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First Look: Prototype Airborne 650b Enduro Machine

Trevor Airborne Prototype Enduro 650b

Trevor Gay is a busy man. When he’s not acting as the marketing and team manager for both Airbone Bicycles and DK BMX, you can sometimes find him out product testing new products at the races. That was the case when we ran into Trevor and Josh at the AOA Mayhem Enduro where we spotted the new Airborne 650b prototype enduro bike. Both bikes were seen airing it out over the Wilds course, where we caught up with them after the race…


Sneak Peek: New Cannondale F29 Race Hard Tail?


We’ve heard rumors about the possible launch of a new XC race bike from Cannondale, and it looks like it has been getting some real world testing under Marco Aurelio and Manuel Fumic  for the Cannondale Factory Racing Team. Spotted at several World Cup events recently, the Cannondale Green machine prototypes offer a sneak peek at what’s to come…


Sneak Peek: New Juliana “She10″ version of Santa Cruz V10 Platform Emerges

Juliana She10 V10Spotted on pro mountain biker and skills coach Katrina Stand’s Twitter feed, this new sorbet blue downhill bike has an uncanny resemblance to the current Santa Cruz V10, but is emblazoned with the logo of Juliana Bikes.

Thus far, SCBs women’s specific sister brand has largely focused on the XC and trail market, and as they’ve only recently announced a new 150mm platform, it’s not likely we’ll be seeing the more aggressive “She-10″ or “She-Mad” available to the public anytime soon. So for now, expect the custom liveried Juliana bikes to only be available to the brands top sponsored athletes.

Want one? Let them know in the comments.


Sada: No Hubs, No Spokes, No Worries, Collapsible Italian Style

Sada_Hubless_Foldable_Bike_ProfileUntil now there have been no obvious benefits to a “hubless” design. We have shown you multiple iterations in past years here and here. But beyond the novelty factor they served little practical purpose. Enter Italian engineer and designer Gianluca Sada. Sada has successfully created a folding bicycling with “spokeless wheels,” making this hubless design highly practical. See the Sada bike collapsed to nearly nothing, next…


Spy Shot: New Prototype 60mm Renthal Stem

Prototype-60mm-Renthal-StemIn a stark departure from the two piece stem design that Renthal first debuted on their Duo stem, which is available in 40mm and 50mm increments, this new prototype stem features a more standard design.

The horizontally split Duo was popularized by the UK motorcycle company because it allowed both haves of the stem to be machined more than traditional designs, which produced a lighter weight stem, without compromising strength. This 60mm was recently spotted on the twitter feed of one of the Enduro World Series front runners, Jared Graves.


Found: Talbot Frameworks Integrates Circuits into Paint, Eliminates Di2 Wires

Talbot Integrated DI2 Circuit PaintThe Talbot Frameworks name dates back to 1940s, but it was only recently that customer frame builder Matt McDonough bought the naming rights. Since then, he’s produced everything from a balance bike to a Rofloff equipped touring bike, but perhaps his most interesting frame to date is the Dalsnibba.

Named after a mountain in Norway, where an annual duathlon takes place, the frame is constructed from a mixture of different tubing, which are mixed and matched to meet individual rider needs.

What makes this frame particularly notable is it’s unusual Di2 integration. Rather than running internal housing, this custom frame has pure silver laid onto the paint to create circuits.

*Updated* At bottom of the post with info from the builder!


Spotted: Roman Kreuziger on Prototype Project Black Specialized Tarmac at LBL?

Roman Kreuziger tinkoff saxo specialized tarmac 2015

Photos by Jakob Kristian Sørensen

Now with race season in full swing, it’s a good time for pro road teams to start testing prototypes for the coming year. Most of the time they are well hidden from the public eye but every once in a while you spot something – like what appears to be a new version of the Specialized Tarmac under Roman Kreuziger during Liege-Bastogne-Liege.

The photo above which was taken by Jakob Kristian Sørensen, appears on the Tinkoff Saxo team website and shows what is clearly a bike frame with an integrated seat post clamp. Due to the lack of an aero seat post and Zertz on the seat stays, we can safely conclude this isn’t a new Venge or Roubaix, which leaves the Tarmac as the logical conclusion. Whether this is an all new version of the Tarmac (SL5?) or just updates on the existing design remains to be seen, but it definitely appears to be what Specialized refers to as “Project Black.”

Check out Specialized’ statement on the design, plus compare it to the other Tarmacs on the road for LBL after the break…


Reader’s Rides: 3D Printed Bicycle Frames, Stands In Miniature

mini bike frame
Just when it seemed like all the 3D printing efforts were going to full size, rideable bicycle, we got this little (pun intended) submission by Reggie Polynice:

I blame Bikerumor on my new obsession. A few months back you ran a story on someone building a miniature bike shop which sparked a frenzy in me.

I’m a concept artist for film and tv, I mostly design props using 3D programs and recently I purchased a 3D printer. After reading the story I thought why not design some frames and make prints for fun. Shortly after that I started seeing an abundance of actual frames (here, here, here, here and here) being printed to scale in various materials.

I’m anxious for the day to come when I’ll able to send a printer/manufacturer a 3d file and get back a frame. The models I’ve been making now are all to scale in preparation for that day…

But for now I’m adorning my studio with models and having fun making and displaying them.

More pics below…


UK Engineering Students’ ARION1 Targets Human Powered Speed Record in 2015


Students at Liverpool University are developing a design to attempt to break the world record for the fastest non-motor paced bicycle. Named the ARION1, the latest iteration of their record-attempting bicycle is a fully-enclosed shell with a somewhat bean-like shape that would be familiar to anyone who has followed these record attempts.

Limited by the need to locate a large enough set of wheels and large scale drivetrain to maximize efficiency and speed, as well as to enclose a cyclist with enough space to maximize power output, there is only so much that can be done to cut down the overall frontal area of even a recumbent bike. The students are then tasked with trying to tweak the construction, final shaping, and even the fairings surface treatment to minimize drag.

Read on for more of their progress and plans…