Holiday Gift Ideas: Tyler’s Wish List

Holiday Gift Ideas: Tyler’s Wish List
Image from H+I Adventures’ Scotland Coast to Coast tour

Building on Zach’s Holiday Wish List is my own, and I’ve even added the category of “Other Bikes” because, like so many of us, I’m fairly well stocked on road and mountain bikes. Of course I have room for more, but more of the same doesn’t bring the same increase in happiness or utility that should be derived from something so wonderful as the bicycle.

And like Zach’s list, much of this represents a “Best Of” list of things I’ve ridden or, at a minimum, seen in person and used or covered. Kind of like an Editor’s Choice listing, but less pretentious.


Once I aged out of expecting anything from my parents or Santa under the tree, the things I really want have morphed from actual things to experiences. And since I spend most of my days thinking hard about running this little (*cough* world’s largest) cycling tech blog business, managing (some great!) people and trying to start a couple other businesses with friends (I really should know better by now), the last thing I want to do on vacation is think, plan and manage. But I still want to ride. So my experiential choice would be to hop on one of H+I Adventures’ mountain bike tours. They have rides across the globe and for all skill levels, and the prices are on the right side of affordable considering the food and lodging that’s included. All you’ve got to do is get yourself there. There are tons of other (more expensive) options worth checking out if road or a mixed activities suit you better, and here’s a few links (A, B, C, D).

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Sustainable Trails Coalition lobbying for a reasoned review of Wilderness bike access

Sustainable Trails Coalition lobbying for a reasoned review of Wilderness bike access


With the tagline of Fix America’s Trail System, the Sustainable Trails Coalition has been working to reawaken debate on trail access in designated Wilderness areas. It seems that they are gathering steam, raising awareness, and getting more press with a draft bill they’ve authored to update the Wilderness Act of 1964, which has been interpreted since the 1970s to institute a blanket ban on all bikes in Wilderness areas, arguably contrary to the original intent of the legislation. Their newly proposed draft bill is currently being shopped around in D.C., looking for a congressional sponsor to put it up for discussion. Read past the break for the Coalition’s thoughts and why some like IMBA won’t be getting onboard…

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Holiday Gift Ideas: Zach’s Wish List

Holiday Gift Ideas: Zach’s Wish List


Well, it’s that time of year again. You’ve survived the potential minefield of politics at Thanksgiving dinner, you’ve started into the onslaught of holiday treats (but it’s ok, after all, you do ride bikes), and before you know it, we’ll all be singing Auld Lang Syne as we ring in the new year. But before we pop the bubbly, many of us will be celebrating one holiday or another, and if you’re looking for gift ideas for yourself or a loved one who pedals, 2015 has provided a lot of options.

Obviously, we know that many things in these lists will be well beyond the threshold for reasonable gifts. In that case you can consider these lists as compilations of some of the best products of 2015 – or maybe, the big ticket items are the ones you’ll have to gift yourself… Happy holidays!

An Experience:

2015 was a good year for bucket list rides for me which included shredding Downieville with the Specialized crew in nearly perfect conditions. The bigger surprise was the incredible riding around the Lakes Basin in nearby Graeagle, CA. The Gray Eagle Lodge is a perfect spot to post up for base camp, and a few days will provide the opportunity for spectacular riding both in Graeagle and Downieville. If you haven’t been before, it’s a must.

Otherwise, no matter how many different places I ride, favorites will always include fat bike adventures to any beach, and day trips to indoor bike parks during the winter like Ray’s MTB or the Louisville Mega Cavern.

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Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces

Friday Roundup – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


Mountain biking AMA

  • Mountain Bike Pioneers webcast with Mike Sinyard – For the fourth in Mission Workshop and Bike Magazine’s Ask a Founder series, Mike Sinyard of Specialized will take user suggested questions on the early days and growth of mountain biking. Join in by asking Mike a question on twitter using #AskSinyard. Tune in live on Saturday, Oct 10 at 7PM PST on There is limited space to join live at Mission Workshop in San Francisco, so email if interested to secure a spot:

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Opinion: Why NAHBS Matters

Opinion:  Why NAHBS Matters
Shamrock NAHBS
What Tim O’Donnell Happened To Have Cooking Before NAHBS 2012

Recently, as I was having coffee in a favorite local bike shop, I overheard a mechanic saying, “I’m not going to NAHBS. It’s all just show bikes. There aren’t any ‘real’ bikes.” I rudely inserted myself in their conversation from across the room to disagree, saying that there are quite a few builders that only bring bikes that just happen to be done at the time, he replied, “yeah, well, those aren’t the bikes that show up in, like, VeloNews.”

It saddens me that this perception exists. Firstly because it’s blatantly untrue if for no other reason that Richard Sachs has been covered by VeloNews at least once.

But seriously, there are many builders that bring to NAHBS just what they’ve got coming out of paint. Some go so far as to call back an especially interesting or beautiful bike from the year before. It’s a point of pride for these builders that this is the fantastic functional art they produce every day- that they don’t need to build special bikes just for a show. This is the tradition of their craft.

Sometimes, they might even splurge and build themselves a bike for once because, among small bike builders, the cobbler rarely has new, shiny shoes.


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Home Workshop Series – Part 1: How To Build A Home Workshop To Match Your Skills

Home Workshop Series – Part 1: How To Build A Home Workshop To Match Your Skills


As a cycling enthusiast, once you venture into the realm of owning more than a few bikes, it usually becomes time to work on them yourself. In this series, we are going to cover the idea of building your own home workshop, matched to the mechanical skills or limits that you have. Most of us will have a limit to the work or maintenance that we want to perform ourselves, leaving the more difficult tasks to the professionals that have the right tools. As we move through the series, we will cover all the areas of bike assembly and maintenance, and the tools needed for each task.

Part 1 will be about the primary tool of a home shop, a space to do the work. Working on a dirty bike in the kitchen will probably not win you any favors from your housemates, so it is important first to establish a place to set up shop. Jump in to the story as we discuss space, work benches, and storage…

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Spruzza Squirts Coolness

Spruzza Squirts Coolness

Spruzza Rider Spraying

What could they possibly come up with next? Just in time for Christmas, you too can be squirting yourself with a stream of water right in the face. As Spruzza warns, you’d better grab your own squirting apparatus “before Santa’s Ho-Ho-Ho becomes summer’s hot-hot-hot.” (Catchy line, eh?) Sometimes you just have to see it to believe it…

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SRAM CX1 Just Rebuilt Meredith Miller’s Back Deck

SRAM’s sponsored cyclocross pros have a lot to say about how CX1 changed their lives in this fun PSA that goes from amusing to nuts pretty quick. Friends don’t let friends ride janky component mixes that just don’t work. We gave our first impressions on CX1 a couple months back, and can attest to it being a well-put together complete system that Tyler still is happily riding on his Moots cross bike.

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Timex’s One GPS Is Fully Connected, Are Cycling GPS Units Next?

Timex’s One GPS Is Fully Connected, Are Cycling GPS Units Next?

Partnering with AT&T, Timex has just released a sports watch that is directly connected to the outside world. Most of our devices can connect to things via Bluetooth, ANT+ or NFC, but that means you always have to carry your phone with you for the device to communicate through.

The Timex One GPS+ does all that, but without your phone. Pretty cool for sure, but primarily intended as a wearable for running or other on-your-feet sports, it leaves a wide open question. When do cyclists get the same? Check out what this thing can do, and what it could mean for your ride after the jump…

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