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Reader’s Rides: Sven Cycles 14lb Reynolds 953 Rocketship


Handbuilt in Weymouth Dorset, Sven Cycles creates dream rides from high-end steel. Owner Darron Sven built this black beauty for himself, fitting it in over time between customer’s builds.

Black paint with polished stainless stays, paired with black components from Campagnolo, EE Cycle Works and Fast Forward make it look stealthy.

Darron is a reader of, and like a proud papa, sent in some pictures of this new ride.  Jump past the break to see the glamour shots…


Reader’s Rides: Handmade in Portugal, Mud Cycles Wood Bikes Are Built From Scratch


João Bonifácio of Mud Cycles is a reader of, and submitted the Portuguese  brand’s idea for a wooden bike. Founded in 2011, they exist for the conservation, restoration and redesign of old bikes, and create their own wooden bikes as well.

Most of their parts are manufactured from scratch, and keeping with an old-time style. The shifter on the wooden bike is very nice looking, and fits well with the theme of the bike. The wooden bikes are entirely hand-made.

With that much hand work going into each bike, and no posted price, we can only assume they don’t come cheap. Check out the glamour shots of the bikes after the jump…


Chez Velo hacks Gevenalle w/ SRAM TT shifter on amazing 11-speed 28″ cyclocross concept bike

Chez Velo gevenalle retroshift hack with SRAM TT 11-speed shifter

Gevenalle has been making quite a bit of headway lately, offering everything from mechanical and hydraulic brake levers matched to mechanical shift levers that can be set to either indexed or friction shift with models for short or long cable pull. One thing it can’t do (yet) is mate up to 11 speed cassettes.

But that didn’t stop Chez Velo, who wanted to use the simple, durable shifter lever combo to build up a slick 1×11 cyclocross bike, so they hacked it. By reversing the cable pull direction and mating a carbon SRAM TT shifter blade to it, they were able to make it work. But that’s really just the beginning of this incredibly cool build…


Reader’s Rides: Ignazio’s Pair Of Supercorsa Pistas

Pink-Cinelli-1Ignazio Lacitignola from San Francisco has sent in his two newest rides, Cinelli Supercorsa Pista bikes in pink and cream, that took him over three years to build. Originally from Milan, Lacitignola ordered them in custom paint direct from Cinelli, and built them with the Italian flair of Campagnolo and Cinelli parts.

Also adding in Brooks Cambium saddles, Paul brake levers and H Plus Son rims, the beautiful bikes show a keen attention to detail. Jump past the break to see pictures of both builds…


Readers’ Rides: Gregg Rochester Takes Custom Paint to a Whole New Level


Gregg Rochester calls himself a Bike Artist. Rather than sticking to painting bikes on canvas (he does that too), sometimes Gregg’s canvas is a bike. Recently, Gregg was commissioned to paint a unique bicycle for the Minneapolis Institude of Art for the show “Italian Fashion from 1945-present.” While the show focuses on all the big names in Italian Fashion, Gregg transformed the designs of Emilio Pucci into an impressive fixed gear.

You can catch the bike on display at MIA until January 4th, but you can also check out some of Gregg’s other designs along with the other side of Pucci after the jump…


Reader’s Rides: Revanche Ombromanto From Tuscany

Image courtesy of Emanuel Ferretti

Image courtesy of Emanuel Ferretti

Revanche Bicycles from Tuscany, Italy has shared the Ombromanto.  Custom built with a mix of Columbus Spirit, Life and Max tubing, the fillet-brazed beauty features a modern oversize bottom bracket and tapered headtube.

A well made fillet brazed bike can also be beautiful before paint when well built. See the details shots before and after paint after the break…


Readers’ Rides: B2 Design’s Flower Power Giant Anthem

B2 designs giant anthem airbrush (1)

Sent to us by way of the Czech Republic, this flowery Giant Anthem is the work of B2 Design & Airbrush. After gaining inspiration from the bicycle and motorcycle scene in Melbourne Australia, B2 was founded in 1995. When the small outfit isn’t painting or designing for the motorsports world including Martin Prokop, B2 has also been known to produce some pretty wild custom bicycle paint jobs.


Bike Check: 333Fab Owner Max Kullaway’s Personal Road Bike

Max Kullaway 333Fab Cyclocross_0

Seattle based 333Fab is operated by Max Kullaway, a fabricator with over twenty years of experience building high end frames for brands ranging from Merlin to Seven. By day, he welds classic road frames for Hampsten Cycles, but has been building race oriented frames under his own brand, 333Fab, since 2007.

I recently had the opportunity to tour the Hampsten Cycles shop (full photo story here), and also stopped to snap a few pictures of Max’s stunning bike. Check out all the beautiful details after the break…


Battle of the Enduro Bro Kit – Fanny Pack Shootout!

BikeRumor Enduro Fanny Pack Comparison

Fanny packs. If enduro wasn’t already the lamest marketing trend since 27.5″ wheels, the ass backwards 80′s fanny pack has suddenly reared its ugly head in some misguided sort of pseudo euro fashion statement. Damn it.

I absolutely adore my hydration pack in the way that one can only love an inanimate object they’ve carried for innumerable hours. That trusty bag has served as a makeshift pillow, hangover companion, beer tote, and trail buddy for years, yet now some reformed downhillers with moto envy have decided they’re uncool, so it’s suddenly time to trade that relationship in for a water bottle, some electrical tape, and a nylon murse.

Yet it’s our duty to report on the latest and greatest coming and goings of the industry, so since Tyler is a roadie, and Zach only rides fat bikes, I was somehow conned (I suspect alcohol may have been involved) into running an enduro bro fanny pack battle off. Yay me.

So, do you even enduro, bro?