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Readers’ Rides: Corbin’s Ibis Mojo HD Repaired By Ruckus Composites

Ibis Mojo Ruckus Repair

If you break your carbon bike, don’t throw it away – send it to Ruckus Composites. One of the leading carbon repair outfits, the small operation is capable of saving all but the most badly broken frames. It turns out, they’re equally talented when it comes to paint. After cracking the top tube on his Ibis Mojo HD, Corbin sent the frame into Ruckus for repairs along with a fresh coat of paint…


Readers’ Rides: German’s DIY XTR Derailleur Cage

German diy xtr derailleur cage aluminum  (7)

When it comes to bicycles, there are quite a few things that many of us probably take for granted – access to great trails, well established dealer networks, and affordable repair parts to name a few. Depending on a rider’s location, that last one can make getting your bike back in service much more difficult than just cruising down to the local bike shop and picking up a replacement.

That was the situation a former mechanic from Argentina found himself in when an XTR derailleur needed an entirely new cage. Citing the extremely high cost and limited availability of repair parts in Argentina, German who is now a college professor has continued his bike repairs at his house. Having already repaired 7 or 8 derailleurs for local racers including XT, XTR, and SRAM XX/X0, this was the first time German attempted to build a complete cage for a rear derailleur.

Without a machining background we think German did an amazing job with little more than basic tools, pen, and paper…


Readers’ Rides: Endurance Boise Builds a 9.96lb Focus Izalco MAX Under $9K

Endurance Training Center 10 pound focus izalco MAX 1 (3)

Usually when you’re talking about bicycles under 10 pounds, you’re also talking price tags above $10k. Light, strong, and cheap, pick two, right? However, with the right starting point, bike knowledge, and a careful selection when it comes to components, Colin Dlugas of Endurance Boise proved you can build a sub 10 lb bike for less. According to Colin, the actual retail price of this 2015 Focus Izalco MAX ultimate weight weenie build would total about $8,500 if you bought it from his shop. Technically without labor figured into the build, he states the retail price on the components works out to $8,355.84.

Just how do you arrive at a 9.96 lb (4.52kg) road bike for less than $9 grand? Get the breakdown on the build next…


Reader’s Rides: Building your Own Suspended Rollers for less than $150

ASJ suspended rollers

As cyclists, I know there are a lot of do-it-yourself types out there. Why spend your hard earned money on something on something you could build yourself, for less? If that sounds like something you would say and you’ve been looking for a better way to train indoors this Winter, here you go. If you know what rollers are, you are probably familiar with the Inside Ride E-Motion rollers which are fantastic. Basically, the roller frame floats back and forth on a separate frame which combined with additional support rollers for the rear wheel and front wheel bumpers makes roller use easier and more enjoyable. While the Inside Ride version will ultimately be more portable, not everyone has $900 to drop on something they only hope to use on the worst days of the Winter months.

Ever since suspended rollers became a thing, there have been DIY versions but few have the detail of the plans sent into us by Adam St. Germain. Compiled on the Short Handled Shovel blog penned by ASJ and Noah Jacobs, the DIY instructable takes roughly $125 of raw materials plus a set of rollers and transforms them into an impressively functional set of suspended rollers…


Reader’s Rides: Fair Wheel Bikes’ Pivot Mach 6 “XXTR” 22.6lb enduro machine

Fair Wheel Bikes Pivot Mach 6 XXTR lightweight enduro mountain bike custom build

What goes down must be pedaled up, as they say, so anytime you can save a little (or a LOT of) weight, it keeps your legs fresher for those static squat holds while descending at redline.

No stranger to lightweight builds, Fair Wheel Bikes has turned their attention to enduro with a mashed up build on the very capable Pivot Mach 6. Dubbed XXTR, it combines the incredibly light Race Face Next SL crankset with an XX1 cassette and XTR M9000 rear derailleur and shifters.

While those may be standard parts, things get pretty creative and boutiquey from there…


Readers Rides: Classic Ritchey P-21 Mountain Bike

Ritchey P-21-1-12

My boyfriend is obsessed with anything with two wheels. Recently his addiction for two stroke motorcycles took a turn for the worse and he began scouring the internet for early 70s two stroke street bikes. After months of searching, his dream bike popped up on Craigslist and off we went with cash in hand.

The motorcycle in question was owned by an gentleman named Paul who is easily identified by his long flowing hair and rock star persona. His garage is filled with motorcycle projects in every possible state, so while the boys talked two stroke, I wandered around admiring the various toys – and eventually stumbling into what is perhaps the most pristine P-21 still in existence.

Click past the break for the vintage bike porn… READ MORE ->

Reader’s Rides: Joshua is back with Custom Hand Made Carbon Saddles out of Texas

Joshua Clark VeloGold Bicycles Custom Saddles carbon (5)

At first, when Joshua Clark sent in photos of his custom Orbea Alma for our Reader’s Rides segment the Di2 hacks caught our attention. After reading through the specs and looking at the pictures however, it was the handmade carbon components that really piqued our attention. Like many incredibly talented people within the bike industry, it would appear that Joshua is incredibly modest simply pointing out that, oh yeah, I built those carbon parts too. As if that’s something every bike mechanic does in their spare time.

It wasn’t long before Joshua was sending us new photos of a few of the different saddles he’s built over the past two years. When he’s not turning wrenches in his bike shop, Joshua is turning out some incredible carbon creations that are built to order for his local customers – like this awesome checkerboard creation made for Pro mountain biker Payson McElveen. There’s plenty more where that came from after the break…


Reader’s Rides: Joshua’s Orbea Alma with Di2 Hack and Hand Made Carbon Bar/Stem plus Saddle

Joshua orbea di2 hack hand made carbon  (2)

Before long we’ll be seeing a lot more mountain bikes with buttons where the shifters used to be, but it’s taken awhile to catch up to the road bikes. The wait hasn’t stopped everyone though. Instead of patiently waiting for electronic mountain bike drivetrains, a number of riders have used the K-Edge Conversion kit.  Then there are those like Joshua who have taken the Di2 hack to another level. Custom carbon pieces, wire routing, reprogrammed functionality – all in a days work for this custom Orbea Alma.

The hacks don’t end with the drivetrain either as Joshua is running a hand made carbon bar/stem combo and his own seat. Details next…


Reader’s Rides: Sven Cycles 14lb Reynolds 953 Rocketship


Handbuilt in Weymouth Dorset, Sven Cycles creates dream rides from high-end steel. Owner Darron Sven built this black beauty for himself, fitting it in over time between customer’s builds.

Black paint with polished stainless stays, paired with black components from Campagnolo, EE Cycle Works and Fast Forward make it look stealthy.

Darron is a reader of, and like a proud papa, sent in some pictures of this new ride.  Jump past the break to see the glamour shots…