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Long Term Review: Showers Pass Rogue Hoodie & Crosspoint Hardshell Outdry Gloves

Showers Pass Crosspoint Hardshell Outdry cycling gloves review

Showers Pass, as the name alludes to, makes quality rain gear. Based in Portland, OR, they know a thing or two about riding in the rain, and have tailored a line of jackets, pants, and gloves designed to keep you dry and warm (or cool) in any season. While Showers Pass makes many pieces of strictly technical outerwear, they also have a few items that work both on and off the bike as casual everyday wear. Zach recently posted his initial impressions of their Amsterdam commuter jacket. As for me, I have been using the Rogue hoodie this season in and around Portland.

On the other side of the country, Tyler’s been testing the Crosspoint Hardshell Outdry gloves, their top-level hand warmers.

Stay dry on the other side for the full review…


Long Term Review: Sage Cycles Titanium Skyline E1 Road Racer

Sage Cycles Skyline Full Bike

As a cycling enthusiast, and contributor here at BikeRumor, I have been afforded many opportunities to ride carbon, steel, and alloy bikes.  The one popular building material I had yet to try out was titanium.  I can’t say that anymore thanks to the Sage Cycles Skyline E1 that has been in my stable for the past few months.  It has been a very interesting and fun time comparing this ti road racer with the steel and carbon rides in my garage.

Now, roll on through the jump for the full breakdown, plus info on the 2014 updates Sage Cycles has planned.


Long Term Review: Easton EA90 SLX Alloy Road Wheels

Easton EA90 SLX alloy road bike wheel set review

Last summer, Easton completely revamped their wheels with the all-new Echo hubs and RoadTubeless rims. The news led with their carbon versions, but the EA90 SLX was the sleeper of the bunch. It packed all the new tech into a svelte, strong and light wheelset that could go from training ride to crit to ‘cross with ease.

After about four months of use in all manner of weather, I’m happy to say the wheels work as good on the road as they look on paper. With road tubeless compatibility outta the box (no rim strips!) and smooth rolling, durable hubs all on tap, that’s saying a lot. The 1,400g claimed weight ain’t too shabby either, and the entire test was done under my 6’2″ / 188lb person. Check out the details, actual weights and tech notes below…


Long Term Review: Dahon Formula S18 Performance Folding Bicycle

Dahon Formula S18 performance folding bicycle long term review

Dahon’s been making folding bicycles for more than 30 years, and the current crop shows it. We’ve fooled around on various models over the years, mainly at trade shows, but having had the Formula S18 in the stable for the past ten months or so has given us a new appreciation for folders.

Fair warning: This model’s not in the MY2014 lineup, but you’ll find a similar frame on the Speed series bikes, or a curvier version in the Vector P20, which is it’s closest sibling. The only downside is there’s not currently a similarly priced disc brake-equipped model taking its place. The upside? Some dealers still have stock of this one and prices are likely around $1,200 or less, which is a bargain for this bike.

Even with just 20″ wheels, this thing can hammer. It can also roll along peacefully. And it fits a wide range of people – we put Evan (5’4″ on a good day), Kristi (5’7″) and myself (6’2″) on it with ease. We also let plenty of other friends ride it, and they all had a smile on their face. We even managed to crash head over handlebars. Twice. And the bike’s still rockin’…


Unboxed, Weighed & Installed: New Race Face Next SL Crankset & Bottom Bracket

2014 Race Face Next SL cranksets with CINCH single chainring first impressions

The 2014 Race Face Next SL cranksets with the new CINCH chainring mounting system launched last August as one of the lightest (possibly the lightest mass production) cranksets. We took a peek at how they’re made in our factory tour, then we got a set in for review.

Our test pieces include both the PressFit and threaded bottom brackets, a single and double chainring setup and the 175mm crank arms. Beyond the insanely light weight, the beauty of the system is its modularity. That same crankset will work with all those other parts on standard BSA and oversized pressfit frames. Of course, you’ll have to use their threaded BB, but the point is you can get the crankset without worrying that future bike/frame purchases will render it unusable.

I started with the PressFit BB on a Niner JET9 RDO and the new narrow/wide single chainring. The double will start its test with the threaded BB on a Niner RIP9 RDO this spring.

Crank past the break for actual weights, install notes and first impressions…


Review: Gore Windstopper Thermo Gloves & Xenon 2.0 Soft Shell Bib Tights

Gore Xenon 2-0 Windstopper Soft Shell bib tights for winter cycling review

Well before it got cold enough to warrant such items, a couple boxes of Gore’s finest showed up. And sat. And sat, all while we enjoyed a mild start to the winter. Then the frozen air hit like a wall, and the Xenon 2.0 Windstopper Soft Shell Bib Tights and the Windstopper Thermo gloves were called to action.

The Thermo WS gloves come in both standard and lobster versions. Both were tested. All items use their Windstopper membrane, which is plenty effective at stopping the chill from getting through and slows down water penetration significantly. That, combined with a fleecy interior and solid coverage make for some very warm bits of kit without adding bulk. Check out the details and full review below…


Long Term Review: White Brothers Snowpack Carbon Fatbike Fork and Paul Components WHUB Front Hub

MRP White Brothers Snowpack fork review785

A stock Surly Pugsley is a great way to get into fatbiking, but there comes a point in the life of any good bike nerd’s bike that our attention turns to weight. Reducing weight, precisely. When it was time to consider a new fork for my Necromancer build, the White Brothers Snowpack carbon fork stood out from the rest. In the last year the fatbike world has really undergone a carbon revolution, but the Snowpack was one of the first.

See how the Snowpack handled the, well, snow pack after the jump.


Unboxed, Weighed & First Impressions: Hayes CX Pro Mechanical Disc Brakes

Hayes CX Pro mechanical disc brake review and actual weights

Last season, I ran the original Hayes CX5 mechanical disc brakes and reviewed them pretty positively. The only real complaint was the weight, something they addressed with several hotrodded iterations introduced last summer. The real race car of the group is the top level CX Pro, which gets extensive machining and lightweight bits to shave a whopping 37g per caliper.

The rotors are also new. And lighter. And set up is now even easier thanks to the inclusion of their brilliant Crosshair alignment system. But the performance is the same, which is to say very good for a mechanical brake…


Review: Foundry Cycles’ Disc Brake, Thru Axle Equipped Harrow B3 CX Race Bike

Foundry Harrow Disc CX race bike cyclocross review766

Cyclocross season is over. That means it’s time to start planning and training for the upcoming cyclocross season, right? A sport of tradition, cyclocross is seeing a number of newer technologies try to take hold like disc brakes and even thru axles. The Foundry Harrow has them both. What are they like to race with? Foundry sent over a Harrow B3 cyclocross race bike for me to find out.

As many of you already know, cyclocross often doesn’t go as planned. See what I mean after the break.