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Spy Shot! Prototype 2015 Campagnolo Super Record “Light” Groupset

2015 campagnolo super record light prototype crankset derailleurs and shifters group

Submitted by an anonymous tipster and spotted aboard an Ag2r team’s Focus Izalco Max, these presumably prototype Campagnolo Super Record “Light” cranks, derailleurs and shifters could represent the next generation of the Italian brand’s top level mechanical groupset.

Technically, the “light” part of the name is the unknown. CyclingTipsFacebook shows other photos of them dubbed SRL, which we interpret at Super Record Light. However, S.r.l. is also the Italian equivalent of LLC, hence the company’s Campagnolo S.r.l. business name. But we doubt that’s it.

Inspecting these and CT’s photos, the rear derailleur does look a bit leaner, but all appear with the usual phone-cam fuzz, so hard to tell. Graphics are different than current gen, using all-white for now…


Nicolai Releases First Ever Pinion Gearbox Fat Bike, Laughs at Snowmeggedon

2014 Nicolai Argon Fat Pinion gear box fat bike with belt drive

If there were a weak link in fat bikes, particularly when they’re hitting the snow, it would be all that exposed drivetrain. So Nicolai created a Gates Belt driven model with the Pinion internal gear box, keeping all the moving metal bits out of snow’s way.

It’s not the first time Nicolai has messed around with their fat bikes – they showed off a full suspension prototype last spring. This one’s actually hitting production soon, though, and is a modified version of their standard (also belt driven) single speed Argon Fat. Besides the gears, it also adds front suspension via a 120mm Carver Trans Fat fork.

The result is something that makes the rest of us here want to hop on a fat bike. Well, the video of this thing shredding the Harz Mountains is what makes us wanna get out there – but if you’ve gotta choose a bike…

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Trek World Racing Testing Prototype 650b Sessions for Down Hill


It looks like the Instagram “leak” from Brook Macdonald last week was a bit of a precursor to the official press release today from Trek World Racing. Not that anyone was doubting the merit of the bright red 650b prototype, but now it is official – the team will be starting the season on 650b prototypes of the Team Issue Session 9.9. Trek mentions that the goal is not to replace 26″ wheels in the gravity category, but to investigate the benefits that 650b wheels may provide in a World Cup level setting. Trek’s MTB Product Manager John Riley had this to say,  “After all of the research we’ve invested in wheel size performance characteristics at Trek, we believe 26” wheels absolutely still have a place in the gravity category. We’re keen on understanding the possibilities of 650b as well, so we’re evaluating that option with some of the world’s best riders on Trek World Racing.” All of the 26″ Sessions will still be available in the coming year including the Race Shop Limited Session Park.


Spy Shot: Trek Session 650B Downhill bike


While Americans where attempting to sleep, Trek World Racing’s Brook Macdonald was getting ready to race the New Zealand National Championships. His secret weapon? A beautiful new paint job that partially masks the contours of his prototype 650b Trek Session.

It’s hard to tell was kind of special trickery the engineers at Trek have employed on this new bike, but the frame looks a little leaner than Ye ol’ Session, and the front triangle has a decidedly carbon look to it.

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Big in BMX, Box Continues to Hone in on Mountain – Shifter, Derailleur Closer to Production


If you haven’t heard of Box by now, chances are you’re not into BMX racing. While the company has been working on some very intriguing mountain bike parts, like the shifters above and some hydraulic disc brakes that we saw at Interbike, Box has introduced a number of new parts for BMX race bikes that make up some of the stiffest and lightest bikes out of the gate. As the high-end arm of Promax, Toby Henderson (formerly of T.H.E.) took over the Promax brand about 3 years ago and with the help of senior designer/brand manager Michael Gamstetter, and Engineering product developer Colin Esquibel, new products have been designed in California and are being produced with all new tooling. After the early focus on BMX, Box is on a mission to enter the world of mountain biking with some refreshingly innovative components like the push-push shifter.

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Titanium Flying Machine the Latest Bike Born from a 3D Printer

Titanium Flying Machine 3D Printer  (1)

For years the cycling industry has been focused on carbon fiber, but lately the use of an old material in a new way seems to be gaining a lot of attention. Specifically, the use of titanium loaded into a 3D printer to create complex shapes and create a bicycle faster, and with more control. While not quite as advanced as the recent Empire Cycles MX-6 full suspension bike with the first fully 3D printed titanium frame, Flying machine is taking a different approach with the 3DP-F1 and using the technology to create custom fit titanium road bikes.


Unique KZS Cycle Concept Art Bike


From the mind of Zsombor Kiss, a Hungarian graphic artist and industrial designer, comes the KZS Cycle concept bike, an organic redesign of the traditional diamond frame. Although, ostensibly more of a design experiment than a fully fleshed-out bike design, the designer has developed the idea into a high quality prototype with some interesting features…


Found: The Thonet Beech Wood Bike

Thonet Bike Front View

Seventy thousand dollars will buy you one hell of a nice bike. In fact, seventy thousand dollars will net you a garage full of really really nice bikes. Or, you could spend your seventy thousand dollars on this piece of modern art.

Commissioned by famed furniture brand Thonet, and designed by Andy Martin, the elegantly curved bicycle is constructed from hand bent steamed beech wood. Which was then reinforced by sprung rod supports in fragile or high stress points.

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Kickstarter: Meet the iPUMP, The Worlds Lightest Bike Pump

Twenty one grams. Thats how much the worlds lightest presta only bicycle pump weighs. Despite the modest package, the carbon bodied pump can inflate tires up to 150psi/11 bar.

The pump is so small, it can be stored inside your bicycle frame by dropping a spring down your seat tube. The iPump Micro then rests conveniently on top of the spring, ready for whatever emergency rises. We just hope the the pump and spring don’t make too much of a rattling noise when stored this way.

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