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Review: Origin8 Captiv8er UL Fat Bike Tire for Hard Pack, the Beach, and Roads in Between

Origin 8 Vee Tire Co Speedster fat bike cruiser tires (6)

If there’s one thing holding fat bikes back, it’s probably the price of the tires. So much of the ride quality is directly proportionate to the tires, and the better they are, the more expensive. Like really expensive. Depending on your quiver of bikes and how you’re using your fat bike for the Summer months, a spare set of tires can be an excellent idea. After all, snow doesn’t wear out tread nearly as fast as dirt and rocks. Not only that, but if your Summer fat biking consists of cruising the boardwalk and the beach a different tread pattern might be beneficial.

That’s exactly why we were excited to try out the Origin8 Captiv8er UL. Inexpensive fat bike tires usually mean heavy, cheap, poor performing rubber – but at first glance the Captiv8ers look to change that…


Review: Gravity Anomaly Mountain Bike Kit – Teamster Short & Boardroom Button Up Jersey


Gravity Anomaly launched in 2012 with the idea of super durable, made-in-USA mountain bike clothing that was affordable and looked good. After testing a pair of their shorts and button up short sleeve jersey for a couple seasons, I’d say they succeeded.

The Teamster Short and Boardroom Jersey go together well, both functionally and fashionably. The shorts have a subtle rip stop texture, the shirt uses a smoother fabric with mesh side panels. Lengths, fit and finish are right inline with their All Mountain intentions – not too baggy, not too tight. Materials and hardware are high quality and have held up well, too. There’s not a scuff or rip on them anywhere despite being in regular rotation since last summer.

Snap through for details, pricing and more…


Hands On with the Asymmetric, Limited Edition Pearl Izumi Tejay van Garderen P.R.O Leader II

Hands On with the Asymmetric, Limited Edition Pearl Izumi Tejay van Garderen P.R.O Leader II
Tejay van Garderen may have had a rough start to the season, but looking forward to July the American is set to lead Team BMC. As extra motivation for this year’s Tour de France for Tejay van Garderen, Pearl Izumi introduced an extremely limited edition of their P.R.O. Leader II road shoes. Only a hundred will be made, with a retail price set at $300 USD.

What gives them the Tejay touch? Details plus actual weight after the break… READ MORE ->

45NRTH And Whisky Part Co. Launch New Fat Bike Tubeless Combo with Vanhelga Tire and No. 9 Carbon Rim

45nrth whisky vanhelga no 9 tubeless fat bike wheels tires rims (21)

It wasn’t all that long ago that fat bike tubeless was sort of unexplored territory. Those who dared try to set up their tires tubeless risked a lot of tubeless sealant, and time struggling with straps, a number of hands, and even fire to try and get the floppy tires to seat on gargantuan rims. As fat bike popularity has grown, so too has the rise of fat bike tubeless with new tires and rims surfacing on a regular basis. Compared to regular mountain bike tires, fat bike tubeless offers even greater benefits with increased traction and decreased rolling resistance thanks to the absence of a giant tube. 45NRTH says you can lose over 300g per wheel by ditching the tube, not to mention the lower potential of flats.

But, thanks to the comically large fat bike tires and wheels, tubeless has been harder to come by. It was only a matter of time until someone introduced the first fat bike tubeless tire and rim system, and it seems Whisky Parts Co. and 45NRTH beat other companies to the punch. Their new No. 9 carbon rim and Vanhelga tire means QBP is essentially offering the ideal duo for tubeless fat bike shredding.

Details, actual weights, and more after the break…


New Race Face Turbine Cinch Crank Tightens Up Your Ride

New Race Face Turbine Cinch Crank Tightens Up Your Ride

When Race Face introduced their Next SL crankset they not only set the benchmark for light weight durability, but compatibility as well. Offering a single crank that would work on XC, Enduro, even fat bikes, with multiple ring combinations, the Next SLs quickly became a hit. However, thanks to their carbon construction the Next SL cranks are fairly pricey.

Enter the new Race Face Turbine Cinch Cranks – all of the versatility of the Next SL that you’ve come to love, just in aluminum. What does that mean for the weight? Find out next…


Review: Swobo’s bomber urban single speed bike – The Accomplice

swobo accomplice full bike

In 1992, Tim Parr brought to fruition the lifestyles brand Swobo, selling clothing at first.  The Swobo brand has had its ups and downs since then, changing hands a few times.  Santa Cruz ended up with the brand in 2001, but by 2011, realized that it needed to be with a company that could take it back to the basics and really give the brand the boost it needed.  In 2011, Fort Collins Bicycle Co took ownership.  Being a smaller, more nimble company, they were able to retool and revamp the lineup of bikes.  Now in 2014 we get to see the fruits of their labor with rides like the 27.5 bomber trail bike, the Mutineer, and here for review, the urban single speed, the Accomplice.

Jump the curb for the full review.


First Impression: Shredding SRAM’s New Guide RSC Disc Brakes

Sram Guide RSC Brakes

With their latest MTB stoppers in short supply, I was fortunate to get my hands on a set of the new SRAM Guide RSC disc brakes just in time for the very challenging Pisgah Enduro.

Not often would I consider swapping my favorite stoppers, Formula R0’s, for something different the week before an event that incorporates roughly 55 miles spread over 7 stages with around 13,000 feet of technical and rough climbing and descending. But the Guides were easy to set up and felt good right out of the box.  Still, I did pack my Formulas in my tool bag juuuust in case a 20 mile pre-ride left me in doubt.  Needless to say, the Guides stayed on.”


Review: Lezyne Alloy Drive Hand Pump

Lezyne Pressure Pump (2)Due to the wide spread adoption of tubeless technology, the scourge of untimely flats has largely been eradicated from the trail scene. But no matter how smooth the rider, or fancy the setup, sometimes bad luck favors the bold, and then you need a mini pump.

Lezyne earned it’s reputation as an accessory manufacturer on the strength of it’s hand pumps, so we gladly accepted the opportunity to put their popular Alloy Drive Hand Pump to the test. READ MORE ->

Review: Bracketron Xventure Versa – Versatile, Strapping Action Sports Camera Mount


Bracketron’s Xventure line announced a slew of new mounts for action sports cameras in January, and we’ve been testing the Versa Handlebar Strap Mount for since then.

Using a zip-tie like closure to wrap around and grab any reasonably sized bar, the Versa opens up a new world of mounting positions with a fairly secure, stable design. Once attached to the frame, a ball-and-socket segment allows for 360º of rotation and anywhere from 80° to 90° of bend. On the end of that is a 1/4-twenty threaded camera mount, letting it work with any small point and shoot and a variety of dedicated action sports video cams. For GoPro, you’ll need that brand’s adapter, which is what I’ve tested with.