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SOC15: e*thirteen extended range cassette handles XD Driver differently, plus new cranks & more!


e*thirteen had a plethora of prototypes on hand, only showing off things that are at least a few months out. The most interesting was this prototype EXF Cassette, which will offer a wide range set of cogs that runs from a 9-tooth up to 42-tooth in both 10 and 11 speed options. Following that will be an 8-speed version for DH, but that one’s still in testing with the Polygon/UR Team.

Weights should be in between XX1 and XTR, but it should come in much cheaper. Final MSRP is TBD. The lower cluster is steel, made in two pieces that are bolted together.

The upper 3-tooth cluster is aluminum and slides onto the freehub body portion of an XD Driver with a lock ring that holds that piece in place to attach the cassette to the wheel. Then the lower cluster slots into the upper section and a chain whip is used to twist and lock it into place. Wanna see the back side?


Spotted: XX1 Replacement Cassette Cog from Wolf Tooth Components

WTC xx1 cassette ring

One by drivetrains are great for dropping weight and simplifying your drivetrain. They also seem to be great for manufacturers as the move to ditch the front derailleur has resulted in a number of companies springing up to provide parts to fill in the gaps. Companies like Wolf Tooth Components offer up parts to piece together your own one by drivetrain, but also to address another issue – wear and tear.

While the SRAM XX1 cassette is a marvel of product design and engineering, it seems that may riders are finding the aluminum 42t cog to be wearing prematurely compared to the other 10 cogs in steel. OneUp components just introduced their 42t replacement with an even larger 44t cog, but for those looking to keep the standard 42 tooth count, it looks like WTC will soon have your answer…


TPE15: DVO Topaz enduro shock gets closer, Diamond suspension fork shipping now

prototype DVO Topaz enduro shock

The  DVO Topaz is their new Enduro rear shock that’ll be coming this fall. It’s a complete air shock with 3-position compression switch that goes from wide open to medium to heavily damped. That last setting is not locked out, just very firm.

The piggy back reservoir will use a bladder based, air charged chamber that manages oil displacement just like on the coil-sprung Jade. Normal shocks use a nitrogen charged chamber with an IFP floating piston, but DVO’s JP says the benefit of the bladder system is less initial stiction.

It’ll be available in 200×50, 200×57 and 215×63, retail, price and actual release date are all TBD.


Berliner Fahrradschau 2015: An Eclectic Mix of Cycling and Lifestyle Products


Another year of Berlin’s consumer Bike Show kicked off this weekend highlighting a lot of the urban and lifestyle segments of the bike industry that sometimes get glossed over with new derailleur and suspension tech. That means a lot of classic city bikes, many e-bike applications, internally geared hubs, and belt drives, plus more cargo bikes than you can shake a stick at. Over the next week or two we’ll try to roundup a bunch of things that we spotted that stood out from the crowd and the free flowing Henrick’s Gin and Tonics and German beers.

Read on for a modern take on a classic, city bikes and great finishes, some custom bags, and an e-bike to sneak on some group rides…


TPE15: KS Zeta dropper seatpost for road bikes, plus prototype wireless dropper post

KS Kind Shock wireless dropper post remote prototype

KS is focusing on all categories for dropper posts, not just mountain bikes, which helps explain the new Zeta model for road bikes. They’re also working on all manner of buttons, levers and methods for making those posts drop, like this prototype wireless dropper.

Shown above, the electronic dropper doesn’t have a formal name yet, but it’s in development. It functions the same as the others, but with an electronic valve rather than a mechanical valve and a NFC wireless remote control.

Right now, it’s a proof of concept to gauge interest and see what sort of battery interfaces make sense. It could integrate with Di2 or e-bike batteries so there’s not a separate battery pack required. The one above had a rather big, ugly battery pack attached to the seat tube just out of the pic’s lower edge.


NAHBS 2015: Rolf Gets Colorful with Prima Plus Program, Tries out New Color Coating

Rolf Prima colored rims ceramic coating stickers (5)

Love Rolf wheels but looking to get a pair that stands out from the crowd? Due to a rising interest in custom colored decal requests, Rolf is launching the Prima Plus Program. Starting with the Rolf Ares, TdF, Vigor, or Elan, customers can pick out one of nine standard colors for a custom set of die cut decals that are made to order. If the decals don’t do it for you, Rolf whipped up a one-off color coated set of wheels just for the show. It’s prototype only for now, but if there is enough interest…


Powertap Teases new Products – Crank and Pedal Based Power Meters on the Way?

powertap tease 3

Somewhat quietly released on the first day of NAHBS, PowerTap just introduced a new video that likely teases some upcoming products. Highlighting their 17 years of innovation and product development in regards to power measuring devices, PowerTap chronicles their history starting with the Tune PowerTap up to the most recent PowerTap GS.

Now, the company is giving a little taste as to what’s to come – which by the looks of things includes a crank based and pedal based power meter…


NAHBS 2015: ENVE Teases New Dual Bolt Seatpost Design, Plus More Details on GRD Fork and Chris King 12mm Prototype Hubs!

Machine cycles campagnolo competition enve seat post (2)

It seems that ENVE had more than one surprise when it comes to new products hidden in plain sight. Following the discovery of their new GRD thru axle disc fork with the clever removable fender, we spotted an all new seatpost design on a beautiful bike from Machine Cycles. It turns out that the post was used on a number of show bikes hinting towards a launch in the near future.

Not much is known about the post other than the fact that it is no longer a single bolt design. Now with opposing bolts and what looks like two separate wedge systems, our guess would be that the twin bolt design may allow for separate fore/aft and angle adjustments. More details next…


NAHBS 2015: WTB gives new Ci24 carbon mountain bike rims a fat chance

prototype WTB Ci24 carbon fiber mountain bike rims

Spotted on Chris Chance’s new Yo Eddy hardtails are a couple WTB Ci24 carbon fiber mountain bike rims. Word is they chose to show them off with Chance’s bikes to celebrate the fact that both brands have been on the dirt for a long, long time.

But, like the new bikes, these rims aren’t looking too far into the past. Built with a 24mm inside width, they’re coming in 29″ and 27.5″ sizes for sure, and these particular ones have 32 holes. Other than that, specs and details are being held until the Taipei show later this month. But hey, we’ve got pics!