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SRAM CX1 Just Rebuilt Meredith Miller’s Back Deck

SRAM’s sponsored cyclocross pros have a lot to say about how CX1 changed their lives in this fun PSA that goes from amusing to nuts pretty quick. Friends don’t let friends ride janky component mixes that just don’t work. We gave our first impressions on CX1 a couple months back, and can attest to it being a well-put together complete system that Tyler still is happily riding on his Moots cross bike.

Timex’s One GPS Is Fully Connected, Are Cycling GPS Units Next?

Partnering with AT&T, Timex has just released a sports watch that is directly connected to the outside world. Most of our devices can connect to things via Bluetooth, ANT+ or NFC, but that means you always have to carry your phone with you for the device to communicate through.

The Timex One GPS+ does all that, but without your phone. Pretty cool for sure, but primarily intended as a wearable for running or other on-your-feet sports, it leaves a wide open question. When do cyclists get the same? Check out what this thing can do, and what it could mean for your ride after the jump…


Opinion: Cyclists Must Die!

Must stomp bicycle! STOMP STOMP STOMP

Ever since Russian drivers taught us the usefulness of never turning off your GoPro, the internets are blowing up with helmet cam videos of mid-ride encounters with  harassing,  threatening, and  plain crazy drivers. The news media has picked up on it, and, in a handful of cases, the authorities are busting the assailants, although sometimes the cops press charges for posting the video. Luckily, if The Man isn’t on our side the Russians showed us how to handle it.


Opinion: Hate Fatbikes? You’re Doing it Wrong

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Currently it’s -8 degrees, dark, my ice beard from an earlier ride has melted away in front of the fire, and yet I’m sitting here having to force myself from going back outside to ride my fatbike. Crazy? Maybe. Fun? Definitely.

Over the past few months or even years fatbike popularity has skyrocketed. More and more fatbikes and fatbike brands are springing up which seems only to stoke the fire of the fatbike detractors. Whatever the reason, for each person with a resultant permagrin from trundling over permafrost, there is opposition wanting to claim that fatbikes are silly and unnecessary. I’ve been thinking this piece over again and again, and I’m finally ready to say it – fatbikes rock.

After years of pedaling around the bikes with the clown sized tires, one thing is clear – while not for everyone, fatbikes aren’t just a passing fad. If you can’t come to grips with that, well, you might be doing it wrong.