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Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


About the Video: It’s the story of four, high school “student athlete” mountain bikers who wanted to give back for their senior project by building and repairing the singletrack they pedaled weekly. Our Subaru-IMBA Trail Care Crew spent a weekend helping them and their classmates learn sustainable trail work.


  • We Built That – Great mountain bike projects aren’t possible without your support. Want to see more resources go to hometown trails? Give today to the IMBA Trail Fund and they’ll put your dollars toward supporting enthusiastic trail builders like this all across the U.S.


Recon Jet smart sunglasses adds ANT+ power meter support, gets acquired by Intel

Recon Jet smart sunglasses adds ANT+ power meter support and brand gets acquired by Intel

Smart sunglasses brand Recon has been acquired by electronics giant Intel, which suggests something to compete with Google Glass on a broader, more mainstream scale may be on the way from the chip maker.

More pertinent to us, though, is the addition of ANT+ power meter compatibility for the Recon Jet. We had a chance to play with the Jet at Sea Otter, and a long-term review unit just arrived at the office. The ANT+ power meter support is merely an addition to existing ANT+ device compatibility, along with Bluetooth Smart, GPS and an HD camera all bringing in data to display (even directions) on its miniature screen. Check the links above and our initial coverage for more tech details.

Power data can be displayed as Instant, 3 second, 10 second, 30 second, Max, and Average, with additional modes coming soon. Power readings can be displayed alongside other metrics like heart rate, speed, cadence, pace, grade, elevation gain, calories burned, distance and duration, with each number positioned on the display however you like.

t’ll also tell you when you need to drink…


Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces



Bicycle as Art

  • Keirin: A Show of Photographs by Sam Polcer – Bike Cult Show produces events and exhibitions that intend to present every facet of cycling. This one-day exhibition of photography and paraphernalia explores the world of professional track bike racing in Japan. The show is Thursday, June 18, 2015, 6PM – 10PM at Bicycle Habitat (2nd floor), Chelsea – 226 7th Ave, New York, NY 10011.


Review: Klean Athlete recovery drink mix & whey protein isolate

Klean Athlete Klean Recovery drink mix review

Among the many things I nerd out over, nutrition is pretty high on the list. So when a product claims to have a very clean ingredients list while being effective, it piques my curiosity. Such was the case with Klean Athlete, which builds “clean” right into the brand name.

The line’s premise is optimizing performance and recovery without using any banned or questionable substances. Everything they offer is NSF Certified for Sport (which means it’s also tested for purity and content), and everything’s made in labs where parent company Douglass Laboratories has control over the manufacturing process.

Klean Athlete offers a range of pills and supplements, but I tested two of the more common items found any any endurance athlete’s cupboard: a recovery drink and whey protein isolate. The latter is just that, straight whey isolate. The former mixes carbs, whey protein isolate and -remember how I said there where no questionable ingredients?- hydrolyzed marine protein from salmon…


SOC15: Nutrition Roundup #2 – WCup, Ojio Sport, Rumble Shake, ProLab and Ryno Power


WCup is a Belgian sports nutrition company that was started 21 years ago. During that time, they say many pros have used the product unofficially (including Tom Boonen and Sven Nys in more recent times), filling their team bottles and jersey pockets with the brand’s staggering array of potables and edibles. Officially, the Stomper Bikes team in Portland and cyclocross pro Ben Berden are riding it now.

It’s a complete line, from bars, fruit chews and sports drinks for during, to caffeine shots for before an during, to recovery drinks and protein shakes for after. Started when nutrition was somewhat of an afterthought and nowhere near as advanced in its thinking as today. Whatever they were eating and drinking 20 years ago was not necessarily optimizing performance and often caused stomach issues.

So, WCup added four different carb sources to their sports drinks, plus magnesium and BCAAs. They also removed all the acidic components to keep it pH balanced. It was only for pros and not really even planned as a consumer product. Until they realized there was a market for the things that made the pros fast.

Created by doctors and developed in labs and universities, the products are made in Belgium and Sao Paolo, and most of what’s sold in the U.S. comes from their Belgian plant. It’s all making its way to North America now thanks to Stage Race Distribution.

Bite down for product highlights and plenty more tasty treats from Ojio Sport, Rumble Shake, Ryno Power and more…


SOC15: Nutrition Roundup #1 – Picky Bars, Carb-Boom, APX, GQ-6, Nuun and Bonk Breaker


Fueling us on long rides and during the hectic days covering Sea Otter Classic were a massive assortment of fresh nutritional products from brands old and new. For the most part, products seem to cleaning up their ingredients list, my hunch being that brands like Skratch and OSMO have generated enough awareness about the drinks we use that others are following suit. Then there’s the growing awareness that food -real, whole, good food- can provide a proper ergogenic boost that also improves overall quality of life. All of that seems to be translating into better food and drink choices while we’re on the bike, with less of the chemical sounding, made in the lab type offerings from the ’90s.

Leading the charge among bar makers is Picky Bars, a brand we’ve really enjoyed eating in the past thanks to their use of nuts, seeds, nut and seed butters, dates, fruit and other real ingredients…without soy. Lately, they’ve expanded their flavor range, and they’re doing some fun things with the packaging, giving you the opportunity to be on the wrapper…


Skratch Labs plants chewy Fruit Drops in your jersey pocket


Built on the idea of making real food from scratch and using a properly designed sports drink to fuel your rides, even Skratch Labs realizes not everyone has the time or desire to make all their on-bike snacks themselves.

For those folks, they offer their new Fruit Drops. They’re made with glucose and fructose as the carbohydrate sources, with sodium, pectin and real fruit as the primary contributing ingredients. Missing from the list are any artificial flavors and carnauba wax, a common ingredient in other gels. Here’s why…


Friday RoundUp – Bicycle Bits & Pieces


  • Allow Mountain Bikes in the Wilderness Study – Voice your opinion – 100,000 Signatures are needed by May 18th so visit to ask President Obama and the Forest Service to leave these remote areas open to mountain bikes. Do it!
  • 30-Year Old Bike Virgin – Safety concerns and access to a working bike are some of the main reasons why adults don’t ride. PeopleForBikes’ recent U.S. Bicycling Participation Study found that 60% of Americans aged 3-9 biked once a year, compared with 36% of adults ages 25-34. PeopleForBikes talked to two adults who each had their own stories to share about how they became bike riders later in life. Check out the blog post here!
  • ‘Wheels for Meals’ Fundraising Event – The Wheels for Meals Bike Challenge features three community bike rides and three sponsorship levels. Both riders and sponsors are needed to make the event a high-speed success. To be held rain or shine on Saturday, May 30th, this year’s event offers something for everyone with three race levels, a Bike Rodeo for kids and sponsorship opportunities for local businesses. For more information or to register for the Bike Challenge please visit


SOC15: GU Bites into New Big Apple and Sea Salt Chocolate Roctane Flavors

Gu Big Apple Sea Solt chocolate new energy gel flavorsIMG_5978

If you didn’t catch our last story on GU Energy Gel, the latest news out of Berkeley, CA is that the famous gel has gone vegan. By removing Histidine from the standard GU formula, the gel is now officially vegan friendly which is pretty big news for a number of athletes.

For those who aren’t necessarily concerned about the vegan-ness of their gels, new flavors are probably the most exciting developments. Thanks to our newly found appreciation for how much work actually goes into developing new flavors, the frequency which GU introduces them is pretty impressive. The latest additions the line should satisfy your cravings if you’re craving fruit or chocolate on your next ride…