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Sram Road Hydraulic Recall Update: Previous Model Failure Explained, New Model Improvements Announced

Over the past few months SRAM President Stan Day has personally delivered updates regarding the recall and re-release of the new road hydraulic brakes. In this latest installment, Stan has explained what caused the original brakes to fail, and what improvements have been made to the new model which is set to launch in late April. READ MORE ->


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Here’s the latest from SRAM’s road disc brake recall:

Can I ride my hydraulic brakes in warm weather?

No, the recall affects all SRAM road hydraulic brakes regardless of weather conditions. To ensure safety and operation, we ask that you stop riding immediately and register at

When will MY15 brakes be available?

We are targeting for new MY15 hydraulic product to begin being available the second half of April 2014. Our first priority shipments will be going to the market to support consumers who already have a bike awaiting replacement hydraulics.


Cervelo and 3T Recall 2012 and 2013 P5 Tri Bikes Equipped with 3T Aduro Aero Bars

Cervelo Arduro Aura Pro Recall

Due to an issue affecting the 3T Aduro aero bar used as standard equipment, 2012 and 2013 Cervelo P5s are part of a voluntary safety recall between Cervelo, 3T, and the CPSC. Specifically, the issue seems to involve the base bar and the ultra low mount and the potential for the threaded inserts in the carbon to come loose which can result in the aero extensions to separate from the base bar. Riders are urged to not ride their bikes until they have been checked and repaired as necessary. As part of the recall the aero bars will be replaced free of charge and customer who purchased the ultra low mount will have the option for a full refund of the ultra low mount (meaning they will have to use the low mount instead) or the option of replacing the aero bars with the 3T Mistral  bars with a low position mount that results in a similar riding position to the Aduros with the ultra low mount. The recall affects about 1,300 bikes in the US and 225 bikes in Canada. So far there have been 28 reports of incidents with one broken collar bone. Bikes that have already been inspected and are safe to ride will have a green sticker with a red é on the bottom of the base bar.

UPDATE: Official 3T recall site here.

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SRAM Recall Tech Updates, Product News & Other Answers

As updates trickle out, there’ve been more questions popping up, so we rang SRAM Road PR manager Michael Zellman to get a few answers. He’s checking into a few things for us, so updates will come as we get them. As usual, there are some things they can’t reveal yet, but these at least cover some of the issues in our comments from the prior release:

UPDATED! Additions/changes in italics.

BIKERUMOR: Was the problem with the seal itself, or with the tolerances inside the caliper?

SRAM: The product was in development for three years, and tested through two winters. But when we went from pre-production to production tooling we ended up with a slightly ovalized core bore where the piston goes inside the shift lever. In the cold the seals stiffened and that could create a gap, which allowed air to enter the system.

BIKERUMOR: Then what was wrong with the rim brakes?

SRAM: They use a similar system, but I’m double checking to see what the specific problem with these was. (Editor’s note: Originally we thought the issue was in the caliper, hence this question. With the update that the problem is in the lever, it clarifies why both systems were affected)

BIKERUMOR: Will the 2015 models be a complete redesign, or just a tweak to fix the issue?

SRAM: It’s going to inherit the features, benefits and technologies, but it’s going to be a new set of brakes. We’ve assessed the issues and we’re making the necessary changes. To say it’s a ground up redesign wouldn’t be entirely accurate, but every aspect of the hydraulic system has been evaluated. There will definitely be some new design elements. That’s all I can say for now.

BIKERUMOR: Will they be lighter?

SRAM: Don’t know.

BIKERUMOR: Will complete bikes on the showroom floor or in warehouses be retrofitted with mechanicals in the interim, or just held until replacement hydraulic brakes are ready?

SRAM: Those are handled on a case by case basis with each manufacturer, it’s up to them as to how they want to proceed. (Editor’s note: our thinking is some models will be retrofitted with mechanicals and sold as-is while other models, likely at the top end, will be held until new hydros are ready.)


SRAM Hydraulic Road Brake Recall Update – New Version Shipping in April!

SRAM Red 22 11-speed road bike group introductions and actual weights

SRAM is delivering mechanical disc and rim brake replacements this week to consumers and dealers affected by the recall. They’re also stating that new, MY2015 hydraulic versions will be available and shipping as early as mid-April this year!

For consumer, you’ll have the option to upgrade to the new hydraulic systems at no charge, or keep the mechanical replacements and receive a $200 (€150) refund. You’ll need to go through your dealer for all of the above -recall, replacement and upgrade- as well as register on the official recall website. SRAM will reimburse the dealer for the cost of installation and related labor.

Retailers should contact SRAM Dealer Service to coordinate replacements. This includes customers’ parts and bikes on the showroom floor, the latter getting a joint effort from SRAM and the bicycle manufacturer to help sell through existing inventory already in the shop. More details on that program coming Monday, January 27th.

Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • Registration is open for Southern Cross 2014! The season opener for the American Ultra Cross Championships will be held on February 22nd in Dahlonega, Georgia, on the beautiful grounds of the Montaluce Winery.
  • Registration opens on January 14th at 12 pm (noon) EST for the 37th Annual TD Five Boro Bike Tour. This is a bucket list bike tour of New York’s 5 boroughs that is great fun to do with groups or with your family. All 32,000 spots sell out FAST, so be ready!
  • Sacred Rides has launched new bring your partner trips, “that mountain bikers and their non-biking companions can enjoy together.”
  • IndieWire has an exclusive previewof Girl on a Bicycle – a romantic comedy that debuts in select theaters on Valentine’s Day.
  • Specialized S-Works Evade Cycling Helmet has been recalled in Australia due to an issue with the strap hanger – more info here.
  • Flip Belt may not be cycling specific, but it does look useful.
  • Look Cycles is seeking 675 road bike owners to give a little testimonial about their bike. In return, they’re giving away some pretty sweet prizes, including front row seats at this year’s Tour de France!
  • And, taking the award for best non-cycling press release to land in our inbox this week: “Endangered Whooping Cranes Arrive at St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, FL on Aircraft-guided Flight.” …Just thought you’d like to know all 8 of them made the trip safely. There are only 600 of these birds in the world.

Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

Photo credit: Foster + Partners

Photo credit: Foster + Partners

  • An innovative idea coming out of London with SkyCycle (rendered above) – a proposed bicycle freeway suspended above London’s rail tracks to provide safe cycle routes throughout the city. Using existing rail infrastructure, SkyCycle would be built on pylons above the tracks and would be installed using a system “akin to a tunnel-boring machine, but happening above ground” letting the train system continue operations throughout construction.
  • The city of Ogden, Utah, is expanding it’s bicycle friendly-ness with the addition of 6 bicycle repair stations around the city this spring.
  • Rottua is holding an Instagram photo contest to win a pair of their Water Dog sandals that use MTB tire treads for straps. Enter before January 12th by tagging your best trail photo with #rottuasandals and the location.
  • is asking for your help to cover CXNATS. Event coverage will contain: “Short highlights of ALL age category races and interviews with podium finishers, Interviews with Elite racers, even ones OUTSIDE the top 5 or even 10, and Goofy interviews with Ultra Enduro Dyude, Super Endurance Guy, and Christopher Walken.” Spearheaded by Thom Parsons, you can be assured your donation will not disappoint.
  • BikeBiz reports that the UCI has softened it’s stance on rider positioning for professional bike racing.
  • Specialized has recalled two of their commuter bicycles, the Source Eleven and Source Expert Disc, due to a fall hazard. More info here.

SRAM To Offer Free Hydraulic Brake Exchange and Install at US Cross Nationals

Us Cyclocross nationals

Photo c. USA Cycling

As the latest in the ongoing saga of SRAM’s hydraulic road brake recall, SRAM recently announced that they would be offering a free brake exchange and install at this month’s US Cyclocross Nationals. Timing of the recall certainly wasn’t ideal for the end of cross season for riders who had just switched over to disc brakes, and as SRAM’s Global Marketing Driector, David Zimberoff put it, “The recall has especially impacted the US cyclocross community in advance of Nationals.  Our race tech staff will work to be sure that any affected athletes bikes are race ready.”

Open to any “amateur athletes” with hydraulic disc brakes (though rim brake service will be available as well),  those with recalled brakes can drop by the SRAM tech truck for a free replacement and exchange onsite starting at 8:00 AM, Tuesday, Jan. 7. Hydraulic brakes and shifters will be exchanged and replaced with a mechanical disc brake system to use until the replacement hydraulic disc brakes are available.

Anyone who is able to make it to the venue will be able to have their brakes exchanged, though riders that are racing Cross nationals will have priority. Rider who register for the recall onsite can expect same day service. SRAM is planning to have extra staff available at Nationals to help with any questions regarding the recall, and further information and updates can be found on the recall mini site.

SRAM Outlines Hydraulic Brake Replacement, Mechanicals in the Mean Time

As the latest development in the ongoing SRAM brake recall, SRAM posted an update today on their recall website outlining the brake replacement procedures. SRAM also put out a clarification on the recall itself, stating that while use in extreme cold may accelerate the failure of the brake’s seal, it is also possible the seals could fail in normal temperatures. Because of this, SRAM reminds customers that you should stop riding the brakes immediately. SRAM is still working on the logistics of the recall, but to get customers riding as soon as possible, SRAM will be sending out mechanical shifters and brake sets based on the trim level. Hoping to have the replacement mechanical systems ready by January 15, SRAM is recommending that customers work through their local dealer but will accommodate those who wish to install the brakes themselves.

SRAM states that they are making progress on the Hydraulic redesign, with their teams working through the holidays to find a resolution. Check out the replacement options after the break.