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EB15: Chris King Adds Centerlock, Boost Hubs, Turquoise Components, Shorter Cielo Stems, More

CHRIS KING blue teal centerlock (6)

It’s sort of hard to believe that Chris King hasn’t had a Centerlock hub option before, but the brand has been historically slow to adopt new “standards.” The policy seems to have worked out well give their 39 year history (we’re told to expect some exciting things for their 40th anniversary). To be a Chris King product it has to be up to the precise standards and tolerances consumers have come to expect, but it also has to be something with a large enough demand. Likely driven by the influx of road and cross disc brakes and the use of Shimano’s top end Centerlock rotors, the wait for a Chris King Centerlock hub is almost over.

As soon as it is available, it will also be shipping in that new turquoise color…


EB15: Gokiso builds complete wheels out of their amazing suspended hubs, plus titanium hubs & road bikes

Gokiso carbon fiber clincher road bike wheels

Japanese brand Gokiso has added to their remarkably smooth micro suspension hubs, creating their own carbon fiber clincher road rims built into complete wheels.

The combination results in something they claim has extremely low inertia, requiring just 0.5g of force to start them rolling. That means they’ll spool up faster for quick acceleration and less effort to keep them rolling fast. Part of their ongoing energy savings comes from a unique inner bead shape that brings the tire much closer to the edge of the rim and creates a wide, stable tire shape.

Check it out, along with some new hubs and an absolutely gorgeous titanium bicycle from a partner brand…


IB15: Speedplay Syzr MTB Pedal Finally Cutting Trail, Zero Aero Helps Set the Hour Record

speedplay aero pedals syzr mtb pedal (4)

It’s certainly been a long road, but the Speedplay Syzr is finally here. First shown as a prototype as far back as Interbike 2009, with each iteration Speedplay kept finding areas they wanted to improve upon. Knowing that the Syzr not only had to work, but work better than most of the competition right off the bat made designing the pedal no easy task. However, like all good things Speedplay promises it’s worth the wait…


Project Disc Cross: Ritchey WCS Cross Disc fork and aluminum WCS cockpit – Long-term test


Last week we took a look at a project bike which had been upgraded to disc brakes last winter for cyclocross season, before it got to spend the warmer weather all-around gravel and trail exploring. The bike served to give us the chance to torture test the SRAM Red Hydro R group that we reviewed last week. It’s also become a test mule for things like chainrings, tires, and different wheelsets, with more tests with it on the way. This time though, we focus on the one component that started the disc-brake conversion in the first place, the full carbon Ritchey WCS Disc Cross fork that we first spotted in Taipei. Then, since we’ve been happy with Ritchey Logic components on other personal bikes, we were happy to add a WCS cockpit to the bike by way of a Vector saddle and WCS aluminum seatpost, stem, and handlebars. Join us after the break for a walk-through of the disc brake conversion and our detailed piece-by-piece thoughts on the individual components…


IB15: Basso Cuts the Mud & Wind with Full Thru-Axle Fast Cross Disc & Konos TT/Tri Machine; Plus New Price Point Venta

Basso IB15-1

Basso bikes brought 3 new models to Interbike this year including the Fast Cross Disc and new entry level carbon bikes. The new Fast Cross runs thru-axles at both ends while the Konos TT bike is not only nice to look at, but has some nice features including their new Micro Tech seatpost and handlebar system.

Draft past the break to see them up close, plus their new price friendly Venta models…..


EB15: FABike adds new Titanium T1 and upgrades Carbon C2 to Disc Brakes


After having spent a good bit of time last year riding FABike’s first generation carbon bike on a mix of road and trails, we came away pleased but wondering how flexible and adjustable the bike really was, being stuck with rim brakes. Well, Fabike heard our thoughts, and now with the updates of their second major iteration of the carbon frame – the C2 – has added compatibility with both flat or post mount disc brakes and their own in-house aero v-brakes (with completely removable posts.) But also new from them at Eurobike was the T1, a titanium version of their flexible & adjustable concept that is disc-brake only. Jump past the fold with us for the full details on both of the new bikes, plus new carbon and alloy tubeless ready, disc-brake wheelsets to complement the bikes…


IB15: Gripping Round-up: Lizard Skins Adds More Colors; ESI Contours Grips & Says Death to Electrical Tape!

Lizard Skin ESI-1-4Lizard Skin ESI-1-2Lizard Skin ESI-5

A couple of names synonymous with grip continue to grow and expand their current offerings to keep your hands on the bars. ESI and Lizard Skins, both known for their ability to remain grippy in both wet or dry conditions had some colorful and new things to show us.

Grab a firm hold and see what these two masters of grip have on hand….


IB15: Atomik Carbon gets skinny fat w/ new tubeless road, 27.5+ and fat bike rims & wheels

Atomik Carbon tubeless ready aero road bike wheels

Atomik Carbon popped on the scene in March 2014 with some prototype carbon tubeless mountain bike rims that we had a chance to test ride prior to their official launch. When they did formally debut for sale, they introduced a few changes to the norm (for the time…things move quickly these days!) with width-specific designs and beefed up sidewalls. During that time, they moved quickly to go to a hookless bead and fine tune the design before launch.

And they’re still moving quickly, using a breakfast meeting to show us their new tubeless-ready aero carbon road bike wheels and new 27.5+ and fat bike rims, the latter getting foam core ribs to make it super stiff…


Zipp adds Ultra Premium NSW line out of their Nest R&D lab and new 808 NSW wheels


Zipp just announced NSW, a new series of the highest performance and most technologically advanced products to come from their engineers. Nest Speed Weaponry gets its name from The Nest, the high-security advanced Research and Development that Zipp runs in the back of their factory, where all their new ideas are hatched.

The first product in the new series is a new 808 NSW Carbon Clincher that utilizes a new rim shape with improved aerodynamics and a reduced impact from cross winds.  It also gets a new hubset with better durability and even less drag. The 82mm deep 808 NSW is designed for triathlons, time trials, and any other race against the clock. Check out the details after the break…