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Bike Check: Neko Mulally’s new Scott Gambler w/ prototype Fox shock

Neko Mulally Scott Gambler Dh bike with prototype dual high-low speed compression and rebound coil shock

Having moved to Asheville, NC, last year, gravity phenom Neko Mulally showed up for a Scott Bicycles demo ride at Billy Goat Bikes recently and gave us the run down on his new team bike.

The frame is the 2015 Scott Gambler with 27.5″ wheels that was introduced last summer, and a Scott rep informed the model will carryover unchanged for 2016, save for the likely spec updates. We were thinking there might be a carbon version coming, but the official word is that the riders are doing quite well on the alloy bike and are very happy with it. Neko’s been testing a coil version of a new dual high/low speed compression/rebound Fox shock for a couple months now, we just couldn’t photograph it the first time he showed it to us. We spotted a prototype Fox air shock using the same new damping controls in testing earlier, and our source tells us Neko could be swapping that in soon, too.

Drop in for a little Q&A and closeup pics…


SRAM Wireless Electronic Road Group Spotted (Again) at Tour Down Under Warmups

SRAM Red wireless electronic road group closeup photos from Gravel Cyclist at Tour Down Under 2015

Spotted by Jayson of while riding along with the AG2R during training in Australia prior to the Tour Down Under, these SRAM wireless electronic front and rear derailleurs are looking pretty darn polished.

Mounted to Christophe Riblon’s Focus Izalco Max road bike, there’s at least one detail we hadn’t quite picked up on in the already profuse collection of photos and technical data we’ve amassed on this group. The tops of each derailleur appear to have a similar looking hatch, which we’re guessing hides the charging port. Micro-USB would be our guess, since it would allow both charging and firmware updates. Plenty of closeups and links below…


Prototype Smith aero helmet spotted in the wind tunnel atop UHC


Photo: UHCprocycling on Twitter

We’d heard rumor late last year that the United Health Care pro cycling team was helping test a new aero helmet from Smith, and now it looks like they’re taking it the wind tunnel. The pic above was tweeted from @UHCprocycling and shows the helmet being worn by Slovenian cyclist Janez Brajkovič in the Faster AZ tunnel. No details to report, but it’s certainly less exotic looking (in a good way) than some other aero helmets on the market. No doubt the visor takes advantage of Smith’s experience with optics, and we’re guessing it’ll come in a few different tints if/when the helmet comes to market. Here’s what Smith’s marketing rep Cassie Abel could tell us for now:

“SMITH is committed to the experience. Our goal is to elevate human performance through essential product evolution. The cornerstone of our long-term partnership with UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team is collaborating on the development of next-level products that meet the needs and demands of cyclists while offering superior protection with aerodynamic innovations. SMITH is working closely with UHC to bring a new TT helmet to market as part of our 2016 product assortment with more details of the project to emerge Summer 2015.”

In the meantime, check out larger and more pics on UHC’s Twitter stream and Facebook page.

Prototype Fox DH Air Shock Spotted w/ Dual High & Low Speed Compression, Rebound

prototype Fox Dh air shock with dual high and low speed compression and rebound damping

In the latest episode of This Is Peaty, Santa Cruz’s YouTube star takes a walk through the Fox Racing Shox headquarters. After meandering through the moto museum, he gets to the good stuff (see our tour here), then it’s off behind closed doors to the R&D room where forks are being tortured and this little treat is being cycled…


Cam Zink Teases Prototype YT Industries Carbon Slopestyle Bike

Cam Zink YT prototype slopestyle bike

Apparently Cam Zink was so excited to show off his new Birzman Tiny Tanker and Maha Apogee III that he forgot his prototype YT Industries Slopestyle bike as in the background. Ok, not really – he even mentions it on his Instagram feed. Rumored to be soon coming to the U.S., the carbon prototype looks to have a BB concentric pivot due to the ability to run singlespeed.

D-Fix Rear Hub Reinvents Wheel Removal – Remove the Wheel, Leave the Cassette

In order to remove nearly every rear bicycle wheel, you have to separate the chain from the cassette. In certain instances, that can be prove to be tricky – not to mention the potential for grease to get on your hands, gloves, car trunk, etc. Jan Deckx thinks there is a better way.

As the inventor of D-Fix, Jan came up with a way to attach the hub and the cassette in a way that leaves the cassette in place when you remove the wheel. Sort of a thru-axle housed in a quick release hub, the cassette uses a spring loaded engagement system that retracts when the axle is removed. Jan tells us that he currently has 10,000 km on this hub pointing towards its durability.

Watch a video demonstration of the hub system next…


Jared Graves Teases Possible Prototype Yeti SB8c Downhill Bike & Carbon DT Swiss DH Wheels

Jared Graves Yeti SB8C prototype 2

Last year, Yeti made the difficult decision to  abandon the World Cup Downhill scene in order to support their Factory Enduro World Series Team, which included top contender Jared Graves, and up and comer Richie Rude.

Mid way through this years EWS Campaign, they released two well received trail & enduro models sporting their new Switch Infinity Platform, and shortly thereafter, Richie Rude was spotted testing  a long travel aluminum prototype. Details regarding that prototype have been scarce, although on a post on MTBR, the Colorado based company claimed the test mule was simply being used to dial in kinematics and geometry, and that a new model was no where near production.

Despite these claims, Jared Graves just posted this incredible new build to his Facebook page.


VECTr Interchangeable Expanding Gear System Seeks Feedback, Check It Out & Give Your Opinion

Joseph Magee, the product developer of the VECTr, is looking for feedback on his design as he conducts market research. The name is short for the Variably Expanding Chain Transmission, and is a new way to change your front drive ratio. They have built a working prototype along their journey towards production.

The system is said to be better than typical current designs by reducing the wear and friction of a front derailleur, reducing wear on the chain from drastic chain angles (cross-chaining), can change gears quickly, and can be adjusted anywhere in between a 22t and 44t equivelant.

Watch the video, and take their survey. Tell us what you think of VECTr

Eurobike Awards 2014: Road, Tri, Mountain, City, and of course, E-Bikes

eurobike awards bike (10)

If there was one bike in the awards area at the show that epitomizes the idea of a design award, it would probably be the Rafael r-023 Ueberbike. From the driveside it may be easy to overlook if you’re not into tri bikes, but as soon as you take a glance at the non-drive side of the bike it stops you in your tracks…