub Bluto compatible.

The end cap  adds 15mm in width to the hub, and requires a 7.5mm adjustment in dish to the non disc side which could mean that new spokes are needed depending on the build. One of the benefits of the 150mm spacing is that the resultant wheel is build with zero dish for improved strength especially on a fat bike. End cap kits to switch from a 135mm QR hub will run $30, and a single 150mm end cap will run $15 to switch from a 135x15mm set up.

Likely the bigger and more exciting news for most of you is i9′s new Ultralite Carbon disc wheels, which you can find full details on after the break!


Lightweight Partners w/ Rie:sel Design for Colorful, Graphical Meilenstein Wheels


Rei:sel design is known for their high quality decal/wrap artwork on bicycles. We saw them at Eurobike last year and were pretty impressed with the seamless finish.

Now, they’ve partnered with fellow German brand Lightweight to create four different Meilenstein road wheels. The wheels are sent without any Lightweight logos or graphics on them directly to Rie:sel, then the appliqués are applied and sealed onto the rims. This process ensures long life and eliminates the opportunity for Lightweight’s logo to eventually show through. And it only adds 60g to the pair. Options are as follows, with descriptions directly from Lightweight:

  • MEILENSTEIN – EdelBunt: Have the heart to do it, leave all grey behind and show that you are showing up!
  • MEILENSTEIN – SchattenSeite: You stalk your enemies like a shade – and just pass them easily!
  • MEILENSTEIN – AspHalt: Don´t be surprised if the road behind you just cracks because of your sprint!
  • MEILENSTEIN – KopfStein: It´s a rough terrain but you overcome it easily!

The wheels are available directly through Rie:sel Design in both clincher and tubular versions.

SOC14: SRAM Powers into Tri with 11 speed Aero shifters, Chainrings, Bottle Mount, plus Red Wifli Cassettes

SRAM red wifli cassettes tt shifters r2c tri shifters (2)

After the introduction of SRAM Red and Force 22 drivetrains, it should come as no surprise that Triathletes are also looking for a drivetrain with more speeds. More speeds mean closer ratios, which can mean finding that perfect gear when you’re halfway through your Ironman. As the next step in SRAM’s tri bike evolution, three new 11 speed shifters have been developed to give aerobar users the the most up to date drive trains.


SOC 14: Hutchinson Fattens Up with New 25mm Fusion 3 Road Tubeless

Hutchinson fusion 3 tubeless 25 road (2)

Wider tires and Road Tubeless have both been gaining traction, and the new 25mm width in the Hutchinson Fusion3 brings both to the table.

Hutchinson already has the 28mm Secteur tire, but the popular Fusion3 tread has a bit more widespread appeal. We think that appeal is even wider now and carries a bit more weight. Puns intended. Like its 23mm sibling, the Fusion3 25mm uses a 127 tpi casing combined with dual compound rubber for a supple, grippy tire. While the size is interesting, it’s the rolling resistance that is the real story…


Cielo Road Race Disc Road Bike Follows Up Standard Model’s NAHBS Release


Cielo’s Road Race Disc brake road bike takes the racier geometry and updated build of the standard Road Race model they just introduced at NAHBS this year, then moved the brakes to the rotors. It even gets the special color options and Cielo stems.

Built with custom drawn ovalized steel tubing, modern touches like a 44mm head tube, PF30 BB and, of course, the disc brakes, make for a thoroughly modern road bike. And word has it, it’ll actually be legal in the UCI peloton in a couple years. It’s available in either electronic or mechanical shifting frame formats. The former requires the use of an internal seatpost mounted battery. Retail’s $2,495 and includes a Chris King headset and ENVE carbon fork painted to match. Roll on down for more pics…


NAHBS 2014: Bike Roundup – A.N.T., Helavna, Brompton, Rob English & More!


As our NAHBS coverage wanes, we’ve got a few more roundups and posts to mix in with the rising Sea Otter news. Above, Rob English didn’t have a booth this year, but he peppered a couple booths with his fantastic looking bikes. This road bike sat in Campagnolo’s space, but was paired with TRP’s Spyre mechanical discs, not Campy disc brakes (we think you probably won’t have to hold your breath too much longer).

Check out the rest of the frame and many more from several builders below…


SOC 14: Prestige MTB Shows off Sub 150g Black Mountain Cassettes

Black mountain aluminum cnc cassette 11-40 (2) copy

Offering a line of fully CNC machined cassettes, Black Mountain is looking to blur the line between ultra light and durable. Each cassette is primarily machined from a single piece of a aluminum with the last one or two cogs separate. Currently the company offers cassettes in just about every standard road and mountain configuration available with “bigger options in the works.”

Unlike the Recon cassettes which are called a “race day cassette,” Black Mountain cassettes are designed to be ridden daily but will have a decreased life span compared to a standard cassette. Mark with Prestige MTB, the US distributor of Black Mountain cassettes told us to expect about 4000 miles on the road, and 3000 miles for MTB as a life span.

What do they weigh? Find out next…


NAHBS 2014: Boo Builds an Epic Winter Sports Fat Bike, Plus Custom Bamboo Bikes and Paint

Boo bikes fat bike tiger custom paint bamboo rack tandem (2)

Boo had a number of impressive show worthy bikes this year at NAHBS, but if there was one bike that stopped people in their tracks it was probably this AluBoo fat bike. If fat biking in the snow wasn’t enough winter sporting for you, this bike is the ultimate winter sportsmobile. Able to carry all the gear you need to get out to your favorite ice climbing location, the bike also has to ability to carry some massive skis if the snow gets too deep for fat bike tires.

Even if you don’t need a bike for a winter triathlon, Boo had some other bikes that may interest you…