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Mason Cycles takes steel, alloy on a hunt for the perfect four season disc brake road bike

Mason Progressive Cycles founder Dom Mason leaves Kinesis to launch his own brand

After 15 years designing all manner of bikes for Kinesis, Dom Mason is heading out on his own adventure and launching Mason Progressive Cycles.

Born the in UK, the bikes will be made near Venice, Italy, by handpicked welders with experience in the individual metals each frame uses. Yes, that means the Dedacciai alloy Definition model will be made in one factory while the Columbus Spirit/Life steel Resolution will come from another. The frames will share the same spirit, though, being made to tackle any type of road you take it down. They’ll also share some rather nifty design features that make everything from assembly to riding them just a bit more pleasurable…


Why Isn’t Road Tubeless More Popular? Part Two – Current Options, Challenges & What’s Coming Down the Road


Part One of our Road Tubeless series seemed to spur a lot of discussion, especially around the statement that a Road Tubeless standard does not exist. Most of us believe if a product says “Road Tubeless” on the side, it will work with other items that say the same.

Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily the case, and a lot of this confusion has come from the companies themselves, using the common term -either with caps (Road Tubeless) or without (road tubeless)- to market dissimilar products. So we checked in with the producers of the most common products and asked them about the future of Road Tubeless. Do they see standardization coming? Is there any standard now?

Take a look inside for a comprehensive exploration of where Road Tubeless stands today…


FAITES ATTENTION, EDDY MERCKX ARRIVE … on a new $17,500 EDDY70 steel road bike!

Harking back to the days when legend Eddy Merckx rode over those words that fans would write on the pavement, creating a new meaning for his team name FAEMA, the modern Merckx is launching the Eddy70 model in FAEMA team livery. FAEMA is actually an Italian espresso machine maker that sponsored Eddy from ’68-’70, before the more famous Molteni years.

Only 70 bikes will be built, and they will be delivered on June 17th, Eddy’s 70th birthday. Pre-ordering starts tonight (Jan. 28, 2015) at 7pm, and the bike will cost an astonishing $17,500. However, this is not just charging for a name applied to a retro steel bike, the EDDY70 is made from the best Columbus steel to be a modern racing bike designed to be a solid performer in a sea of carbon fiber.

Even though they are making 70 of them, only 69 will be available to the public as serial number 1 is being handed over to Eddy himself today, who turns 70 later this year. If you pre-order, you can choose your own personal serial number between 2 and 70, and dictate where on the frame the legend will put his signature for your ride.

Check out the collection of jaw dropping photos of each individual custom piece after the jump…


Obsydian Invictus welds a bulletproof bike for the big boys

Obsydian Invictus Alloy Road Frameset Mid Ride

British bike manufacturer Obsydian is new to the industry as of 2013 but came to market unlike the gram counting, carbon obsessed pretty-boys who are so in vogue today. Obsydian wanted to go about things differently, offering a lifetime guaranteed road chassis capable of taking whatever abuse and pounding even the heaviest of riders could throw at it. The Invictus frameset is Obsydian’s first offering for the hammerhead-clydesdales amongst us. It’s for those who ride hard and put it away dirty. If you cringe at the sight of advertisements heralding 7.3% decreases in frame weights for a price tag rivaling the average family sedan, read on…


Win the Ultimate Paris-Roubaix Experience with Mavic Special Service Course

photo 3

If you’ve watched any of the big cycling races, then you’ve undoubted seen the Mavic Yellow Car. Since the early 70′s, yellow has meant neutral support with the Mavic logo leading the way. While the technology has certainly changed, the idea is the same and Mavic wants to give you a chance to experience it for yourself. By entering their Paris Roubaix contest, you’ll be up for a grand prize that includes travel to the “Hell of the North,” plus accommodations, dinner with the SSC crew, and a race day ride along in the Yellow Car. Something tells us that even in a car you’re going to feel the cobble stones juuust fine…

You have until March 9th, to enter, and must live in Europe, Canada, or the United States. Enter by following the link below.

Limited edition Rolf Prima Vigor Alpha road bike wheels hit the streets

Limited edition Rolf Prima Vigor Alpha silver alloy road bike wheels

Rolf Prima has released another limited edition of their Vigor wheels, this time for standard road bikes. Last month it was the Vigor FX for track bikes, and this January it’s the Vigor Alpha road wheels.

Their best selling model, the Vigor Alpha comes in at just 1450g with their 33mm deep rim. These special edition ones add two more spokes to the front and come in at 1510g for the pair. Rolf’s folks told us the extra spokes (which is the same count they use on their Vigor Alpha tubulars, BTW) ads just a bit more stiffness and gives them a slightly differentiated look beyond color.

Rim width is 22mm, and they include the usual premium features like Enduro ceramic bearings, titanium freehub body and bladed Sapim CX Ray spokes.


Louis Garneau Unveils 2015 Dream Factory Custom Paint Program

Dream Factory 2015 options 2

Even when you’re buying a bike “off the rack” in terms of geometry and spec, custom paint can’t be overlooked in terms of cycling panache. Whether you’re trying to match your team kit, your favorite sports team, or just your favorite colors, LG is continuing to bring custom creations to life for 2015. Their Dream Factory Custom Paint Program ranks among a few other companies offering custom paint on a large scale in spite of the logistical concerns to make it work.

In 2015, the program applies to five different bikes in a number of builds, including framesets. Details on the Dream Factory next…


Pro Bike: GCN Checks out Peter Sagan’s new Specialized S-Works Venge

Sagan Bike Specialized

GCN, or the Global Cycling Network is quickly becoming one of the go-to sources for cycling related videos, especially since they get access to bikes like Peter Sagan’s new Specialized. After moving from Cannondale to the Tinkoff Saxo team this year, Sagan traded in his Super Six Evo for a Specialized S-Works Venge. Along with the change in frame comes almost a complete changed in components. Check out the full video from GCN after the break…


Knight Composites takes shadowy flight into drag-fighting aero carbon wheels

Knight Composites 65mm deep aero road bike wheels

If you’re looking for the fastest aero wheels in the world, keep your scanners peeled for pro triathlete Heather Jackson aboard her new Knight Composites carbon fiber hoops this year.

Who’s Knight Composites? Oh, only the new brand intent on making the fastest bicycle wheels ever. Considering the massive interest in improved aerodynamics leading the development cycle at major brands like Mavic, Reynolds and ENVE (among many, many more), that’s a tall order.

So, they began by looking at the wheel as part of the whole bike because, well, you can’t have one without the other. Their testing revealed that the trailing edge had a more profound impact on overall aerodynamics than the leading edge…and by “trailing edge”, they’re mainly talking about the back half of the front wheel. So, they developed what they call Trailing Edge Aerodynamic Manipulation (TEAM) Tech.

But first, they had to assemble their team…