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3D Printed Titanium Seatmast Topper Coming from Designer Spencer Wright

Spencer Wright 3D printed titanium seatmast topper for bicycles prototype

Designer Spencer Wright has been working on this 3D printed titanium seatmast topper for quite some time. What you’re seeing here is something like the 6th prototype made, and soon his first functional one will go to Germany for destructive testing.

The seatmast topper is meant to be both a commercially viable product and an experiment in future capabilities for using the process to create consumer goods. It’s made using DMLS (direct metal laser sintering) from 6/4 titanium powder and, yep, lasers.

To give you an idea on where the technology is, earlier this year this part was featured in an 3D metal printing industry guidebook, reporting that initial estimates for prototype production were about $1,000 to $2,400. Per piece…


Holiday Gift Ideas: Cory’s Wish List


The holidays are here so it’s time for me to dust off my wish list as well, one so my wife will see it, but also so it may give you some ideas. Just to give you an idea where I am coming from, I’m a rider of any kind of bike that involves getting the tires dirty. That means that even on a road bike with 23s I end up hitting the dirt roads, and prefer to keep the bike rides in the forests. I’m based in Prague, so my list has a more European tinge to it.

I’m in the middle of masters cyclocross racing, so while predominantly a mountain biker, now is the time of wet, muddy, snowy, and slippery rides on skinnier tires. I am spending a lot of time trail riding on cross tubulars, a little bit of dirt and gravel road training, and a lot of rides where I come home cold and wet. But I am dreaming a bit of cross country rides in crisp snow, of hitting some steep root and rock strewn technical descents, and getting in some all day exploring rides when warm weather returns. Most of my picks then are to get me through the dark days of winter, with the hope of warm, dry rides to come.


24 hours of mountain bike racing without lights above the arctic circle in Finnish Lapland. How can that not sound like an amazing idea? On the weekend of the summer solstice each year, the Levi ski resort 170km north of the arctic circle runs the Levi24, a unique 24hr race with sunlight through the night. I’ve done plenty of 24hr races over the last 15 years and always loved the sunrise lap, but have experienced nothing like this. Its next running is 12-13 June 2015, and could be a great chance to throw the family into a camper and go explore some fjords and gravel roads. 


How To Create the World’s Most Expensive Giant Defy 3 – Dip it in GOLD!


Some people will buy just about anything. Case in point? Check out the latest installment of blinged out bikes – this 24k Gold plated road bike. It’s no gold plated fat bike, but the “men’s British racing bike” will certainly attract plenty of attention if it ever makes it out of your Summer home. From its humble beginnings as what appears to have been a Giant Defy 3 road bike (from 2013!), the sub-$1k bike gets a gold makeover and is suddenly worth £250,000 ($392,785.00).

Just how much gold would nearly $400k dollars get you? Find out next…


Lynskey Introduces UrBANskey, Commuter Smarts with Road Bike Speed


If your idea of a commuter is drop bars with bigger tires and a fast ride, Lynskey would like to present the UrBANsky. Previously, Lynskey had offered their Cooper CMT or Cooper Commuter which was basically their Cooper CX bike dressed up for work. Built with new road specific cable routing, the UrBANsky combines tire clearance for 33mm tires (when running fenders), plus rack and fender mount compatibility.

Check the video break down from Lynskey, plus the modular dropout system next…


Gearing Up For Adventure, Brodie Bikes Adds New Models In Ti & Stainless


Building on their mantra of “real bikes for real people”, Brodie Bikes from Vancouver, BC, is releasing new models for adventure off-roading, as well as complete bikes in their high-end frame designs.

“We’re in the business of making bikes we can be stoked on”, says Bruce Spicer, Product Manager. “We continually evolve the bikes, depending on technology advancements, our own riding styles, and the needs of our customers.”

One such bike is the new Wolff, a stainless steel disc brake road bike in their Speed series. The Romulus, Remo and Tiber all switch over to disc brakes, too, all with clearance for wider tires and/or fenders.  Some that don’t get discs move to long-reach rim brake calipers to get the same benefit. Plus, the bikes will be offered in more complete builds of both the titanium and stainless steel frames…


Mission Workshop’s New San Francisco Digs, Plus A Sneak Peak at New Threads


For many years, Mission Workshop was based in a beautiful (albeit very small) workspace in the back of a dingy alley. Surrounded by some of San Francisco’s best dive bars, taquerias, and messenger scene, the company prospered.

To celebrate some well deserved growth, the company expanded from it’s original back alley location into an adjacent retail space - and into some prime real estate. The new storefront now opens onto Valencia Street, one of the most well trafficked streets in the heart of the cities bustling Mission District.

We were on hand for the opening party and caught a sneak peak at some new goods. Head past the break to read more… READ MORE ->

Reader’s Rides: Ignazio’s Pair Of Supercorsa Pistas

Pink-Cinelli-1Ignazio Lacitignola from San Francisco has sent in his two newest rides, Cinelli Supercorsa Pista bikes in pink and cream, that took him over three years to build. Originally from Milan, Lacitignola ordered them in custom paint direct from Cinelli, and built them with the Italian flair of Campagnolo and Cinelli parts.

Also adding in Brooks Cambium saddles, Paul brake levers and H Plus Son rims, the beautiful bikes show a keen attention to detail. Jump past the break to see pictures of both builds…


Tratar Bikes Hand Crafts Frames From Local Slovenian Oak & Ash


Janez Tratar is the 28-year-old engineer behind the idea of Tratar Bikes. Slovenia is currently in a bad place with unemployment, and Janez believes this will provide a source of pride, and work, to the people of his country.

Tratar Bikes are city bicycles available in two different specifications on the same frame. The single-speed offers smooth simplistic riding with minimal maintenance, and the Kick shift features two gears and an internal brake built into the rear hub. The frame is made from top-shelf Slovenian wood with metal reinforcements at high stress points.

Tratar says  “I believe that riding a bike is not just moving from point A to B – it should be an experience that every commuter deserves and can be accomplished only by the wooden bicycle.” Take a look after the break to see the details on the bikes and the information on their Kickstarter launch.


Holiday Gift Ideas: Tyler’s Wish List


Each year, we put together our series of holiday gift guides disguised as our own wish lists. They’re also sort of like our version of an “Editor’s Choice” awards, only less formal. These are just the products we’ve seen and possibly tested this year that stood out in some way. Each of us have our own riding style, different terrain and unique preferences, but between us we represent a pretty good spread of the general cycling public. Each one is prefaced with a bit about us so you can see if your own style (or that of a favorite cyclist in your life) matches up.

I’m Tyler, and I like bikes. I ride road long and slow, XC mountain bike on flat-to-rolling singletrack with the occasional trip to the big mountains of Pisgah, NC, and my cyclocross bike sees use year ’round as a commuter, adventurer and generally fun bike to ride. I race only a few times a year, and only for fun, but I still like to see how well I can do and how far I can push myself and my equipment.


Gifts come and go, but experiences last a lifetime. So, topping our lists this year is the experience each of us would most like to have. For me, that’s a framebuilding class at Metal Guru. After meeting Vicious Cycles founder and Metal Guru owner Carl Schlemowitz at the Philly Bike Expo this year, his program stood out in that it brings in well known builders like Steve Bilenky and others to teach classes. Choose from steel welding or brazing and you’ll leave the 68-hour class with your own unique frame.