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Taipei: Corsair Toro DJ, Imperium DH Get Official, Plus New Hubs, Pedals, Rims, and more from Atomlab

Corsair Atomlab 650b DH dirt jump rims hubs pedals (2)

In a sea of products from multiple nations, this red, white, and blue Corsair Toro certainly stood out. Initially spotted as a prototype under Jim “Hacksaw” Severt, the Toro dirt jump frame is officially being added to the line up of Corsair bikes. Billed as a 4x/DJ frame, the Toro is built to be as versatile as it is tough so you can race on the weekend and dirt jump in between. In addition to the Toro, Corsair had a few other new frames on display, including what could be a new 650b all mountain bike?

Check it out, plus some awesome new hubs and parts from Atomlab next…


Spy Shot! Suntour Adds Carbon Crown & Steerer to Axon Werx


Hiding in the depths of Suntour’s demo fleet at the 2014 Southeast Bike Expo under a layer of fine Georgia red dust, there appeared a marbly sheen from the top of one of their forks. Adding to their already beautifully done carbon lowers on their Axon Werx fork, the new carbon crown and steerer will reduce weight by an approximate whopping 170 grams.

According to Suntour’s website, that would put the 29″ version at around a scant 1420 grams!  We first saw it way back at Eurobike 2012, but this was the first time it’s been out in public and rideable. Word is it’ll become the real deal later this year.


Taipei Show: SR Suntour Springs forward with New and Updated Forks, Prototype Carbon Crank, and a new E-Bike Kit

SR Suntour Forks Crank suspension seatpost (4)

While most of the fork news out of SR Suntour at the show came in the form of small improvements to reduce weight, there were a few new forks in the mix as well. All new to the line up is the new Aion, which is more of a budget version of the Auron as it is built with a cast crown instead of the Auron’s hollow crown, and a steel Q-loc instead of aluminum. The Aion will be available in a number of travel and wheel sizes like the Auron, which will now available in a 29er version in addition to the 27.5″ forks offered for its introduction. Billed as an Enduro fork, the Auron received good marks from Saris in testing, which should only get better with new models.

In addition to fork improvements, SR Suntour had some other developments like a prototype carbon crank and and e-bike system…


Berlin Finds: Veloheld Fat.Iron Fatbike Prototype from Berliner FahrradSchau


Veloheld, maker of the Icon.X that we tested at the beginning of the year, has been prototyping a new steel fatbike, called the Fat.Iron. It will likely only be produced in a limited run (possibly this autumn in time for the next season of snow?), as it is more of a fun project for them than a more practical bike like the rest of their line.

Some frame details and pics after the jump…


Sneak Peek: New Reynolds Assault Tubular Disc, Plus 2015 Attack & 46 Aero Disc Brake Road Wheels


Reynolds has been on a steady march toward a complete line of disc brake road wheels, starting with the Assault SLG clincher disc and their alloy Stratus Pro models.

Now, the Assault SLG Disc tubular follows the standard rim-brake set announced at Eurobike. This is still a 2014 model, look for it in late May/early June.  If you wanna see what’s coming for next year, roll on…


Berlin Finds: 8bar’s new Kronprinz road from Berliner FahrradSchau


8bar, whose video we featured a month ago from their adventurous fixed gear ride across the alps, has a new road bike frameset coming this summer, their first geared option. The Kronprinz was first shown this weekend at the show in Berlin. Read on for pricing, more details from 8bar, and how the bike got its name.


Sneak Peek: Fat Forx Dual Crown Fat Bike Suspension Fork

Fat Forx 1st Prototype_3_resized_1

We’ve seen inverted forks, modified Leftys, and now this – a purpose built dual crown suspension fork for a fatbike. Labeled as the first prototype based on the McAir suspension fork created by Jurgen Steiner, the photos were sent to us with a brief description of the fork. Apparently a specialist when it comes to building still, premium level forks, he is entering the fat bike market with a customizable fork that includes colors, materials, and standards, with a carbon model shown here.

More details after the break.


New Pivot 27.5″ Downhill Mountain Bike Spotted in Testing

prototype Pivot Cycles 650B downhill mountain bike testing under world cup riders

Thanks to Reynolds Cycling’s crew and the Pivot Cycles Facebook page, we got these pics of the Pivot Factory Team trying out their new 650B DH bikes with those prototype Reynolds Black Label DH wheels.

The design departs from the current Phoenix DH by putting the shock in a horizontal position, being compressed toward the head tube. This mimics virtually all of Pivot’s bikes, save for the Firebird 27.5 introduced last spring. It should make for a drastically simpler seat tube and bottom bracket junction, though the seat tube is still heavily formed to accommodate the DW Link movement.

Speaking of the links, this new design does away with the upper rocker arm, instead driving the shock directly from the upper linkage. You can see how the pivots are placed in this post on the Mach 6, but positioning is likely tweaked for this bike.


Spy Shot! Prototype Reynolds Black Label 650b DH Mountain Bike Wheels

prototype Reynolds Black Label DH 650b mountain bike wheels

This image of a prototype Reynolds Black Label DH 650b mountain bike wheel just dropped in. They were spotted while on a certain team’s tour of Pivot’s facility, so you can put two and two together for an idea of what’s coming up.

We checked our sources and learned (unofficially, of course) that they are indeed headed for production but will see some changes before Reynolds’ engineers and product managers sign off on ‘em. The rims will be a new downhill specific layup. Other than that, details are sparse, as is the actual production date.

Reynolds introduced their Black Label series in January, bringing slimmer and lighter weight graphics to the rims and DT Swiss hubs to the build. And only with 27.5″ and 29″ options. That’s also where they announced their sponsorship of the Pivot Factory Downhill Team. Aaaaah yes, it’s all coming together.