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All-New Look 795 Aerolight Road Bike Cuts Drags & Grams, Ups the Integration


Look’s past efforts at integration have yielded some sleek looking road bikes while eliciting polarizing opinions. If you’ve lauded the design, you’re in luck. If you fall into the “don’t like it” camp, look away now ’cause boy oh boy does the new Look 795 Aerolight road bike push things farther than ever.

Combining the lightweight design and integrated e-Post and front brake of the 695 Aerolight with the sleeker 675′s front end, plus new NACA tube profiles and a healthy dose of weight savings, the new 795 Aerolight raises the model nomenclature by 100 to introduce “the best aero road bike ever made.”

It even gets their 320g ZED 2 one-piece crankset, whose weight includes the bottom bracket, plus a new fork and updated version of the e-Post. Video and much more below…


Colossal Brings Bigger Tires, Thru Axles to Salsa Road, Plus Suspension Equipped Fargo

Salsa colossal ti steel disc road thru axle fargo suspension (7)

The Colossal is Salsa’s road bike for epic days in the saddle in any and all conditions. That meant that as the bikes were carried over for the 2014 model year, the lack of fender mounts was a glaring omission for many considering the bike. To prove that Salsa is listening, the Colossal is back for 2015, but with a new design that includes not only fender mounts but thru axles as well.

Colossal now runs bigger tires than ever, and should check most of the boxes for a fast road bike built for the long haul. More details, actual weights, and the new Fargo Suspension bike after the break…


New Bianchi Aquila CV TT/Triathlon Bike Mutes Wind, Vibrations

2015 bianchi aquila cv aero tt-triathlon bike with countervail vibration canceling technology

To close out the Tour de France, Bianchi introduced their new Aquila CV TT/Triathlon bike for stage 20′s time trial.

Bringing their Countervail vibration damping material and tech to the wind tunnel, the new Aquila not only lessens the wind’s effects on your efforts, it also kills the road buzz to keep your muscles fresher over the long haul. Developed by Materials Science Corp., Countervail was originally used to kill vibration in supersonic space- and aircraft. The benefit here is that it can be interwoven with carbon fibers and stiffens the frame while also canceling vibration, making a better bike that helps reduce muscle fatigue. We covered their CV tech in detail with last year’s new Infinito introduction, so we’ll focus on what’s new for this bike here.

To make the bike faster, Bianchi smoothed every edge they could -there are no frame fasteners exposed to the wind- and connected each separate piece of the bike with tight, flowing transitions. Couple that with extensive CFD wizardy and wind tunnel testing and you’ve got a bike that’s super slippery…


Jagwire to Introduce New Wet Weather Pro Rim Brake Pad


Jagwire Wet Weather brake pads inserts

This one goes out to all the riders currently using rim brakes, and that don’t plan on changing any time soon. Rim brakes might not have the same wet weather stopping power as disc brakes, but there are things you can do to improve wet weather performance. Like changing your brake pads.

The new Jagwire Pro Wet brake pads use an improved compound that not only offers drastically improved performance in the rain, but offer better dry stopping power as well. The trade off? Well, the pads are a bit softer so they will wear faster but if you like being able to stop in the wet it should be a worthwhile trade off. Designed for aluminum brake tracks only, the pad inserts will be offered in Shimano and Campy style road as well as the standard mountain bike rim design. Price on the red stopper is TBD, but expect them to be available this August.

45NRTH Introduces Fasterkatt Road Shoes, Updates Other Boots, Cobrafist Pogies

45NRTH wolvhammer fasterkatt winter shoe boot cobrafist pogie  (28)

Your eyes do not deceive you. There are now two versions of the 45NRTH Fasterkatt wet and cold weather shoe. Designed for the transitional months or climates where deep winter isn’t a concern, Fasterkatts are designed to shed water in temperatures from 25-45 degrees f. The big news here is the introduction of the 3 bolt SPD-SL compatible sole, but both shoes see significant improvements over the previous Fasterkatt MTB.

Thanks to better zippers, better fit, and improved materials the Fasterkatt is ready to extend your riding season regardless of the conditions. Get the full details plus info on the new Wölvhammer and Cobrafist Pogies, next…


Ridley Adds 26″ Youth Road, Cyclocross Race Bikes…for Europe


So, maybe our domestic ‘cross scene hasn’t quite Belgained the f&*k up enough yet, ’cause Ridley’s keeping their 26″ wheeled youth cyclocross bikes over on the European scene for 2015. It’s joined by a road going version, too, though they share the same frame and most of the spec.

Built on a 6061-T6 sloping alloy frame with Tektro mini V-brakes, both models sport a Shimano Claris 2×8 drivetrain with 155mm cranks and 46/34 rings turning a 13/26 cassette. The alloy cockpit has a shallow reach 380mm wide handlebar and 27.2 post. Wheels are built with Alex 19 double wall rims and wrapped in Schwalbe CX Pro 26×1.35 tires.

The only difference on the road bike is the switch to Kenda RoadRace 26″ x 23c rubber, which means you could really buy either one and an extra set of tires to double it’s uses. Pic below…


Photo Epic: Seek & Diverge – Hunt 4 w/ Deux North

It’s easy to fall into a pattern where riding sometimes feels more like a chore than my favorite past time. It’s easy because my email inbox is full, there are at least three important life deadlines looming, and the sky has been overcast for several days.

Once a week though, I ride out from my house to the top of a nearby mountain a few hours before sunset to meet up with the boys. We drink beers in the tall grass, throw rocks at stacks of cans, talk shit, and then race each other down and back up. It’s in those moments I remember why I love riding bikes.

For brothers James and Dylan Nord, the story is not that different. Growing up, they rode bikes, played pretend, and discovered new haunts, but felt like they lost that spirit of adventure as they grew up. To help rediscover that feeling of childhood excitement they created Deux North. It’s little more than an excuse to gather friends together to chase down future memories, but it provides the rest of us with inspiration and some pretty pics.

As part of the project, the boys go on hunts to explore new roads, meet new people, and adventure. As the number of the hunts increase, so do the stakes. For Hunt Four, nine cyclists from all over the world met in the suburbs of the Silicon Valley at the invitation of James’ long time friend Chris Riekert. A Specialized employee, Chris had asked the group to join him on a 300 mile journey, with 30,000 ft of climbing, to test ride a new adventure bike the company was developing.

Head past the break for images and a few words from Chris about their epic ride along the golden California coast…


WinTunnel: When a Hairdo is a Hair Don’t

To celebrate lady cyclists, this week the #WinTunnel Team tested different hairstyles to determine what’s fastest.  If only Laurent Patrick Fignon had gotten the memo twenty five years ago…

Sabbath Cycles Launches the Titanium Go-Anywhere Do-Anything All-Conditions September AR-1 Road Bike

Sabbath September AR-1 With Cyclocross Treads 35mm

The Brits continue to deliver the sportive style goods. This time we’re looking at Sabbath’s new September AR-1. If you are a lover of all-road riding, if rain never sent you scuttling for shelter, if you are a believer in titanium frames, super large tire clearances, discs, plus optional custom geometries, you’ll want to read on…