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Mad Max Meets Rat Rod Culture at McFly Customs

McFly Custom Apache Racer Seat MastFixed gear, steel frame, no brakes. There are only so many ways to build a track bike. Yet inventive fabricators always seem to find ways of pushing preconceived notions, and creating something extraordinary.

This custom build from Belgium builder Antoine Hotermans of McFly Customs brings together sugar, spice, and everything nice, to create one of the coolest track bikes we’ve ever featured.  READ MORE ->

Reader’s Ride: Geekhouse Mudville with Full Internal Di2 and Shimano Disc Brakes

Geekhouse Mudville Internal Di2 (14)

Photo Credit: Paul Chan, CChanphotography

Famous for fun colors and happy customers, geekhouse has always produced some of our favorite custom bikes, but until recently, they had never produced a frame with Di2 internal routing.

This all changed earlier this year, when repeat customer Kerry Waldman asked Founder Marty Walsh to build his Mudville CX bike a little differently.

Head past the break to see the end result….


From Hospital to Health, Wheelchair Converted to Bike Raises Attention for Charity

Wheelchair to BicycleCreated as a promotional tool for the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s annual Ride for Heart charity bike ride, this wheelchair was rebuilt into a fully functioning bicycle.

If you’re lucky enough to live in beautiful Toronto, you may have the opportunity to see it parked in various locations throughout the city, where signage on the bike directs you to a website where you can register or sponsor a rider, and learn more about the foundations research.

Drop past the break to see how the bike was fabricated… READ MORE ->

Baller’s Bicycles – Richard Sachs’ Personal Cyclocross Race Bike

Richard Sachs personal cyclocross race bike for Ballers Ride

Amongst handmade builders, there are some legends in the industry. The Ballers. Folks like Richard Sachs who, despite all of the new standards, sizes and shapes popping up over the past decade, continues to build his road and cyclocross bikes exactly how he damn well pleases.

He and other well known and up and coming builders gather once a year in Virginia for the Baller’s Ride. It’s a chance for them to ride together, talk shop outside of a tradeshow setting and shoot the breeze with like minded folks and a small selection of their customers and friends. It’s invite only, and it’s a monster Saturday ride bookended by smaller “shakedown” rides and plenty of beer. I was fortunate enough to tag along, so the camera came out to capture the Baller’s personal bikes. Here’s what Richard Sachs rides…


Collectors Edition: Mark’s Santa Cruz Bike Shed

Mark's Backyard

A few months ago we shared with you a stunning collection of vintage road bikes, Campagnolo components, and Bruce Lee figurines, that were all carefully curated behind a James Bond style security pad and sliding door. Some of you appreciated the history, other’s wanted more diversity, and another group just hoped that the bikes were let out each day to experience the thrill of the open road.

While we can’t promise to make all of you happy, behind this non-descript wooden gate is an incredible collection of bicycles. They are owned by Mark, who currently lives in Santa Cruz, California, and has deep roots in racing history and local cycling culture. During his professional racing career, he was a member of the first Specialized mountain bike team, he helped test the first Salsa bikes, and he co-owned a local shop which is still a community favorite.

In addition to all of that, Mark is still an avid bike rider, and his garage has a little bit of something for everyone…Including the first Salsa Mountain Bike ever made!  So drop past the break to see what lies behind the gate.


Reader’s Rides: 3D Printed Bicycle Frames, Stands In Miniature

mini bike frame
Just when it seemed like all the 3D printing efforts were going to full size, rideable bicycle, we got this little (pun intended) submission by Reggie Polynice:

I blame Bikerumor on my new obsession. A few months back you ran a story on someone building a miniature bike shop which sparked a frenzy in me.

I’m a concept artist for film and tv, I mostly design props using 3D programs and recently I purchased a 3D printer. After reading the story I thought why not design some frames and make prints for fun. Shortly after that I started seeing an abundance of actual frames (here, here, here, here and here) being printed to scale in various materials.

I’m anxious for the day to come when I’ll able to send a printer/manufacturer a 3d file and get back a frame. The models I’ve been making now are all to scale in preparation for that day…

But for now I’m adorning my studio with models and having fun making and displaying them.

More pics below…


Bike Check: Dylan Dunkerton’s Coastal Camo Specialized Demo

Dylan-Dunkerton-Coastal-Crew-Demo-(10)If you look really closely at the image above, you might spot a bike. The hints of red will eventually give it away. Want to see more of the camouflaged beauty? Head past the break to try and catch a glimpse…..


Reader’s Rides: Julian’s Updated 11 Speed PKi2 Scott Spark and New DWi2 Scott Scale


You may remember Julian Da Silva’s custom Scott PKi2 Scale from last June. Heading into the race season for the year, Julian of Alex’s Bicycle Pro Shop was looking for the ultimate in electronic integration – which he created himself when he combined a K Edge Di2 system, and Alfine gear indicator, and Fox ICD lockout system all on the same battery. The race season has come and gone, and Julian reached out to us again, this time with an 11 speed upgrade for the PKi2 and a new Scott Scale DWi2 he put together for one of their team riders, Doug Deweese. After seeing and riding Julian’s PKi2, Doug had to have one of his own.

Check out the results, plus how to upgrade a Ki2 system to 11 speed after the break!


Updated – Reader’s Rides: Liberty Bikes Builds an Amazing Sub 4kg, 8.8 LB Di2 Road Bike – with Pedals!


There’s light, and then there’s are you kidding me? That thing is actually rideable? Liberty Bike’s newest creation certainly falls into that latter category with a complete road bike with pedals that tips the scales just South of 9 pounds! Not quite as light as the 6lb road bike we featured a few years ago, but taking the wow factor up a notch is that this bike is built with an 11 speed Dura Ace Di2 drivetrain. Well, at least part of a Di2 drivetrain, meaning the shifters (modified) and the derailleurs. Mael from Liberty Bikes says that he worked with a friend and customer to build what they think is the first Sub-4 Di2 bike in the world (sub 4 kg). While they wanted it to be sub 4, they also wanted it to be safe meaning it could be ridden like a regular bike.

Is it possible to build a bike under 9 pounds that can be ridden like normal? Check out the details after the break! Updated with full specs and details on those shifters!